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									                                                                 San Antonio: A Sample Itinerary

San Antonio, Texas is a city with a rich history. From the Indian tribes
who roamed freely, to the Spanish missionaries who formed
settlements, to the rugged and independent Texicans who established
farms and ranches, it is the people of San Antonio who give her a most
unique flavor. The blend of Latino and western cultures combined with all
the elements of modern city life makes San Antonio one of a kind.

As in many other areas with ethnically diverse populations, San Antonio contains pockets of
extreme poverty and extreme wealth. Such disparity creates the potential for great problems, but
also for greater solutions.

The Voyage with the Least of These explores the rich history of the city; the importance of the San
Antonio River as a source of life, and the role of Spain and the Church in the formation and growth of
one of the most fascinating areas in this country. We will have the opportunity to
explore the city through her neighborhoods, and as we serve, we hope to find that as we reach out to
the least of God’s children, it is we who have the most to gain.

Day 1 – Rising to the Challenge
The team will meet the Wonder Voyage staff along Interstate 35 between New Braunfels and San
Antonio. The Snake Farm is our first stop for a time of wonder, as we look over creatures which often
create fear in the hearts of even the bravest souls. For many participants, this week will involve being
outside of their comfort zone, so we will take some time to talk through what might be causing us
fear or anxiety about out journey together. We will discuss the way that knowledge, compassion and
understanding can allay our fears.

Our first evening together will conclude with a time of encounter the real source of the city: the Blue
Hole. This amazing place is where the river starts and civilization begins. We will discuss the Woman
at the Well, and our journey this week to share living water with others.

Day 2 – The Least of These
Our morning will begin with a brief time of contemplation over Matthew 25. Before we can truly
serve the least of these, we must understand what it means to see Christ in them. Our first time of
service will be the preparation and serving of breakfast and lunch to the homeless and
chronically poor of San Antonio.

After our time of service, we will take time for some fun and exploration on San Antonio’s famed
Riverwalk. Again, the River is at the heart of the city, and we stroll along it in search of answers to

We have a bit of rest and clean up time before enjoying a hearty Texas barbecue dinner. After our
meal we will travel the short distance to a local park for our daily dialogue time in which the
participants will have time to share their moments of wonder from the day’s activities. The rest of
the evening will be free time or customized to the specific devotional direction of the team.

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