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									 Step 2

 For taking the steps to your Financial Independence!

 This is the second step of your training package that will lead you to a Million-Dollar
 Business and allow you to Work from Home using your Proven E-commerce and Internet System.
 Your personal business coach will actually spend time with you personally to teach you about our
 incredible program. Remember to write down your questions as you review this information.
 Please remain teachable by taking the following steps:

 Read this MATERIAL in its entirety.

 Your Third Step is to watch the Work From Home Video

    Information on this video:
     Training by one of Herbalife’s top leaders, Amber Bartholomew, on why obesity is such an
        epidemic and why EVERYBODY needs Herbalife products!
     Detailed instructions on coming into the business by top Herbalife leader, Brett Bartholomew,
        describing what each level entails to help you decide at what level you want to get started:
        Distributor, Success Builder, Qualifying Supervisor or Supervisor Exec!
     Detailed instructions on how you can earn $1680 profit and start building a residual income in
        the next few months by choosing to start at the Supervisor Executive level and following our
     Detailed information on how our Recruiting and Retail co-op Advertising works!
 This video will answer your questions about the products, the business, and most importantly; WHY YOU
 would want to become a part of our team! Please have a pen and paper handy for note taking.

 Your Fourth step is to review the “Way of Life” product catalog.

 Reasons our Work From Home program works so well is because of all the different steps we have
 you take. It eliminates everyone who is not serious and allows us to help people like YOU that are.
 Each step you are is actually training YOU to do the business. This is exactly what you will be
 having other people do to build your business!

 Please stay teachable, don’t skip over any of the material, or you may miss the one thing that can
 mean success or failure. This system works so well, (that’s why you are here) and for the following

 a. We found an industry to maximize financial potential, an industry that offers explosive growth
 potential over the next 10-20 years. An industry that is still in its infancy.
 b. Over 90% of the people in world need or utilize this industry. Market research companies
 predict a boom in this industry and market.
 c. We have also capitalized on the power of numerous industries and combined them with the
 speed, the numbers and the power on the Internet.

The following pages will show you the results other ordinary people from all walks of life are having
                              with this proven system.

First an introduction to our new CEO as well as a few words from Paul Zane Pilzer!

       President of Walt Disney International Brings Management and Creative Talents to
                              Weight Loss and Nutrition Leader-

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 3, 2003 – Herbalife International Inc. today announced the appointment
of Michael O. Johnson as chief executive officer. Johnson spent 17 years with the Walt Disney
Corporation and brings to Herbalife a demonstrated track record of success as a proven leader and
manager, including significant achievements in business building, global operations, sales leadership,
marketing, and product innovation. Mr. Johnson most recently served as president of Walt Disney
International, a position held since 2000, succeeding current Disney President Bob Iger.

Herbalife is a 23 year-old company that is a significant global player in the weight loss and nutrition
industry, offering science-based weight loss, nutritional supplements and personal care products to
millions of customers around the world. The company maintains a Scientific and Medical Advisory
Board comprised of renowned scientists, physicians and nutritionists from prestigious universities
around the world to ensure that its products are incorporating the state-of-art in scientific research. As
further part of the Company’s commitment to scientific research, Herbalife recently established the
Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Lab at the University of California (UCLA).

“I am very excited to take the helm of Herbalife International,” stated Mr. Johnson. “Herbalife is a
well-established organization with terrific products and a powerful world-class consultative sales
network comprised of more than one million distributors. In addition, the company has strong market
positions in weight loss and nutrition, operates on a global scale with close to two billion dollars in retail
sales spread roughly between Asia, North America and Europe, with healthy and improving margins.
Company founder Mark Hughes established a strong and lasting legacy of focusing on helping people
change their lives through weight loss and wellness. Twenty-three years later, weight loss and nutrition
continue to be two of the larger, more relevant and dynamic segments of the consumer world today.
Herbalife has only begun to scratch the surface of it’s potential. I am looking forward to the challenge
of leading Herbalife to that next level of growth.”
       Excerpts from:

       An Interview with Paul Zane Pilzer

       By John David Mann and John Milton Fogg
       (From Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine Sept. 2001)

Paul Zane Pilzer sizes up seismic shifts in our economy.

“We are witnessing the explosive birth of a new trillion-dollar industry, and network marketers
everywhere are poised to be the vanguard of that explosion.”

