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                      (A Govt. of Karnataka Enterprise)

                            SOLAR PV POWER PLANTS

                      ABSTRACT BID NOTIFICATION

No.CE(EI&TA) /Solar PV                                   Date: 27.07.2009

1.0   Karnataka Power Corporation Limited invites sealed bids on EPC contract
      basis in duplicate from qualified bidders for the

        “Design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of
         grid connected solar PV plant (crystalline technology) equipments of
         1MWp capacity at Yapaldinni village of Raichur District in Karnataka
         State, as demonstration Project, along with grid connecting
         equipments and all associated civil works.”

2.0   The last date for receipt of application along with documentary evidence
      in support of minimum qualification requirements for issue of bid
      documents is up to 10.08.2009.

      Further details can be had from:

      Chief Engineer (EI&TA)
      Karnataka Power Corporation Limited,
      Sudarshan Complex, III Floor,
      No.22/23, Sheshadri Road,
      Karnataka, India.
      E mail: ceita@karnatakapower.com
      TELE PHONE: 080-22258431
      MOBILE        : 9845018117
      TELEFAX       : 080-22258431
      website       : www.karnatakapower.com
                  (A Govt. of Karnataka enterprise)

                           SOLAR PV POWER PLANTS

                            BRIEF BID NOTIFICATION


1.0        Karnataka Power Corporation Limited invites sealed bids on EPC
           contract basis in duplicate from the qualified bidders for

           Design, Engineering, manufacture, Quality surveillance, Testing at
           manufacturer’s works, Packing and Supply of Grid connected solar
           PV equipments plant of 1MWp capacity at Yapaldinni village of
           Raichur District in Karnataka State, as demonstration projects, including
           comprehensive insurance, Storage, intrasite transportation, erection,
           testing and commissioning of the above plant along with grid
           connecting equipments, SCADA system and all associated civil works

2.0        SCOPE OF WORK:

   a)      CIVIL WORKS:

      1.   Cutting and clearing of trees / plantation in about 15 acres of land to
           ensure shadow free area and stacking the woods properly as per the
           detailed specification.

     2.    Site grading, leveling, drilling exploratory bore holes and consolidation
           of the area pertaining to the installation of SPV modules of solar plant.

     3.    Embedment of structures suitable for mounting PV modules on ground
           in about 15 acres of land. Laying of earthing equipments / structures as
           per the statutory requirements.

     4.    Cutting of cable trenches wherever necessary, construction of all round
           compound wall for the entire Solar Plant area including the power
           evacuation bay and providing suitable gates as per specification.
     5.    Formation of roads, with suitable drainage arrangements wherever
           necessary, providing foundation for transformers, structures etc.,

     6.    Construction of Solar Plant building of about 80x60 sq.ft. (nearly 533
           sq.m.) to house control, protection panels, inverters, SCADA system,
           lobby, store, office, amphi theatre, etc.,

      7.   Bidder should make arrangement for power supply and adequate water
           during construction period.

     b)    SOLAR PV PLANT - Technology: Solar PV crystalline make

           Design, Engineering, testing at manufacturers works, packing and
           forwarding, supply , delivery, unloading at site, intrasite transportation,
           storage, erection, testing and commissioning including comprehensive
           Insurance and all associated civil works of the following 1 MWp solar
           PV plant consisting of 4 nos. of 250 KW solar arrays

           The system shall consist of following equipments:

            1.   SPV modules of suitable rating .
            2.   Power conditioning unit with SCADA.
            3.   Mounting structures
            4.   Cables and hardwares
            5.   Junction box and distribution boxes
            6.   Earthing kit
            7.   Lightning arrestors
            8.   PVC pipes and accessories
            9.   Tool kit
           10.   Control room equipments .
           11.   Spares for 3years


      1. Design, Engineering, testing at manufactures works, packing and
         forwarding, supply, delivery,       unloading at site, intrasite
         transportation, storage, erection, testing and commissioning,
         including comprehensive insurance and all associated civil works
         for grid connection equipments to the 11 KV line.

      2. Evacuation system shall consist of the following equipments:

         a)   Step up Transformers of 1250 KVA rating
         b)   11KV switching cubicle with incoming feeders and outgoing
              feeder consisting of HT panels
         c)   LT panels
         d)   9 KV lightning arrestors
         e)   3 core XLPE cable/conductor for power evacuation upto
              existing 11 KV
         f)   11 KV Isolators

 3.   SCADA system for control and monitoring.

 4.   Operation and maintenance of SPV Plant along with grid connecting
      system for a period of 3 years from the date of commissioning.

