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                                          ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE
                                          TRAVEL PLANNING
                                          FINANCIAL SERVICES
                                          MEMBER SAVINGS

T H E R E ’ S M O R E TO M E M B E R S H I P.
1- 800 - 8 3 6 - C L U B                           AAA. C OM
Dear Member,

As a AAA member, you belong to one of the largest
membership organizations in the world. AAA has served
members since 1902, and our number-one priority contin-
ues to be high-quality, personal service. Today, there are
more than 50 million members served at over 1,100 Travel
and Insurance Centers in the United States and Canada.

There’s more value in AAA membership than you ever
imagined! Take advantage of everything that AAA mem-
bership has to offer. Membership provides automotive and
emergency services, complete travel planning, top-quality
financial services, Show Your Card & Save® discounts and
our newest offering — Home and Auto Insurance. AAA
gives you protection, convenience and savings when you
are driving, traveling far away or close to home.

The AAA Member Benefit Guide is intended to help you
take full advantage of your membership. Read it over, then
keep it handy for easy reference any time you have a ques-
tion about your benefits.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the years

H. Thomas Chestnut, President and CEO

T H E R E ’ S M O R E TO M E M B E R S H I P.
1- 800 - 8 3 6 - C L U B                         AAA. C O M
                                                        REVISED 12/08

  AAA Benefit Guide
Membership                                          5
          ✓ Membership Overview
          ✓ Additional Coverage Levels
          ✓ Membership Benefits

Automotive & Emergency Road Service                 11
          ✓ Approved Auto Repair Program
          ✓ Roadside Assistance Services
          ✓ Policies and Procedures

Travel                                              19
          ✓ Auto Travel Services
          ✓ Maps and TripTik® Routings
          ✓ Full-Service Travel Agency
          ✓ Products and Policies                                             24
          ✓ Online Travel Planning
          ✓ Manage Your Own AAA Membership
          ✓ Internet TripTik®

Insurance                                           25
          ✓ Automotive Insurance
          ✓ Homeowners Insurance

Financial                                           27
          ✓ Financial Services
          ✓ AAA Visa® Credit Card

Member Savings & Benefits                            29
          ✓ Show Your Card & Save®
          ✓ Discount Tickets for Movies, Car Wash
            and Amusement Parks
          ✓ AAA Travel Store

Privacy Notice                                      35

     Phone Numbers
    EMERGENCY    716-633-8363
         ROAD    ROCHESTER
       SERVICE   585-461-4100
                 ALL OTHER AREAS
                 1-800-222-4357 (1-800-AAA-HELP)

       CENTER    585-461-4660
                 ALL OTHER AREAS

                 ALL OTHER AREAS

         TTY     BUFFALO

                 Dial 711 for New York
                 State Relay Service


   Your AAA membership not only provides peace of mind in
   the event of a breakdown but also serves as your special
     passport to valuable benefits, services and discounts.
    Read on to find out why more than 50 million members
     nationwide know that “There’s More to Membership.”

                Your Basic Membership
   Just as your license allows you to drive any car, your AAA member-
ship covers you when you are in any vehicle whether you are the driver
or the passenger. You should carry your card with you at all times (see
page 12 for more details). The first person in a household who joins
the Club is referred to as the Primary Member. Other members in your
household are not eligible to use your card, but they can be added to
your membership at a discounted Associate Member rate. A separate
membership card will be issued for each person. Associate Members
must carry the same coverage, either Basic, Plus/RV or Premier/RV, as
the Primary Member.

✓ Home and Auto Insurance ✓ Discounted movie tickets and car
                               wash tickets
✓ Full-service Travel Agency
                             ✓ Member Savings through the Show
✓ 24-Hour Emergency            Your Card & Save® program
  Road Service
                             ✓ Driver programs for teens and adults
✓ Free maps/domestic
  TourBook guides
✓ AAA Worldpoints®            ✓ AAA Approved Auto Repair
  Visa® Card

              Adding Extended Benefits
   Members are eligible to upgrade to AAA Plus/RV and/or AAA
Premier/RV offering enhanced benefits. See below for a comparison.
Emergency Road Service benefits become available 10 days after your
membership upgrade occurs.

                   AAA Basic Benefits
Battery Service - An attempt will
be made to start your vehicle.
Tire Service - Vehicle’s inflated
spare will be installed; dual wheels
Fuel Delivery - Delivery of suffi-
cient fuel (at pump prices) to reach
the nearest facility.
Locksmith Service - Coverage or reimbursement of locksmith ser-
vices up to $50 to gain entry or replace broken or missing keys.
Extrication/Winching - One service vehicle and driver will extricate
your vehicle when it can be safely reached from a normally traveled
road or established thoroughfare.
Towing - Free tow back to AAA facility that comes to your rescue, the
closest AAA Auto Repair facility, or up to five miles elsewhere.
Trip Interruption - None.

                  AAA Plus/RV Benefits
            AAA Plus/RV includes all of the above plus...
Tire Service - Same as Basic Mem-
bership; dual-wheeled recreational
vehicles will be serviced.
Fuel Delivery - Delivery of suffi-                                CLUB CODE

cient fuel (at no charge) to reach the   MEMBER SINCE
                                                                   VALID THRU

nearest facility.                       DUES BILLED

Locksmith Service - Coverage or
reimbursement of locksmith services up to
$100 to gain entry, replace broken or missing keys or make the vehicle
Extrication/Winching - Second service vehicle and driver for one
Towing - Up to 100 miles anywhere.
Trip Interruption - Protection up to $350. (See details on page 8)

                 AAA Premier/RV Benefits
            AAA Premier/RV includes all of the above plus...
Towing - Up to 200 miles towing on
one of four allowable service calls per
year. 100 miles of towing still applies
on the remaining three allowable
calls per year.
Complimentary Rental Car -
Standard-class rental available for
one day at no charge if member’s vehicle is
towed in the Western & Central New York area on one of the four al-
lowable service calls per year and transportation is needed. (See details
on page 8).
Trip Interruption - Protection up to $1000. (See details on page 8)
Same rules and regulations apply to both AAA Plus/RV and AAA Pre-
mier/RV Trip Interruption.
Fee Free Travel Planning and Booking - AAA Travel Experts will
book your flights, cruises, or tour packages – as well as provide all
kinds of travel advice – with no service fees charged to Premier mem-
bers. This can save you $25 - $50 with every booking!
Travel Discount - Up to $100 travel discount per year on tour/cruise
package purchased through AAA WCNY travel agent. (See details on
page 9)
Free Hertz #1 Club Gold Membership - One year membership
offering enhanced service at 42 major airports in 22 countries. (See
details on page 9)
Concierge Travel Services - Exclusive toll-free number at
1-888-222-3666 for services such as: en-route travel directions, sport-
ing/theater/dinner tickets and reservations, free international maps and
guidebooks, golf tee times and reservations, and more...
Used Car History Info - Receive up to two free vehicle history “Car
Fax” reports annually.
Accident Assist - Help contacting family members, locating accom-
modations/restaurants out of town following an accident or break-
Discounts - Periodic discounts available in our AAA Travel Store, AAA
Driving Academy and classes, extended automobile warranties, special
travel packages, and more...
Mechanical Questions - ASE-certified personnel available to answer
questions on performance, diagnosis of problems and to verify or es-
timate repairs.

