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									    M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

        W            elcome to the
            land of Make-A-Wish.
            Where a child’s joyful
            dream becomes a reality.
            And a heartf wish
            really does come true!

        391 Wishes Came True in Fiscal Year 2007

A   N   N   U   A   L       R     E   P   O   R   T      F   Y      2   0   0   7
    M A K E - A - W I S H        F O U N D A T I O N®    O F    M I C H I G A N

     Make-A-Wish Foundation
    grants the wishes ofchildren
    with life-threatening medical
       conditions to enrich the
         human experience
     with hope, strength and joy.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Michigan is committed to bringing joy to children

and families in need with people who want to help through our exceptional wish-

granting process, striving to be the charity that gives the most value to each donor’s

contribution. Our hope is that every eligible child facing a life-threatening medical

condition in the state of Michigan will receive a wish that is unparalleled. In 2007

through the generous commitment of our donors, 391 wishes came true for our

courageous wish children.

A   N   N   U    A   L       R     E   P   O   R    T       F   Y       2    0    0   7
              M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

2007 Volunteer Board of Directors
   Chairman of the Board                 Joe Berwanger                         David Johnson
     James Fahner, M.D.               Regional VP - Michigan                  President and CEO
  Chief, Division of Pediatric          Comcast Spotlight                   Imperial Company, Inc.
    Hematology-Oncology                  Bloomfield Hills                      Mount Pleasant
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
         Grand Rapids                Valerie Castle, M.D.                    Chip Perschbacher
                                     Professor and Chair,                      Vice President
         Vice-Chair               Department of Pediatrics and              Greenridge Realty, Inc.
      Don Hamilton                 Communicable Diseases                        Grand Rapids
          President                  University of Michigan
   Hamilton Chevrolet, Inc.             Health System                       Timothy Slottow
           Warren                         Ann Arbor                     Executive Vice President &
                                                                          Chief Financial Officer
         Secretary                      Lou Ann Gaydou                  The University of Michigan
      Shirlee Bobryk                   Community Volunteer                      Ann Arbor
          Attorney                    Rockford/Grand Rapids
      White, Schneider,                                                          Ex Officio
    Young & Chiodini, PC                    Susan Graham                        Susan Lerch
          Okemos                          Community Volunteer                 President & CEO
                                            West Bloomfield                Make-A-Wish Foundation
          Treasurer                                                              of Michigan
       F. Scott Miller                                                            Ann Arbor
      Managing Director
        UHY Advisors
       Sterling Heights

                         Mission Statement
 Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich
                 the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.

        A   N    N   U    A   L       R     E   P   O   R   T      F   Y        2   0    0   7
              M A K E - A - W I S H        F O U N D A T I O N®   O F    M I C H I G A N

                                 Dear Friends,
    It is our pleasure to present the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan’s 2007 Annual Report,

detailing information about our valuable services and the courageous children we serve.

    The generous assistance the Foundation receives from individuals, corporations, and volunteers

makes a tremendous difference in the lives of hundreds of children across the state of Michigan each

year. In the midst of health challenges, 391 medically eligible children have received the gift of a wish

come true with more than 430 additional wishes expected to come true within the next 12 months.

    Our heartfelt thanks to all those who support our mission and the hopes and dreams of the

special children we serve. From the contributed hours of time and talents of our dedicated volunteers
to the financial and in-kind support of caring and compassionate donors, together we Bring Joy to

children while making magical wishes come true and share the support of our Michigan community

with families in need.

                             With our deepest appreciation and best wishes,

                         Dr. James Fahner                Susan Fenters Lerch
                         Chairman of the Board           President & CEO

        A   N    N    U     A   L      R     E   P   O    R   T      F    Y       2   0    0   7
                        M A K E - A - W I S H           F O U N D A T I O N®        O F     M I C H I G A N

                           How Wishes Come True
The magic of a wish begins when a child is referred to Make-A-Wish by a parent or guardian, healthcare professional, or

the child him/herself. After making sure the child is medically eligible for our services, Make-A-Wish volunteers meet with

the child and their family. It is then that they are asked the ever important question, “If you could have just one wish, what

would it be?” With much excitement and creativity, the child imagines what their heart desires most and a wish is born!

Every aspect of that wish is explored to create the most magical and unique wish experience possible. No matter what

the type of wish, each is a dream come true and a special experience the child will cherish forever. Most of our wishes

fall into one of four categories.

I wish to go...                     I wish to have...                  I wish to be...                   I wish to meet...
Whether it’s sandy beaches,         Sometimes it only takes            This type of wish truly allows    What     could   be    more

snow-covered mountains,             the possibility of something       the child to use his or her       exciting than the chance to

or a trip to the happiest           new to make a wish kid             imagination. In fact, the         meet your favorite celebrity,

place on Earth, these special       smile. These wishes can            Make-A-Wish Foundation®           athlete or other inspiring

travel wishes are always a          be for nearly anything a           of America was first estab-       person. When these types

hit with our wish kids – pro-       child can dream up. From           lished because of one child’s     of wishes take place, they

viding the opportunity to           a new computer, a shop-            wish to be a police officer       are truly magical and once-

escape to almost any-               ping adventure, or even a          for a day. Other wishes of        in-a-lifetime opportunities.

where their hearts’ desire.         cute little puppy, these           this type have included

                                    wishes are always filled           wishes to be a cowboy, a

                                    with excitement and joy!           princess, and a firefighter. If

                                                                       they can dream it, we can

                                                                       do it!

                   A   N    N       U   A   L       R     E    P   O      R     T       F   Y        2   0    0   7
    M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®     O F    M I C H I G A N

                        Iwish to go...
                                                        When 17-year-old Mason from
                                                      Comstock Park was asked the ever
                                                      important question…if you could
                                                      have one wish what would it
                                                      be….his mind began working over-
                                                      time! After careful consideration
                                                      and weighing all the options, Mason
                                                      decided on his perfect wish.
                                                      Because of frequent trips in and out
                                                      of hospitals due to seizures, a
                                                      result of his diagnoses of epilepsy
                                                      and diabetes, Mason chose to
                                                      simply relax with his family in the
                                                      warm San Diego sun!
                                                        Along with his family, Mason
                                                      received a VIP tour of the San
                                                      Diego Zoo, visited Knotts Berry
                                                      Farm, and enjoyed a memorable
                                                      day at Sea World, where he and his
                                                      brother were splashed by Shamu!
                                                      Another fun highlight for the family
                                                      was a day at Mission Beach where
                                                      everyone enjoyed the warm sun
                                                      and hours of fun in the ocean.
                                                      Mason’s mom said, “The kids loved
                                                      playing in the sand. They were
                                                      covered from head to toe! It was
                                                      truly a trip of a lifetime for our family
                                                      and it came when we really needed
                                                      a break from our everyday struggles!
                                                      Mason just needed to be 17-year-
                                                      old Mason.”

A   N   N   U   A   L       R     E   P   O   R   T         F    Y        2    0    0    7
         M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®    O F    M I C H I G A N

                         Iwish to have...

  What young boy wouldn’t love his very own custom-built tree fort? It is a place where the

imagination comes alive and a child’s spirit is sparked and fun begins. Diagnosed with

Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, Alan of Brighton was faced with many hours of doctors’

visits and hospital stays. When presented with the opportunity to have a special wish,

Alan spent hours in the hospital dreaming and planning his perfect tree fort, while focusing

on the fun days ahead. Mom said, “Alan was able to see how everyone around him loved him

enough to build his “wish.” While Alan was in the hospital we were able to think and plan

about his tree house and keep his mind off how sick he was.”

  Alan spent hours upon hours drawing a sketch of his idea, which included a log-style

house, doors and windows. The builders did their best to match those ideas log by log. Alan,

who is the Foundation’s 5,000 wish kid, is thrilled with his special fort, where he enjoys

playing with his siblings and friends while focusing on the fun of being a kid and not the

trials of being diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

   A   N    N    U   A    L      R     E   P   O   R    T       F      Y   2   0      0   7
         M A K E - A - W I S H        F O U N D A T I O N®   O F    M I C H I G A N

                         Iwish to meet...

  Despite the fact that 4-year-old Heather could no longer vocalize her dreams due to a

neurological disorder, it was evident that her wish was to travel to magical Walt Disney World®

Resort where she would meet all the princesses and characters during an entire week of

FUN! Heather was certainly eager to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as many other

Disney characters and she had no idea what the park had in store for her!

  According to her mom, “We relaxed and enjoyed every moment. Heather had such a great

time. She enjoyed her wish very, very much. She was all smiles. They spoiled her rotten, she

loved all the attention. It was a beautiful thing to see her smile so much and watch the whole

family’s joy and excitement with all the great things we were able to see and do. We also

enjoyed just being a family having a stress-free time. I could have never done this for her.

I thank you so much for giving her such a wonderful experience.”

