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March 2009 edition                                                                                            : Andre Alexander
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                          THE 2009 FLORIDA CARIBBEAN                                    FEBRUARY FACES
                                                                                        The Faces of St. Lucias Tourism

            Michelle Paige
            President. FCCA                                                                    of St. Lucia’s Tourism
                                                                                           Kris Bailey               Karan Robert
 The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) is a not-for-
 profit trade organization
 composed of 10 member cruise
 lines operating more than 100
 vessels in Floridian, Caribbean                                                          Martina Labadie         Dunstan St. Omer
 and Latin American waters.
 Created in 1972, the FCCA's
 mandate is to provide a forum
 for discussion on legislation,
 tourism development, ports, tour                                                         Terressa Hall             Dwight Calduron
 operations, safety, security and
 other cruise industry issues. By                                                         Every week The Visitor Channel
 fostering an understanding of                                                            focuses on six exceptional St.
 the cruise industry and its                                                              Lucian’s who take a special pride in
 operating practices, the FCCA                                                            bringing the highest quality product
 seeks to build cooperative relationships with its                                        and service to their work.
 partner destinations and to develop productive
 bilateral partnerships with every sector. The FCCA                                       The Faces of St. Lucia’s Tourism
 works with governments, ports and all private/public                                     brings into focus the intricate
 sector representatives to maximize cruise passenger,                                     connections we all have to the
 cruise line and cruise line employee spending, as                                        industry and the dedication of the
 well as enhancing the destination experience                                             St. Lucian host
 and the amount of cruise passengers                                                      who makes
 returning as stay-over visitors.                                                         certain that our
 The Sixteenth Annual FCCA Cruise                                                         gusts have
 Conference & Trade Show - St. Lucia -                                                    memorable
 October 26-30, 2009                                                                      experiences while
                                                                                          in our home.
 Carnival Cruise Lines • Celebrity Cruises •                                              To the February
 Costa Cruise Lines • Cunard Line Ltd. •                                                  FACES we at the
 Disney Cruise Line • Holland America Line •                                              Visitor Channel express our sincere
 MSC Cruises (USA) Inc. • Norwegian Cruise                                                thanks and appreciation for all your
 Line • Princess Cruises • Royal Caribbean                                                efforts.

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The Village tourism Program                                                                ST.LUCIA
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                 Visitor Channel Newsletter                            March 2009

           Airlift Reality Check.                                    Prime Minister in New York
                                                                     NEW YORK
 CARIBBEAN CRUNCH                                                    (March 12, 2009) -
                                                                     St. Lucians across
                                                                     the Tri-State area
                                                                     around New York
                                                                     are eagerly
February                                                             awaiting both the
06, 2009                                                             arrival of Prime
By                                                                   Minister
Maggie                                                               Stephenson King as
Rauch                                                                well as local musical genius Ronald
                                                                     "Boo" Hinkson, who along with
                                                                     friends and family of the Diaspora,
                                                                     will celebrate the island's 30th
"This was a major concern for us. Airlift is obviously the           anniversary of Independence this
critical medium to get to the territory," says Beverly               Saturday, March 14.
Nicholson-Doty, commissioner of the USVI's Department of
Tourism.                                                             Prime Minister King will address gala
                                                                     patrons at Brooklyn, New York's
Flights have been cut across the Caribbean, with some                Grand Prospect Hall (263 Prospect
destinations suffering more than others. It's just one of many       Avenue) as St. Lucians gather with
challenges that the islands are facing in attracting all types of    their Caribbean and American friends
travel, including meetings. Regulations requiring Americans          under the theme "A Journey to be
to carry passports still present some hassle; as ever, the risk of   proud of, A future to look forward to"
nasty weather during hurricane season makes parts of the             at the popular banquet facility.
region a risky selection for a few months every year; and with
                                                                     "We are excited about this weekend's
the global economic crunch, the word "resort" can carry a
                                                                     gala dinner and would like to
perception of excess.
                                                                     encourage all St. Lucians and friends
                                                                     of St. Lucia to witness history as our
"We believe that 2009 will be a challenging year for the             island nation celebrates three decades
Caribbean," says Hugh Riley, interim secretary general of the        of self-rule in grand style," said
Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and co-chief                    Ambassador Dr. Donatus St. Aimee,
operating officer for the Caribbean Tourism Development              St. Lucia's Permanent Representative
Company, based in New York. "It is difficult to assess how           to the United Nations. Ronald "Boo"
deep and how long those challenges will exist."                      Hinkson, a celebrated St. Lucian jazz
                                                                     guitarist, will showcase the island's
Many players in the region's hospitality industry say that           "creative cultural genius" and give a
groups are still booking meetings and incentives at a rate close     sneak-preview of what to expect at the
to what they did in recent years, but with shorter lead times.       upcoming St. Lucia Jazz festival in
Still, it seems everyone in the Caribbean is preparing for           May.
things to get worse before they get better. And they are using               Audio and Video Productions
every weapon in their arsenal—seasonal promotions,
development of new hotel product, marketing initiatives, and
lobbying—to keep their perceived value up and their
meetings bookings in the black.