   The extended coverages of AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV also
include motorcycles, motor homes, and pickup trucks with a camper
and travel trailers - in addition to private passenger cars.
   Memberships can be updated at any time by calling 1-800-836-CLUB, visit-
ing any of our Travel and Insurance Centers listed on the back cover or by
managing your own account on
   Note: AAA Plus/RV benefits begin ten days after receipt of Plus dues. AAA Plus/
RV and AAA Premier/RV service will not be rendered for pre-existing problems.

    Trip Interruption Protection - up to $350
    In the event an auto trip* is delayed or canceled due to mechanical
disablement, a collision causing disablement or theft of your eligible
vehicle, AAA Plus/RV provides reimbursement up to $350 for food and
lodging OR a car rental (AAA Premier/RV allows for reimbursement
allowance of up to $1000). At the member’s option, a rental car can be
secured to continue the trip or return home OR seek temporary lodging
and food while waiting for repairs (NOT BOTH). All coverages cease
upon returning home. Coverage for food and lodging ceases when
vehicle is repaired. Members must provide dated, itemized receipts
and proof of disablement for reimbursement consideration. Miscella-
neous expenses, such as telephone charges and car rental insurance
options, are not covered. One claim allowed per incident. Delays due
to extreme weather conditions are not reimbursable in the absence of
specific mechanical failure. Food/Lodging receipts must be for estab-
lishments in the same vicinity as the breakdown.
Note: AAA Plus/RV benefits begin ten days after receipt of Plus dues.
*Definition of Trip: Travel beyond 50 miles from permanent residence with a
qualified disablement involving an overnight delay.

              Complimentary Rental Car
   AAA Premier/RV provides a rental car for one day per membership
year in the event of a breakdown within the Western & Central New
York area in which transportation is needed. AAA Premier/RV mem-
bers will be required to contact AAA WCNY in the event of a roadside
service issue. Upon determination that a vehicle tow is required, AAA
WCNY will contact Enterprise and must provide a Corporate Class ID
at the time of reservation for the rental to qualify for the terms of this

Liability Protection:
   Premier Members will be required to protect themselves, Enterprise
and AAA WCNY from liability exposure. Liability will be carried by, and
maintained at the members expense on their personal auto policy or
by purchasing supplemental coverage from Enterprise. The member
assumes full financial responsibility for damage or loss to the rental
   In the event that the rental term exceeds one day (portion covered
by AAA Premier Program) the member will be responsible for the cost
of the rental for any time period beyond the first day, including all li-
ability/collision/comprehensive protection.
   Vehicles under these terms will be available at any Enterprise loca-
tion in Western or Central New York during regular business hours.
After business hours, reservations may be made in order to acquire
a vehicle immediately at the open of business the next day. Members

may pick up the vehicle at the rental office or may take advantage of
the Enterprise free pick-up service if available.
   This offer is available to renters/members ages 25 and up with a
valid credit card in their name. Those under age 25 are subject to sur-
charges payable to Enterprise.
   Arrangements can also be made directly with Enterprise for renters
who do not possess a credit card in their name.
AAA Premier will cover the cost of a mid-size vehicle for a period of one 24
hour day. Maximum reimbursement is $45.00. Members may upgrade the ve-
hicle taken at their own expense. AAA is not responsible for Enterprise hours
of operation, locations, inventory or service.

                 Premier Travel Discount
   The discount off travel purchases would be as follows: $100 off
tour/cruise package of $3,000 or more; $50 off tour/cruise package
of $2,000 to $2,999.99; $25 off tour/cruise package of $1,000 to
$1,999.99; no discount valid on package price less than $1,000. One
discount per membership year per household. One discount per trip.
Discount is valid through each current membership year. Automatic
void of benefit upon downgrade. Membership must be at Premier sta-
tus at time of travel booking. Not valid on purchase of airline tick-
ets – tour, cruise or group package only. Discount must be redeemed
through a AAA WCNY travel agent and currently not available with on-
line bookings. Discount cannot be combined with any other discount
program or travel coupons.

          Hertz #1 Club Gold Membership
   Premier members will receive the convenience provided by Hertz #1
Club Gold of never repeating information and preferences at time of
reservation and by-passing the rental counter. Renter’s name and pre-
assigned car space appears on the #1 Club Gold board to direct renter
to their vehicle. Renters simply show their drivers license at the exit
gate. A link will be provided on directing Premier members
to a fee-waived enrollment page. Premier members who are currently
#1 Club Gold members receiving notice that their membership is about
to expire can call Hertz at 800-CAR-GOLD and advise that they are a
AAA Premier member entitled to fee-waived membership. Hertz will
verify and authorize the fee waiver.
   Premier members renting four times from Hertz during the year will
continue to enjoy the service at no charge. If that level of usage is not
reached, members will revert to a 50% discounted enrollment fee.
   Standard #1 Club Gold membership fee for non-AAA members is
$50, Basic and Plus members may join on at a 50% dis-

                       Lost Key Service
   AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV provide special tag identifica-
tion for your keys. If you lose your keys, all the finder has to do is drop
them in any mailbox for return to AAA. We will return your keys to you.
Contact us for replacement tags.

                  Notary Public Service
  Notary Public service is available at most AAA Travel & Insurance
Centers free of charge to members. Please call your local office listed
on the back cover of this handbook or call 1-800-836-2582 for avail-

               Automatic Dues Renewal
   Authorize your AAA dues to be charged each year to your AAA/
Visa® or another credit card (Visa®, MasterCard or Discover) to prevent
any lapse in your AAA membership coverage.

                   Membership Review
   AAA Western and Central New York is a not-for-profit organization.
Annual membership dues fund the member services. It is the responsibility
of the organization to monitor individual member expenses in order to
maintain reasonable membership dues for all members.
   During this annual monitoring, all memberships that have service
expenses significantly exceeding generated revenue will be reduced to
the Basic level of membership the next membership year.