   A    N   N    U   A    L       R     E   P   O   R   T       F   Y        2   0    0   7
         M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®     O F    M I C H I G A N

                              Iwish to be...
                                                            …..involved and make a difference
                                                            in the lives of others, was the wish
                                                            of one outstanding Michigan teen.
                                                            When presented with the opportunity
                                                            of a lifetime 17-year-old Monica
                                                            from Novi decided to give back and
                                                            make a positive impact in the lives
                                                            of those less fortunate.
                                                                Monica, who battles a brain
                                                            tumor, decided that her special
                                                            wish would be to travel to beautiful
                                                            Puerto Rico in June 2007, not to
                                                            enjoy relaxing days of sun and fun,
                                                            but to spend a week volunteering
                                                            at a local orphanage – Hogar Ninito
                                                            Jesus. Not only did Monica donate
                                                            her time but she was determined to
                                                            collect money for the many neces-
                                                            sary items needed for the orphanage
                                                            from a washer and dryer to basic
                                                            clothing and toiletries. Thanks to
                                                            the generous Novi community,
                                                            Monica was able to present a
                                                            check in the amount of $2,500
                                                            to the orphanage as well as 100
                                                            Beanie Babies who became special
                                                            new friends for the several children
                                                            that stay there.
  Monica said, “This experience helped me realize how much people are willing to help one
another. I wanted to help, and then everyone wanted to help. It was really a pay-it-forward
movement. Make-A-Wish was amazing, the volunteers and staff…really anyone that was
involved in my wish!! They brought so much joy and light into my life during a really dark time
when I was facing a difficult and scary medical crisis. My experience was awesome and
I can’t thank Make-A-Wish enough.”

   A   N    N    U   A    L      R     E   P   O    R   T        F    Y        2   0   0   7
                          M A K E - A - W I S H            F O U N D A T I O N®        O F    M I C H I G A N

                      What Our Kids Wished For!
             Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan fulfilled 391 very special wishes in Fiscal Year 2007.
   With the opportunity to “dream big,” our wish kids chose their hearts’ delights for their favorite wish adventures!

Total wishes granted                                                                  Total wishes granted
since 1984                                                                            in 2007: 391
                                                                                      Children Served by Age:
  2007 - 391                                                                          3-5 years: 82
                                                                                      6-9 years: 108
  2006 - 341
                                                                                      10-12 years: 66
  2005 - 397
  2004 - 374
                      Wishes granted in 2007                                          13-15 years: 56
                                                                                      16-18 years: 67
  2003 - 394          Electronics                     Disney Land: 2                  Other: 11
  2002 - 356          (big screen tv,
  2001 - 381          stereos,                                                        Average wish child age:
                                        Other:        Celebrity:
                      etc.): 34                                                       12 years old
  2000 - 332                            (playhouses,   18
  1999 - 274                            ATV’s, above-
                                        ground pools,                                 Gender:
  1998 - 234                            etc.): 44                                     Male: 214
  1997 - 231
                                                                                      Female: 177
  1996 - 206
  1995 - 180
  1994 - 185                                                 Walt Disney World®       Disease Diagnoses
  1993 - 172            Other Travel: 83                        Resort: 156
                                                                                      Some of the more common life-threatening
  1992 - 153
  1991 - 147                                                                          medical conditions Make-A-Wish children battle
                                                      Computer Systems: 7
  1990 - 121                                                                          include Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Brain
  1989 - 103                        Shopping                                          Tumors, Wilms' Tumors, Osteosarcoma, Rhab-
  1988 - 85                         47                                                domyosarcoma, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, End
  1987 - 62                                                                           Stage Renal disease, Sickle Cell disease,
  1986 - 42
                                                                                      Cerebral Palsy with complications, Duchenne
  1985 - 25
  1984 - 15                                                                           Muscular Dystrophy, and Cystic Fibrosis.

Special thanks to the following care providers for their treatment of and compassion for our wish children.
The Foundation appreciates our referral sources, including hospitals and many private practitioners, for informing
families about our services and helping to make wishes come true. Special thanks to the following top referral sources:

               U of M / Mott Children’s Hospital (Ann Arbor) • DeVos Children’s Hospital (Grand Rapids)
                  Children’s Hospital of Michigan (Detroit) • William Beaumont Hospital (Royal Oak)
                        Sparrow Hospital (Lansing) • Children’s Hospital at Bronson (Kalamazoo)

                  A     N     N     U      A   L       R     E     P   O    R     T       F   Y      2   0      0   7
                            M A K E - A - W I S H            F O U N D A T I O N®             O F    M I C H I G A N

                               Wish Satisfaction Survey
                                                                     Sept - Nov   Dec - Feb     March - May   June - Aug    Total   Score
Question                                                                                                                            Average

1. The availability and contact of office staff relating to my
  child's wish was reasonable and supportive.                        4.90         4.82          5.00          4.93          4.91

2. The Information relating to my child's wish was                   4.82         4.82          4.59          4.93          4.79
  accurate and timely.

3. The timeliness and coordination of my child's wish                4.82         4.82          4.91          4.93          4.87
  met my expectations.

4. My child's wish volunteers were courteous,                        4.90         5.00          5.00          5.00          4.98
  friendly and sincere.

5. The information we received from the volunteers                   4.85         4.89          5.00          4.85          4.90
  was accurate and timely.

6. My family was pleased with their involvement                      4.92         4.89          4.95          4.85          4.90
  in the planning of the wish.

7. The arrangements for the wish were well thought out
  and implemented(e.g. transportation, accommodations, 4.92                       4.92          4.95          4.95          4.94
  special needs.)

8. My family understood the wish itinerary and
  activities and felt comfortable with what was                      4.95         4.78          4.95          4.96          4.91
  happening as the wish unfolded.

9. My family's needs were properly met
  (e.g. accommodations, meals, fuel, souvenirs.)                     4.90         4.93          4.90          4.96          4.92

10.My child's experience of the wish met                             4.85         4.89          4.90          4.96          4.90
  his/her expectations.

Total Average Per Quarter                                            4.40         4.39          4.42          4.44          49.02   4.90
Total Number Of Wishes Granted Per Quarter                           103          70            94            124           391
Total Number Of Suverys Returned                                     40           28            22            29            119

Wish Family                               Evaluation Results
This summary reflects completed evaluation forms from wish families for wishes taking place between September 2006 and
August 2007. Evaluation forms are sent to each wish family one month after their wish has been completed. Questions were
answered on a rating scale between 1 – 5 with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Out of 391 surveys that were
sent to Michigan wish families, 119 evaluations were completed for fiscal year 2007 with an overall satisfaction rating of
4.9 out of 5.

                     A    N      N   U     A    L        R       E        P   O   R      T      F      Y      2     0   0   7
       M A K E - A - W I S H         F O U N D A T I O N®      O F     M I C H I G A N

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan
        Income Statement
                                     August 31, 2007


                                               Management & General: 3.4%
               Fundraising: 14.7%

                                                    Program Services: 81.9%

                         Public Support and Revenue
                        Planned Giving & Memorials: 3.2%
                                                                      Foundations, Grants, Interest,
                                                                      Investment Income: 10.6%

                    Contributions (Direct &
                    indirect Public Support,          Special Events: 39.8%
                    Corp Gifts): 46.4%

   A   N   N    U   A    L       R     E   P    O     R   T       F     Y       2    0   0   7
                        M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®    O F    M I C H I G A N

                                         Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan

                                 STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION
                                                     August 31, 2007

                                                                                  2007                         2006
Cash and cash equivalents                                                 $1,046,726                      $735,926
Investments                                                                2,623,060                      2,268,874
Unconditional promises to give                                              595,001                        573,060
Due from other chapters                                                       4,963                            2,092
Due from National Organization                                              230,760                        143,530
Product inventories                                                          12,221                           13,049
Prepaid expenses                                                             50,546                           13,240
Office furniture and equipment, net                                         101,322                           67,217
Long-term investment for permanent endowment                                104,224                        104,224

         Total Assets                                                     $4,768,823                     $3,921,212

Accounts payable and accrued expenses                                       430,687                        252,006
Accrued pending wish costs                                                  603,396                        791,607
         Total Liabilities                                                 1,034,083                      1,043,613

Net Assets:
 Unrestricted net assets:
   Unrestricted                                                             821,471                        272,114
   Board designated                                                        1,396,045                      1,101,261
         Total unrestricted net assets                                     2,217,516                      1,373,375

 Temporarily restricted                                                    1,413,000                      1,400,000

 Permanently restricted                                                     104,224                        104,224
         Total Net Assets                                                  3,734,740                      2,877,599

         Total Liabilities and Net Assets                                 $4,768,823                     $3,921,212

                  A    N     N   U   A   L      R     E   P   O   R   T       F     Y     2   0      0    7
                         M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®      O F   M I C H I G A N

                                         Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan

                                         STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES
                                             Year Ended August 31, 2007

                                                                     Temporarily      Permanently
                                              Unrestricted            Restricted        Restricted                        Total
Revenues, gains and other support:
   Public support
       Direct public support                     $1,265,190              $      -           $               -       $1,265,190
       Corporate gifts                              403,251                    -                  -                    403,251
       Major/planned gifts                           92,112                    -                  -                     92,112
       In-kind gifts                              1,285,117                    -                  -                  1,285,117
       Grants                                       249,900               13000                   -                    262,900
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________

        Total public support                         3,295,570               13000                      -            3,308,570

External special events                             813,881                    -                  -                    813,881
Internal special events                           2,139,525                    -                  -                  2,139,525
Less: direct benefit cost to donor                (478,264)                    -                  -                  (478,264)
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
    Internal special events, net                  1,661,261                    -                  -                  1,661,261
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
    Total special events                          2,475,142                    -                  -                  2,475,142

Investment income                                   397,249                     -                 -                    397,249
Other income                                         36,216                     -                 -                     36,216
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
Total revenues, gains and other support           6,204,177               13,000                  -                  6,217,177

Expenses and losses:
   Program services:
       Wish granting                              4,339,660                    -                  -                  4,339,660
       Volunteer programs and training               29,836                    -                  -                     29,836
       Public information                            22,879                    -                  -                     22,879
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
Total program services                            4,392,375                    -                  -                  4,392,375
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
Support services:
   Fund raising                                     785,517                     -                 -                    785,517
   Management and general                           182,144                     -                 -                    182,144
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
Total support services                              967,661                     -                 -                    967,661
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
Total expenses                                    5,360,036                     -                 -                  5,360,036
                                                 _________            _________           ________                  _________
Change in net assets                                844,141               13,000                  -                    857,141

Net assets, beginning of the year                 1,373,375           1,400,000             104,224                  2,877,599
                                                 _________           _________            ________                  _________
Net assets, end of the year                      $2,217,516          $1,413,000            $104,224                 $3,734,740
                                                 =========           =========           =========                  =========

                 A     N    N   U    A   L       R     E   P     O   R   T       F   Y          2   0           0     7
                 M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

       Volunteers Make Wishes Possible
Make-A-Wish volunteers are an extraordinary group of people. Generous, compassionate, hard-working, and
instrumental, these caring individuals make dreams come to life. The Foundation thanks each and every
person who generously gives of their time, talents and resources to positively impact the children we serve.

