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									                                                                                                   The Theosophical Society
OUR VISION:        The Theosophical Society has a vision of
wholeness that inspires a fellowship united in study,                                                ~ Tauranga Branch
meditation, and service.                                         PRESIDENT        Pauline Bailey             548 2202   |
                                                                 VICE PRES        David Bailey               548 2202   |    COMMITTEE
                                                                 SECRETARY        June Vallyon               576 6106   |    Marian Jensen 571 4127
OUR MISSION: The Society encourages open minded                  TREASURER        Chris Clarke               577 6373   |   Jennifer Scott 552 0776
                                                                 LIBRARIAN        Ena Hay                    578 9338
inquiry into world religious, philosophy, science and the arts
in order to understand the wisdom of the ages and respect
the unity of all life, and help people explore spiritual self-                    SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 2009
transformation.                                                  Sun. SEPTEMBER 20TH                        HAWAIIAN SHAMANISM
                                                                 2pm Yoga Centre
                                                                 Elizabeth Street West                         GRAEME URLICH
OUR ETHIC: The Society holds that our every action,                                    TH
                                                                 Sun. OCTOBER 4
feeling, and thought affects all other beings and that each
                                                                 2pm Yoga Centre
                                                                                                     An   INVESTIGATION of the UNIVERSE
of us is capable of and responsible for contributing to the      Elizabeth Street West                            TED HARPER
benefit of the whole.
                                                                 Sun. OCTOBER 17TH                    The RELEVANCE of THEOSOPHY in
                                                                 2pm Yoga Centre
Not only does the Society have a Vision of union with one        Elizabeth Street West
                                                                                                              the 21ST CENTURY
another, and a mission of exploration, but also an ethic of      ````````````````                                JUNE VALLYON
putting these high ideals into action                                                                         Followed by A.G.M.
                                                                 Sun. NOVEMBER 1ST
                                                                 2pm Yoga Centre                           DEATH - THE JOURNEY
                                                                 Elizabeth Street West                 A THEOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVE
                                                                                                                SANDY RAVELLI
                                                                 Sun. NOVEMBER 15th
                                                                 2pm Yoga Centre                       MIRACLE of INCARNATION. From
                                                                 Elizabeth Street West                the QUICKENING OF DEVACHAN - to BIRTH
                                                                                                                SANDY RAVELLI
                                                                 Sun. NOVEMBER 29
                                                                 2pm Yoga Centre                      SUFI SOUL The Mystic Music Of Islam
                                                                                                              DVD - BERT ESSER
                                                                      th     th
                                                                 Dec 5 & 6 10 till 4
                                                                 Phone 548 2202 David                HARMONY OF THE CREATIVE WORD
                                                                                                         WEEKEND WORKSHOP
             If you no longer wish to be on our mailing list,    Sun. DECEMBER 6th 4p.m.
                                                                                                      The GREAT T.S. CHRISTMAS PARTY
                          PLEASE RETURN TO:
                     Tauranga Theosophical Society
              96 Plummer Road, R D 6, TAURANGA 3176                        Our meetings are open. ALL are WELCOME to attend.
                                                                                  So see you there ~ and bring a friend

                                                                             MEDITATION GROUP MEETS EVERY THURSDAY
                           HAWAIIAN SHAMANISM
                                                                             At 8pm sharp so arrive earlier. All welcome. Contact Steve McDowell 571 2210,
                                GRAEME URLICH                                191 Waihi Road. Drive in. Park at back, then come in back door.

                                                                             WELCOME NEW MEMBER
Sunday SEPTEMBER 20             2.p.m: Yoga Centre       Elizabeth St Wst    Welcome to Diane Mason who has recently joined our group officially, after
                                                                             many years of attending meetings. We hope you enjoy your membership in
                                                                             our group.
HUNA is the esoteric (secret) knowledge used across Polynesia. The
Aloha Spirit is the spirit of loving co-operation that pervades Polynesian
culture. From the seven principles of HUNA are derived many healing
traditions and ways to work with any situation in life. The KUPUA
tradition of Hawaii is an adventurer tradition where everything and           In love and light.
everyone is your friend if you can understand how to speak to them                                 Pauline and your committee
See for more info.

                   An INVESTIGATION of the UNIVERSE
                                TED HARPER

 Sunday OCTOBER 4TH 2.p.m: Yoga Centre Elizabeth St West
Ted Harper will share his insights into what the universe is. This will
include the universes’ shape, what it is in, what black holes and dark
matter are. The talk will be based on a mathematical model created
from the I Ching, an ancient Chinese mathematical system, the binary
system, base 8, the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean.

 He will show how the I Ching eloquently expressed the shape of the
universe from sub quark structures to black holes and the cosmos as a

 Ted will also blend his insights with the poems of Chinese Taoist, Lao
Tzu, who lived in China in the 6th century BC, to show Lao Tzu's intuitive
understanding of what the universe is and is in.
Hi All                                                                                        The RELEVANCE of THEOSOPHY in the
Interesting weather we have been having. Four seasons in one.                                           21ST CENTURY
 I have been re-reading (although reading is not really the right term, as                              JUNE VALLYON
it is much more than that) “Harmony of the Creative Word” by Rudolf
Steiner. It really speaks to me.