                       Code of Conduct
   AAA Western and Central New York is a member organization that
proudly relies upon the partnership between our members and our
associates. As a place of business, we expect both parties to communi-
cate in a professional and courteous manner and cannot accommodate
disruptive and unprofessional behavior toward our associates or other
members. Management reserves the right to cancel membership for
inappropriate behavior.


    Automotive & Emergency Road Service
                   Approved Auto Repair
    AAA members in Western and Central New York benefit from a pro-
gram that helps you with a serious consumer problem: finding a reliable
auto repair facility. The program, Approved Auto Repair (AAR), is de-
signed to identify auto repair facilities that meet AAA’s high standards.
    Auto repair facilities seeking certification as an Approved Auto
Repair location go through a rigorous inspection procedure before
reaching final approval. The approved repair facility signs a contract
with AAA that binds it to maintaining the high standards it has met. A
facility which earns the AAA approval can display the AAR logo sign,
signifying it has met the stringent program standards.
    The contract between the facility and AAA provides that when you
identify yourself as a AAA member, the facility must offer a written
estimate which cannot be exceeded without the member’s authoriza-
tion; provide a limited warranty on repairs performed for a period of 12
months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first under normal operat-
ing conditions; and make available, upon request, replaced parts--not
including parts to be returned to the manufacturer under warranty or
exchange policy.
    But, more importantly, in the contract with AAA, the approved facil-
ity agrees to cooperate fully with AAA in the investigation and resolu-
tion of any dispute involving a AAA member. AAA’s decision is binding
on the repair facility. For a complete listing of AAR facilities, visit us at or call our Member Service Center. (See phone numbers on
page 4)

                Emergency Road Service
   Emergency Road Service (ERS) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week and is designed to assist you in an emergency when the vehicle
you are either driving or riding in becomes disabled. Service will not
be provided for pre-existing problems. Your membership coverage ap-
plies to those emergency and towing services listed in this handbook.
Service will be provided to any member driving or riding in an eligible
vehicle when it becomes disabled.

          Eligible Vehicles - Basic Service
   Service applies to all properly licensed four-wheeled motor vehicles
of the passenger, pleasure or recreational type (vans, campers and mo-
tor homes) regardless of license plate designation--if those services
can be safely delivered.
   Dual-wheeled campers/motor homes are eligible for all services ex-
cept towing, extrication/winching and tire service. Dual-wheeled un-
loaded pickup trucks are eligible for all services. Dual-wheeled vans,
utility, boat and snowmobile trailers are not eligible for service. Rent-
ed passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles are eligible for service,
with the exception of limousines.
AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV members receive extended vehicle coverage
for all services to include motorcycles, all motor homes, pickup trucks with
campers and travel trailers.

                    Emergency Services
   The following emergency services will be provided to place your ve-
hicle in a drivable condition. If these attempts are unsuccessful after a
reasonable effort by the service provider, the towing service provision
will apply.
Mechanical Adjustments
  Minor/temporary adjustments will be made in an attempt to enable
your vehicle to operate safely under its own power.
Battery Boost
   A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start your vehicle.
All inclusive mobile battery testing and replacement service (at a mem-
ber discounted rate) is also available to members in many areas. Please
contact us for additional information.
Flat Tire
   Your spare will be installed to replace a flat tire. For safety reasons,
the rim should be free of rust and the tire inflated and serviceable. If the
spare cannot be safely installed, the towing provision will apply.

Fuel Delivery
   A limited supply of fuel will be delivered to your disabled vehicle
to enable you to reach the nearest service station. Specific brands or
octane ratings cannot be promised. You will be charged the current
pump price for the fuel.
AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV provide, at no additional cost, a sufficient
amount of fuel to enable you to reach the nearest service station.

Lockout Service
   If your keys are locked inside the vehicle, service will be sent to gain
entrance. If the key that operates or provides access to the passenger
compartment of the vehicle is lost or broken or the service provider
cannot gain entrance to your vehicle, locksmith service up to $50 or
reimbursement for commercial locksmith service up to $50 will be pro-
vided. In cases where the vehicle cannot be made operable, towing
services will be provided in accordance with the towing provision.
AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV provide added coverage or reimbursement
up to $100 in parts and labor for locksmith service if such service is required
to unlock your vehicle or make it operable.

   Your vehicle will be extricated/winched when it can be safely reached
from a normally traveled or established thoroughfare. If special equip-
ment, more than one truck or more than one person is required, the
associated costs may be at your expense.
AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV provide coverage to include the delivery of
services by a second truck and operator for one hour at the scene.

Towing Services
   When your vehicle cannot be safely driven after attempting any of
the listed emergency services, your vehicle will be towed to the ERS
facility rendering the service, to the closest AAA Approved Auto Repair
facility, or a maximum of five miles in any direction from the point of
disablement at no charge. In instances when your vehicle becomes
disabled while towing a light-duty trailer, service will be provided for
the trailer (excludes fifth-wheel trailers). You will be required to pay for
trailer towing. Flatbed service may require an additional fee if it is re-
quested but not required. Towing is limited to one tow per breakdown.
Tows exceeding the allowed mileage will pay a discounted rate for
each additional mile, payable at the time of service.
AAA Plus/RV provides up to 100 miles of free towing in any direction from the
point of disablement to the destination of your choice. AAA Premier/RV pro-
vides up to 200 miles of towing on one of your four allowable service calls, and
up to 100 miles of towing on the three remaining allowable calls.

                       Scope of Service
   Under your membership, Emergency Road Service will be provided
without charge from the nearest available AAA contract facility. Your ser-
vice call will include AAA’s operator/truck traveling to the disabled vehicle,
where the service operator will attempt to make your vehicle operable.
   We select ERS facilities for their ability to handle service calls, but we
cannot guarantee that these facilities will always have the parts and
equipment to make repairs.
   When your vehicle cannot be made operable upon providing the
services listed in this handbook, we will assist you in finding the near-
est open place of repair. If a repair facility cannot be located, we will
assist you in obtaining lodging or alternative transportation.
   Membership dues must be fully paid in order to obtain Emergency
Road Service or a $25 fee will apply.
   Charges for service that exceed the benefits listed will be at pre-
vailing hourly or mileage rate of the region where service is provided.
Payment is due at the time of service by cash, check or credit card.
   In most areas, Emergency Road Service facilities are independent
businesses and are not employees of AAA or its affiliates. Responsibil-
ity for loss, damage or unsatisfactory workmanship remains with the
ERS facility providing the service. The Club will assist by mediating un-
resolved issues.

