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									Marketforce and the ASI’s 2nd Conference

The Future of

High-Speed Rail
Adapting to competition, realising new lines and increasing modal share
           20th & 21st October 2010                                                                           Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

               Carlos Fernandes                                           Alison Munro                               Michel Jadot
               Chief Executive officer                                     Chief Executive                          Director General
                       RAVE                                                 High Speed 2                             SNCB Europe

                      Zoltan Kazatsay                                        Denis Muratov                         Pierre Cunéo
                      Deputy Director General, DG for                        Chief Executive officer               Director for Rail Strategy and
                      Mobility and Transport                                 JSC High-Speed Rail Lines             Regulatory Affairs
                      European Commission                                                                          SNCF

                      Giuseppe Sciarrone                                     Beatrice Paques                       Juan Matías Archilla
                      Managing Director                                      Chief Commercial officer              Pintidura
                      NTV                                                    Thalys International                  Director of International Projects

                      Jan Raczynski                                          Ron Heeren                            Tewfik Bedreddine
                      Director of High Speed Lines office                    Head of Sales                         Head of Distribution
                      PKP Polish Railway Lines                               NS Hispeed                            Eurostar

                      “       This conference gave a rare opportunity for decision makers from around the
                              world involved in the day to day development of this important transport mode

                                           to discuss trends and share emerging best practice.
                                                            Andrew Mcnaughton, Chief Engineer, High Speed 2

The Future of

High-Speed Rail
Adapting to competition, realising new lines and increasing modal share

     Marketforce and the ASI have been running rail conferences for over 15 years. Their trademark well-
     researched agendas attract excellent speakers thereby ensuring rich and informed discussion about the
     latest industry trends and challenges. With high-speed rail projects being launched on a worldwide
     basis, The Future of High-Speed Rail offers an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and benchmark.
     I look forward to discussing the future of the industry with colleagues from Europe and overseas.

     Michel Jadot, Director General, SNCB Europe

     Why this event?                                                              Attendee breakdown
     • Exchange ideas with senior-level speakers                                  During the conference you can expect to enjoy the
       from leading train operating companies and                                 company of senior-level figures from across the
       infrastructure managers                                                    rail industry. Below is a breakdown from the
                                                                                  inaugural event:
     • Hear the European Commission’s view on the
       implementation of the third railway package
       and the development of international

     • Learn about the plans for new high-speed lines
       in the UK, Sweden, Poland and Russia

     • Increase your understanding of funding models

     • Gain insight into distribution models and
       discuss how models can be improved with
       industry experts

     • Develop your knowledge of this rapidly                                                             C-Suite                     Manager
       expanding area of the rail industry through                                                        Director / Partner          Other
       presentations and discussions
                                                                                                          Head of Department / VP     Press

     • Network with colleagues under formal and
       informal settings

    Companies that previously attended The Future of High-Speed Rail include:
    Arriva                              High Speed 1                              Network Rail                                  Schiphol Area Development Company
    AT Kearney                          High Speed 2                              Nokia Siemens Networks                        SNCB Europe
    California Transport Committee      IBM                                       NTV                                           SNCF
    Comboios do Portugal                iDTGV                                     ÖBB Group                                     SNCF Fret
    DLA Piper                           International Air Rail Organisation       Office of Rail Regulation                     Swiss Federal Railways
    DVB Bank                            Intesa Sanpaolo                           Oxera                                         Talgo
    East Japan Railway Company          IRIDIUM Concesiones de Infraestructuras   PKP Cargo                                     Transport Scotland
    Eastra Holding Group                JSC High-Speed Rail Lines                 PricewaterhouseCoopers                        Trenitalia
    Elipsos Internacional               Keolis                                    ProRail                                       TUC Rail
    ERS Railways                        Linklaters                                RAVE                                          UIC
    European Investment Bank            Lloyds Banking Group                      RENFE                                         UPS
    Eurostar                            London & Continental Railways             RFF                                           Veolia Transport
    Federal Network Agency              NedBahnen Deutschland                     Sabre Travel Network                          Virgin Trains
    Foro PPP                            NedTrain                                  San Francisco Transportation Authority        Vossloh

                                       BOOK ONLINE - www.marketforce.eu.com/highspeed
The Future of

High-Speed Rail
Adapting to competition, realising new lines and increasing modal share

                                                                                              International Case Study: California
                  Day 1: Wednesday 20th October 2010
                                                                                      14.15   Revolutionising travel on the west coast
                                                                                              Speaker to be confirmed
  09.00         Welcome address by Marketforce
                                                                                      14.35   Questions
  09.05         Chairman’s opening remarks
                                                                                              Session Three: Financing and building high-speed
                Session One: Assessing the future of high-speed                               rail projects
                rail in Europe
                                                                                      14.40   Unbundling high-speed rail projects: an in-depth look at
                In this session, each speaker will deliver a fifteen minute                   Portuguese PPPs
                presentation about his discussion topic to kick off a wider
                debate on the issue among the three speakers.                                 • Developing a successful business model for building high-
                                                                                                speed rail
                Discussion one:                                                               • Signalling, stations, tracks – managing several PPPs
                                                                                              • Defining the role and risk uptake for public and private actors
  09.10         Can we achieve a real high-speed rail Europe?                                 • Ensuring cost optimisation throughout the project
                Pierre Cunéo, Director for Rail Strategy and Regulatory Affairs,              • Towards 2013: what are the next steps?
                SNCF                                                                          Carlos Fernandes, Chief Executive officer, RAVE