 5.   Training of KPCL personnel for smooth operation & Maintenance of the
      Plant at bidders cost.


 1    Supply & providing of suitable Solar PV BIS system of about 10 KW
      capacity for the illumination of the proposed SPV plant, building,
      compound wall, approach roads etc.,

 2    Supply and erection of galvanized steel ground wire of suitable dia.
      with hard ware for lightning protection of the SPV Plant and switchyard
      equipment and grounding as per statutory requirement.

 3    Providing all round brick compound wall for the entire SPV plant for its
      safety/protection as per detailed specification.

 4    Supply of all miscellaneous materials like hardwares, clamps and
      connectors, glands, lugs etc.,

 5    Providing suitable    fire   protection   equipments as per       statutory

 6    Providing suitable security for the entire plant
3.0   GENERAL:

 a)   The responsibility of obtaining statutory clearances from the authorities
      such as : Electrical inspectorate and other statutory bodies lies with the
      contractor. KPCL will provide necessary assistance.

 b)   It is binding on the part of contractor to execute the works in accordance
      with various statutory requirements such as, latest Indian Electricity Act
      and Rules and amendments and all other relevant standards.

 c)   The Contractor shall prepare the detailed Engineering drawings and
      submit for approval of KPCL and execute the works in accordance with
      the relevant IS and Electricity Act Rules.

4.0   Supply of control, metering and protection panels, SCADA panels,
      intrasite transportation, Erection, testing and commissioning of Control,
      metering and Protection panels, SCADA panels. Preparation of
      foundations in the floor of the control room for the erection of the above
      panels including the civil works that may arise during the erection of the
      panels are all included in the scope.

5.0   Erection, testing & commissioning of the entire system and satisfactory
      operation and maintenance for a period of 3 years from the date of
      commissioning and handing over of the complete system to KPCL.

6.0   Validity of the Bid shall be 180 days(One hundred and eighty days) from
      the date of opening of the bid.

      Bidders are required to furnish EMD amount of Rs.25.00 lakhs (Rupees
      Twenty five lakhs only) either in the form of crossed demand draft
      drawn in favour of Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd., payable at
      Bangalore or Bank Guarantee from a Nationalised/ Scheduled Bank on
      Rs.100/- stamp paper along with the bids. The EMD shall be kept valid
      for a period of 210 days from the date of opening of the price bid. In
      case, the validity of bid is required to be extended, the validity of the BG
      / DD furnished towards EMD shall be extended upto 30 days beyond
      such extended bid validity period. Bids not accompanied with EMD will
      be rejected.

      Intending bidder shall satisfy the following minimum qualifying
      requirements and produce documentary evidence as indicated below,
      the fulfillment of which is a pre-requisite for the issue of bid documents.

  a)   Bidder Shall be a regular manufacturer of solar PV crystalline
       modules in India. He should produce manufacturer’s license to this

  b)   Bidder shall have successfully designed , manufactured and supplied,
       minimum one No. of 100 KWp grid connected Solar PV plant in or
       outside India.

  c)   Bidder should have erected successfully the above plant either by
       himself or through an erection agency. Bidder may bring the same
       agency or have tie up with another erection agency who should also
       have erected successfully atleast one number of 100KW grid connected
       Solar PV Power Plant during the last three financial years.

  d)   The Plant should be in operation as on date.

  e)   Plant so supplied and erected shall have satisfactorily performed
       continuously for a minimum period of one year (Reckoned as on
       01.08.2009) during the preceding three years, 2006-07 & 2007-08, 2008-09

  f)   As proof of the above the bidder shall furnish the relevant
       performance certificate/s signed by the competent authority of the Solar

  g)   Bidder should have minimum average annual turn over of Rs.50.00
       crores during the preceding two financial years ie., 2007-08, 2008-09. As
       proof of the above, audited balance sheets countersigned by Chartered
       accountant shall be enclosed.

 9.0   Intending bidder shall furnish a copy of Standard Quality Assurance

10.0   Intending bidder shall quote in Indian Rupees only.

11.0   Bid documents will not be issued to such of the bidders whose EMD has
       been forfeited or contracts have been terminated or foreclosed on
       account of their default in KPCL or else where during the past 3 (Three)
       years. The bidder shall give declaration that EMD has not been forfeited
       and none of his contracts have been terminated / foreclosed on account
       of their default in KPCL or elsewhere during the past 3 (Three) years.

12.0   Cost of blank bid documents is Rs.5000.00 (inclusive of VAT and CESS),
       Rupees 500.00 extra if required by post. This amount is payable in the
       form of demand draft in favour of Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd.,

       Bangalore along with the application for bid documents. The bids shall
       be submitted preferably in person. KPCL shall not be responsible for any
       postal/courier delay.