     How to Obtain Emergency Road Service
   In the greater Buffalo metropolitan area, including all of Erie County,
call 716-633-8363; in the greater Rochester metropolitan area, call
585-461-4100; in the metropolitan Syracuse area, call 315-451-2525;
in all other areas or from pay-phones, call toll free at 1-800-222-4357
(1-800-AAA-HELP). You may also place your service request or check
the status of your service request by visiting For those mem-
bers who have a hearing impairment and use a TTY device or relay
service, please refer to the telephone numbers on page 4 of this hand-
book. Some cellular phone users may dial *AAA or *AAA1 for a free
call (check with your carrier).
   Service will be provided to any member driving or riding in an eli-
gible vehicle when it becomes disabled.
   When you place your call, please give all information asked for by
the operator. Be prepared to give your name, address, membership
number, vehicle description, location of vehicle and probable trouble.
This information is required for us to properly service you. If you have a
physical disability that requires special transportation or needs please
let us know at the time of call placement.
   When the service provider arrives, you will be requested to present
your driver’s license or other photo ID and a valid membership card in
order to obtain service.

                  Stay with Your Vehicle
   You should remain at or near your car to receive service. Unattended
vehicles cannot be put in running order, since they may be stolen or
need additional starting if the engine is turned off. Of course, excep-
tions will be made in extenuating circumstances.

   If you do not feel safe, let our call receiver know. We will notify the
proper authorities and expedite your service.

                        Canceling Calls
   If your car starts or you remedy your problem before the service pro-
vider arrives, please call to cancel your request so service can be expe-
dited for others and to assure the call won’t count against your usage.

             When Services Do Not Apply
  Emergency Road Service will not be rendered to any vehicle when
towing is requested other than for mechanical breakdown or accidents.

                    Unavoidable Delays
   Because of our geographic location, calls for service can number
well over 3,000 per day on especially severe winter days, with every
piece of equipment in use around the clock. In these circumstances,
long delays cannot be avoided. We appreciate your patience and as-
sure you that you will receive service as quickly as possible.

                      Alternate Service
   If you have followed the procedure outlined to obtain ERS and AAA
service is not available or AAA contractor access is restricted (toll roads,
limited-access highways), the Club will provide reimbursement for cov-
ered services at the prevailing commercial rate for the region. Full re-
imbursement for covered services will be provided for police-ordered
tows and where AAA access is legally restricted.
   If AAA service was available but not requested, reimbursement may
be limited to the amount the Club would normally have paid for the
covered service.
   AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV provide reimbursement at pre-
vailing commercial rates for covered AAA Plus/RV and AAA Premier/RV
benefits if service is requested but is not available.

   You must submit the original receipt within sixty days of service for
consideration. The Club may adjust or deny reimbursement for service
provided by individuals or companies not normally engaged in provid-
ing ERS.
   For lockout reimbursement, see information under Lockout Service
on page 13.

     Emergency Repair Check Acceptance
   Your personal check for up to $250 will be accepted by any inde-
pendent contract facility providing emergency road services or repairs
for AAA members. A valid membership card and identification must be
presented at the time of payment. The name on the check must match
the member name.

                    ERS Call Allowance
   In an effort to increase the quality of AAA Emergency Road Service
and decrease delays, each member will be entitled to a maximum
of four free service calls per year. After the four free calls, there will
be a surcharge payable at the time of service. AAA Plus/RV and AAA
Premier/RV benefits cease after the fourth service call.

                    Service Comments
   It is our goal to make your AAA membership invaluable. All AAA
Clubs maintain the highest quality Emergency Road Service available
throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.
Certain benefits may vary from Club to Club. Please help us to maintain
these high standards of ERS. Any comments you may have will enable
us to continually improve our services.
   We welcome any comments you have regarding our products or
services. Please address them to: AAA Western and Central New York,
Member Relations Department, 100 International Drive, Williamsville,
NY 14221.

              Membership Refund Policy
   Members will receive a refund if the membership is canceled within
thirty days of the renewal date or join date. Entrance fees will not be
refunded. If road service or travel discounts are used within thirty days,
the cost of service will be deducted from the refund.


                    AAA Car Care Plus®
    AAA Car Care Plus® is a state of the art, full-service automotive
maintenance and repair facility. Located at 2131 Eggert Road in Am-
herst, NY, the facility is designed to provide an open, honest approach
to vehicle repair.
   AAA members get great rates at Car Care Plus® and
   special benefits, including:
     2 year/24,000 mile warranty on parts and labor
     Free diagnostic test of brakes, alignment and suspension
     Free vehicle report card
     Free wash and vacuum
   To make an appointment, call (716)362-0562 or click


                   AAA MEMBERS GET A
   AAA Car Care Plus® has invested in state-of-the-art technology
to provide AAA members with the diagnostic tools to help prevent
breakdowns. The AAA Safety Scanner uses world class Hunter tech-
nology to provide you with a comprehensive computerized test of
your vehicle’s brakes, alignment and suspension.

     How does it work?
       A service advisor will drive your vehicle over the machine.
       You’ll receive a full color computer printout of any problem
       Our expert service advisors will provide a full explanation of
       areas of concern, as well as things that need to be addressed

    The AAA Safety Scan is free for AAA members, and is included with
each visit. To schedule your free safety scan, call (716) 362-0562 or


                           Auto Travel
   AAA’s Travel Counselors are ready to serve you. They’ll save you
time and money by highlighting the best route to your destination and,
whenever possible, steering you around delays. They also can make
hotel, motel and car rental reservations for you in advance. Relax and
enjoy your next auto trip with the peace of mind AAA provides.
   AAA’s maps, TripTik® routings, CampBook® and TourBook® guides
are an exclusive member-only benefit and are not for sale to the gen-
eral public. Request your routings in person (See back cover for our
Travel Center listing), on or by phoning the Member Service
Center. (See phone numbers on page 4)

               Maps & TripTik® Routings
   At your request, AAA will prepare personalized routings, which can
include our famous TripTik® routings. This series of individualized strip
maps is assembled in an easily managed booklet with
each leg of your journey on a separate page. Let us
know whether you’d like the quickest, most direct route
or a more scenic trip designed around key points of
interest. In addition to the best route, mileage listings
and driving times, the TripTik® routing shows you de-
tailed sections of cities along your route, lists points of
interest on the way and outlines potential construction
delays. In addition to TripTik® routings, we stock many
regional, state and city maps.
   If you need information on short notice, visit for an Inter-
net Travel Planner. Fully integrated with all of AAA’s lodging, dining and
attraction information, the Internet Travel Planner was the Wall Street
Journal’s choice for best routing application on the Internet. You may
also stop in at any of our Travel Centers. The information you need will
be prepared by an Auto Travel Counselor while you
wait. Please allow a minimum of forty-five minutes
for this service. During peak travel seasons, the wait
for TripTik® routings can be longer.
   Please allow two weeks’ notice for material you
wish to have mailed to you and seven days’ notice
for pre-ordered information you plan to pick up at
one of our conveniently located Travel Centers listed
on page the back cover of this guide.