 About 10 days ago we had about 35 to 40 Tuis for a week or so feeding       Sunday OCTOBER 17TH       2.p.m: Yoga Centre      Elizabeth St. West
on our cherry blossoms. Diving and swooping about. Amazing sights and
sounds. To stand underneath the trees and be part of their world, and
be accepted into it, was really something.                                   Service, study and meditation have been the foundation of the
                                                                             Theosophical Society’s endeavours from its founding. June will
I am planning to run a weekend workshop based on the theme - Harmony         look at the basic principles underlying the work of the
of the Creative Word. This will be a personal journey using art as a         Theosophical Society, and explore where this is leading the
vehicle. As Steiner states, we really cannot experience the spiritual        Tauranga Branch in 2010. For not only does the Society have a
ethereal world through the intellect alone. We need to bring our artistic    Vision of union with one another, and a mission of exploration, but
intuition to bear. This can be great fun and have amazing results. Some
                                                                             also an ethic of putting these high ideals into action.
of you may be thinking that you are not artistic, but we all possess this
latent ability. This will not be about producing Art Gallery pictures, but
more about our own individual journeys. There will be no right or wrong                              Followed by our
way. It is a voyage of discovery - that is the exciting thing about it.
10 people maximum, $25 for the weekend. $20 of this will go to T.O.S.
                                                                                     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 3.15pm
Bring your own lunch. Drinks supplied. Roughly 10 till 4 each day.                                  over a cup of tea
 If you are interested and wish to know more, please call me at 548 2202
                                                                                       Yes we need YOU at this important meeting.
Dates will be 5th and 6th December.
 In love and light.
                                                     David                                           DEATH - THE JOURNEY –
                                                                                                 A THEOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVE
                        PANDORA THE ALL GIVER                                                            SANDY RAVELLI

     “In every aspect of our lives there is so much more attention given
     to creating separation than connections, and creativity suffers
     because it depends upon a free circulation of energy and the making     Sunday NOVEMBER 1ST 2.p.m: Yoga Centre Elizabeth St. West
     of new relationships. Maximum health and creativity occur within
     environments where the expressions of the body, the senses, and the     This is a presentation about the journey of the soul.  Looking at
     physical space flow naturally in a vital ecology.”                      the de-fragmentation of our physical, mental and emotional bodies
                                                                             as the soul journeys towards its home and its place of rest in
                                        Shaun McNiff from “Art heals”        Devachan (heaven worlds)
                   MIRACLE of INCARNATION. From the                       HELLO THERE to all our members and friends
                  QUICKENING in DEVACHAN - to BIRTH
                              SANDY RAVELLI                               Welcome to our final newsletter for 2009. Gosh this year is flying by – I’m
                                                                          thinking and planning the Christmas party already. This year we will have
                                                                          that as a great ending for the workshop David is going to run here first
Sunday NOVEMBER 15TH 2.p.m: Yoga Centre Elizabeth St. West                weekend of December finishing around 4p.m. Which is a great time to start
                                                                          our Christmas party. So those who have not come to the workshop can come
                                                                          along and join us work-shoppers in the afternoon. When you could wander
And then the return………….           Sandy said this grew out of
                                                                          round the garden, or explore the library. Of course the sun will be shining.
experiencing her first grandchild immediately after birth and how
aware he was. This sent her on the quest to discover what was             Before that though, we have a really full programme with some really
going on at soul level, and her discoveries are what she will share       interesting subjects. One of these being the very necessary
with us.                                                                                        ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                                                          Firstly June will explore with us where the Theosophical Society has come
                    SUFI SOUL The Mystic Music Of Islam                   from and its relevance in the 21st century, especially in relation to our
                                                                          group, Like Where are we going to with theosophy in Tauranga? and this is
                        DVD shown by BERT ESSER                           your opportunity to have your say and share what you would like to hear and
                                                                          do next year -
                                                                           It could be that we're unaware of your talents and abilities, and that you've
Sunday NOVEMBER 29TH 2.p.m: Yoga Centre Elizabeth St West                 been waiting in the wings for the opportunity, but have never been asked.
                                                                          If you have any passions, areas of expertise, or even just a willingness to
This is a ground-breaking & critically acclaimed documentary              explore something further as part of our group, please let us know. The
exploring the different regional practices within Sufism and its myriad   lodge is all about learning from each other, and sharing the contribution.
styles of music. It was filmed in four different countries, Turkey,       Please think about what you might be able to offer.
Pakistan, Morocco & Syria, and directed by Simon Broughton.
                                                                          Then, after a cup of tea.
For hundreds of millions of Sufi followers worldwide, music is at the                                      The AGM.
heart of their tradition and a way of getting closer to God. From the
Whirling Dervishes of Turkey to the qawwali music of Pakistan,            ELECTION OF OFFICERS. Please put forward your nominations to June
Sufism has produced some of the world’s most spectacular music            Vallyon. And contact me or June if there is anything you would like put
celebrated by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.                              on the Agenda.

Historian, William Dalrymple’s film traces the shared roots of            SUBS NOW DUE Yes AGM’s signal that the financial year has reached an
Christianity and Islam in the Middle East and discovers Sufism to be a    end and subs became due on 1st September. These are the same as last
peaceful, tolerant and pluralistic bastion against fundamentalism.        year. $23 less $5 discount if paid by end November. (couples $33 less $5
                                                                          discount.) Making it $18 single $28 couples. Direct credit banking available
               SO MANY PATHS THAT WIND AND WIND,                                       WISDOM IS KNOWING THAT WE ARE ALL ONE.
               WHEN JUST THE ART OF BEING KIND,                                        LOVE IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE.
               IS ALL THIS SAD WORLD NEEDS"                                            COMPASSION IS WHAT IT ACTS LIKE.

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