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1. Indonesia (08/01/2003)
   Mount Gamalama, an active volcano in Indonesia’s eastern Maluku
province, erupted Thursday, blanketing the regional capital of Ternate with
thick ash. There were no reports of casualties or damage following the
eruption of the 720-meter-high volcano.
   Residents had not been advised to leave their homes. Dust and ash fell in
Ternate, around 30 kilometers north of the mountain.

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2. Germany (08/16/2003)
   A German cut off his own penis with a kitchen knife to cure his addiction
to sex. “The man called a friend around eight o’clock to say he’d done
something stupid,” police said in a statement. He had been drinking vodka to
pluck up courage for the amateur surgery.
   Police arrived to discover the blood-soaked man, 41, in his apartment and
his organ under the kitchen table. Emergency services rushed the man and
his penis to a nearby hospital.
   Police said the man did not want his penis to be reattached but were
unable to say if doctors had complied with his wishes.

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3. Global conference on forests shows progress (09/23/2003)
   Governments, the logging industry and others must do a better job of
turning past talk on preserving the world's forests into tangible action,
participants at a global forestry conference said Sunday.
   More than 4,000 foresters, scientists, members of forest-based
communities and others from 140 countries gathered in Quebec City for the
XII World Forestry Congress, staged by the Canadian and Quebec
governments under the auspices of the U.N. Food and Agriculture
   "Forests – Source of Life" is the theme of the weeklong gathering that
started Sunday night to evaluate past programs and discuss strategies for
addressing such issues as sustainable forest management and global
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4. University offers Thai diamonds to students (09/22/2003)
   Appalled by female students who wear short, tight school uniforms,
a Bangkok university is planning to raffle off diamond and gold jewelry to
coeds who dress more modestly.
   Bangkok University deputy rector S.B. said "well-dressed" students
would be picked every month to become eligible for a lucky draw at the end
of the school year.
   Thai college students are required to wear white shirts and black skirts or
   The university is offering three sets of diamond pendants and gold
necklaces worth US$118-160 to encourage students to dress less
provocatively, as most students flout the dress code by wearing tight blouses
and revealing slit skirts.
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5. Lucky dog averts bomb attack (10/21/2003)
   A dog that happened upon a powerful home-made bomb outside a bank in
the French city of Marseille probably defused the device when it started
playing with it, police said.
   The dog's two owners were taking it for a stroll shortly before midnight
on Saturday when it chanced upon a jerrycan containing an inflammable
liquid and wired up to several sticks of dynamite, they said. The animal
apparently decided to play with the device, thereby pulling it apart.

6. Deaf student rejected by Oxford gets into Cambridge (01/18/2003)
   A deaf student rejected by Oxford University despite achieving high
grades in her final school exams has won a place at Cambridge University,
her former headmaster said Friday.
   The decision in August by Oxford's Brasenose College to turn down
Russian-born Anastasia Fedotova, 19, ignited a debate about university
admission criteria. Oxford and Cambridge are Britain's most prestigious
   Fedotova's mother said the college's selection procedures had not allowed
her daughter, who was born deaf, to demonstrate her abilities properly.
Oxford's officials countered that all applications are assessed according to
their merits.
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7. Long toilet stay triggers German security sweep (09/12/2002)
   A passenger who spent a long time in an airplane toilet on Wednesday
prompted a security alert and full search of the Lufthansa plane, the airline
said. "It was quite amusing," Lufthansa spokesman T.J. said. "He was on the
toilet for quite some time. That was enough reason to alert the federal border
   The man went to the toilet after the plane had landed in Berlin's Tegel
airport from Frankfurt. His lengthy stay prompted the stewardess to alert
security officials. The border police detained the man once he had emerged
and conducted a thorough search of the plane which did not produce
anything unusual.

