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Tips to keep your camera lens clean


#Tips to keep your camera lens clean

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									6 Tips to keep the car clean!

The dirt on the lens digital SLR is a major factor that reduces the image quality of
your photos. Although some defects caused by small spots can be fixed in post-
treatment, most likely dirt will probably need your photo. Even a tiny spot that has
not noticed or ignored during the filming can ruin hours of hard work at the end of
the day. The most important fact you should consider before cleaning your lens is
to choose an appropriate method to make sure not to scratch the surface.
We present here six tips for you to effectively clean (and keep clean) lens digital
SLR without any damage. Remember most of these methods presented here are
also applicable to digital cameras and other optical devices supports:

1 - Use a (ultraviolet UV) Filter
This filter is relatively cheap perfect protection for the lens of value, both dust and
other impacts. You will be cleaning the filter, which minimizes the risk of
scratching the surface of the real objective. Please keep attachments filter at any
time, but remember to choose between their high qualities, can degrade the
image quality output. How glasses of different diameters may have different
filters, you can buy one for each of your lenses.

2 - Using hoods and caps for front and rear of your lens
the advantages are obvious, keep connected all the time. Remember to keep the
plugs clean when not connected.

3 - Do not allow dust to take the camera body
the powder inside the digital SLR camera will be connected with the rear element
of your lens and image sensor, a dual problem. When you change lenses, try to
find a place of dust and minimal wind and the camera lens to the ground to
reduce the risk of getting dust inside.

4 - Use a Blowers
Blowers can be used directly for the target and also inside the camera. It 'a very
safe way to clean your lens, because there is no physical contact with the glass,
but he is not very effective as others.

5 - Take a Lens Cleaning Fluid
A small amount of alcohol based lens cleaning fluid is EAIS to clean oil,
fingerprints and contaminants from your lens. Lens cleaning solutions are applied
to your target with a cloth or fabric, instead of flowing directly onto the surface of
the lens. Check the surface of the lens and cleaning of clothing to ensure that no
large particles, because these particles can easily reach your lens while cleaning.
An alternative to alcohol-based cleaning fluid is simply to blow the glass, then
wipe with a cloth. If this does not work enough, you can choose to use fluids.
6 - Use a lens cleaning pen
Lens Cleaning Pen tools are really useful with a cleaning pad on one side and
brush the other. The retractable soft brush is used to dust particles and
contaminants away hard. I recommend you buy a high quality with a soft brush to
avoid scratching the glass.
I want to reiterate that the best security solutions for your lens are to methods of
prevention: Stop contaminants before using the lens surface. Do not use these
cleaning methods require physical contact until there is no choice left. And buy a
high quality tool that minimizes the risk of scratching glasses precious.

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