Anissa Adams                 Angie Brandt                  Salika Coleman             Maureen Edmonds
Alyssa Aguilar               Amy Brautigan                 Mike Coleman               Sarah Ekern
John Ainsworth               Julie Breining                Sandra Collins             Joseph Elekonich
Kim Ameluxen                 Carol Bremmer                 Kevin Cook                 Todd Elekonich
Stephen Ameluxen             Jeffrey Bremmer               Robin Cook                 Jessica Ellis
Megan Anderson               Julie Brent                   Tania Cook                 Barbara Emmons
Colleen Antal                Carolyn Brintnell             Debbie Copland             David Emmons
Marie Armstrong              Kerri Bristle                 Gary Corbin                Carole Erickson
Christine Atchison           Mary Brogan                   Sandra Corner              Christy Erickson
Jack Atchison                Jill Bronkema                 Angela Corsi               Erin Evans
Monica Atty                  Carolyn Brown                 Nancy Corvers              Jacklyn Everage
Dawne Aumann                 Jennifer Brown                Gina Costanzo              Suzanne Eyer
Cary Aurand                  Joanne Brown                  Melissa Cousino            Amanda Fairbairn
Madeline Balice              Brittany Brubaker             Megan Cowan                Catherine Farris
Jill Bannink                 Brian Buddie                  Sarah Cowlbeck             Melissa Felice
Donna Baranyai               Julie Buddie                  Autumn Coy                 Sandra Feuerstein
Anna Barron                  Michele Bugyi                 Rex Crist                  Danielle Floros
Krista Bartlett              Marcy Buren                   Jiehan Dabish              Elizabeth Fraker
Erin Barton                  Scott Burk                    Jennifer Danley            Lonnie Freiburger
Emily Bartus                 Charity Burns                 Linda D'Antonio            Wendy French
Jeffry Bauer                 Patricia Burns                Kelly D'Arcy               Clint Frutiger
Angela Bauer                 Todd Burwick                  Roberta Davis              Bonnie Gabrielli
Donald Beach                 Kim Buti                      JoAnna DeCamp              Angela Galovan
Nancy Beausoleil             Emily Cannon                  Christine Decker           Constance Garrett
Kerri Becktell               Susan Carabelli               Lisa Decker                Mark Gastambide
Katherine Benoit             Robbie Carr                   Joy DeFranco               Gelanda Gates
Edward Bernardi              Renee Carriere                Damian DeGoa               Kylie Gates
Kyla Berry                   Julia Casaceli                Carmen Degroote            Angela Gensler
Beth Beson                   Maria Cass                    Kathy Dempsey              Lynnette Gerecke
Bob Beson                    Sylvester Ceci                Desiree Deschamps          Debbie Gestring
Michelle Bigard              Charlene Chansler             Melisa Dewitt              Nicole Gibson
Paul Bigard                  Laura Chin                    Karen DeYonker             Allison Gideon
Sharone Bigelman             Charles Christmas             Eric Donahue               Gail Gile
Sally Birkmeier              Philippe Cicchini             Marcy Donato               Theresa Gill
James Bistersky              Anthony Ciotti                Denise Drake               Claire Gillespie
Rebecca Blakely              Heather Clark                 Robert Drummond            Kelly Glass
LaTaunya Blanks              J.R. Clark                    Danielle Duncan            Will Glonek
Renee Bloome                 Thomas Clark                  Jeffrey Duncan             Pamela Gonzales
Noreen Boller                Lauren Clarke                 Patti Dutkiewicz           Dawn Goronzy
Sheryl Boller                David Cococcetta              Jennifer Dwyer             Rethia Grady
Doris Booker                 Laura Colbert                 Leah Eagel                 Kaitlin Graf
Renee Bovair                 Ginger Coleman                Jessica Eash               Sara Graham

            A   N    N   U   A    L      R     E   P   O   R   T      F   Y       2   0     0   7
                   M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

Leslie Grant                  Patricia Johnson               Kelly Love                 Matthew Noffze
Dawn Grauf                    Carolyn Jones                  Mary Love                  Bonnie Nolan
Lindsay Green                 Wendy Jones                    Jodie Lykins               Kim Novack
Lauren Greenland              Abby Joshua                    Kara Lynch                 Heather Nysowy
Courtney Greyson              Katrina Kaufman                Yao Ma                     Gloria Odlum
Alvin Grier                   Jennifer Kay                   Patricia Machiela          Phil Odlum
Susie Grim                    Alexis Kerr                    Andrea Maglione            Tiffany Odlum
Allison Gromak                Malorie Kersten                Lauren Maiman              Cameron O'neill
Nicole Grosso                 Kevin Kiefer                   Valerie Main               Lisa Paddock
Janeen Guest                  Etsuko Kijima                  Claudette Malboeuf         Carrie Palmer
Faranaz Gulamali              Sharon King-O'Connor           Michael Malboeuf           Jacqueline Park
Dave Gulas                    Carrie Kinkaid                 Bruce Malone               Elizabeth Parks
Christine Gunkel              Sandra Klersy                  Sheryl Malone              Conan Parzuchowski
Janelle Gunn                  Karen Kobasic                  Bryan Mangum               Debra Patrick
Karen Hale                    Dennis Koczara                 Leslie J. Mangum           Amanda Pattison
Amanda Hall                   Sandra Koczara                 Lyvette Manns              Vincent Pavlak
John Hall                     Lori Kolvek                    Lauren Marinesi            Marjorie Peirce
Carla Hallas                  Matthew Konenski               Jodie Marlink              Amy Peterson
Richard Hallas                Marion Koreck                  Dianne Matthews            Nicole Peterson
Grace Hancock                 Steven Koreck                  Juliet Mattson             Brent Peterson
Susanne Haney                 Antoinette Kowalski            Sean Mattson               Brandi Petrarca
Kathryn Hartman               Donna Kramer                   Leana May,                 Lauren Pickering
Gayle Hartwell                Steph Krauchunas               Deborah May                Barbara Picklo
Jana Hewitt                   Linda Krejcik                  Andre Mayes                Kristen Pierce
Sue Hinkle                    Hillary Kribben                Cindy McCahill             Juliette Plummer
Virginia Holcomb              Christina Kuhn                 Jenna McCormick            Sharon Powell
Patti Holland                 Indrawattie Lachhman           Gary McIntosh              Shawn Powell
Debra Holmes                  Angeline Lagasse               Dina McKnight-Dargis       Donna Preston
Kimberly Holtz                Brian Lane                     John McMillan              Eileen Pritzker
Lindsay Honhoit               Sandy Lane                     Jill McNamara              Dennis Purgatori
Karen Hopman                  Jennifer LaPaugh               Gail Meehl                 Janine Quinn
Kristen Hoppough              Russell Larsen                 Cecilia Meko               Emily Rachal
Barbara Horan                 Valerie Lawrence               Thomas Meko                Amanda Racicot
Laurie Hortze                 Maureen Leaske                 Jodie Middleton            William Rader
Ryan Hoste                    Kathie Lehman                  Harry Miller               Shauna Rasor
Bushra Hotaling               Paul Lehman                    Sharon Miller              Christina Reason
Marla Houser                  Sarah Leirstein                Amanda Minich              Michelle Reedy
Jennifer Huber                Tonya Lenz                     Lindsay Mitchell           Mary Regan
Lauren Huber                  Christina Leo                  Patti Mlynek               Jacqueline Reid
Carrie Hubert                 Dan Lerch                      Angela Moore               Valerie Richards
Scott Hummel                  Jenna Lerch                    Bobbi Moorer               Kathleen Richardson
Linda Hutchison               Kiel Lerch                     Vicki Moran                Michele Riddering
Laura Iaconelli               Lindsay Leslie                 Michael Mullen             Alison Roberts
Andie Ingham                  Robert Like                    Kayla Murphy               Derek Robison
LuAnn Jackman                 Sara Like                      Tonya Murray               Diana Robison
Erin Jackson                  Judith Line                    Lance Muzik                Gordon Roedding
Rebecca Jackson               Jennifer Llanto                Tom Nalepa                 Karen Roedding
Vivian Jackson                Ann Llewellyn                  Rebecca Napier             Erica Rogerson
Stephanie Jaeger              Louis Lobsinger, Jr.           Lori Nisius                Michelle Rohn
Sarah Jazwiecki               Kerry Loeks                    Ryan Noel                  Stephanie Roseman
Marjorie Johnson              Grant Love                     Kathy Noffze               Mary Ross