After two centuries of economic opportunity for the pioneers of manufacturing, we have entered the age
of distribution. Today, the greatest opportunity for wealth awaits those who can deliver what Pilzer calls
"intellectual distribution."

“I started to focus on the great needs of America - which led me in some surprising directions. People
think of their needs in a very mundane way - "I need a new dress that doesn't make me look
overweight.", or "I need a car that gets better mileage." I looked at it on a more macro level: we have
more fundamental needs such as eating, sleeping, being healthy, being educated. As I carefully studied
current conditions, I found that the greatest need in America today is wellness.”

“Since 1980, we have more than doubled the percentage of overweight and obese people in our country.
In 1980, 15 percent of the population was obese; by the year 2000 that number had jumped to 27
percent-that's 77 million clinically obese people! Those numbers have increased ten percent in just the
past four years and are still growing at beyond epidemic rates.”

“Because of people being overweight or obese, we've also tripled the propensity to get diabetes in this
country, with similar increases in so many other diseases. Today, at a time of unprecedented economic
prosperity, we're seeing a huge part of our population falling off the edge. For me, here is the most
amazing number: 61 percent of the United States population is overweight. That number, too, has
doubled since 1980.”

“Today, the food industry represents about one trillion dollars annually; the "sickness business" is
another trillion (actually, about $1.4 trillion). These two industries feed one another in a fairly insidious
way because such a huge part of sickness today is caused by the poor nutrition supplied by the food
industry. These two trillion-dollar industries work together to support that horrifying 61 percent
overweight number.”

“Looking at those numbers, you might think that one day soon, everyone will be e overweight or obese.
That's actually not the case, though. The 39 percent of the U.S. population who are not overweight
comprise 10 to 15 million Americans who are aging; as they age, they are getting more healthy, more
fit, more strong - actually younger, by any standard medical definition.”

“These people represent that new economic sector. They are primarily wealthy people; the first thing
they do as they start to have money is to figure out how they can be healthier - and they're doing it
outside the medical establishment. They are going to fitness clubs, watching their food, taking the
proper amounts of vitamins and minerals, and investigating supplements and other products that
support their wellness.”

“In the year 2000, wellness in America was already a $200 billion industry; about half of that is
composed of the $24 billion spent on fitness clubs plus the $70 billion spent on vitamins and minerals.
This $200 billion was hardly a blip ten years ago.”
Q:   Who is spending this Money?

Mostly Baby Boomers: prosperous people from the ages of 35 to 55. The Baby Boomers are a powerful
economic force; all marketers know that. Baby Boomers represent only 28 percent of our population -
yet the group represents 50 percent of our economy.

Baby Boomers are the first generation we know of in recorded history who refuse to accept the aging

Up until now, the Baby Boomer marketing mind has been all about how to make them feel younger, how
to help them remember what it was like to be young. Now it's gone a step further. Today, Boomers are
starting to buy things that actually make them younger!

This has only just begun. Most people don't even know there are such products. As the rest of this 50
percent buying power group learn about wellness, this sector will explode. It has already gone from
virtually zero in 1990 to $200 billion today. It's easy to see that this $200 billion will become one trillion
- or more - by the year 2010.

Given how fast these new industries grow, one trillion in wellness by the year 2010 starts to
look like a conservative projection.

Correct information about diet, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and supplements is almost all contrary to
what we've heard from our medical community; for many, it runs counter to how we were brought up.
There's so much inaccurate information, naturally they're going to be skeptical. The only way they will
actually change their paradigm or start to learn new information is person to person - because they're
actively engaged in a conversation.

This doesn't happen overnight. It may take three, four, five, or six conversations with different people
before your actually change your mind. That's why wellness, which is so clearly paradigm - changing
information for so many people, really works best in a one-to-one interactive environment - like network

I see a one trillion dollar wellness industry by the year 2010. I see great opportunities for
network marketing and network marketers. I see certain network marketing companies, because they're
the fastest way to get the new information out there, leading that industry. I see great opportunities
coming for the network marketing industry because network marketing is clearly the best vehicle we
have today, in the United States and around the world, to educate people about new products and
services. There's a great window of opportunity for network marketing companies to educate consumers
about wellness products and services. I also see great challenges ahead for successful network
marketing companies, particularly those involved in wellness, as the technology continues to evolve.
Network marketing companies need to remain flexible so they can stay ahead of new technology. The
best wellness products and services of yesterday may not be the best products and services tomorrow.

Many of the smaller network marketing companies will not have enough money for the R&D they need
to compete with the new technologies.