                Discussion Two:                                                       15.00   Expanding the French high-speed rail network: the role of PPPs

  09.35         Two high-speed products on one axis: the case of Fyra and                     • Introducing PPPs into the French rail sector: how are the
                Thalys between Brussels and Amsterdam                                           projects progressing?
                Michel Jadot, Director General, SNCB Europe                                   • Developing an attractive proposition for the private sector
                                                                                              • Concession models vs. partnership contracts: when are these
                Discussion Three:                                                               models appropriate?
                                                                                              • How to create strong incentives for contractors to deliver
  10.00         How feasible is the “co-opetition” model in the long term?                      good results
                Speaker to be confirmed                                                       Senior Representative, RFF

  10.25         Questions                                                             15.20   Advisory session

  10.35         Advisory session                                                              Panel Discussion

  10.55         Refreshments                                                          15.40   on time and on budget – developing successful PPPs

                Session Two: From politics to planning –                                      • Which organisational structures must be in place to ensure a
                developing high-speed lines                                                     successful PPP?
                                                                                              • optimising the tendering process: what lessons have been
  11.25         London – Birmingham and beyond                                                  learned?
                                                                                              • What is the key to forming a strong partnership?
                • Delivering a strategy for a new high-speed line: the role of                • How can public authorities set the right incentives for
                  HS2                                                                           developers?
                • Is the original business case for high-speed rail in the UK still           • What are the pros and cons of unbundling PPPs?
                  relevant?                                                                   • How is the current economic climate affecting private sector
                • Consulting stakeholders and the public: what are the key                      appetite for entering into PPPs?
                  challenges?                                                                 Carlos Fernandes, Chief Executive officer, RAVE
                • Integrating the new line with existing infrastructure                       Jan van Schoonhoven, Director, PPP Center, Dutch Ministry of
                Alison Munro, Chief Executive, High Speed 2                                   Transport and Water Management
                                                                                              Senior Representative, RFF
  11.45         Building Sweden’s first high-speed line                                       Further panellists to be confirmed

                • Creating a long-term vision for the role of high-speed rail                 Questions
                • Upgrading existing lines vs. building new lines: establishing
                  the business case                                                           International Case Study: Russia
                • Funding models: which options are under consideration?
                • What are the next steps?                                            16.25   Moscow – St. Petersburg: the Russian PPP model
                Christer Löfving, Strategist, Trafikverket                                    Denis Muratov, Chief Executive officer, JSC High-Speed Rail
  12.05         Building Poland’s first high-speed line: the Y-line
                                                                                      16.45   Questions
                • Creating a long-term vision for the role of high-speed rail
                • Integrating with conventional lines and connecting with             17.00   Chairman’s closing remarks and end of day one
                  neighbouring networks
                • Funding models: which options are under consideration?
                • What are the next steps?
                Jan Raczynski, Director of the High-Speed Lines office, PKP
                Polish Railway Lines

  12.25         Advisory session

  12.45         Questions

  13.00         Lunch

                                                                        Tel. +44 (0)20 7760 8699
              Day 2: Thursday October 21st 2010                                    P2P           Panel Discussion
                                                                                         12.30   Driving innovation in distribution
      09.15   Chairman’s opening remarks
                                                                                                 • How well do ToCs understand customer behaviour?
                                                                                   P2P           • How will distribution requirements change as the rail market
              Session Four: Towards competition in European                                        is liberalised?
              high-speed rail
                                                                                    !            • To what extent can distribution make high-speed rail more
                                                                                                   competitive vis-à-vis airlines?
       !      Keynote opening Address                                                            • Railteam and interline ticketing: temporarily on ice or dead
                                                                                                   and buried?
      P2P     Assessing the outcome of the third railway package
                                                                                                 • Standardising the booking experience for rail passengers –
              Zoltan Kazatsay, Deputy Director General, DG for Mobility and
                                                                                                   what will it take?
              Transport, European Commission
                                                                                                 Trevor Garrod, Chairman, European Passengers’ Federation
       !                                                                                         Ron Heeren, Head of Sales, NS Hispeed
      09.40   Injecting competition into the market for passenger rail - the
                                                                                                 Beatrice Paques, Chief Commercial officer, Thalys
              regulators view
                                                                                                 Tewfik Bedreddine, Head of Distribution, Eurostar
              • How is implementation of the third railway package proceeding?
                                                                                                 Pierre-Stéphane Austi, Chief Executive officer, Rail Europe 4A
              • Is greater collaboration between regulators necessary?
              • Technical barriers: where are we?
              • What lessons can be learned from liberalising other markets?
              Peter Plug, Director, Dutch office of Energy and Transport
                                                                                         13.15   Lunch

