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 The Book 2010                                          numbers you can for these.
                                                           Most of the bombs are shown with total
                                                                                                             May-June: haiTi
Thank you for publishing The Book. It provides          overall weights, which is useful information        From the very first issue of this fine publi-
great information that is useful to our Air and         for comparing bomb classes. One weight that         cation that I was fortunate enough to read
Space Basic Course students, who are newly-             would be very useful for air planners would be      when I joined the Air Force 12 years ago, I
commissioned second lieutenants. During                 warhead weight and type. This is commonly-          have seen wonderful creativity, great pho-
ASBC, students plan and execute air operations          available data you should be able to find through   tojournalism and intriguing articles in each
using a constructive multi-player simulation.           unclassified sources.                               and every issue. The May-June 2010 issue
                                                           Keep up the great work. The Book is a great      has now raised the bar another notch or two!
                                                        reference. We hope you will continue to im-         The format is exciting, eye appealing and
                                                        prove and enhance it so it becomes even more        worthy of anybody’s coffee table. I know I
                                                        valuable for Airmen.                                will take a copy home and proudly display
                                                                        Lt. Col. Gary C. “Mo” Morgan        it just there — proudly letting everyone who
                                                                                           USAF Retired     visits our home know that I’m part of an
                                                                Simulation Engineer, Squadron Officer       amazing organization.
                                                                                    College (SOC/DET)           More importantly, the content in the articles
                                                                                                            in the new issue is touching and heart-warming,

           I wanted to comment specifically on
                                                         March-april issue                                  to say the least.
                                                                                                                Thank you for yet another reason I’m proud
        the Bombs and Missiles aerial weaponry                                                              to be in the Air Force!
        pages and provide a suggestion or two.                                                                         Lori L. Everett, Lt. Col, USAF, DC
       The illustrations help our students visu-                                                                                 Support Flight Commander
       alize these weapons for recognition when                                                                                       56th Dental Squadron
        these weapons are actually seen loaded                                                                                               Luke AFB, Ariz.
             on aircraft. When ASBC students
              participate in exercises, they have
              to make employment decisions using
             these specific weapons.
              Weaponry data that seem fairly use-
          less are the measurement dimensions
        provided for each weapon. The size of the
      weapon in feet and inches has very little         In the story about Sagamore Hill,
    bearing on their use in combat. So, future          [“Space Weathermen” March- April
    planners or operators derive very little from       2010] you refer to a solar observatory
     reading those dimensions. I recommend you          in Learmonth, Australia. The site is
      delete the dimensions next year and focus         called Learmonth Solar Observatory
                       on more useful information.      and is located 22 miles south of Exmouth,
                              Weapon ranges for         Australia which is approximately 2,500 miles
                             the various bombs and      from Learmonth.
                             missiles are extremely                                         Thank you,
                             useful so thanks for                                 Tech. Sgt. Paul Loe
                             providing whatever                          Learmonth Solar Observatory
                             unclassified, releasable
                                                        I have subscribed to Airman since I retired
                                                        and enjoy it immensely. Some years ago, the
                                                        enclosed poster was a beautiful poster of the
                                                        Air Force core values. I would encourage you to
                                                        once again publish a poster of our core values
                                                        for inc
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