           A   N      N   U   A   L        R     E   P   O   R   T      F   Y       2   0     0   7
     M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

    Lila Roy                      Jennie Sterkenburg          Susan Vesely
    Tamara Ruddy                  Teresa Stewart              Ashley Vogt
    Stephanie Rushlow             Lydia Stiff                 Adrienne Volk
    Angelina Rushman              Alexa Stover                Janice Waldorf,
    Gloria Russau                 Kimberly Streich            Kevin Walsh
    Robert Russman                Jennie Streng               Ellington Walters
    Catherine Salome              Jenny Sullivan              Rita Walters
    Cynthia Sarah                 Joanne Sumiec               Maria Walton
    Anne Scanlon                  Jerry Swallow               Christina Ward
    Dawn Scanlon                  Jennifer Swan               John Wasson
    Shirley Schadler              Karen Swan                  Kathy Weglicki
    Douglas Scharphorn            Kristy Swartout             Erica Wegner
    Nicki Schlehuber              Mary Switzer                Judy Wehner
    Jami Schuermann               Melissa Talaske             Susan Weiner
    Lindsey Schuholz              John Talbot                 Deborah Weiss
    Merle Schwartz                Matthew Taylor              Michael Welton
    Amanda Sharp                  Cynthia Thomas              Megan Wheeler
    Janice Sharp                  Alicia Thompson             Nichole Wheelock
    Maggie Shea                   Bruce Thomson               Nicole White
    Cheryl Sheffer                Linda Thomson               LaJuan Whitlow
    Sherita Shepard               Deborah Threatt             Lori Wigler
    Cheryl Sherman                Rosemary Tokatlian          Ralph Wilhelms
    Rebecca Shires                Keonna Tolbert              Amelia Williams
    Brad Shires                   Jeffrey Tosoian             John Wilson
    Sarah Shugart                 Jennifer Tosoian            Mark Wilson
    Elisabeth Siciliano           Amy Trombley                Lisa Wolf
    Ryan Skaff                    Kenneth Tucker              Nicole Wyble
    Julie Skaff                   Paul Tucker                 Glenn Wyman
    Glenn Slasinski               Monica Turley               Nicole Yalonen
    Tara Slone                    Kristen Turner              Heidi Yatzek
    Judy Smauder                  Jessica Tyrell              Roger Yatzek
    Michelle Snitgen              Emily Upfal                 Adrienne Young
    Debbie Sobel                  Christine Utter             D’Ann Zacharias
    Lauren Sokolik                Monica VanAcker             Anna Zaske
    Nicholas Spindler             Cindy VanderBoon            Christopher Zimmerman
    Katherine Spindler            Timothy Varner
    Arlene Sprengelmeyer          Anne Veltema
    Richard Stafford              Denise VerHage
    Jeffrey Steendam              Arlene VerHage

A   N   N   U   A   L        R     E   P   O   R   T      F    Y      2   0     0   7
                   M A K E - A - W I S H        F O U N D A T I O N®    O F    M I C H I G A N

                          Fiscal Year Highlights
     Fiscal year 2007 was filled with extraordinary wishes for our special wish kids and many significant
         highlights for the Foundation along the way. A few of the many highlights are noted below.

                            Detroit Of ice Now Open!
This past June the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan became an official member of the Detroit Community
when they opened the doors to their new Detroit office. Part of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), the Make-
A-Wish offices are located inside the Old Hutzel Building (connected to the Kresge Eye Institute) at 4707
St. Antoine Street. The opening of this office allows the Foundation to be closer to one of our top referral sources
– providing convenience and increased program services to our families and medical professionals.

             A    N   N    U    A   L       R     E   P   O    R   T       F    Y       2   0    0   7
                  M A K E - A - W I S H        F O U N D A T I O N®   O F    M I C H I G A N

                          Fiscal Year Highlights
                 Make A Dif erence Day Campaign
Created by USA Weekend, Make A Difference Day is a national day of helping others. On this day, everyone

is encouraged to volunteer time, resources or both to support a local cause. UAW-GM has lent their support to

this event for the past three years through a nationwide Dealer Campaign to support the local Make-A-Wish

Chapters. In 2006, in support of the October 28th Make A Difference Day, the Michigan Chapter saw its largest

support yet. Twenty-one Michigan Dealers signed on to the program and, along with UAW-GM Center for

Human Resource's incentives and dollar for dollar match, we were able to raise more than $150,000* and grant

nearly 20 heartfelt wishes.

* Special thanks to Hamilton Chevrolet and Gordon Chevrolet for their significant contributions to the Campaign.

             A   N    N   U   A    L       R     E   P   O   R   T       F   Y       2   0     0   7
                   M A K E - A - W I S H         F O U N D A T I O N®     O F    M I C H I G A N

                           Fiscal Year Highlights

                                         Heroes Hurrah!
The third and final day of the WAM 300 Bicycle Tour is the day the riders dream about with a “Heroes
Hurrah” ending celebration!
Upon their finish riders are met by a large cheering section filled with family, friends, and wish children greeting
them with hand-made “YOU DID IT” signs and an eruption of applause and cheers.
Enthusiasm was in the air as the riders crossed the finish line in 2007 at the Chelsea Fairgrounds for the
Heroes Hurrah! event, sponsored by Eaton. Over 2,500 people – including the 700 riders and their loved ones
and nearly 100 special wish children – our "wish heroes" – enjoyed an all-day party worthy of the 20th
anniversary milestone!
A delicious meal, provided by Carrabba's of Novi, and a live band "Michigan's Official Band” Steve King & the
Dittilies – guaranteed that the atmosphere was electric! Of course there were bounce houses, crafts,
cotton candy, and clowns galore to keep the kids smiling from ear to ear!
Each rider was cheered, massaged, fed, and then adorned with a gold medal, placed around their neck by
their own personal wish hero, in a heart-warming ceremony. The cyclists dedicate the 300-mile ride to a
designated “wish child” and wear a bracelet with this child’s name as motivation to keep pedaling. When they
finally meet at the “celebration at the finish line” it is often tear-filled joy that joins these two amazing people we
call a rider and a hero.

             A    N    N    U   A    L       R     E   P   O    R    T       F    Y       2    0   0   7
                   M A K E - A - W I S H        F O U N D A T I O N®   O F     M I C H I G A N

                          In-kind Donors 2007
Many thanks to the following companies for their donations of services, materials and time in support of the
Make-A-Wish mission. These donations allow the Foundation to save money and share the power of a wish®
with many more special children. Examples of in-kind donations include: accommodations, printing services, office
equipment donations, airline tickets, and much, much more! We are deeply grateful for these generous contributions.

A & S RV Center                         Café Zola                                  Don and Lee Hamilton
Abercrombie & Fitch                     Cake Nouveau                               DTE Corporate Real Estate
Absolute Limousine                      Care Medical Equipment                     Dunham’s
Absopure                                Carrabba’s Italian Grill - Novi            E&E
Access Van                              Celebration! Banquets and Catering         Eastland Center
Action Limousine LLC                    Celebration! Cinema North                  Eaton Corporation
Advance Newspapers                      Chap Book Café at Schuler Books            Effortless Entertaining
Alfred Gockel                            and Music                                 Eleni Kelakos Enterprises, Ltd.
All American Limo                       Chelsea Community Fairgrouds               Elite Sweets
American Airlines                       Chiro Health Rockford                      Ellen Powers
American Eagle Outfitters               CJ Barrymores                              Epro Sound
Angela Corsi                            Classic Caddy                              Emerald Spas
Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum               Classic Instruments                        Entertainment Express Limo
Ann Arbor Observer                      Clear Channel Radio                        Expo Ink
Ann Arbor Radio                         Clif Bar                                   Faces in the Air Airbrush
Applause Catering                       Coach Leatherwear                          Fast Frames
Apple Store                             Cold Stone Creamery                        Filmore Equipment
Applebee’s                              Continental Bike Shop                      Fingerlie Lumber
Arctic Glacier Premium Ice              Cookies by Design                          Finish Line
Art Van Furniture                       Corey’s Jewel Box                          Fire Mountain
Arthur Murray Dance Studio              COSI                                       Fitness Experts 373
Autocom Associates                      Courtyard Marriott                         Foot Action
Avanzado                                Cranbrook                                  Foot Locker
Avis Rent A Car Systems, Inc            Creative Arts Studios                      Foremost Graphics, L.L.C.
Barry Bagels                            Creative Solutions                         Forest Hills Foods
Barry Stokes                            Custom Sawing                              Foresight Group
BBDO                                    David LeVasseur, DJ Dave                   Foresters
BD’s Mongolian Barbecue                 Dawn Food Products                         FOX 2
Beaner’s                                Dean Trailways                             Franklin Press
Belleriver Farms                        Delia’s                                    Fun In The Sun Playscapes
Bentham’s Riverfront Restaurant         Dell Computer Systems                      FUZE Beverages
Bernoids Carpet                         Delta Airlines                             Gail and Rice Party Planners
Best Buy                                Deluxe Tent                                GAP
Bloomsbury                              Dimensional Designs                        Gem Theatre
Blue Persuasion                         Detroit Lions Football                     Gemini Publications
BlueWater Technologies                  Detroit Medical Center                     George Hofacker Equipment
Boll Family YMCA                        Detroit Office Interiors                   Give Kids The World, Inc.
Brian Graves – Artist                   Detroit Pistons Basketball Company         Gladwin Limousine Service
Brian Kelley Videography                Detroit Red Wings                          GM Dealers
Briarwood Mall                          Detroit Science Center                     Gordon Chevrolet
Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland          Detroit Shock                              Gordon Food Service
Bryan Mitchell Photography              Detroit Tigers                             Great Lakes Bottling Company
Burnside RV                             Detroit Zoo                                Great Wolf Lodge
But Wait! There’s More                  Disney Cruise Vacations                    Greenridge Dream Team Foundation
Buy Direct Flooring                     Disneyland                                 Groovehouse Productions