8. Huge turnout for Terry Fox charity race (10/19/2003)
   More than 2,300 people took part in the 2003 Terry Fox Run yesterday in
Kaohsiung to raise money for cancer research.
   Executive director of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei; head of
Kaohsiung Medical University; and Kaohsiung City's deputy mayor blasted
the starting guns for the five-kilometer charity run.
   The charity activity is held in 4,300 cities in 58 countries in memory of
a young Canadian named Terry Fox, who had lost his right foot to bone
cancer before he tried to run across Canada. He asked every Canadian to
donate one Canadian dollar for cancer research.
   He accomplished his goal before he died of cancer in 1981.
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9. Iran aiming to start women-only bus services (09/08/2003)
   Iran is to start bus services for women only, the government daily Iran
reported Sunday. The head of the public bus company told the daily that the
women-only bus services will start from September 23 in Teheran.
   Currently female passengers sit in the front section while men sit in the
rear. Segregation of the sexes is also enforced in the Teheran subway system.
   In Iran, separation of sexes is enforced not only on public transport but
also at the entrances to public buildings, social ceremonies and even queues
in front of some shops.

10. Worried Germans flood UFO hotline as the sky lights up (11/01/2003)
   An amateur astronomer who monitors reports of UFO sightings said on
Friday he had been flooded by calls from terrified Germans after a solar flare
caused brilliantly colored skies over Germany this week.
   Werner Walter, who runs a call-in service called UFO FON, said he had
disconnected his phone at 3:00 a.m. after more than 30 calls from people
reporting eerie, streaking lights in the sky.
   "People were calling from all over Germany. They told me of how they
were witnessing burning skies, which is the term most people used.
Especially elderly people were upset."
   An abnormally strong solar flare that erupted this week caused a dazzling
display of polar lights, normally seen only in far northern arctic regions, in
various parts of Germany.
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11. HK considers tightening anti-smoking laws (09/08/2003)
    Hong Kong's government is working on proposals to ban smoking in
restaurants and impose tighter packaging restrictions on cigarette firms, the
South China Morning Post reported on Sunday. The government plans to
present its final proposals to legislators before the end of this year, the paper
quoted an official source as saying.
    Under the plan, smoking in all restaurants would be banned after
a certain grace period and the restriction would eventually be extended to
bars, discos and nightclubs.

12. Lost German luggage found after 24-year absence (09/10/2003)
    A German who lost a suitcase full of clothes after a holiday in 1979 is to
get it back 24 years after he first reported it missing, police said on Tuesday.
Officers found the brown and beige case lying outside a police station in the
western city of Duesseldorf and identified its owner as a 61-year-old former
hairdresser who lost it after a trip to Senegal in 1979. Where the case had
been was unclear.
    Duesseldorf police said the clothes were in good condition and did not
seem to have been eaten by moths. Police said the man was surprised and
amused at the discovery but did not want the clothes back, fearing the
disco-era garb would no longer suit him. But the man's wife persuaded him
to take the case back.
    "She was curious to see what was in there," said a police spokeswoman.
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13. Falun Gong members held for spreading SARS rumors (06/06/2003)
   Authorities in north China's Hebei(河北)province have arrested 180
members of the banned Falun Gong movement for spreading rumors about
SARS, state media reported Thursday. The arrests were made                 in
connection with the investigation of 81 different cases of false
rumor-mongering on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, state radio said.
   "They used SARS to spread rumors and disrupt social order and violate
social stability," according to the radio report. "They also used SARS to
threaten former Falun Gong believers to rejoin the organization," it said.


14. Dalai Lama in Rome for gathering of Nobel winners (11/16/2003)
  The Dalai Lama arrived in Rome on Tuesday for a four-day visit
during which he will meet Pope John Paul II at the Vatican and take part in a
gathering of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in Rome.
  The Buddhist spiritual leader is scheduled to meet the pope on Thursday.
Seen by China as a symbol of Tibetan nationalism, he is due to
hold talks with Italy's Deputy Foreign Minister M.B., as well as the speakers
of both houses of parliament, party leaders and labor union chiefs. He will
participate in the fourth summit of Nobel Peace Prize winners, which is
being hosted by Rome's city council on Thursday and Friday.

