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									                    Battle Defenders

 Four teenage high school students begin their sophomore year, when they discover a
destiny to combat evil and protect the world. Facing demons, aliens, and other monsters,
using armors and other weapons whose origins are a mysterious, the four friends try to
keep a normal life; good luck.

Kenny Estelle/Battle Violet
Age: 15
Weapons: Battle Saber
Mechadum: Battle Warrior
Vehicles: Battle Cycle
Hobbies: draws; reads
Background: Always very shy, Kenny hadn’t had many friends throughout his life, with
him losing touch with most of the friends he had made. One of his closest friends is
Holly, who he can talk the most with, leading to them often referring each other as best
friends. Another of his close friends is David, who often tries to get Kenny to be more
active and as well as help each others with their studies. Also for a long time, Kenny has
a crush on Samantha, but is too shy and scares to approaches her at all. As for family,
Kenny is raises by his mother as his father passed away a long time ago and his older
brother is a travel salesman who he doesn’t get along with very well.

Samantha Qualli/Battle Pink
Age: 15
Weapons: Battle Bow
Mechadum: Battle Jet (co-pilot with Battle Green)
Vehicles: Battle Cycle
Hobbies: hangs out with her friends; watches movies
Background: Not very confident with herself or her abilities, as such Samantha often
defines herself by the friends she has and others’ opinions on her. Throughout her
childhood, Samantha’s closest friend is Lily, but as the two enters their teen years they
grow apart, as Lily becomes annoy at Samantha’s need to keep her friends close. Also
because of her lack of self-confident, Samantha doubts that a guy could like her as more
then a friend, unaware that both Kenny and Jeremy are attracted to her. Samantha’s close
family consists just of her parents, but they aren’t close as when Samantha was ten, she
overheard her parents talking and saying that they only stay together because of
Samantha and blames her as the reason why they argue so much.

David Masters/Battle Green
Age: 15
Weapons: Battle Lance
Mechadum: Battle Jet (co-pilot with Battle Pink)
Vehicles: Battle Cycle
Hobbies: plays sports; learns more about the world and what’s make it tick
Background: Very curious about the world around him, David spends part of his time at a
computer and another part of his time plays sports. David’s closest friend is Kenny, who
lacks an interest in sports but because he lacks the ability. The two often helps each other
with their studies, but do hangs out together, usually with Holly, whose became friends
with David through Kenny. Out of either of his friends, David dates the most but had so
far lacks the interest in pursuing a serious relationship with anyone. His parents are
divorced, with David lives with his father for the most part, but do lives with his mother
during summer and switches, between his father and mother, who he spends certain
holidays with.

Holly Barryson/Battle Orange
Age: 15
Weapons: Battle Axe
Mechadum: Battle Tank
Vehicles: Battle Cycle, Battle Mobile
Hobbies: try out new things
Background: Described as a lover of life by herself, Holly isn’t afraid to try out new
things and encourage her friends to don’t let life pass them by. Holly’s closest friend is
Kenny, who she can talk about anything and always offer an ear for when Kenny needs to
talk about something. Sometimes Holly isn’t sure about how deep her feelings for Kenny
is but don’t tries to ensures a romantic relationship for fearing to risk losing her best
friend. She is also friends with David, through Kenny, although they don’t hang out much
without Kenny presents. Holly occasions go out but hadn’t met someone she wants to
ensure a long relationship with. Holly’s mother passed away when she was young and
she don’t see her father a lot due to him been a General in the military.

Henry Takashi
Age: 32
Hobbies: works on new technology or improves on existing technology
Background: Born to an American woman and Japanese man, Henry spends most of his
childhood in American, before his parents moved to Tokyo, Japan. Throughout his
schooling, Henry excels at science. When he enrolled at college, Henry starts working on
improving existing technology as well as grew an interest in ancient myth. Also during
college, Henry meets Hana Aijou and the two falls in love. They get married after
graduating from college and couple years later they have a daughter, Hikari. Couple
months after Hikari’s birth, Henry is approaches to join The Guardian Organization to
work on project Battle and learns about the reality of demon threats. He originally
anxious about leaving his family, but Hana encourages him to do what he’s known is
right. Henry eventually leaves and become one of the top scientists in the organization,
till a demon attacks wipe everyone else out. Henry then takes it upon his self to continue
the work and finds the ones destined to protect the planet against the forces of evil.

