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Title: Theme Parks Confront Flu Jitters

Who: The visitors of these theme parks.

What: Since President Obama declared the swine flu a national emergency, people
everywhere are worried about going to these theme parks and getting it. They say to get
vaccinated or get prescription drugs to help with preventing getting it.

When: November 8th 2009.

Where: Walt Disney world and Disneyland theme parks.

Why: Because of the swine flu (h1n1.

Interesting Details that make the story: People are reacting to the chances of getting the swine flu
by going to these parks and many other theme parks around the world. They say that theme
parks are very capable of passing this flu around because of how many people are there on a
daily basis. They warn that if you are going to one of these place, to either get vaccinated of
take the prescription drug, Tami flu.

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