The products of the wellness business are moving toward an era of greater quality control. Today, a
third to a half of the bottles in retail stores do not have in them what is on the labels because it's not a
regulated business. The company whose sole business is wellness has a lot more to lose if they make a
mistake: they often have better quality control. Ultimately, none of the successful wellness companies
can afford to have a bad quality product out there.

It has become something of a mission for me, and I think it is for network marketers as well. As much
as we focus on the financial and lifestyle benefits of the business, the real benefit is what you can do to
change a life-and the lives of all the people who are touched by that life. If you can add five, ten, fifteen
years to someone's life, think of his children, think of his spouse. We're wonderfully interrelated in the
world today, and when you can give someone the gift of wellness, improving the quality of that life
every day and increasing the length of that life, it's a truly wonderful thing.
                        JANUARY 2003 2moremoney UPDATE
                                TOP PRODUCER OF THE MONTH

                               Nate & Corinna Walby MA 17,306

                                    $10,000 and Above GROUP!

                          Julia & George Kern OK 12,944 Way to Go!!
                        Jason & Stephanie Payne GA 12,700 Awesome!!
                              Katie Carr CA 12,006 On To ROME!!
                        Denise & Lasse Simonsen CT 11,484 Way to Go!!
                              Carolyn Whitman WY 10,003 Super!!

                            CONGRATULATIONS: Steve & Virna Macey
                                 New World Team Members!

            TAKE A LOOK AT OUR $4,000 - $9,000 GROUP!!! INCREDIBLE!!!
Jim Kowalczyk                        WI    7,306   Eileen & Lee Cook        AL       4,457
Godfrey Newton                       MA    7,038   Frank Harvey             ME       4,429
Larry & Vicki O’Tool                 NV    6,871   Kelly Weas               CA       4,422
Kim Paris                            WA    6,432   Karen & Eugene Yang      IL       4,256
Richard & Sharon Sing                KY    6,219   Carol Hertwig            CO       4,056
Kirk Willingham                      VA    6,050   John & Leigh Bagshaw     IA       4,032
Deborah Crumpton                     MA    6,000   Brian Huot               ME       4,016
Ruth Sutton                          ID    5,645   Alan Bratton             HI       4,011
Steve & Virna Macey                  WA    5,574   Ron Luken                FL       4,011
Brett & Amber Bartholomew            NV    5,400   Bruce Hock               TX       4,010
Andee & Turley McWherter             AZ    5,343   Vic & Mamie Bailey       FL       4,010
John Houston                         MO    5,136   Eric Huntley             NC       4,004
Doreen Johnson                       CA    5,090   Milton Wolf              KS       4,001
Fran & Pam O’Hara                    NV    5,060   Michele Dellostritto     FL       4,000
Richard & Gloria Gray                AZ    5,019   Lela Arlint              MT       4,000
Greg Wahls                           IL    5,014   Cheryl Prewit            AL       4,000
Olga Korakis                         MA    5,000

Welcome to all new Supervisors and Active Supervisors!!
RaDoris & Gary Schlenvogt      WI         3,549    Jerry & Ann Kearns       NC     2,520
Gilbert A. Reyes               NM         3,069     Johanna Trowell         FL     2,510
Denise White                   FL         2,967     Mae Takatani            NY     2,508
Dee & Art Stoner               MD         2,910     Phyllis White           FL     2,502
Paul & Sharon Deno             IL         2,893     Val Freeman           Canada   2,501
Gary & Rosann Collamer         NJ         2,674     Tess Duda               IL     2,501
                        DECEMBER 2002 2moremoney UPDATE
                              TOP PRODUCER OF THE MONTH

                            Doris & Gary Schlenvogt WI 10,146

                                 $10,000 and Above GROUP!

                        Nate & Corinna Walby MA 10,055 Way to Go!!
                       Jason & Stephanie Payne GA 10,023 AWESOME!!!

            CONGRATULATIONS: Gilbert A. Reyes New World Team Members!