Age: Unknown
Powers: electric manipulation; matter transportation
Hobbies: threats others’ lives; finds a way to open the Nexus
Background: Warlord’s birth came about when his father, the feared Warlock, decided
he’s need an heir so he takes on a human form, chooses a woman from a nearby village
and sleeps with her. After one week, she became nine months pregnancy. Thinking she
had been touched by the devil, the village people burn her at the stake. As she was
burning, a beam of energy shoots out from her and appears in Warlock’s arms as a child.
When Warlord turns thirteen, Warlock sends him to kill the village people that destroyed
his mother. After that, Warlord takes on his demon form. Years later, Warlord watches as
his father was imprisoned between dimensions, and after that went into hiding, like most
demons of the world. Warlord resurfaces during modern time and after learning that a
portal to the Nexus resides under a local high school, he takes on the human disguise of a
school principal to ensure his plan of opening the Nexus.

Lily Jones
Age: 15
Hobbies: dates the “hot” guy
Background: Once upon a time, Lily was Samantha’s best friend. But as they enter their
teen years, they grow apart. As she matures, Lily thinks Samantha’s too depended on
others and grows annoyed at her for that. Lily prefers to spend her time with the “it”
crowd and even becomes a cheerleader in high school. Also when she is allows to dates,
Lily enjoys dates, and don’t brother with guys that aren’t “hot.”

Jeremy Andser/Battle White
Age: 15
Weapons: Battle Tri-blaster
Mechadum: Battle Tri-Copter/Copter Mechadum
Vehicles: Battle Cycle
Background: Easy anger, Jeremy usually only counts on his self and don’t let a put down
goes unpunished. He don’t has much friends but is friendly with star quarterback, Andy,
as well as Michael, the top of their grades, but whenever they can be call friends is
questionable. Jeremy is attracted to Samantha the moment he sees her and isn’t afraid to
shows his interests in her and don’t take kindly to anyone who might be a competition for
her affection. Jeremy’s mother left her family when Jeremy was eleven, and couple years
later, after graduation, Jeremy’s sister also left. Jeremy isn’t closes to his father, who
occasion hit Jeremy when he gets mad.

The Guardian Organization:
 The Guardian Organization began as non government sponsored group that begins to
recruit scientists and inventors, like Henry Takashi, to begin construction on project
Battle, as a method to combat demons and other evil forces. The Inspiration for project
Battle was the legends of varies teams of “defenders” that thought demons and monsters.
 Using advanced technology and some “borrowed” technologies from alien visitors, the
Guardian Organization creates transformers (cell phones like devices that when activated
separate in pieces and reform themselves around the user’s body as armor, using a
magnetism technology invented by one the scientists), bio weapons (weapons made of
hard light holograms), Mechadum (mechanized defense unit machines; giant pilot-driven
machines made of the world’s, and some alien worlds, strongest metal, capable of
combining with each other to increase power output).
 But before the full completion of the Mechadum, a demon attacks the facility, killing
most present. Seeing what’s the world have to look forward, Henry is determine to
continue the work started by him and his colleagues and find the ones destined to become
the Battle Defenders.

