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                                                       REPORTED SPEECH

1.    The boy said, “I’m only eight years old”

2.    “I can meet them later”, Henry said

3.    Richard said, “I saw that movie last week”

4.    I asked me, “How are you today?”

5.    Then he asked, “Does it take longer to go by bus or by train?”

6.    He asked me, “How long have you studied English?”

7.    Mr. Carter asked me, “Where are you going?”

8.    I asked to Andi, “When will you get back from the trip?”

9.    Brooke asked me, “Why I came late”

10.    The doctor said, “Come back again tomorow”

11.    She said to me, “Don’t wait for me”

12.    I said to him, “Don’t call me anymore”

13.    I said to the boy, “Put the package inside the door”

14.    I said to her, “Don’t ever try that medicine”

15.    Father asked me, ”How do you speak English well?”

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