             A   N    N    U   A    L       R     E   P   O   R    T       F   Y       2   0     0   7
                   M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F     M I C H I G A N

Guitar Center                           Mike Passero                               STAR 105.7
Gymboree                                Mobil Gas                                  Starbucks
Hatch Computers                         Monica Gould Photography                   Street Sport Cycles
Hilton Suites                           Monroe Pools                               Studio Craft, INC
Hitch House                             Mortimer Lumber                            Sunsation Products
Holiday Inn West Bay                    Morton’s Steakhouse of Southfield          TGI Friday’s
Home Depot                              Motor City Bowl                            The Ann Arbor News
Home Furnishing Reps. of MI             Motor City Casino Iridescence              The Chop House
HoMedics                                 Restaurant                                The Corner Bar
Hunsberger-Stap                         MTB                                        The Grand Rapids Press
Huron Valley Ambulance                  Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee             The Kopper Top
Hyatt Place Hotel                       Myra Klarman                               The Melting Pot
Hyatt Regency Dearborn                  Naturally Photography by Monni             The Mud Room
ICON Sign Company                       New Hella’s Café                           The Overtones
Irene’s Myomassology Institute          New York Luxury Limo                       The School of Orthopedic
James Lady Photography                  Nobel Collection                            Massage & BodyWork
JC Auto                                 Northridge Church                          Todd Patrick – Artist
JC Penney                               Northwest Airlines                         Tony V’s Sunroom & Spas, Inc.
Joe’s Crab Shack                        O & W, Inc                                 Trader Joe’s
John Ball Zoo Traveling Zoo             Old Orchard Brands                         Triangle Productions
Joker’s Entertainment Company           Olympia Entertainment                      Twins Auto Body and Trim
Kayak Corral                            Palace Sports & Entertainment              U of M Football Program
Keeton Enterprises                      Palmer Motor Sports                        U of M School of Theatre, Nancy Uffner
Kellogg                                 Panera Bread                               U of M Wheelchair Seating Service
Kent Communications, Inc.               Paragon Leadership International           United Airlines
Keystone Automotive                     Park West Gallery                          United Building Centers
Kohl’s Department Stores                Patty Benson                               Universal Studios
Kroger                                  Petco                                      US Airways
Lamplight Cabins                        Peter Niewlsen’s Fitness                   Verhey Limousine
Lansing Lugnuts                         Petsmart                                   Victory Packaging
Leisure Limousines                      Phillips Lifestyles                        Wal Mart
Lem Barney                              Pizza Hut                                  Walsma Lyons
Leo’s                                   Pro-Am Bowling and Trophy Sales            Walt Disney World® Resort
Levy Restaurants                        Quality Limousine                          Warner Brothers
Lewis Brothers Body Shop                Rainbow Recreation of Michigan             Washtenaw County SAI Program
Little Caesars Pizza                    Rainforest Café                            Waste Management Inc.
Livonia Chrysler Jeep                   Red Lobster                                WDIV Local 4
Log Home by Ken Hill                    Red Robin                                  West Michigan Fencing Academy
Logan’s Roadhouse                       Reeder Pianos                              Western Michigan University
Mackinaw Airport                        Regency Construction Corporation           Westmaas Electric
Macy’s                                  Reddeman Farms Golf Course                 Westwind Balloon Company
Maggiano’s Little Italy                 Renee Landuyt                              Wheelchair Getaways
Majestic Café                           Rick Merpi Creative                        Whitfield Design
Mama Mofoods, LLC                       Robert Humphries                           Whole Foods Market
Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle             Robin Ward                                 Windscapes Landscaping, Inc.
Marquis Spas                            Rollz Royce Limo                           Wine Creations
Materials Unlimited                     Roostertail                                WMUS FM 106.9
Matrix Automotive Paint                 Rosenau Powersports                        WNIC
M-Den                                   Roxanne Wilson                             Wolverine Rental
Meadow Brook Theatre                    Royal Caribbean Cruise Line                WOOD AM 1300
Meijer                                  RSVP Invitations & Bridal Consulting       WOOD TV8
Metro Media Post                        Rush Trucking                              WOTV 4
Michael Bay                             Russell Video Services                     Wolverine Rental
Michael Wright                          S & N Graphic Solutions                    Younkers
Michael’s                               Shopko                                     Zales Outlet
Michigan Aerospace Corporation          Signs By Tomorrow                          Zingerman’s
Michigan Dutch Barns                    Sirius Satellite Radio                     Zou Zou’s
Michigan International Speedway         Sprint
* The Foundation does its best to accurately account for all of our in-kind donations. If we have inadvertently
overlooked one of our donors it is with great regret. Please know that we highly value all of our contributors and
appreciate everyone’s support. You may notify us of a needed correction at 734.994.8620.

             A   N    N    U   A   L       R     E   P   O   R    T       F    Y        2    0   0   7
                 M A K E - A - W I S H        F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

                        External Fundraisers
Make-A-Wish extends its deepest thanks to the following companies, groups and individuals for conducting
  events and donating proceeds to help make wishes come true. The community support our wish kids
                         receive makes a tremendous difference in their lives.

$25,000 +                               UAW Local 1292, Local 659 & GM           Gift of Wishes Golf Outing
Cooper Standard Automotive               Metal Fabricating Division              Gimmies and Ringers Golf Outing
  Golf Outing                                                                    Guernsey Farms
Imperial Co. Inc.,/Next Door Store      $9,999 - $5,000                          Harbor Grand Summerset
Fraternal Order of Eagles-Michigan      Belle River Farms                           Concert Series
  State Auxiliary                       Carstar-West Michigan Group              Koch Classis Golf Outing
GMPT Flint North & UAW                  GM Lake Orion Assembly Plant             Little John Open
  Local 599                             GM Pontiac Assembly Center               Lori Ray Golf Outing
Mattel                                  GM Pontiac Metal Center                  McKernan Chiropractic-Kids
Michael T. Schoenith                    Gordon Advisor’s                            Day America
  Family Foundation                     John Dee Snowfest                        McKesson Pharmacy
                                        Leo Burnett-Detroit                      Madison’s Rock Hard Wednesday
$24,999 - $15,000                       McKenny’s Golf Outing                       with WRIF
Bloomfield Tennis-Serving               Muskegon Car Show                        Motor City Law Dogs Charity Ride
  Up Wishes                             Pedro Aranda’s 24 Hour Shoot-out         Nikco Sports
Brown Family & Friends                  PMN Golf Outing                          Northern Nationals Drag Race
  Golf Outing                           Progressive Molded Products              Oreck Homecare
BorgWarner Golf Outing                  Stephanie Tye Memorial                   PKSA Kick-a-thon
CALM Foundation                           Golf Outing                            Pontiac Metal Stamping Center
Community Bowling Centers               Sprock/Dzurnak Fall Classic              Prestige Imports-Drive for a Dream
Classic Legends Car Club                UAW Local 400/Presidential               Pridgeon & Clay Golf Outing
Hidden Valley Golf Outing                 Golf Outing                            Rally Sport Region-Porsche Club
Karate Institute Kick-a-thon            Valerie Trasky Memorial                     of America
NAVTEQ Golf Outing                        Golf Outing                            Saginaw Rods & Classics
Sons of the American                    Western Wayne Oakland County             Santa at Saks-Saks Fifth Avenue
  Legion-Statewide                        Association of Realtors                Scott Junior Memorial
Spring Lake Holiday Light Show          Whitney Gardiner’s Race                  Star Wars at the Ballpark
WNIC & Gordon Chevrolet                                                          Steak ‘n Shake
  Radiothon                             $4,999 - $1,000                          Super Bowl Bowl-a-thon
                                        Active U Challenge                       Swing for a Wish-Michigan
$14,999 - $10,000                       Anita Yanta-Schriner Golf Outing            Association of Staffing Services
Associated Builders & Contractors       American Legion Sexy Rexy                Taylor Police & Taylor
Buddy Bowen Night of Hopes                Golf Outing                               Firefighter’s Union
  & Dreams                              American Singles Golf Association        Team Corvette
Detroit Marathon                        Applebee’s & Best Buy Fundraiser         Texas Roadhouse
Hidden Valley Golf Outing               Belleville Moose Family Center           TGI Friday’s
Northville Firefighter’s                Brigadon Golf Outing                     TJ’s Field of Dreams
  Fireman’s Ball                        Caitlin’s Silent Auction & Raffle        Torco Racing/Seeyle Wright
Metamora Golf Outing                    Chubb Charity Challenge                     Golf Tournament
Michigan Mini Motoring Club             Citi Mortgage-Jean’s Day                 Traverse City Motorcycle Rodeo
Sons of American Legion Car,            Dr. Johnson’s Chiropractic &             Trezona Brothers Golf Outing
  Truck & Bike Show                       Nutrition Wellness Center              UAW Local 594
Sunsation Rally-Sunsation               Executive Women’s Golf Association       Wendy Burton’s BBQ
  Products, Inc.                        GM/UAW Grand Rapids                      West Michigan Auto Body
UAW Local 653 Die Engineering             Metal Plant                               Association