Season 1:
 Henry sets it up so Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly will gets detention and makes
sure the school is empty expect for them before attaching a device to the doors to keep
them lock, leaving the four teens alone with the Transformers and a Boarox demon.
Henry keeps an eye on the Defenders from his secret base within the closed bookstore for
several episodes before they finds out and Henry takes on the role of a mentor to the
 Warlord, in his disguise as Principal Lore, keeps a strict eye on each of the students,
while he tries to find a way to kills the Battle Defenders before the portal to the Nexus is
ready so they won’t inferences in its opening.
 Jeremy starts approaching Samantha, eventually leads to the two going out, as Kenny
becomes heartbroken. Eventually Jeremy learns that Samantha is Battle Pink and who are
the other Defenders, before he retrieves the lost fifth Transformer and becomes Battle
White. Jeremy successful usurps leadership from Kenny, who he’s deemed hesitant too
much. But after Kenny saves them from a demon whose have a bomb planted inside him,
everyone else voted that Kenny been reinstated as their leader, which angers Jeremy,
especially since Samantha also votes for Kenny. Jeremy continues to antagonize Kenny,
as he starting to thinks Samantha has feelings for Kenny.
 Eventually Kenny and Principal Lore learn of each other’s identity, but Warlord
threatens that he will kill Samantha if Kenny tells anyone about his disguise. After
dealing with a radioactive demon, Kenny’s armor becomes cover in radioactive, and
fearing for the worse, he decides to make the most of his final hours. Kenny grabs
Principal Lore, forcing him to reveal his true identity to several people in the hallway. As
Kenny lies in the healing bay, Jeremy and Samantha have a falling out and Jeremy
decides to leave Crestwood claims that (with his father has passed away) there nothing
for him in Crestwood. The remaining Defenders fail to stop Warlord from opening the
portal to the Nexus and an accident at their secret base starts up Kenny’s heart. The
Defenders manages to trap Warlord in the other side of the portal and closes it.
1.1: “The Day Everything Changes”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, a boarox
A series of occurrences land Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly in detention and then
locked inside the school during the night. Their problems only increase when they are
under attack by a demon and their only defensives are cell phones?
Demon Bestiary: Boarox
Tech Spec: Transformers

1.2: “The Birth of Heroes”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Inanic
The four friends try to return to normal life after a strange night, but find that’s
impossible when a demon is taking children out of the park.
Demon Bestiary: Inanic, demon of infancy
Tech Spec: Battle weapons

1.3: “Larger than Life”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Quike
As David tries out for the basketball team, Warlord coerces a demon into causing several
major earthquakes. Meanwhile Holly starts to get suspicion about her science teacher.
Demon Bestiary: Quike, demon of quakes
Tech Spec: Battle Warrior

1.4: “Deep Down Under”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Quike
After Kenny’s near death at Quike’s hands, Samantha’s starting to have second thoughts
about been a Defender. Meanwhile Warlord undercover a spell that might helps him to
destroy the Battle Defenders.
Demon Bestiary: Dustoids
Tech Spec: Battle Jet

1.5: “The Origin of the Battle Defenders”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Raizor
Henry explains about the Battle Defenders’ weapons came about and the discovery of
who will uses them, but Samantha stills not sure if she can be a Defender. But when a
demon starts his plan to unleash a terrible lightning storm onto the city, Samantha will be
force to make a choice.
Demon Bestiary: Raizor, demon of lightning
Tech Spec: Battle Tank

1.6: “First Contact”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Larzor
Larzor, an alien prince comes to earth and after a misunderstanding, claims Holly as his
fiancée. As the Defender try to find a way to get Holly out of the engagement, Warlord
plans on using Larzor’s powerful ring as his own.
Alienology: The Ranians and their prince, Larzor
Tech Spec: Battle Mechadum

1.7: “Duel”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Larzor
Due to Kenny and Holly hugging, Larzor feels his self dishonored and disrespected
which must leads to a fight to the death between Kenny and Larzor. Meanwhile a demon
makes plans to burn the city down.
Demon Bestiary: Flatoz, demon of fire
Tech Spec: Battle Gauntlet

Episode Scripts:
1.1: “The Day Everything Changes”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Lily, Jeremy, Mr. Alison, Ms. Wolman, a boarox

Act I:
Kenny arrives at school with a narration about his self and his friends.
The new Principal Lore talks to the student body about what the future holds.
Kenny and Holly get blame for a water balloon prank.
Samantha gets blame for pulling a fire alarm.
David gets in trouble for crashing the school’s computers.
Principal Lore gives all four students detention all afternoon.

Act II:
The four students, after Mr. Alison left, talk during detention.
Mr. Alison runs into Ms. Wolman, who invited him over to her house.
A boarox walks into the school and into the kitchen.
Someone places a device on a door of the school and locks it.

Act III:
The four students realize its getting late.
They discover the exits are locked.
They discover the briefcase with the Transformers.
They are attack by the boarox.
Kenny transforms, fight and destroys boarox.

Act IV:
The four students decide to talk about this the next day and leaves.
Warlord arrives at the school and says it began.

1.2: “The Birth of Heroes”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Lily, Jeremy, Inanic

Act I:
The Defenders arrive at school as everyone around them tries to figure out what
During the Defenders talk about what happened last night.
A mother discovers her son is missing at the park.