                TAKE A LOOK AT OUR $4,000 - $9,000 GROUP!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

Eileen & Lee Cook                 AL    8,604     Julie & Jeff Anderson           MN 5,233
Richard & Sharon Sing             KY    8,311     Larry & Vicki O’Tool            NV 5,160
Danielle & Richard Trejo          UT    8,139     Heather Tester                  Aust 5,031
Ruth Sutton                       ID    7,752     Peg MacLean                     NY 4,566
Doreen Johnson                    CA    7,504     Vickie Salmi                    WA 4,055
Brett & Amber Bartholomew         NV    6,893     Marion Hines                    OR 4,032
Pam Wenzel                        MN    6,264     Dennis Burt                     OK 4,026
BJ Hoffman                        MO    6,084     Caroline Dashtestani            Japan 4,012
Denise & Lasse Simonsen           CT    5,672     Susan Dorste                    NC 4,010
Janet & Ken Berdine               WA    5,643     Jerry Mauder                    NY 4,009
Diana Wilson                      IN    5,595     John Houston                    MO 4,006
Lori Johnston                     TX    5,522     Pat DeStefano                   MO 4,003
Patty Starkey                     WA    5,324

                   Welcome to all new Supervisors and Active Supervisors!!
Sharon & Paul Deno            IL       3,768      Mark Ouyan                 Taiwan     2,545
Owen & Angie Leifson          UT       3,766      Gary M. Collamer            NJ        2,518
Sam & Penny Willocks          MD       3,724      Kelly Weas                   CA       2,510
Victoria Woodward             CA       3,606      Robert Kirk Willingham      VA        2,513
Debra & Mike Bendt            WI       3,196      Andee & Turley McWherter     AZ        2,510
Gilbert A. Reyes              NM       3,083      Hugo & Ana Gonzalez          IL       2,508
Regula Ziegler                CA       2,798      Debrah Noland               AL        2,507
John & Susan Kelly            WI       2,655      Bryan Phillips               TN       2,504
Evelyn Lewis                  MD       2,627      Pattie Mercadante            NV       2,503
Dee & Art Stoner              MD       2,609      John Douglas                 MS       2,502
Egil Seljeseth                Norway   2,605      Mark Chandler               CA         2,500
Venus Hergesheimer            CA       2,600      Bill & Tamra Cheney          CA     2,500
Steve Macey                   WA       2,559
                          SEPTEMBER 2002 2moremoney UPDATE

                                 TOP PRODUCER OF THE MONTH

                                     Eileen Padden CO 10,503

                                     NEXT TOP FIVE PRODUCERS!

                        Nate & Corinna Walby MA 10,002 1st cut to Rome!!!
                             Julia & George Kern OK 9,411 Way to Go!!
                        Brett & Amber Bartholomew NV 8,200 AWESOME!!
                         Eileen & Lee Cook AL 7,291 On our way to ROME!!
                        Andee & Turley McWherter AZ 6,565 GOOD GOING!!

           CONGRATULATIONS: Kim Abella; Michael & Jennifer Mendoza
                            1st Cut to GET Team!!
New World Team Members: Claudia Sauer; Jim & Carol Lanzafame; Victoria Woodward;
                             Gary M. Collamer;

             TAKE A LOOK AT OUR $4,000 - $6,600 GROUP!!! INCREDIBLE!!!
Susan Short                           AL        6,565           Jessica Squires               AL    4,273
Claudia Sauer                         CA        6,300           Connie Beatty                 MT    4,204
Denise White                          FL        6,218           Cheryl Wagner                 AL    4,185
Mark & Sharon Seiler                  NC        5,785           Wendy & Justin Sojourner      TX    4,157
Jannette Bowie                        FL        5,721           Donna Storey                  CO    4,100
Bobbie Anderson                       NV        5,673           Kim Abella                    CA    4,041
Tricia & Clyde Clarke                 Can       5,575           Blake Dang                    CA    4,012
Roger Williams                        TN        5,331           Maxine Miller                 NC    4,009
Doris & Gary Schlenvogt               WI        5,317           Susan Kennedy                 MA    4,002
Doreen Johnson                        CA        5,187           Gilbert A. Reyes              NM    4,002
Zahid Bashir                          Can       5,147           Angela Garraway                     4,002
Robert Kirk Willingham                VA        5,138           Frances Saunders              FL    4,001
Bill & Tamra Cheney                   CA        5,128           William Linaker               S. AM 4,000
Richard & Sharon Sing                 KY        5,049           Salli Smith                   TX    4,000
Ruth Potter                           ID        5,001           Gordon McTavish               Can   4,000
Steve & Dana Blakeslee                ID        4,869           Alan Wolfe                    CA    4,000
Laurici Carlsson                      Swe       4,549

                               Welcome to all new Supervisors and Active Supervisors!!

