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									                     Collection Letter to a Consumer Debtor

Dear (Name of Debtor):

Your name was brought to our attention to collect from you the entire balance of
a debt you owed (Name of Creditor). As of (date of balance), the amount of the
debt is $______________.

If you want to resolve this matter without a lawsuit, you must, within (time period)
of the date of this letter, either pay $_____________ against the balance that you
owe (unless you have paid since your last statement) or call (Name of Creditor)
at (telephone number of creditor) and work out arrangements for payment with it.
If you do neither of these things, we will refer this matter to an attorney to file a
lawsuit against you for the collection of this debt.

Federal law gives you 30 days after you receive this letter to dispute the validity
of the debt or any part of it. If you do not dispute it within that period, we will
assume that it is valid. If you do dispute it by notifying us in writing to that effect,
we will, as requi
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