Act II:
After lunch is over, Jeremy walks up to Samantha and talks to her.
Kenny and Holly are at the park, talking, when Samantha shows up and another child
David joins them and the four discovers the missing children with the demon, Inanic.

Act III:
A fight breaks out between the Defenders and Inanic.
Kenny and Holly keep Inanic busy as David and Samantha get the children to safety.
David and Samantha rejoin Kenny and Holly.
Inanic grows to a giant size.

Act IV:
The Defenders try to find a way to stop Inanic.
Samantha destroys the gem on Inanic’s forehead, causing an explosion that kills her.
When a news reporter asks them their name, the four decides to call themselves the Battle
A mystery man watches the news on a large monitor and says he like the name.

1.3: “Larger than Life”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Lily, Jeremy, Quike

1.4: “Deep Down Under”
Stars: Kenny/Battle Violet, Samantha/Battle Pink, David/Battle Green, Holly/Battle
Guest stars: Henry, Warlord, Lily, Jeremy, Quike

Version 2/Beta Version

Story: Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly were your normal teenagers starting their
sophomore year in high school. Till Henry Takashi, who on the outside seems like a
regular shop owner opening up a new book store, reveals to the four teens the existence
of demons and other fiends that threaten the safety of humanity. Henry supplies the four
with state-of-the-art technology including near-invincible armor, scientific weaponries,
and giant machines, transforming the four teenagers into the Battle Defenders.

Possible Storylines:
Series 1:
Samantha and Jeremy grow close as they date.
Warlord looks for the Book of Lost Spells to find a way to releases his father, Warlock,
and then, after discovering Battle Violet’s identity, uses him to retrieves the keystones
needed for the spell.
Warlock’s plan is to open the portal to the Nexus, filling all reality with complete

Movie 1:
Kenny starts to doubt his self.
Samantha gets angry at Kenny, misguidedly place the blame on him, but is really just
angry about everything that has been happening to them.

Series 2:
Jeremy (while working with the demon Valrie) tries to renew a romantic relationship
with Samantha, who isn’t interested. Kenny is worries that Samantha will start dating
Jeremy again.
The pop star singer, Kim Stella (who is mentioned in Series 1) becomes a student at the
high school and develops an attraction to Kenny, who is confuses over both an attraction
to Kim as well as his still existing feelings for Samantha.
Henry reveals that on his trip to Japan over summer vacation, he became unintended
sidetracked, as surviving members of the Organization contact them and reveal the
existence of the Beast Mechadum, which are hidden at certain places in the world.
Valrie is reveal to be a demon-witch, a witch who through the use of dark magic turns
herself into a demon, and plans on using Jeremy’s warrior spirit to revive the warrior
king, Blathsur.
Kenny meets the Wanderer (really Warlord wearing a cloak, boots, gloves, and mask)
who had vowed to protect the human race with his final breath.
Jeremy finally accepts Kenny, and then the other Battle Defenders, as friends and
terminates his deal with Valrie.
Valrie successes in reviving Blathsur by sacrifice a demon that had fallen in love with
her. The Battle Defenders success in destroy Blathsur by combing the Beast Mechadum
into Super Armor for the Battle Copter Mechadum. The Battle Defenders then kill Valrie
by combining their attacks.

Movie 2:
A mishap while fighting a demon sends the Battle Defenders into another dimension,
where an endless war is fought.
Henry tries to find a way to find the Battle Defenders when Kim arrives at BookZ
looking for Kenny.
Jeremy becomes involve in the war, but become worries about his “warrior spirit.”
Kenny and Samantha become closer.

Series 3:
The Wanderer returns for a short time after heard about a prophecy that speaks of a great
darkness befalling mankind.
After Samantha is given the option of transferring to private school that is safer, Kenny
realizes how much he really cares about her and chooses her over Kim, which makes her
Sometime after BookZ is attack and the lab is destroyed, Henry discovers an underground
lab used by the Organization, which becomes their new headquarters.
The Battle Defenders’ Mechadum are destroy but Henry manage to replace them with
new Mechadum (Battle Sub, Battle Crawler, and Battle Stealth which form Magna
Mechadum), and with not enough equipment to make enough, Jeremy elect not to have
his own Mechadum anymore.
After some initial nervousness, Kenny and Samantha finally kiss.
Jeremy sacrifices his armor (meaning he’s not Battle White anymore) to save a group of
school kids.
The Battle Defenders meet the Japanese superheroes Shinobi X, who tracked a Japanese
demon to Crestwood City and suspects the Battle Defenders are in league with him.
Warlock escapes from the Underworld, follows by Wanderer returns again and reveal his
self as Warlord. Warlock successes in opening the portal to the Nexus and spreads
darkness throughout all reality, but Warlord sacrifices his self to close the portal. The
Battle Defenders then destroy Warlock.