13.0   The bid documents will be issued between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM on all
       the working days from 20.08.2009 to 25.08.2009 at the address given

14.0   Following are the calendar of bid events:
        No                    Bid events                              Dates
        1     Last date for receipt of application for issue
              of bid documents along with ‘supporting          10.08.2009
              documents in respect of pre-qualifying
              requirement & DD towards cost of bid
        2     Date of issue of bid documents                   20.08.2009 to
        3     Date and time of pre-bid meeting ,if required,   01.09.2009
              for technical clarifications.
        4     Last date & time for receipt of completed        09.09.2009
        5     Date & Time of opening of Cover-I                09.09.2009

        6     Date & time of opening of Cover-II               At a later date
                                                               which     will   be
                                                               intimated to the
                                                               qualified bidders.

15.0   Completion period: 5 months
       All the equipments/materials of SPV plant and grid connecting
       equipments shall be delivered to site within 3(Three) months (including
       monsoon period) from the date of issue of LOA. The erection, testing
       and commissioning of the SPV plant including the grid connecting
       system for power evacuation shall be completed within a period of
       5(Five) months (including monsoon period) from the date of issue of
       Letter of Award including all the civil, electrical & structural works and
       commissioning activities.

16.0   a) Corporation reserves the right to award whole or part of the work
          should the situation so warrant.
       b) The tender will be finalized on the basis of Swiss Challenge Method
          as indicated in the note below.

       Note: The Corporation has received a suo moto offer regarding the design,
       engineering, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 3
       MW solar power plant at Yapaladinni village in Raichur district. The offer
       has been examined and found to be technically feasible and commercially
       attractive. However, with a view to ensuring transparency and also provide
       opportunity for other similarly placed tenderers, the Corporation has decided
       to throw open the project at Yapaladinni village of Raichur district to
       prospective bidders under Swiss challenge method. Under this methodology
       the prospective bidders are required to quote their best offers for the
       proposed project keeping in mind the techno commercial feasibility. If the
       offers of the bidders received in the tendering process are found to be higher
       than the suo motto offer received, then the party which has made the suo
       moto offer would be eligible for award the project. On the other hand, if the
       offer received in tender is lower than the suo motto offer, then that party
       would be given an opportunity to match the lowest offer. In the event it
       matches the lowest offer, the project may be awarded to that party; if not- the
       lowest bidder would be considered for award of work. The bidder may
       kindly therefore note the conditions under which this tender is being issued.

17.0   Bids with stipulations for settlement of dispute by reference to
       arbitration shall be rejected. The bids containing conditions whatsoever
       will be liable for rejection.

18.0   Corporation reserves the right to verify the information / documents
       furnished, in respect of supplies made/ works carried out by the bidder,
       shall the circumstances so warrant in the overall interest of corporation.
       If the corporation on detailed verification / investigation finds that the
       bidder is not satisfying the qualifying requirements, the bid will not be

19.0   Corporation reserves the right to accept any or reject any or all bids
       without assigning any reasons thereof.

20.0   Since these are demonstration projects, Corporation reserves right
       while awarding work to Bidders as detailed in the documents.

21.0   Bidder should follow IEC specification for the modules. The modules
       should have SEC/ERTL/TUV approval.

22.0   Equipments should conform to suitable standards/certificates necessary
       to enable availing of carbon credits.

23.0   Part and incomplete bids/Telegraphic bids/ bids not accompanied by
       EMD / belated bids will not be accepted.

24.0      Bids in duplicate duly filled in shall be submitted at the address given
          below in two sealed covers as indicated herein, superscribing the bid
          notification number/date and title of the work/equipment /system.

       a) Cover-I shall contain :-
          i)   Covering letter,
          ii) Earnest Money deposit(BG/Demand Draft)
          iii) Form of bid
          iv) Complete commercial terms and conditions
          v) Technical offer with details.
               (Price bid shall not be enclosed to this cover under any

       b) Cover-II shall contain only price bid in duplicate with specified

       c) The above two covers shall be kept in a single cover.

       d) Cover-I will be opened first in the presence of available bidders who
          have submitted the bids.

       e) Cover-II will be opened at a later date and would be intimated well in
          advance to the qualified bidders whose offers are found to be responsive
          to be present for witnessing the opening of price bid.

25.0      Further details can be had from:
          Chief Engineer (EI&TA)
          Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd.,
          Sudharshan Complex, 3nd floor
          22/23, Sheshadri Road,
          Bangalore-560009. Karnataka, India.
          Tele phone: 080-22258431
          Telefax: : 080-22258431
          Mobile No : 9845018117
          Web site : www.karnatakapower.com


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