            A   N   N   U   A       L     R     E   P   O   R   T      F     Y        2   0   0   7
                M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

West Michigan Marketing               Holt/Dimondale Community               Starbucks Grand Opening-
 Association                            Players                                East Lansing #11517
Wheels of Time Classic Car Club       Hidden Agenda                          Todd’s Services-Give Back to the
                                      IHOP                                     Community Program
$999 & Under                          Knight’s Daughters Circle #013         Tompkins Historical Freedom
Arena Group                           Lord & Taylor Gift Wrapping              Fest Car Show
Art Van-Warren                        Market Day Gourmet, Inc.               Tula’s Gallery of Gifts
Blue Persuasion – Dance of Life       Mary Kay George Golf Outing            USF Holland Inc.
Bob Saks Motor Mall                   Michigan Good Sam Organization         Watermark Women’s Association
Canton/Plymouth/Salem Unified         National City Bank Card Services       West Michigan Holiday Luncheon
  JV Hockey Team                      Pancho Villa Softball Tournament       Yonkers Community Days
Concord Little League Tournament      Robert Bosch Car Show                  Zimmer Chiropractic-Kids
Coral Bar’s Saddle Up                 Rockford Jaycees Baby                    Day America
Department of Environmental             Photo Contest
  Quality, Cadillac District          Scrapbook Crop
East Tawas-Sailboat Races             Select Resources

                   Wishes Do Come True...

           A   N    N   U   A     L     R     E   P   O   R   T      F   Y        2   0    0   7
                  M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F    M I C H I G A N

                          Kids f Wish Kids                                            ®

Students of all ages in our Michigan communities join together to make a big impact in children's lives through
the Foundation’s Kids for Wish Kids/Collegiate Wish Champions (KFWK/CWC) program. Whether through
penny wars, dance-a-thons or fun runs, our youngest supporters set a wonderful example of philanthropy and
caring. KFWK/CWC participants raised more than $152,000 in support of making wishes come true during FY 2007.

$25,000 +                              Brookfield Academy                          Peninsula Waters Girl Scouts
UM Stars                               C. L. Phelps Builders Club                  Petoskey Public School
                                       Chelsea High School-NHS                     Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
$24,999 - $10,000                      Cherokee Elementary School                  Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Miss Monroe County “Cow Plop”          Coloma High School                          Psi Upsilon International Fraternity
MSU Stars                              Colon Community Schools                     Pine River Middle School
                                       Community Circle Theatre                    Plymouth Stingrays Mite AA
$9,999 - $5,000                        Cranbrook-Kingswood Girl’s                    Hockey Team
Pine Lake Elementary School               Middle School                            Laurus Academy Star Sales
  Walk-a-thon                          David Bottle Drive                          Maddy’s 10th Birthday Party
                                       Devin’s Hot Dog Sale                        Marc’s Eighth Birthday Party
$4,999 - $1,000                        Divine Child Elementary School              Noah’s Bike Ride
Catholic Central High School           Dwight Rich Middle School                   Regina High School-Foreign
Chi Omega                              Erie Mason High School                        Language Club
Children’s Day on the Farm-            Excel PTO Activity Fund                     Richard Elementary School
  Real Life Farm                       Farrand Elementary Student Council          Richards Middle School-Builders Club
Chippewa Valley High School            Fox Elementary                              Riverview East High School
East Detroit Public Schools            Fruitport Community Schools                 Robbins United Methodist Youth
Hillsdale College-Chi Omega/           GOYA of St. George Greek                    St. Dustan Catholic School
  Rho Gamma                               Orthodox Church                          St. Joseph School
Jane Addams Middle School              GP Senators                                 St. John Lutheran-National Junior
Kaylene through Build-A-Bear           GVSU Campus Lions Club                        Honor Society
  Workshop                             Garden City Middle School                   St. Mary’s School-St. Clair
Kelly Middle School                    Gladwin Junior High School                  St. Michael’s School
Lambda Chi Alpha-CMU                   Go Like the Wind Montessori                 St. Patrick Church
Landmark Academy                       Grissom Middle School-Student Council       Scarlett Middle School
Livonia Career Technical Center-       Hamtramck Academy                           Senior Club/ADT – Kaselemis Center
  Designing Dreams Fashion Show        Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor              Sequoyah Elementary School
Mr. Brunner’s Marketing Class          Henry Ford II High School-NHS               Shawnee Elementary School
Pi Zeta Chi Omega Fraternity           Hoben Elementary School-Random              Penny Wars
Pierce Elementary School-                 Acts of Kindness                         Southeast Kelloggsville Elementary
  Student Council                      Holy Trinity Lutheran Church-               Spring Lake Public School
Saint Thecla School-Sister                Senior High Youth                        Take it or Leave it-CMU
  Act Performance                      Hopkins Public School                       Temple Beth Emeth School
Virginia Farrell Beauty School         Hudsonville Public School                   The Red Bell Preschool
Williamston Community Schools-         Huntington Elementary                       Theta Chi Fraternity-Alpha
  Service Learning                     Immanuel UMC Youth Drama Club                 Gamma Chapter
Woodland Elementary Volleyball Game    Iroquois Middle School                      Theta Tau Fraternity-MTU
                                       James Rogers Elementary School              Trace’s Birthday Party
$999 & Under                              Student Council                          Trevor Seventh Birthday
Academy of the Sacred Heart            Kentwood Public School                      Troy Athens High School
Adam’s Lemonade Stand                  Lake Fenton Community Schools               West Bloomfield High School-
Adrian College-Gift of Life Ball       Laurus Academy                                Student Government
Baker Middle School-Kindness Club      Macomb County Juvenile                      West Ottawa Public School
Beaverton School                          Justice Center                           Whitehall High School
Bemis Junior High                      Manchester Middle School                    Whitmore Lake Elementary School
Berkley Assembly #46-International        Student Council
  Order of Rainbow for Girls           Memorial School
Boulan Park Middle School              Ovid-Elise Middle School
Bridgeport High School National        Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
  Honor Society                        Pare Elementary

             A   N   N    U   A    L      R     E   P   O   R   T       F      Y          2   0   0   7
                  M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F    M I C H I G A N

         Groups & Corporate Donations
The corporations and groups listed below have generously supported our wish children’s dreams through their
cash contributions. These donations have allowed our wish kids to have the opportunity to focus on a positive,
uplifting event – a wish come true – in the midst of their health crises. Make-A-Wish sincerely appreciates the
support and commitment from these friends of the Foundation. (For privacy reasons, the names of individual
donors are not included.)

$50,000 +                              Moscone Family Foundation                NCAA
UAW-GM Center for                      Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation          North American Operations
  Human Resources                      Symantec Corporation                     Pine Lake Parent Teacher
                                       Team Cal                                   Organization
$49,999 - $25,000                      TrimQuest                                Quicken Loans
Alticor Inc.                           Truform Machine, Inc.                    RCO Engineering, Inc.
Charity Motors, Inc.                   United Jewish Foundation                 The Richard and Helen
Cold Stone Creamery                    United Way of Capital Area                 DeVos Foundation
Combined Federal Campaign              Veit Youth Charitable Trust              Rordor Foundation
Eaton Corporation                      Wal Mart Stores Inc.                     The Sallie Mae Fund
Greenridge Dream Team                  Weatherwax Foundation                    Savory Foods
  Foundation                                                                    Secchia Family Foundation
Hamilton Chevrolet                     $9,999 - $5,000                          Sigmund Foundation
Imperial Co. Inc. Next Door Stores     Brooks Brothers                          Sons of the American Legion #298
LaSalle Bank                           Calverley Supply                         Sons of the American Legion #557
Motor City Casino                      Compuware Corporation                    Spectrum Health
Regency Construction Corporation       Continental Teves, Inc.                  The Alden and Vada Dow
Things Remembered                      Credit Union One                           Family Foundation
UAW Local 599                          Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation             United Way Heart of West
                                       Dunes Acquisition, Inc.                    Michigan
$24,999 - $10,000                      Ear Phonics Audiology &                  Volkswagen of America, Inc.
ABB Foundation Inc.                       Hearing Aids                          Werner’s Hallmark
Campbell-Ewald Advertising             Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund            West Michigan Christian
Community Foundation for               Frederick S. Upton Foundation              Foundation
   Southeastern Michigan               Greektown Casino, LLC                    Whiting Foundation
Cook Holdings                          Hansen Balk                              Zales
The Community Foundation of            J. F. Ervin Foundation
   Holland Zeeland Area                Jewelers for Children                    $4,999 - $2,500
The Daniel and Pamella                 K.T. Family Foundation                   Atlantic Trust
   DeVos Foundation                    Lays                                     Beson Family Foundation
Detroit Red Wings Foundation           Leo Burnett Detroit                      BISSELL, Inc.
Detroit Salt Co., LLC                  Lerach Coughlin Stoia Geller             BMW
EDS                                       Rudman & Robbins, LLC                 Build-A-Bear Workshop
Foresters                              Lula C. Wilson Trust                       Foundation, Inc.
GE Foundation                          Luxaire                                  Charitable Gift Fund
GKN Sinter Metals Foundation           Macatawa Bank                            Chelsea Community Fair
Grand Rapids Community                 Mercantile Bank of Michigan              Cole Family Foundation
   Foundation                          MGM Mirage Voice Foundation              Core Services Group
Irving S. Gilmore Foundation           The Michael F. McManus                   County of Sanilac-County
Jack Loeks Theatres, Inc.                 Foundation                              Treasurer
Kohl's                                 The Mignon Sherwood Delano               Dawn Food Products, Inc.
Mattel                                    Foundation, Inc.                      DeRoy Testamentary Foundation
Meijer Inc.                            Muskegon Area First                      Detroit Newspapers