Movie 3:
The Battle Defenders face a demon who is attempting to control the four elements and
use their powers.
David is having trouble with his relationship with Sylvia.

Series 4:
The Battle Defenders, Jeremy, and Kim start going to college.
Henry receives word that his wife had passed away and his daughter Hikari is moving to
Crestwood City to live with her father. Hikari hold a resentment toward her father for
missing a big part of her life and wasn’t there when her mother died.
Eventually a mysterious new superhero, Battle Heart, appears and Kenny realizes she’s
Hikari after seeing their similar fighting styles. Kenny confronts Hikari about and
suggests that she tells the truth to her father (but stating he won’t oust her) as well tells
her she should give her father a chance.

Series 1:
1: “Battle Ready, pt. 1”
Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly find their world turns upside down when they are
attacks by a Boarox demon.
Story elements: Henry spies on Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly as well as looks at
information he has on them.
Kenny and Samantha acquire jobs at Henry’s bookstore “BookZ.”
Principal Lore is introduces to the students.

2: “Battle Ready, pt. 2”
Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly must decide whether to become heroes or lest let the
Boarox demon continues its rampage.
Story elements: Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly transform for the first time and
defeat the Boarox demon
Samantha meets Jeremy.

3: “Larger than Life”
Returning to normal life is tougher than the Battle Defenders thought, especially when
they must face a giant demon before they got a chance to train with their Mechadum.
Story elements: The Battle Defenders pilot Battle Warrior, Battle Tank, and Battle Jet for
the first time

4: “Teamwork is the Keyword”
David finds his self partner up with Holly on a school project, but faces trouble with he
has problems acting as a team player.
Story elements: The Battle Defenders form the Battle Mechadum for the first time.
Holly realizes Kenny has a crush on Samantha, when Jeremy asks Samantha out.

5: “First Date Jitters”
Samantha is nervous about going on her first date, as well as a demon is spreading fear
throughout the city.
Story elements: Samantha has her first date with Jeremy.
Henry mentions working on some new equipments for the Battle Defenders

6: “Driving Out of Control”
While Holly and Kenny is test driving the new Battle Mobile, a computer virus causes it
to run wild forcing Samantha and David to test-drive the Battle Cycles to save them.
Story elements: Battle Mobile is seen for the first time while Samantha and David drive
their Battle Cycles for the first time.
Samantha is force to interrupt a date with Jeremy for the first time.

7: “Paranoid”
Due to a demon’s machinations, people around Crestwood City are becoming paranoid.
When it starts to effect David, he becomes certain that everyone around are out to kill
Story elements: David meets Sylvia.
Kenny and Holly drive their Battle Cycles for the first time.

8: “A Viral Attack”
Electronics around Crestwood City starts acting strangely, which leads to a virus taking
control of the Battle Warrior, but the Battle Defenders stop the lost of life and deduces
the source of the attack as well as the main target.
Story elements: David asks Sylvia out but is rejected.
The electronic disturbances were used to build power to affect Battle Warrior with a
computer virus (which is immune to the antivirus Henry already created). Affecting
Battle Warrior with a virus was used as a distraction from the villain’s true target: a
nuclear mission.
To free Battle Warrior from the virus, Henry, after separate the control signals, works to
shutdown its control signals (then by David’s suggestion reboot it, completing free it of
the virus) and uses the Password “1211995 Hikari” (the name of Henry’s daughter and
her birthday January 21, 1995).

9: “Starvation Destruction”
Due to a demon’s actions, Samantha starts to think she’s overweight and start a starvation
diet, as Kenny realizes what she’s doing.
Story elements: After Kenny and Samantha are pulled into a mirror by the demon;
Principal Lore walks by and sees ripples in the mirror.
David asks Sylvia to goes to the Homecoming Dance and she finally agrees.