Mike Benefield                  AR           3,500              Larry & Vicki O’Tool           NV   2,610
Jim & Carol Lanzafame           MO           3,429              Margaret Hess                  DE   2,566
Deborra Olsen                   AZ           3,237              Gary & Gloria Cross            NJ   2,549
Jamie & Scott Peters            IL           3,101              Marian Kormos              Canada   2,537
Sharon & Paul Deno              IL           3,059              Joy & Tom Yates                CA   2,526
Zebiya Rigby                    CA           3,000              Christine Mendoza              CA   2,512
              Question: HOW MUCH DID YOU MAKE LAST MONTH?
                     These checks on the average are going up each month….

Chris Carley: After being with the company for 3 years, I quadrupled my income when we
started mail order. I just received a bonus check of $399,906.11 from the company! On the
average I now make $200,000 every month working from my home! So far we have won a
Caribbean cruise, a vacation to the Bahamas, and a trip to NEVIS, the world’s #1 Resort! We also
won two Cartier watches worth close to $10,000, diamond earrings and diamond cufflinks, airfares,
hotel rooms, Tiffany crystal, more cash and a fax machine, extravagant parties, four star
dinners…bought a Porsche Carrera, $3.9 Million dollar oceanfront home. Started a good portfolio of
investments, been able to help relatives, nursing care for my Gramps and contribute to numerous
charities. There might be more, but that is all I can remember.

Brett & Amber Bartholomew: Feb. check over $56,000 just nine months using mail order!
(Before they started mail order, their check was only $2500). Purchased their first home and a
Jaguar, just purchased a second home next to Ambers mom in Nevada for $700,000. Also won
vacations to Puerto Rico, Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean, Chicago, diamond earrings and cufflinks,
$2500 bonus, fact. Amber quit her job working nights as a waitress, Brett, his job as a sales rep.
And now work at home together with their 2 children.

Karen Bartholomew: A mother of 3, grandmother of 12, used to do demo’s in the grocery store
to earn extra income. Saw her income jump from $2,000 a month to over $20,000 a month in just 1
year. Now she works part time, on an average earning $37,000 every month! Has won vacations to
Nevis, St John, Disney World, Los Angeles, to name a few. Also fax machines, satellite dish, and
cash bonuses bought her first Jaguar and relocated from a cold climate to sunny Nevada.

Dave & Leah Graham: earning over $20,000 a month! Leah quit her computer/analyst job and
Dove told the post office good-bye! Today debt free and now investing in self-employment and
pension for retirement!

Rod & Elsie Lemke: Earns over $12,000 a month. Won a tip to KONA Hawaii. Bought a new
$200,000 home (moved out of their trailer home). Rod quit his truck-driving job. Elsie got to retire 6
years early! Rod just bought a new Ford Pick-up. Won over $4000 in cash and a fax machine.
                    STRATAGIES FOR
                              Highly Effective & Proven
                            Business Development Tools

If you're determined, focused, teachable, and willing to work hard, then this
opportunity can dramatically change your life. Your timing is perfect - You’re in the right
place at the right time! The supplier company is projected to grow by over 400% in the
next 5 years! By utilizing the incredible 2moremoney Mail order and Internet tools
many millionaires will be created. This will happen with or with out us ... So Don't
Miss out on the Opportunity!

Own & Operate a fun, exciting Work From Home Mail Order/Internet
business of your own!

Very low start-up costs in comparison to other businesses!

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No income ceiling, vast unlimited earnings potential. Because of
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Create an International Business overnight while working from your

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   People helping People!

Make money $$$ your first month in the business!!

Keep your current JOB until you’re ready and able to QUIT!
The Supplier Company has the following attributes:
 Leader in the Industry that listens to us.
Been in business over 23 years. Cash Rich and Financially stable.
Has own warehousing facilities that we can draw product from, as we require with no delay or cost
to ourselves except shipping. The company pays for all research and development, manufacturing,
packaging, warehousing and staffing, computer systems and is on the cutting edge in technology
and product. Sets the standards for other companies to follow.
Money Back Guarantee
Member of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA)
Products so powerful, that they create an emotional bond between consumer and product so the
 compensation play that allows us to earn as much money as we want! No ceiling on income
that can be earned.