             A   N   N    U   A    L      R     E   P   O   R   T       F   Y       2   0     0   7
                  M A K E - A - W I S H         F O U N D A T I O N®   O F    M I C H I G A N

Detroit Pistons Basketball                Amurcon Corporation                     Kalamazoo Community Foundation
   Company                                The Angelo and Margaret                 Kenwal Pickling, L.L.C.
Dowagiac Area Federal                         DiPonio Foundation                  Larry's Landscaping
   Credit Union                           Arrow Strategies                        Learning Designs, Inc.
E-B Foundation                            AST Capital Trust Company               M.J. Electric Inc.
Edward F. Redies Foundation, Inc.             of Delaware                         Maggianos
Foresters Camelot Branch #1557            Auburn Pharmaceutical                   Magna Donnelly Corporate
Hayes Lemmerz                             Auto Warehousing Co.                    Magna International of America, Inc
Homedics U.S.A., Inc.                     Automatic Data Processing               Manufacturers Equipment & Supply
Huntington National Bank                  AW Technical Center U.S.A., Inc.           Co. Marix Specialty Welding Co.
Independent Order of                      Bank of America United Way              MCM Management Corp.
   Foresters 1136                             Campaign                            Mercy General Health Partners
Independent Order of                      Basic Communications                    Metalist Industries, Inc.
   Foresters 1195                         Bath & Body Works                       MetLife
International UAW Local No. 653           Beatrice & Reymont Paul                 Microsoft Giving Campaign
Juniper Networks Company                      Foundation                          Monterey Music Cafe
Labaton, Sucharow & Rudoff LPP            Belfor USA Group Inc.                   Mutual Electric Co.
LA-Z-BOY Foundation                       Bethharold Home Health Care, Inc.       NewVectors LLC
Michigan Aerospace Corporation            BMC Bil-Mac Corporation                 Niles Haunted House
Michigan State Auxilary                   Braaten 2004 Trust                      Onix Networking Corp.
   Fraternal Order of Eagles              Brigadon Golf Club                      Orthopaedic Rehab
Mitsubishi Electric                       Burroughs Memorial Trust                   Specialists, P.C.
   Automotive America, Inc.               C & E Ventures                          Pi Zeta Chi Omega Fraternity
National City Bank                        Century Bank and Trust                  Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Co.
NAVTEQ                                    Chimicles & Tikellis LLP                Pioneer Strategic Services Division
New Technology Steel, LLC                 Chubb Group of Insurance                Premier Autoworkers, Inc.
Nobel International, LTD.                     Companies                           Promedica Health System
NSK Corporation                           City Bike Shop                          Ramco Gershenson, Inc.
Olympic Steel, Inc.                       Cohen Scrap Metal, Inc.                 Ridgeview Industries Inc.
Packerland Packing                        Comcast                                 The Robert D. Hill Foundation
Penske Corporation                        Creative Solutions Group                Roll Giving
Pfizer Foundation Matching                Deer Park                               Sam's Club Foundation
   Gifts Program                          Denso International America, Inc.       Secord Lake Eagles, F.O.E.
Pridgeon & Clay, Inc.                     Direct Sourcing Alliance                Sepracor
River Valley Credit Union                 DSPACE                                  Sibsco, LLC
Share A Smile Foundation                  Edsel B. Ford II Fund                   Slifco Electric, L.L.C.
Spicer Group, Inc.                        Emergent BioSolutions                   Sons of the American Legion -
State and Local Government                Emmanuel Free Will                         Squadron 6 Sons of the
   Employee Giving                            Baptist Church                         American Legion
Sysco Food Services of Detroit            Expo, Inc.                              Sons of the American Legion #108
Texas Roadhouse Holdings, LLC             Foundation for American Vet             Specialize Global Logistic
The Blodgett Foundation                   G.C. American Legion Post #396             Services, Inc. SPX Foundation
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans          Gongos Research                         St John Health System
Western Michigan Marketing                Great Lakes Christian Foundation        State Street Dry Cleaners, Inc.
   Association                            Great Lakes Crossing Mall               Taylor Postal Contracting, Inc.
Whirlpool Foundation                      Great Lakes Dining, Inc.                TDS Metrocom Inc.
Wolverine World Wide Foundation           H & M Machining, Inc.                   The Harbor Grand Hotel
Zip Xpress, Inc.                          Harley Owners Group of                  The Irene M. & Milton R. Weed
                                              Southeast Michigan                     Foundation
                                          Hyatt                                   The Rochester Mills Beer Co.
$2,499 - $1,000                           Illinois Tool Works Foundation          The Trimas Foundation
Accident Fund                             IMCO                                    The Thomas Foundation
Adco Construction Services                Independent Bank                        Toyota Motor Engineering & MFG.
Aisin World Corp. of America              Independent Order of Foresters             N. America, Inc.
Allstate Giving Campaign                      Court Kalamazoo #1471               TSS Photography
Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.       Integram-Windsor Seating                UAW Local No. 735
Alps Automotive, Inc.                     J.R. Thompson Company                   United Way - Electronic Transfers
Alro Steel Foundation                     Jackson National Community Fund         United Way of Saginaw County
Alston & Bird LLP                         Jewish Community Federation of          Verizon Foundation
America’s Charities                           Cleveland JTC Partners, Inc.        Village Green Management Co.

             A   N   N    U   A       L     R     E   P   O   R   T      F    Y        2   0    0   7
                  M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

West Michigan Body Shop                Gebran S. & Suzanne P. Anton             Peak Performers, Inc.
  Association, Inc.                    Foundation Genessee County               Pfizer United Way Campaign
West Michigan Whitecaps                   Association OES                       Plante & Moran, PLLC
XM Satellite Radio Inc.                Global Impact                            Prematic Service Corporation,
Ypsilanti Missionary Baptist Church    Grant & Eisenhofer P.A.                    Nevada Priority Health
                                       Great Lakes Vending, Inc.                Red Robin International, Inc.
                                       Greater Kalamazoo Combined               Robert Bosch LLC
$999 - $500                               Federal Campaign                      SBC Employee Giving
Allied Eagle Supply Co.                The Green Door Blues Bar                 The Setton Foundation
American 1 Federal Credit Union        Greetings From...                        Shape Corp.
Amvets Post 108                        Gypsum Supply West, Inc.                 Siemens Caring Hands Foundation
The Arena Group, Inc.                  H. B. Stubbs Company, LLC-East           Sigmund and Sophie Rohlik
Automotive Components Holding,         Header Products                            Foundation
   LLC Headquarter                     Hitachi Automotive Products USA          Sons of the American Legion
Automotive Components Holdings         Hog Brothers Recycling, LLC              Sons of the American Legion #233
Bank of America                        Holcim                                   Sons of the American Legion Neal
BASF Corporation                       Home Depot Foundation                      Fonger Post #179
Bavarian Inn Motorlodge                Howard M. Dublin Insurance Agency        Sons of the American Legion
Becton Dickson                         Ideal Contracting                          Post 245
Big Boy Restaurants International,     INCAT Systems, Inc.                      Southwest Corporate Federal
   LLC Blue Persuasion                 J. Marshall Robbins Foundation             Credit Union
Bob Brown Consulting, Inc.             Kendall Printing Company                 Spruce Hill Management LLC
Bokum Tool Company, Inc.               Kensington Valley Excavating, LLC        SPX Corporation
BrassCraft Manufacturing               Kent/Ottawa/Barry County CFC             St. Andrew Catholic Church
   Company                                Federal Campaign                      Sterling Testing Systems, Inc.
Butzel Long                            Kentland Corp.                           Techmedica Health, Inc.
Canteen Services, Inc.                 Kforce Professional Staffing             Texas Roadhouse N-Motion, Inc.
Capital Insurance Group                Kiriu Corporation                        Thomas Sebold & Associates
Cardiovascular Specialists, P.C        Kiwanis Club of Chelsea                  Top Flight Entertainment Ltd.
Carl's Golfland Inc.                   Knaggs, Harter, Brake & Schneider,       Topcraft Metal Products, Inc.
Cassens Transport Company                 P.C. Labor Ready, Inc.                Total Logistic Control Resources LLC
Central Transport International Inc    La-Z-Boy Incorporated                    Treasurer's Employees Casual
Clear Channel Radio Inc.               Les Stanford Chevrolet, Inc.               Day Fund
Clinton River Riders Bicycle Club      LGBS, LLC                                Turn-Tech, Inc.
Clinton Township Fire Fighters         Lift Communications Inc.                 UAW Local Union 160
   Association                         Magna Intier Seating Systems             UAW Region 1 Cap
The Cold Heading Foundation               Engineering                           Underground Specialists, Inc
The Colony Town Club                   Manat Foundation                         Up-North Michigan Area CFC
Comerica Capital Markets Corp.         Martin Tire, Inc.                        UPS Foundation, Inc.
Community Circle Players               Mayne-McKenney, Inc.                     VFW Post 1855
Community Foundation of Troy           McDonald Plumbing, Inc.                  The Village Woman's Club
Connecticut General Life               Merck Partnership for Giving               Foundation
   Insurance Company                   Mervenne Beverage, Inc.                  Visions Food Service LLC
Corvette Club of Battle Creek          Michigan All-Star Showcase, LLC          Wal Mart #1928
D & D Bicycle Service Inc.             Michigan Heritage Bank                   Wallace and Irene Bronner Family
Dexter United Methodist Church         Michigan Independent Automobile            Charitable Foundation
Dickow & Trivax P.C.                      Dealers Association                   Watermark Womens
DTE Energy Resources, Inc.             Michigan State Council HRRVC               Golf Association
Eaton Corporation - Clutch Division    MidMichigan Health                       Wayland Chevrolet
Eaton Employees Community              Motorquest of Jackson                    Wayland V.F.W Post 7581
Farmers Insurance Group                Mousesurplus LLC                         White, Schneider, Young & Chiodini
Financial Designs, Inc.                Mr. B'S Shelby, Inc.                     Wisconsin Lighting Sales, Inc.
Finkel, Whitefield, Selik, Ferrara     Navigon Inc.                             Zurich
   & Feldman                           Nestle Waters
First Place Bank                       North America, Inc.                      $499 - $250
FOE #2588 Social Fund                  NFFC Southeast Michigan Chapter          4Charity Foundation Inc.
Fogg Filler Company                    North American Iron and Metal,           Acoustic Ceiling & Partition Co.
Foggy Bottom Coffee House              LLC Northern Air - Northern Jet          Alfing Corporation
Ford Customer Service Division            Management Northern Star
Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C.      Industries                            Allergy & Asthma Center of
Garmin International, Inc.             O'Malley Chiropractic, PLLC                 Michigan P.C.