10: “Homecoming”
As everyone gets ready for the Homecoming Dance, including Kenny deciding whenever
he’s going or not, a demon feeds on a girl’s anger at been rejected.
Story elements: With her date’s a no-show because of a zit, Holly gets Kenny to dance
with her.

11: “X - Y = Danger”
Because of Battle Defenders duties, Holly missed math classes couple times, leading to
her having to ace the next test. But studying might be harder then she thought when a
demon threatens to sink the city.
Story elements:

12: “Fright Night”
As the Battle Defenders get ready for a costume party on Halloween night, Warlord casts
a spell to turn everyone in the city into what they dresses as.
Story elements: While at Samantha’s house, she tells Kenny and Holly about her
grandmother’s necklace which she have to pawn to pay the bills after her husband passed
Kenny dresses as a vampire, Samantha dresses as a witch, David dresses as Zorro, Holly
dresses as a mummy, Henry dresses as a mad scientist, and Sylvia dresses as a princess.
Warlord uses his spell as a distraction from acquiring the Book of Lost Spells.

13: “The Face of Evil”
The mysterious Virus Maker makes his next move by launching an attack on a Power
Plant and making it goes critical. Meanwhile Kenny has a run in with Warlord.
Story elements: David and Samantha uncover the Virus Maker as an employee for
Extreme Tech, the company owns by Sylvia’s father, but he claims he’s innocence.
Kenny meets Warlord, who claims they will meet again soon.

14: “Meaning of Been a Hero”
Holly reflects on meeting a cop who shows her what it is really means to be a hero.
Meanwhile Warlord works on his plan to learn more about his enemies.
Story elements: Warlord starts up a spell to uses on the Battle Defenders.

15: “A Nightmarish Birthday”
After been given a surprise birthday party by his friends, Kenny, tired from work, school,
chores, and Battle Defenders duties, goes to sleep but faces dangers from a nightmare that
could make his sixteenth birthday his last.
Story elements: Samantha admits at seeing Kenny in a different light then the last couple

16: “Fire and Oil Don’t Mix”
David and Holly start to argue, annoying their friends. But when Warlord makes a deal
with a fire demon, David and Holly must make up before they are burn to death.
Story elements: Warlord uses the fire demon, and increases his power with a spell from
the Book of Lost Spells, to learn more about David and Holly.

17: “Ghost of Friend Past”
With only one Battle Defender left to gather information on, Warlord casts a spell to
summon a ghost to haunts Samantha, but is this just some random spook or someone
from her past?
Story elements: The ghost is an old friend of Samantha, who died when she fell into a

18: “Know Thy Enemy”
Warlord reviews the information he gathered about the Battle Defenders and decides to
uses a spell to create evil doppelgangers, but the doppelgangers’ personalities starting to
Story elements: Samantha considers telling Jeremy about she’s been Battle Pink.
19: “Clash of the Doppelgangers”
The Doppelgangers continue to fight among themselves, but would the Battle Defenders
be able to defeat them and fix the danger they done to their social lives.
Story elements: Kenny starts looking for Samantha’s grandmother’s necklace for a
Christmas present.
The Doppelgangers are reduced to puddles of ooze but later start moving on their own.

20: “A Xmas to Remember”
Kenny races to find the perfect present for Samantha; Samantha, with Jeremy’s help,
gives her parents a romantic dinner as they had fell in love on Christmas Eve; David ends
up becoming a mall Santa; Holly meets a demon who doesn’t wants to destroy or kill.
Story elements: Kenny successes in giving Samantha, her grandmother’s necklace as a
Jeremy starts to get jealous of Samantha’s friendship with Kenny.

21: “The Virus Maker Returns”
The Virus Maker returns and manages to launches a virus into the Battle Defender’s
transformation systems preventing them from transforming. David takes it on his self to
discover the identity of the true Virus Maker and to set things right.
Story elements: Principal Lore reveals his self as Warlord to Kenny and forces him into
the palm of his hand by threatening to kill Kenny’s friends.