             Domestic TourBook® Guides
    AAA’s TourBook® guides are your reference to the
cities, states and provinces you plan to visit. They in-
clude descriptions of points of interest, geography,
climate, transportation, local laws, maps, restaurants
and lodging. You’ll also find exclusive AAA member
discounts offered by area accommodations and at-
tractions. TourBook® guide listings can also be found

           CampBook® Guides
  AAA also offers members free CampBook®
guides. These list recommended campsites and their
available services.

   We can make confirmed reservations for you at hotels, motels and
vacation resorts. Accommodations and restaurants rated in AAA Tour-
Book® guides are rigorously inspected at least once a year and meet
AAA’s exacting standards for quality.
   Some of the TourBook® guides’ establishments have agreed to offer
special AAA member-only rates. If you choose to make your own res-
ervations, look for special members-only phone numbers for our Show
Your Card & Save® lodging partners (See our list of hotel partners on
page 19) to receive the lowest guaranteed rates for AAA members. If
you choose to make your own reservations, you must identify yourself
as a AAA member and specifically request the AAA rate when mak-
ing reservations. Please refer to the AAA TourBook® guides that cover
your travel routes and destinations for more information on available
   For the best value, always check with your AAA Travel Consultant
for exclusive AAA member hotel packages. Frequently, we find the best
discounts and value-added deals that just cannot be found elsewhere.

                         Travel Agency
   No other travel provider offers the range of services available
through AAA Travel. AAA is the largest leisure travel organization in
North America. AAA Travel Consultants can arrange every detail of
your trip--whether you are traveling by plane, ship, rail or auto. They
are ready to assist you in the selection of a vacation destination and
will make a recommendation tailored to your individual interests and
budget. AAA members qualify for the best rates and benefits and re-
ceive select travel discounts and special exclusive benefits on air, cruise,
tour and car rental products from AAA’s preferred travel partners.
   To learn more, visit us at, visit your local AAA Travel Center
or call us. Our Travel Service Phone Center is available for travel assis-
tance 7 days a week 8 a.m. to midnight.

               Special Member Benefits
   AAA’s exclusive relationship with preferred cruise, car and tour sup-
pliers provide value-added features for AAA Travel Agency clients.
  Cruise:                                Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  Azamara Cruises                        Worldwide
  Carnival Cruise Lines                      aloft element Four Points
  Celebrity Cruises                          Le Meridien Sheraton
  Cruise West                                St. Regis The Luxury Collection
  Crystal Cruises                            Westin W Hotels
  Cunard Line
  Disney Cruise Lines                    Tour Packages:
  Holland America Line                   AAA Member Choice Vacations
  Princess Cruises                       Adventures by Disney
  Regent Seven Seas Cruises              ATI
  Royal Caribbean International          Avanti Destinations/DER
  Uniworld River Cruises                 Canada a la Carte
                                         Contiki Holidays
  Hotels:                                General Tours
  Best Western International             Grand Canyon Railway
  The Hilton Family                      Insight Vacations
      Embassy Suites DoubleTree          Pleasant Holidays
      Conrad Hampton Hilton              Rail Europe
      Garden Inn Homewood Suites         Tauck World Discovery
      Waldorf-Astoria Collection         Trafalgar Tours
  Hyatt Hotels & Resorts                 Travel Bound
      Andaz Grand Hyatt                  Travel Impressions
      Hyatt Place Hyatt Regency          Universal Parks & Resorts vacations
      Hyatt Summerfield Suites            Walt Disney Travel Co.
      Park Hyatt
  La Quinta Inns & Suites                Car Rental:
  Marriott Hotels & Resorts              Hertz
      Courtyard Fairfield Inn
      Marriott Renaissance Hotels &      Travel Services:
      Resorts Residence Inn              Travisa Passport & Visa Service
      Springhill Suites
      Towne Place Suites

               Cruise the World with AAA
   We have preferred partnerships with most cruise lines. With AAA
Travel you can arrange cruises through the Inside Passage to Alaska,
through the Panama Canal, on the Rhine and the Danube, in the Carib-
bean, the North Cape or the Mediterranean--even a 90-day around-
the-world extravaganza. The possibilities are nearly endless. So, too,
are the savings on selected sailings. Visit or call a AAA Travel
Consultant for information.

          Digital Passport Photo Services
   This service is available at all AAA Travel Centers. There is a dis-
counted member cost for two color photographs. These photos may
also be used for your International Driving Permits.

           Foreign Maps and Tour Guides
   Informative AAA foreign tour guides and maps make
your travel abroad more enjoyable. There are free AAA
guides for the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico and
Central America. European maps are also free for AAA
members. Europe TravelBook® and City guides are of-
fered to members at reduced rates.

                       AAA Group Travel
   Our AAA Specialty Group Travel Department creates memorable va-
cations, motorcoach tours, and cruises with you in mind. The staff’s
experience takes the confusion out of traveling and provides the ease
found in the shared travel experience. Enjoy holiday shopping in Man-
hattan, cruise along the Danube River or through the majestic glaciers
of Alaska, watch the Presidential Inauguration, Kentucky Derby, NA-
SCAR race, or The Masters Tournament or take in a baseball game with
stop in Cooperstown, we have a trip to suit even the most discerning
traveler. Call for a complete list of this year’s custom departures or visit
us at If you are thinking of travel for a school group, family
reunion, or with your friends and neighbors, let the AAA Group Travel
experts handle all the travel planning. We customize your tour with
you in mind and create memories that will last a lifetime….sit back,
relax and allow us to create your next adventure.

              Business Travel Services
   AAA offers custom designed business travel solutions for small and
large businesses. AAA Business Travel can design a Travel Manage-
ment program that is based on your organization’s unique needs.
What makes AAA Business Travel Services unique is its ability to pro-
vide companies with benefits such as lower airfares, a loyalty program,
passport photos, foreign currency, international driving permits and a
vast array of corporate membership discounts. To learn more, visit us
at or call us at 1-800-937-1222.