            A    N   N    U   A   L       R     E   P   O   R   T      F    Y        2   0   0   7
                 M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

Alliant                              DeBoer & Goodyke, P.C.                     Marsh
Alpine Mortgage Corp.                Dempsey Incorporated                       Martial Arts Academy
Amalio Corporation                   Dependable Products, Inc.                  Mason Contractors Association, Inc.
AMD Studio, LLC                      DKB Enterprises, Inc.                      Mastantuono & Associates Inc.
The American Endowment Foundation    Dolphin Manufacturing                      MAV Development Company
American Express Foundation          DTS Fluid Power, LLC                       Max & Erma's - Restaurant
American Legion Post 49              Durable Systems Inc.                         Account
American Seating                     Environmental Engineers, Inc.              Methode Electronics, Inc
American Steel Construction, Inc.    First State Orthopaedics, P.A.             Michigan Medical Equipment
Applebee's All Services, Inc.        Fly Paper Publishing LLC                   Mid-States Bolt & Screw Co.
Aristeo Construction Company         Foodland                                   Mid-Thumb Auctioneering Service,
Asphalt Specialists, Inc.            Fox Auto Parts                               LLC
Astrein's Creative Jewelers          Fraternal Order of Police #130             Mike Savoie Chevrolet, Inc.
AT&T United Way Employee             Fried Saperstein Abbatt PC                 Millennium Sales, Inc.
   Giving Campaign                   G.E.M. Glass, Inc.                         Miller, Canfield, Paddock and
Audette Cadillac                     GC Lock & Key                                Stone, PLC
Avis Ford, Inc.                      General Motors Foundation                  Milo & Abby Devries Foundation
B&L Landscaping                      General Wine and Liquor                    Mio Chapter 68 Women Of
Begonia Brothers, Inc.               Genesee Cut Stone & Marble Co                The Moose
Behco, Inc                           Giarmarco, Mullins & Horton, P.C.          Modern Food Management
Benchmark Drywall, Inc.              Golden Limousine, Inc                        Systems, Inc.
Benchley Brothers Inc.               GP Senators                                Neil King Physical Therapy, Inc.
Berkman + Shapiro Orthodontics       Graff Chevrolet, Buick, Inc.               Northpointe Pediatrics
Betcher Financial                    Grand Trunk Western Railroad Inc.          Northwoods Manufacturing, Inc.
Beyond Inc.                          Great Lakes Construction Services,         Oliver Products Company
Bill James, Inc.                        Inc.                                    Pakoil Company
Black Ribbon Express Inc.            Great Lakes Ophthalmology P.L.C.           Paragon Leadership International, Inc.
Blessed Sacrament Parish             GVSU Campus Lions Club                     Parametric Technology Corporation
Blue Ribbon Management               Hart Pontiac GMC Buick                     Paxton Resources, LLC
   Company                           HGS Aerospace, Inc.                        Permoda Air Temperature Spec., Inc.
Bob Saks Motor Mall                  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church               Pioneer Solutions Inc.
Bohle Machine Tools Inc.             Huntington National Bank                   Poch Personnel, Inc.
Books Are Fun, Ltd.                  Hyatt Regency Dearborn                     Port Atwater Parking Associates
Bowen, Radabaugh & Milton, P.C.      Immanuel United Methodist Church           Pratt & Whitney
Bud Distributing, INC                Integrated Communications Services         Preferred Building Services
Buff Whelan Chevrolet Inc.           ITC Holdings Corp.                         Punkin Chunkin Association
C. J. Strosacker Foundation          J. Baldwin's                               Red Dog Saloon
Cable Wiring Specialists, Inc.       JB Harrison Insurance Agency               Ricardo, Inc.
Cairns & Stewart, P.C.               Jenny Wehde Interiors                      Rippe & Kingston, LLC
Calverley Supply Co., Inc.           Joe Panian Chevrolet Inc.                  Rite Aid
Cauley Chevrolet                     John Casablancas Modeling &                RJ Manufacturing, Inc.
CenturyTel, Inc.                        Career Center                           Royal Transportation Company
Chemed Corporation Foundation        K.I. Enterprises, Inc.                     Saab of Troy
Christian Financial Credit Union     Kenneth Smith, INC.                        Saginaw Valley Alumnae
Chrysler-Jeep Fund, Inc.             Key Foundation                               Association Alpha XI Delta
Classic Chevrolet                    KeyBank National Association               Samadhi Yoga Center LLC
Clayco Construction Company, Inc.    Knights of Columbus Michigan               Saturn of Clarkston
Coburn-Kleinfeldt Eye Clinic, P.C.      State Council                           Saturn of Southgate
Cone Drive Operations Inc.           Kool Chevrolet                             Service Wire Company
Congregation Shaarey Zedek           KPMG                                       Simon/Watt
Consolidated Roadhouse, LLC          KVM Door Systems                           SK Fire Protection, Inc.
Consumers Energy Foundation          Lameyer Plumbing, Inc.                     The Skillman Foundation
Crawford Door Sales, Inc.            Law Office of Albert L. Holtz, PC          Slusky and Walt, P.C.
Crestmark Bank                       Law Offices of Barry L. Howard, P.C.       Spirit of Detroit Club
CTSC-Boston, Inc.                    Lawsuit Financial, Inc.                    St. George Greek Orthodox Church
CU Answers                           Lemmen-Grand                               St. Johns Golf and Conference
Cueter Chrysler Plymouth Jeep        Les Stanford Cadillac, Inc.                  Center
Dodge Cummins Bridgeway, LLC         Les Stanford Chevrolet                     St. Patrick Church
D.F. Burnham & Co.                   Lick's Inc.                                Standard Die & Fabricating, Inc.
Davis & Davis Orthodontics, PC       Lou LaRiche Chevrolet                      Standard Electric Company
DCAM, Inc.                           M.B. Enterprises LTD.                      Stevens Van Lines, Inc.

            A   N   N   U   A   L        R     E   P   O   R   T      F     Y        2   0    0   7
                 M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

Strategic Property Services, LLC     Timar Investment Realty, LLC             United Way Of Greater
Strategic Staffing Solutions, Inc.   Trane                                      Battle Creek
Suburban Chevrolet Cadillac Saab     Trends in Fashion                        United Way of Jackson County
  Hummer                             Troy Orthopedic Associates, P.L.C.       UnumProvident Corporation
Supply Chain Shipping, LLC           Turner-Brooks, Inc.                      UP Special Delivery, Inc.
T.A.M. Vending, Inc.                 Tyco Matching Gifts Program              Wacousta Lions Club
TH Plastics, Inc.                    UBS Financial Service                    Weaver Instructional Systems
The Beeson Street Bar, INC           United Steelworkers of America           Wendy's of Michigan
The Big Boy's Club                     Local 12934                            Wings Four, Inc.
The Capital Trust Company            United Way of Genesee &                  Wings Six, Inc.
  of Delaware                          Lapeer Counties                        Yarema Die and Engineering
The Orchards

                    Wishes Do Come True...

            A   N   N    U   A   L       R     E   P   O   R   T      F   Y       2   0     0   7
    M A K E - A - W I S H       F O U N D A T I O N®   O F   M I C H I G A N

                        Ann Arbor Headquarters
                        230 Huron View Boulevard
                          Ann Arbor, MI 48103
                           734.994.8025 f ax

                         Grand Rapids Of ice
                        2900 E Beltline NE, Ste E
                        Grand Rapids, MI 49525
                            616.363.5415 fax

                                 Detroit Of ice
                            Old Hutzel Building
                            Ground Floor, G67
                             4707 St. Antoine
                            Detroit, MI 48201
                            313-833-9103 f  ax


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