22: “Battle at Sea”
With reports of a sea monster sinking ships at sea, Samantha, David, and Holly (believing
it to be a demon) investigates with Kenny forces to stay behind due to his inability to
swim. But they soon learn there more to the “sailor tales” then meet the eye.
Story elements: Jeremy starts to get suspicious of Samantha have to continue leaving.
The villain is Captain Corsaire (French for pirate), a modern-day pirate in possession of a
golden medallion that gives him water based powers, which plans on forming his own
armada using the stolen ships and water goblins as his crew.
After Captain Corsaire created a giant whirlpool, Kenny (determined to save his friends
after his deal with Warlord) speed up his Battle Cycle and circle the whirlpool in the
opposite direction, canceling it out, causing Captain Corsaire to be rush away by the
ocean. Kenny’s Battle Cycle overloads and explodes, causing him to almost drown but
save by his friends.

23: “Attraction is a Ten Letter Word”
A new beautiful girl at school has every guy’s eyes, expect for Kenny, but as Samantha
and Holly try to deduce this girl’s secrets, they discover more then they expected.
Story elements: Holly discovers that the only way a man to be immune to a Succubus’
spell if he’s already in love.

24: “The Fifth Element”
Henry discovers a faint signal from a fifth transformer leading to him flashback to
working on Project Battle that led to the death of his partners and the lost of the fifth
transformer, all the while looking for it and runs afoul of Warlord in the progress.
Story elements: Kenny is forces to let Warlord go because of their earlier deal and later
on he lies to his friends about finding him.

25: “The Green-Eye Beast”
Kenny is pressure into a fencing duel with Jeremy, just as he is effects by a demon’s spell
that allows his hidden jealous to manifests as anger. Now regular duel is been force into a
battle to the death.
Story elements: Samantha finds out that Jeremy is jealous of her friendship with Kenny.
David realizes how upset Sylvia is about her father been place in a coma.

26: “Sylvia’s Dilemma”
David discovers that Sylvia’s uncle and aunt had taken control of her house and Extreme
Tech with her father in a coma. But Sylvia discovers that her uncle and aunt are planning
on illegally selling Extreme Tech technology, David must comes to her rescue.
Story elements: David reveals his identity as Battle Green to Sylvia when her life was in
Samantha tries to get Kenny and Jeremy to be friends.

27: “Kenny’s Mission”
Warlord instructs Kenny to gather four keystones scattered around the city. Meanwhile
Jeremy makes a shocking discovery about his girlfriend.
Story elements: Kenny gives the four keystones to Warlord.
Jeremy discovers Samantha is Battle Pink.

28: “The Fifth Defender”
The Battle Defenders realize what Warlord is up to and races to stop him, without
knowing they are been follows.
Story elements: Warlord plans on using the fifth Transformer as a focal point to open a
portal to the Nexus.
Jeremy retrieves the fifth Transformer and becomes Battle White.

29: “Sherlock Holly”
After several items belonging to students disappear, Holly decides to blow off some
stress by trying to solve the mystery but makes a shocking discovery along the way.
Story elements: Henry had started work on the Battle Tri-Copter.
Holly discovers that Kenny had been having meetings with Warlord.
Jeremy finds out from Henry that Battle White was meant to be the leader of the Battle

30: “The Origin of Warlord”
The demon Mens Mentis confronts Kenny and reveals to him how Warlord came to be.
Story elements: Kenny learns how Warlord was born as a half human and that his father
was Warlock who was imprisoned between dimensions.
31: “Challenge of Leadership”
Jeremy challenges Kenny’s leadership leading to short fight between the two which
Kenny lost. But soon Jeremy’s ability as a leader is challenged.
Story elements: Jeremy usurp Kenny’s role as leader.
Holly confronts Kenny about his meeting with Warlord and he reveals the truth about
Warlord’s identity, but Jeremy overhears the entire conversation.
Jeremy pilots the Battle Tri-Copter for the first time and transforms it into Copter

32: “A Test of Trust”
Because of Jeremy reveals the truth to the rest of the team, they starts to question their
trust of Kenny. Meanwhile Warlord finds a new, more powerful focal point and attempts
to open the portal to the Nexus once again.
Story elements: Mens Mentis appears and prevents Kenny from stopping Warlord’s spell
which led to Warlock’s return.

33: “Sins of the Father”
Warlock’s back and he’s anger. The Battle Defenders face their biggest challenge to stop
a demon so powerful that thousands of years ago the only way to stop him was to
imprison him between dimensions.
Story elements: Mens Mentis reveals that he and his family travel through dimensions
and while they’re in between dimensions, Warlock captures Mens Mentis’ family and
makes Mens Mentis ensures Warlock’s return. But Warlock reveals he killed Mens
Mentis’ family and then he kills Mens Mentis.