            Trip Cancellation Insurance
   Travel at ease anywhere in the world with low-cost trip cancellation
and baggage insurance. Call AAA Travel and ask to speak with a AAA
Travel Consultant or visit for more information.

        International and Inter-American
                 Driving Permit
   AAA is one of only two authorized sources in the United States
for International and Inter-American Driving Permits (IDPs). These are
internationally accepted documents that quickly identify you to foreign
officials and expedite all matters pertaining to driving while you are
overseas. They also serve as an additional form of identification.
  ✓ Available at all AAA Travel Centers.
  ✓ Member cost: $15.
  ✓ Two passport photos are needed, which are available at all AAA
    Travel Centers.
  ✓ Must be 18 years or older and have a valid U.S. driver’s license to
    be eligible.

   Click on for all your
travel, insurance, financial and au-
tomotive-related services.
offers a wide selection of travel
advice, as well as deals on lodging,
car rentals, cruises, and vacation
packages and other travel news
and information. In addition, as a
member you can check out a com-
prehensive list of AAA member
savings programs on our Show
Your Card & Save® link.

                Self Serve on
  ✓ Emergency Road Service - submit your road service request
  ✓ Automotive needs - Get all your automotive advice online
  ✓ Insurance - Get a no-obligation insurance quote online
  ✓ Financial Services - Sign up for one of AAA’s Visa® cards and
    start earning World Points
  ✓ Membership options - Manage your account online, sign-up
    for auto renew online
  ✓ AAA Driver Programs - Point and insurance reduction, 5-hour
    pre-licensing classes and more
  ✓ Fuel Price Finder - Up to the minute gas prices in your area

  Do it yourself TripTik® online at
    In addition to TripTik® routings that can be requested through our
offices, the TripTik® travel planner on offers you another way
to get maps or plan an entire trip — wherever and whenever.
    We’ve used AAA’s premier mapping technology and travel informa-
tion to provide the best online travel planner. Whether you need local
maps, turn-by-turn directions, or a complete vacation, start with a quick
trip to the TripTik® travel planner. This online travel planner
also features the exclusive ”Modify Route” tool that allows you to
customize your route to fit your specific preferences. Access more than
400,000 listings for lodgings, restaurants, attractions, events, repair
stations, and member discounts.


   AAA membership is an excellent value. The name you know and
trust now provides protection from the driveway to the highway with
AAA Auto and Homeowners Insurance. With flexible payment plans
and affordable, comprehensive coverage, AAA can design a policy to
best suit your needs.
   AAA is confident that we have competitive, quality auto and home
insurance coverage to provide our members. The insurance company
has been rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best, the financial watchdog for
the insurance industry.

          AAA Members Save Even More!
Here are just a few reasons to get your no-obligation quote today:

  ✓ Purchase auto and home coverage from a name you
    trust. You can rest easy knowing your most valuable assets are
    covered by AAA, a company that has been around for more than
    100 years.

   ✓ Simplify with one provider. Instead of keeping track of several
     companies and phone numbers, you have just one company to
     contact for all your insurance claims and renewal questions.

   ✓ Save money with exclusive discounts. Insure with AAA
     and you can save up to 5 percent off your auto insurance and up
     to 10 percent off your home and auto insurance. Plus, as a AAA
     Member, you will save even more and may qualify for additional

   ✓ Customize your policy to meet your individual needs.
     AAA Members Insurance offers policies and optional endorse-
     ments that make it easy to customize both your home and auto
     insurance policies. Chances are, if you have something to protect,
     we can help.

   ✓ Add an umbrella policy with competitive rates. In today’s
     litigation-filled society, you don’t have to be wealthy to need
     more protection than your existing auto and homeowners poli-
     cies provide. In fact, if you want to protect your assets, extra cov-
     erage is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Ask your agent about
     our competitive excess liability (umbrella) coverage rates.

   ✓ Get fast, efficient, and fair claims settlements. Dedicated
     claims representatives are available 24/7—you’re guaranteed
     that courteous and helpful service is never more than a phone
     call away. With our years of experience, AAA is well-equipped to
     respond quickly to whatever comes your way.

  Don’t Miss Out On Savings! Get a no-obligation quote by visiting
one of our licensed insurance representatives at your local AAA Travel
and Insurance Center. Visit for a complete listing of agents in
your area.

Insurance is provided through AAA Members Insurance Agency Inc, an indepen-
dent insurance agent licensed by the State of New York. Insurance is provided
by ACA Insurance Company, Irvine, California.


                  AAA/Visa® Credit Card
                   AAA Visa® with Worldpoints
Everyday purchases add up to big rewards with the AAA Visa® card
with Worldpoints. For every dollar spent you will earn one point re-
deemable for cash, travel, merchandise, gift cards, and more on every-
day purchases you make at the grocery store, mall, or gas station.

                    AAA Visa® Gift Cards
   AAA Visa® Gift Cards are available for instant issue at AAA Travel
Centers. It’s the perfect gift for that “hard to buy” person on your list.
They can be loaded with any amount from $10 to $750 and can be
used just like a credit card at over 14 million Visa® merchants world-
wide and are a safe and secure way to complete online Internet shop-

                     AAA Travel Money
   Let AAA help you determine the right type of travel money for your
next trip. Choose from fee-free American Express Travelers Cheques,
available in U.S. and Canadian denominations; AAA/Visa® Travel Mon-
ey Card, which can be used to withdraw cash at any of the 785,000
Visa® ATMs worldwide in the currency of the country you are visiting;
or foreign currency available in over 100 different currencies.
   The AAA/Visa® Travel Money card is accepted at your favorite restau-
rants and enables you to shop, take in a show, a tour, a museum or spa
treatment. And you can use it to get cash in local currency. Consider it
the card that takes you out and keeps your travel budget in line.
   For your convenience, AAA Travel Centers offer pre-packaged Cash
Pax® in select foreign currencies for last minute currency exchange. Be
prepared for any payment situation by filling your travel wallet with
one or more of these AAA Travel Money products, available at a AAA
Travel Center. For your convenience, you may also purchase these items
online at or by calling 1-866-339-3378 for delivery to your