History: The founder of this company started the company in 1980 at the age of 23. His mother had
died of an accidental drug overdose trying to lose weight when he was young. The drugs she used
can still be purchased today. This created a passion in him to develop a safe, natural way to control
weight, improve health and to take that product around the world to all nations. He engaged the
finest scientists and doctors, clinical nutritionists in his development. Today his vision is reality! The
company has been recorded as the FASTEST GROWING COMPANY IN THE USA. It is estimated
that over 35 million satisfied customers have been using the products! The company is so confident
of these products that they stand behind their products with a 100% money back guarantee! Just
imagine… a company in business over 23 years…approved by OVER 58 governments to be safe,
effective and allowed to be marketed in their country and completely guaranteed!! Success?

Look at the company sales record:

  Actual sales for: 1995                         $932 Million
  1996                                            1.2 BILLION
  1997                                            1.5 BILLION
  1998                                            1.8 BILLION
  2002                                            2.0 BILLION
  Estimated sales for 2004                        $5 BILLION

From the actual sales to the estimated growth ahead, can you imagine what type of income you
could actually generate as this company continues to grow! In recent research, compared with other
companies of its kind it was found the company actually pays 30% higher than any other company!
DISTRIBUTORS! That means that out to the $1.8 Billion in sales in 1998, $1.3 Billion was paid out
to US! That translates into incredible earning power for the individual distributor!
                        More reasons why we are so successful;
             We utilize the power of the following industries to do our business:

                                                                  Estimated annual sales:
a. Health & Nutrition                                             $45 Billion
b. Personal Care                                                  $190 Billion
c. Communications                                                 $200 Billion
d. Work From Home                                                 $400 Billion
e. Mail Order                                                     $1.3 Trillion

                   Did you know that since Jan.1, 2000:

248 Million people have gotten online and twice as many people have purchased
online services or products.

By the end of 2000 =1 $Trillion $$$ business
By the end of 2003 =2.8 $Trillion $$$ business
By the year 2004 = 7.29 Trillion $$$ business will be done online!

That means BIG, unbelievable business for us done through the Internet and Mail Order !

The success of mail order is everywhere. How many catalogs, magazines have you
received in the mail in the past 30 days? Americans are already experiencing the
cocooning effect. That means that people want to spend more time with their families
and on their favorite activities than they do commuting to and from work, or in a
shopping mall. By doing business through the mail and over the Internet they are
saving a lot of time and $$$. Because today time is $$. The trend is accelerating as
people look for more ways to simplify their lives. The Internet is just an extension of
this trend. Internet shopping is exploding, and you can see from the numbers it’s just
                   Without the problems associated with other businesses.

      Franchises:                                Herbalife
                                                 $299.00 to start Includes approx. $230.
**Costs Thousands of Hundreds of                 in product, and gets you 25%-50%
   Thousands of $$ to start                      profit /discount on all future orders.
                                                 We Receive the Royalties
Royalties – you need to keep paying              We receive inexpensive or FREE training from The
       The franchiser royalties                  Sponsor, from top Millionaires through
                                                 International Success System conference calls, via
Training is expensive.                           satellite, email, Supervisor Schools and
                                                 Leadership training events.
  Other In-Home Businesses:                     Herbalife
You have to do ALL THE WORK!                     Can duplicate yourself & make Royalties and
                                                 bonuses for training & helping others start their own
No way to duplicate yourself!                    business. International business right from your
                                                 home! Get paid in over 50+ countries for teaching
                                                 people in these countries to have In- Home
Other Multi-Level Companies:                     Herbalife
High attrition rate.                             81% stay
                                                 Infinite payout. Like owing your own company.
Limited level payout.                            Direct Selling Association in survey done during
                                                 1993 found Herbalife to be #1 in retention
                                                 Distributors & #1 in productivity of distributors.
Commissioned Sales:                              Herbalife
Only make % on your own sales volume             Make % on your own sales PLUS % on the
                                                 Sales of people your bring into business and teach
                                                 + the people all those people bring in plus, etc.
                                                 infinite payout! NO Cutoffs.

If you don’t make sales that month               If you take time off, you still have retail and
       You don’t have an income.                 wholesale customers, and can still receive royalty
                                                 check and production bonus check on your
                      $$$ WAYS TO MAKE $$$$
                             Retail Profits: 25% to 50%
                          Wholesale Profits: 8% to 25%
                       $200 Executive Recruiting Bonuses *
           Royalty/Residual Bonus checks: 5% three levels plus roll-ups
                  Production Bonus Residual Checks: 2% 4% 6%
                   Annual Bonus Pool for TOP Level Qualifiers
           Annual All Expense Paid Vacations to INCREDIBLE Locations!