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15. Malaysian gets five years in prison for drug trafficking (02/06/2004)
   Sim Lee Ping, a Malaysian, was sentenced to five years in prison
yesterday for attempting to smuggle contraband drugs into Taiwan last May.
   Sim was convicted of attempting to smuggle 991.23 grams of ketamine
into Taiwan, the Taiwan High Court said in its verdict. Customs inspectors
discovered the drugs hidden in Sim’s luggage when she arrived at Chiang
Kai-shek International Airport in May 2003.
   The high court verdict said Sim’s behavior would have affected Taiwan’s
public order and health if the drugs had not been seized before they could
flow into the local market.
   As Sim is a Malaysian citizen, the verdict said, she should be deported
after serving her time in prison or being given an amnesty.
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16. Referendum is strategy for dealing with Beijing: VP (02/17/2004)
  Speaking at rallies in southern Taiwan’s Pingtung County of supporters of
the Chen-Lu ticket, who are seeking re-election in the upcoming presidential
race, Vice President Annette Lu said that the referendum is aimed at making
the people aware of Beijing’s missile threat against Taiwan and thus
increasing their anti-missile sentiment on the one hand, while seeking to
hold “peaceful talks” with Beijing on the other.
  Lu claimed that if President Chen Shui-bian had not called the referendum,
a majority of Taiwan people might not have noticed that Beijing had
deployed nearly 500 missiles targeting Taiwan.
  She continued that the referendum will also help obtain international
support for asking Beijing to dismantle the missiles.
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17. Taiwanese leave Haiti (02/29/2004)
   Taiwanese in the Haitian capital were evacuated aboard helicopters to the
neighboring Dominican Republic on Friday.
   They were flown from Port-au-Prince to Santo Domingo aboard
Dominican air force helicopters. The Taiwanese community in Haiti
comprises about 50 people, mostly aid workers and their relatives. Both
Haiti and the Dominican Republic are among the 26 countries that maintain
diplomatic relations with Taiwan rather than China. The Dominican
Republic also has an agreement to evacuate Taiwanese residents from Haiti
in case of need.
   A number of Dominican nationals were also flown out of Haiti aboard
helicopters, which flew in diplomatic security personnel for various
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18. Transsexual denied limelight (02/29/2004)
  Chinese promoters of the Miss World contest have denied entry into a
local contest heat for a transsexual model, despite government officials'
registering her as a woman.
  Fashion model Chen Lili(陳莉莉 ) underwent sex-change surgery last
November and was given a new identify card stating she was a woman on
Feb. 11. Miss World organizers in the city of Chengdu( 成 都 市 ) said
contestants must be female as their "natural gender."
  Chen also underwent cosmetic surgery to her face and breasts, making her
participation "unfair to other contestants," the organizers said.
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19. Singapore scouts can earn badges in public hygiene (03/04/2004)
   Boy and girl scouts in squeaky clean Singapore will soon be able to
slap on badges lauding their expertise on public hygiene.
   In coming months, merit badges will be given to scouts who demonstrate
knowledge about mosquitoes, public toilets, littering and food hygiene, the
National Environment Agency said in a statement issued last Tuesday. About
1,000 children are being targeted in a program dedicated to mosquitoes, in
an effort to prevent future outbreaks of dengue and other mosquito-borne
   Singapore, a tiny tropical island state, is on high alert for dengue, which
has swept through neighboring Indonesia this year, killing more than 340
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20. Bird flu-jittery Japan wary of Thai onions (03/03/2004)
   Japan has demanded Thai onions be certified free of bird flu when they
are exported to the country, Thai Deputy Agriculture Minister N.C. said on
Tuesday. "The bird flu jitters are widespread, hurting even onions, of which
we export about 7,000 to 8,000 tons to Japan," he told reporters. "They have
asked for food safety certification out of their concern that chicken manure
is used here as fertilizer."
   N.C. said he had instructed Thai livestock officials to gather samples of
onions to ensure they were not contaminated with the avian flu virus, which
has ravaged Thailand's big poultry industry and killed seven Thais since it
erupted in January.
   Japan, the biggest buyer of Thai chickens, banned imports of Thai frozen
chicken products due to the outbreak, but said last week it would resume
imports of cooked chicken products from four inspected Thai plants.
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