                     Vehicle Financing
   Your AAA Club offers you the perfect “Auto Buying Solution.” AAA
offers members the “Ultimate Auto Superstore,” providing you with
access to new and used dealer inventories and a preferred dealer net-
work; “Financing that Works for You,” offering multiple lenders with
preferred percentage rates for either financing your new or used ve-
hicle or refinancing your current vehicle; and “The Elimination of Costly
Repairs” by providing multiple Extended Warranty options, for vehicles
up to nine years old with less than 100,000 miles. Call for your “Auto
Buying Solution” today at 1-800-257-1AAA or visit

              Member Deposit Program
   Members now have the opportunity to open Certificate of Deposit,
IRA, Money Market and checking accounts through Discover Bank.
Discover’s bank program offers members competitive “AAA member-
only rates” on their deposits with low minimum balance requirements,
convenience and superior customer service. To open an account or to
get more information, call 1-888-204-8990 and mention priority code
JA05V or visit

    Savings & Benefits

                Show Your Card & Save®
   AAA members can save 10-50% through exclusive discounts and
offers at local and national businesses in the travel, entertainment, re-
tail and service industries – just by presenting their membership card!
Save money on everything from hotel reservations to car rentals, from
eyeglasses to theme park admissions and from truck rentals to online
books and gifts. Look for the Show Your Card & Save® logo at partici-
pating business at home or on the road.

   See below and on the following page for a few samples of the
many places you can save every day – including our newest partner:
Dunkin’ Donuts, where you can save 10% on every purchase (except
gift cards).

  Call our Member Service Center at 1-800-836-2582 or visit us at for a complete listing of participating businesses.

     Savings & Benefits
  AAA members saved over $1.6 billion last year through the Show
Your Card & Save® program.


    Savings & Benefits
                 AAA Pharmacy Benefit
   AAA offers an easy solution for prescription drug costs with the AAA
Prescription Savings program. Choosing the right plan is important, to
help you make an informed decision, here are answers to some of the
questions AAA members are asking. This program is free with your
AAA membership. Members do not have to meet a deductible or pay a
co-pay to receive the benefit. You simply present your AAA Prescription
Savings card at a participant pharmacy to receive a discount on your
   Access benefit information and pharmacy locations by clicking or calling 1-866-AAA-SAVE (1-866-222-7283).

               Movie, Car Wash and
             Amusement Park Discounts
   The Club sells discounted cinema passes to AMC, Regal, Dipson and
more; discounted car wash and car detailing tickets from Delta Sonic
are available in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse metropolitan offices,
as well as other local car washes. Local and nationwide amusement
park tickets, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Busch
Entertainment Group properties are available at a discount to mem-
bers. Visit or call the nearest Travel and Insurance Center for
prices and further information. Select tickets also available online at Tickets can be ordered by phone or mail by using AAA/Visa®,
MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. A shipping and handling
fee will be added to mail orders.

                          Travel Store
   Located in each of our AAA Travel and Insurance Centers, the Travel
Stores offer new, exciting, innovative and affordable merchandise for
whatever trip you are planning. Luggage travel accessories, car orga-
nizers, converters and much more! Digital passport photo service also

     $5,000 Bail Bond/ $1,000 Arrest Bond
   In the event of your arrest or detention anywhere in the United
States by reason of any violation of a motor vehicle law, except viola-
tion of national or state prohibition or narcotic acts, your membership
will provide a bail bond in any amount not exceeding $1,000. To get
bail, call the nearest AAA Club.
   In most jurisdictions, where the amount of bail is $500 or less, your
membership card will be accepted in lieu of an executed bond. Your

     Savings & Benefits
Club will redeem your card by paying the set bail and will expect remit-
tance of the bail amount before returning the card to you.
   This benefit is not available under the following circumstances:
violations involving driving while under the influence of intoxicating
liquors, drugs or narcotics; failure to appear for violations; driving on
a suspended/revoked driver’s license; hit and run; failure to present
evidence of insurance; illegal use or falsification of license or registra-
tion; engaging in a felony; attempting to elude/eluding police; or while
driving a vehicle used for commercial purposes.

                     Anti-Theft Reward
   Your Club pays a $500 reward for civilian information leading to the
arrest and conviction of anyone anywhere stealing a member’s car. This
protection discourages professional thieves from stealing a member’s car.

                       Hit-Run Reward
   The Club offers a $500 reward for civilian information leading to the
arrest and conviction of hit-run drivers in cases where personal injury
or death is involved. This is one more effort the Club makes to promote
safety on streets and highways.

                      AAA Going Places
   You’ll receive six issues annually. This colorful, informative magazine
covers automotive and travel-related subjects, member benefits and
issues that could affect you as a motorist and traveler.

          Public Affairs and Travel Safety
     Advocating Safety and Responsible Mobility
   AAA represents the interests of motorists and travelers in transpor-
tation, safety, environmental and tourism issues at local, state and fed-
eral levels.
   As the “traveler’s champion,” AAA’s public service efforts have long
been aimed at improving safety for the motoring public. This is evident
in the programs your Club sponsors:
  ✓ School Safety Patrol Program
  ✓ Community Traffic Safety Program
  ✓ School’s Open - Drive Carefully
  ✓ Speakers Bureau
  ✓ Brochure and Video/DVD Library

    Savings & Benefits
   AAA also sponsors programs that encourage high school students
to continue their education in automotive technology and travel &
tourism related fields. The Ford/AAA Auto Skills Competition and the
AAA Travel High School Challenge afford students the opportunity to
win scholarship funds as well.
   The association fights unfair taxes on travelers, constantly lobbies
to close loopholes in safety laws, leads efforts to improve traffic safety,
and continues to support nationwide campaigns to address safety is-
sues specific to teen and senior drivers.
   AAA aims to improve teen driver safety by raising awareness of the
severity of the problem, bolstering driver education and training, and
improving the licensing process.
AAA’s “Lifelong Safe Mobility” campaign is designed to help seniors
stay mobile for as long as safely possible, focusing on driver-screening
tools, vehicle safety improvements, alternative transportation options,
and senior friendly road design. In addition, through its Driver Programs,
the Club offers practical advice and guidance to drivers of all ages.