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                 Visitor Channel Newsletter
              March 2009 Tel# 1-758-452-8687, email;

 Caribbean Week                                                                                NOW LEASING

  In New York - June 8 –
 12, 2009
 Organized by the Caribbean Tourism
 Development Company, Caribbean
 Week in New York brings together the
 Caribbean's most influential policy
 makers, marketing professionals,
 hotel and tourism industry
 officials to interact with and
 discuss tourism and business
 opportunities in the region. It also
 provides a taste of the sights,
 sounds, culture and unique
 vacation attributes of the region
 to inspire travel and showcase the
 diversity of the Caribbean to more than
 10,000 attendees who participate in
 targeted events during the week.                                           St. Lucia Tourist Board

                                                                                   New Appointments
                                                                         The Head of Special Events Management
                                                                         Lavaughn Francis, a St. Lucian national with a
                                                                         Master of Science degree in Project
                                                                         Management from the George Washington
                                                                         University and a Bachelor of Business
  Coalpots in the UK                                                     Administration in Human Resource
                                                                         Management from Baruch College of the City
Coalpots had been the main method of cooking on
                                                                         University of New York, brings to the Board her
Caribbean Islands for centuries and they are still hugely
popular today. The secret of the coalpots longevity is the               recent experience with ICC Cricket World Cup
unique way in which food can be slowly and succulently                   working directly with CEO Chris Dehring. Her
cooked, preserving the natural juices and nutrients, whilst              role entailed developing departmental project
imbuing the food with a deliciously smoked flavour. The                  plans and monitoring their adherence to the
coalpot is incredibly versatile and perfect for informal                 tournament contract. She also coordinated the
outdoor eating.                                                          sponsor leveraging programme for the event and
The St Lucia Coalpot Company imports the traditional Caribbean           conceptualized, planned and developed strategic
coalpot to the UK. The coalpot is an earthenware cooker and grill,       implementation and roll-out plans for several of
fueled by charcoal.                                                      the entertainment zones at the various stadia.
                                                                         Francis has also worked as the Project Manager
This exclusive BBQ experience is imported directly from St Lucia,
hand made by a group of Ladies on the island. Although a cooker,         Information Technology for Mayberry
fuelled by bottled gas is the most commonest way of cooking food,        Investments in Jamaica.
on the island today, but you can still find a coal-pot in most           The second appointment is that of Mr. Crispin
households. These are individually hand made, plump and                  Blasse who, as the MIS Officer, is responsible
round in shape, with two handles and a lid that sits on top,             for the design, implementation and management
but not quite perfectly. Good for letting steam out. A                   of the information technology systems including
new clay pot is sealed with cooking oil before its initial               the acquisition of appropriate hardware and
use, since clay is porous. Once oil is boiled in it for a                software to meet the information processing and
period of time, the pot is then sealed.                                  telecommunication needs of the Board.

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