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									STEINER INFO SHEET – 7 X 50 /10 X 50 POLICE

                                                                    10X50 POLICE
                                                                    If you need an extra step-up in power with the same attention to detail and

 SURVEILLANCE                                                       brightness as the 7x50 Police, look no further. Built to the same specifications
                                                                    for ruggedness and waterproofing the 10x50 Police will offer the user bright
                                                                    images in all light conditions and the added power to identify suspects or clearly
Law Enforcement and emergency                                       read hazardous material placards at a distance. Included are a web strap, rain
response professionals rely on Steiner                              and spray guard for the eyepieces and attached objective lens caps.
binoculars to provide clear details                                 10 x 50 – Item no. 648                                  Weight: 36 oz
on what lies ahead.                                                 Field of view: 300 feet @ 1000 yards                     Color: Black

It’s already raining. Now it’s getting dark and a few dim
lights illuminate the street. Fortunately, your surveillance
isn’t hampered by the elements, as the suspect you’re
observing comes into clear view about 150 yards away.

Whether on a routine surveillance, surveying a hostage
situation, or responding to a chemical spill, Steiner’s new
Police binoculars are built to demanding military standards
to offer the brightest detail and stand up to the toughest
conditions. Field-tested, combat proven, fogproof, water-
proof and shock-resistant the Police models will take the
rigors of daily use. Their lightweight and incredible depth
of field allows maximum user comfort during long hours of
extended use.

The Police binoculars will be sold exclusively through law
enforcement and public safety distributors, and to the
agencies they service.

If your agency or department has purchased lesser
binoculars due to budget restraints, look at it like this: you’ll
get a binocular that will last 10 times as long, work much
better, especially in critical conditions, at only fractionally
more in initial cost. The Police models are covered with a
10-year service plan and warranty that covers any optical
or mechanical defects.

                                                                    7X50 POLICE
                                                                    The newest addition to the Steiner line for military, law enforcement and
                                                                    professional use is fully shockproof and waterproof with exceptional
                                                                    brightness for use in all light conditions (over 90% at peak), resolution, and
                                                                    a wide field of view. Equipped with Steiner’s Sports-Autofocus system
                                                                    everything is in focus from 20 yards to infinity once set for the users eyes.
                                                                    Included are a web strap, rain and spray guard for the eyepieces and
                                                                    attached objective lens caps.

                                                                    7 x 50 – Item no. 646                                   Weight: 37 oz                                     Field of view: 354 feet @ 1000 yards                     Color: Black

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