      10.00   Advisory session
                                                                                                 Session Six: Increasing passenger demand for
                                                                                                 high-speed rail
P2P           Panel Discussion                                                                   Designing a high-speed rail proposition from scratch: the .Italo
      10.20   operating in a liberalised market – the realities
 !                                                                                               • Making a grand entrance in a newly liberated market – the
              • To what extent is the proper implementation of the first
P2P                                                                                                rationale
                railway package a pre-condition for liberalising international
                                                                                                 • Developing and spreading awareness of a strong brand
                passenger services in Europe?
                                                                                                 • Making services distinct from the incumbent operator
              • Will the liberalisation package lead to greater consolidation or
 !              competition between ToCs?
                                                                                                 Giuseppe Sciarrone, Managing Director, NTV
              • Greater efficiency and more customer-oriented services - will
                                                                                         14.50   Delivering a true alternative to travel by car
                this be the result of the liberalisation package?
              • national cabotage rules and the liberalisation package: are
                                                                                                 • Understanding today’s passengers – what do they want?
                these compatible?
                                                                                                 • Which attributes of high-speed rail do passengers value and
              • Dealing with several regulators – how will this work in
                                                                                                 • How can train operators make high-speed rail more attractive
              • Can the existing regulatory framework ensure a level playing
                                                                                                   to the public?
                field or is there a need for a European regulator?
                                                                                                 Christopher Irwin, European Policy Adviser, Passenger Focus
              • Interoperability: which issues remain to be solved?
              Zoltan Kazatsay, Deputy Director General, DG for Mobility and
                                                                                         15.10   Advisory session
              Transport, European Commission
              Juan Matías Archilla Pintidura, Director of International
                                                                                         15.30   Stations and the image of high-speed rail
              Projects, RENFE
              Paul Chapman, Managing Director, High Speed 1
                                                                                                 • Developing an end-to-end experience: the role of stations
              Further panellists to be confirmed
                                                                                                 • What services do high-speed passengers expect from
                                                                                                 • Planning for seamless travel: understanding passenger flows
                                                                                                 Speaker to be confirmed
      11.00   Refreshments

              Session Five: Optimising distribution strategies                      !            International Case Study: Turkey

                                                                                   P2P 15.50     Creating a modal shift: the role of high-speed rail in Turkey
      11.30   Reaching passengers through multiple channels
                                                                                                 Speaker to be confirmed
              • Using multiple booking channels to meet the demands of
                business and leisure travellers
                                                                                    !    16.10   Questions
              • How can ToCs successfully integrate their systems with
                                                                                         16.30   Chairman’s closing remarks and close of conference
                global distribution systems?
              • Increasing passenger bookings from the non-European
              • Developing new booking platforms to match changes in
                consumer behaviour
              Tewfik Bedreddine, Head of Distribution, Eurostar

      11.50   Tapping into the international travel market

              • Distributing rail – what are the challenges?
              • Developing an international distribution strategy for rail
              • Which channels are best for increasing the reach of services?
              • Hotels, cars, flights – integrating rail into a journey
              Pierre-Stéphane Austi, Chief Executive officer, Rail Europe 4A

      12.10   Advisory session

                                               BOOK ONLINE - www.marketforce.eu.com/highspeed
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            Case Study
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            key challenges and lessons that can be broadly
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      P2P   and interactive debate.                                              Sasan Izadpanah:
 !          Keynote Address                                                      Telephone: +44 (0)20 7760 8652
       !    A prominent industry player addresses the event on a key
            issue.                                                               Email: sasan@marketforce.eu.com
      What did your peers think of The Future of High-Speed Rail and The Future
      of European Rail which took place earlier this year?
      “I always find these events provide healthy debate on current issues the rail industry faces. It provides a
      future looking focus for strategy development and implementation. In addition the Marketforce team are
      excellent, really helpful and enjoyable to be around making the whole event a really enjoyable experience.”

      “Great experience, excellent presentations, perfect opportunity for networking!”

      “very informative and diverse.”

      “Good opportunity to complete knowledge and exchange information on many different and complex
      issues - interesting networking with railway colleagues from Europe and abroad.”

      “The combination of short, insightful presentations from leading players, and ample formal and informal
      discussion periods, allowed an enormous range of experiences to be shared in a concentrated programme
      that those attending could draw immediate value from.”

      Marketforce has 15 years experience creating strategic, senior-level conferences for the UK and European
      rail industry. Through careful research and conversation with industry experts about current challenges,
      we are able to guarantee forward-looking programmes that cover the most relevant issues and case
      studies. By consistently securing top speakers from leading train operators, infrastructure managers and
      regulators, our events provide a unique opportunity to be part of a thought-provoking and enriching
      discussion about the rail industry. For further information on Marketforce please visit

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 marketforce and the ASI’s 2nd Conference
 The Future of High-Speed Rail
 20th & 21st October 2010
 Amsterdam marriott Hotel

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