   AAA believes the right to travel carries with it the responsibility to
use natural resources wisely to help preserve and enhance the environ-
ment for the enjoyment of present and future generations. Decades
ago, AAA was among the first organizations to encourage motorists to
properly dispose of used motor oil, tires and batteries and to maintain
ignition systems to reduce emissions and save fuel.
   Today, AAA supports high-profile public events like National Car
Care Month and the AAA Great Battery Roundup® to help educate
consumers on the importance of driving a well-maintained vehicle and
how to properly dispose of used vehicle parts, such as batteries.
   AAA is also advocating for national energy and transportation
funding policies to ensure that individual mobility is protected and
sustained. AAA’s safety and advocacy efforts are highlighted on AAA
Exchange, a dedicated public affairs website (

                       Driver Programs
AAA’s Driver Improvement Program
   A six-hour defensive driving course for all licensed drivers who wish
to not only refresh their driving skills, but receive a 10 percent insur-
ance discount on collision, liability and no-fault for the principal driver
and reduce the total on their New York State driving record by up to
four points.
5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course
   The five-hour course provides new drivers basic information on
“rules of the road,” safe driving principles, defensive driving skills and
other factors affecting drivers as they prepare to become licensed driv-

     Savings & Benefits
ers. Completion provides students with the MV-278 certificate, which
is the necessary minimal requirement in New York State to schedule a
road test.
AAA Driving Academy
   To assist parents in the process of developing and teaching their
new teen drivers, AAA Driving Academy offers interactive classroom in-
struction with behind-the-wheel training and adult supervised practice.
AAA Driving Academy provides new drivers with a new and exciting
way to learn to drive safely, and can tailor a driver training package to
suit your needs. Special AAA member pricing is available.
   For a complete listing of dates, times, and locations of all avail-
able Driver Programs, visit us online at or call
Driving Programs for Seniors
   AAA offers a variety of options to Senior drivers including classroom,
in-car and computer based courses to teach safer driving skills and to
help you drive longer.
Driving Courses Offered by AAA
   Register for any of the programs listed below by calling (800) 836-
CLUB or visit
Mature Operator Course: This program is modeled after the AAA Defen-
sive Driving Course and includes special variations for mature drivers.

If you take a state-approved defensive driving course, you’ll benefit

the collision and liability portions of your insurance

In-Car Evaluations: If you’re unsure of your ability to perform tasks
required for driving, AAA has certified driving instructors to assist you
in evaluating and monitoring your driving skills. AAA driving experts
are available to help you in making responsible choices that protect
you and others on the road

                 Privacy Notice
                                    Privacy Notice
    YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US: The foundation of a business is based on trust; AAA
Western and Central New York (AAA WCNY) realizes that. To maintain that trust, AAA WCNY is com-
mitted to maintaining the privacy of its members’ Non public Personal Information (“NPI” or “Member
Information”). AAA WCNY would like to take this opportunity to inform you of how we are committed to
protecting your member information.
    PRIVACY COMPLIANCE: Recent federal legislation requires that all financial institutions provide
customers with a statement outlining the policies and practices related to the sharing of NPI. At AAA
WCNY, we have always been committed to protecting your privacy and are providing this notice to you to
demonstrate our commitment to you. If you decide to terminate your relationship with AAA WCNY or your
membership lapses, we will continue to abide by the practices described in this notice and any amend-
ments to this notice.
    WHY WE COLLECT INFORMATION: AAA WCNY collects information about you in order to protect
your membership from unauthorized access, to better understand your needs as a member, to improve
and develop new products, provide services that may be of value and to inform you of special promotions,
services and benefits. We also collect information necessary to administer your account and to process
services associated with your membership. We maintain this information to provide the highest possible
quality of service.
    INFORMATION WE COLLECT: We collect member information about you on applications or other
forms we receive from you, information about your transactions with us or others, information we receive
from consumer reporting agencies, from other companies we work with, from companies providing mar-
keting and demographic information and information obtained to protect against insurance fraud and
identity theft.
    HOW WE KEEP INFORMATION SECURE: Your member information is only available to authorized
individuals responsible for providing AAA WCNY products and services. We maintain physical, electronic
and procedural safeguards that comply with legal requirements to protect member information.
    INFORMATION WE MAY DISCLOSE: We may disclose the following kinds of NPI about you:
       Information we receive from you on applications or other forms, such as your name and address;
       Information about your transactions with us or others--such as your account balance, payment his-
       tory, parties to transactions and credit card usage; and
       Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency, from other companies we work with and
       from providers of marketing and demographic information, such as your purchasing preferences.
    WHO WE DISCLOSE INFORMATION TO: We may disclose member information about you to the
       Financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements or who provide marketing
       services on our behalf; and
       Financial service providers, such as banks and insurance companies.
     “Affiliate” means any company that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with AAA
     “Financial Institution” means any institution the business of which is engaged in financial activities
as described in section 4(k) of the Bank Holding Company Act.
     “Non public Personal Information” means personally identifiable financial information about an
individual provided to a financial institution in order to obtain a financial product or service.
     “Nonaffiliated Third Party” means any person except an affiliate of a financial institution or a joint
employee of a financial institution and a third party.
     Opt-out: If you prefer AAA WCNY not disclose your member information to nonaffiliated third par-
ties (except as permitted or required by law) you may exercise your right to opt out of such disclosure by
filling out the form below and mailing it to us. By opting out you will be precluded from receiving notice of
special promotions offered through AAA WCNY which may benefit you. We may still include notices and
information about other products and services when communicating with you about your account and
related products and services. You will also still receive the AAA Going Places magazine six times per year.
Opting out will not prevent you from receiving solicitations from other companies obtaining information
about you from other sources.

                        PRIVACY NOTICE OPT OUT
                          PLEASE MAIL TO:
         AAA Western and Central New York Attention: Privacy
       Post Office Box 9006 Williamsville, New York 14231-9006
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Membership #: ________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

City:________________________________________ State:_____________ Zip Code: _____________________

Signed: _____________________________________________________________________________________

   WESTERN AMHERST Drive 716-633-9860
           100 International
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                           1737 Sheridan Drive 716-873-0111
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                           Wegmans Plaza, 1595 Military Road
                           ORCHARD PARK
                           Quaker Crossing, 3475 Amelia Drive

ROCHESTER                  GREECE
                           3160 West Ridge Road, Lowe’s Plaza
                           2156 Penfield Road 585-377-8500
                           3240 Monroe Avenue 585-249-1390

    CENTRAL                CAMILLUS
                           5103 West Genesee Street 315-487-2700
                           5663 East Circle Drive, Suite 300 315-452-3282
                           13 Clinton Avenue 607-753-8283
                           3460 Erie Blvd. East 315-446-3134
                           1284 Dryden Road 607-257-2515
                           LIVERPOOL (INSURANCE ONLY)
                           7485 Henry Clay Blvd. 315-451-1115
                           19482 US Route 11 315-788-5250

T H E R E ’ S M O R E TO M E M B E R S H I P.
1- 800 - 8 3 6 - C L U B                                   AAA. C OM