With our program you have a powerful tool to build residual checks through building a
tremendous group of people whom you teach to duplicate your efforts. You can build your
business in 58 + countries (soon to be 60) right from your home via the INTERNET! You can
build your business without going door to door, or having to rely on contacts with only friends and

You can receive training right in the comfort and convenience of your home via telephone with
your personal business coach and GET RICH TEAM, satellite TV network, video and audio tapes,
internet video and audio, & local trainings in major cities worldwide plus more!

We do business in over 58 countries. You can work in all countries through phone, fax, email and
Internet. You can also choose to live in any of these countries!

We have over 35 million people who have used our products successfully. The company was
founded over 23 years ago and has been approved by over 58 different governments.

All expense paid vacations are offered to those who qualify. Examples of past vacations:
Caribbean Cruise, Mediterranean Cruise, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Greece, London, Bali, Gold Coast,
Hawaii, Cancun, Nevis, St. Thomas, Barcelona, Hollywood, Disney World, Aruba. Plus many

We have been rated the #1 Best Performing Company in California by the Los Angeles Times.
We are one of the fastest growing companies worldwide. Herbalife is #1 in their industry and is 37%
ahead of anyone else. They also have the highest payout Marketing Plan in existence: 30 %
HIGHER than the #2 company.
                  NO DOOR-TO-DOOR SALES! !

As you get started we will teach you how to run your business using these methods:
1. Generating Leads: (online & offline) potential customers and team players.

We teach you how to get customers and clients to call YOU! This allows you to
determine your own schedule and enjoy what you enjoy most in life!

2. Screening:

Teaches you how to select serious people out of those leads without you having to
see or even speak to them.

3. Training and Follow-up

How to train and follow up with those people and your business even if you are on

4. How to harness the power of the internet to build you own
local, national, international business right from your home.

5. We have the Websites! We have the online
advertising! We provide the FREE training!!!


The best part of the training is that you can earn $$$ while you learn!
                      #1 Play the Lottery. Odds: 14 million to 1

                      #2 Inherit it. Do YOU have rich relatives?

 #3 Become involved in taking health and nutrition around the world!

                 These are the different level of achievement based
                upon sales volume, within the Herbalife Marketing
a. Distributor                            Odds:             28,000 to 1
b. Supervisor                            Odds:               2,600 to 1
c. World Team                            Odds:                 800 to 1
d. Global Expansion Team                 Odds:                   80 to 1
e. Millionaire Team                       Odds:                   8 to 1
f. Presidents Team                        Odds:                   1 to 1

*The above statistics have been tracked for 17 years by Larry Ward, a former banker, and currently a
Presidents Team Member.

              Herbalife has created more millionaires
          in network marketing than any other company!

            This opportunity places you at the right place…
                           At the right time…
                 With the finest products in the world!!
TouchFon: Daily Training right in your home. This is a voicemail training through which you can
network with other Distributors from around the world. Herbalife gives us training through TouchFon.
You will be assigned your own private access number available to you 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week.
You’ll receive product training, mail order training, internet training, special awards and promotions
available just to name a few.

Retail Training Manual & Audios: The most complete retail-training packet available.
Contains advertisements, scripts, masters for ads, and instructions to get your retail going
FAST. What to say to a customer and how to follow-up. Includes live audio recordings of
the top distributors role playing scripts for you, and tips they use to put money in your
pocket and accelerate your business.

Weekly Conference Call Trainings: Right from your home call into our weekly training calls,
where you can meet our group and learn how to do the business from A-Z. Live trainers and
“question 7” answer sessions.

STS (Success Training Seminars): 8 hour comprehensive training sponsored by Herbalife.
Top Millionaires do the training, showing you exactly what they do from the time they get
up in the morning till they go to bed at night to make the money they make! Held on
Saturdays in major cities worldwide.

Email/Internet Group: Comprehensive training via Internet right in your email from top
trainers in our organization. Learn the secrets to retail and how to explode your business
through recruiting. How to master the Internet as a source of leads for your business.

HBN: (Herbalife Broadcast Network) Via DishNetwork Satellite System receives free training
from Herbalife 3 times a week right in the comforts of you living room. Also available via

Personal One on One training with your personal Mentor and Team Trainer. Also Videos,
Audios, Training Manuals with everything already written for you so you don’t have to
remember everything.

                           PLUS LOTS MORE!!!

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