34: “The True Challenge of Leadership”
Kenny recovers from the attack from Warlock, but now Warlock is plotting to truthfully
open a portal to the Nexus and the Battle Defenders need a leader they can depend on.
Story elements: The Battle Defenders form Battle Copter Mechadum for the first time.
The Battle Defenders (minus Jeremy and Kenny) agree on Kenny been their leader,
which anger Jeremy.
Jeremy finds out his father had a heart attack and is in the hospital.

35: “Torn”
While Warlock is recovering from been injured, Samantha is effect by a demon and finds
herself torn between her loyalty to Jeremy and her loyalty to Kenny.
Story elements: Because of Principal Lore’s disappearance, the Vice Principal takes over.
When Jeremy asks Samantha to say she love him, Samantha says she can’t.
Warlock tells Warlord that once he healed he will kill everyone in Crestwood City.
When Jeremy returns to the hospital he learns his father died in his sleep.

36: “Nature of a Soul”
The Battle Defenders learn of a demon out to claim the unborn baby of a woman he
impregnated, leading to them having to protect a pregnant woman who could be carrying
the next Warlord.
Story elements: Jeremy reveals to Samantha that he’s father died but Jeremy says he
don’t want her sympathy.
Kenny starts to question when ether a demon born of a human woman can have a human

37: “Oneself”
The Doppelgangers the Battle Defenders destroyed had merged into one being and is
back to destroy them. Meanwhile Kenny decides to have a heart to heart with Warlord.
Story elements: Kenny talks to Warlord about possessing a human soul.
The Doppelganger monster decides to name his self Double. Double speaks with four
voices and refer to his self as we or us.

38: “Jeremy’s Choice”
Jeremy reflects on everything that has happened and makes a life changing choice.
Meanwhile Warlock is finishing his recovery and makes his own plans.
Story elements: Jeremy leaves town after telling Samantha there nothing for him in
Crestwood City (with his father’s dead and no other family) and that he has no friends.
Warlock constructs a force field around the entire city (long after Jeremy left).

39: “Final Hours”
Warlock appears to the entire city and tells them that in two hours all of Crestwood City
and its population will die. The Battle Defenders are split between finding a way to stop
Warlock and living their final day.
Story elements: Kenny almost tell Samantha how he feels but gets interrupted.
David spends his time with Sylvia who spends her with her father, still in a coma.
Holly spends her time alone in BookZ.
Samantha spends her time walking around Crestwood City.
Henry spends his time, apart from finding a way to stop Warlock, talks to his wife on the
Warlord starts to have second thoughts about what Warlock’s doing.

40: “End of Days”
The time had come. The Battle Defenders start the fight to put a stop to Warlock for
good. But in the end, help will arrive from an unlikely source.
Story elements: Warlord sees his mother’s ghost who encourages him to stop Warlock.
Warlock dies with Warlord seemly perishes.
Jeremy sees on news report that the Battle Defenders had won and he is then confronted
by a white skin old woman.

Battle Defenders the Movie: The Spring of Life
With Henry going to Japan for couple weeks, Kenny wins a trip to a tropical island for
four, and the Battle Defenders start their summer vacation. But things start looking grim,
with they been the only ones on the plane (including no pilots), friendly natives with
hidden sinister motives, and legendary spring that can heal fatal wounds and prevent
Final Version

Premise: Inspired by Super Sentai, Battle Defenders is a new fanfic series that follows
four teenagers in a coming-of-age story as they must grow as heroes and humans and
relationships will form, grow and be tested. Action, drama, comedy, giant robots, this
fanfic series has everything. Are you Battle Ready?

Battle Gauntlet commands:
1: Battle Laser
2: Battle Weapon
3: Battle Cycle
4: Mechadum
#: Communication
5#6: detects human heat signals

Kenny Estelle
Alias: Battle Violet (Season 1-3), Zodiac Battle Violet (Season 4), Cyberforce Battle
Violet (Season 5), Dragonlight Battle Violet (Season 6)
DOB: November 4, 1992
Age: (Season 1) 15-16, (Season 2) 17, (Season 3) 18, (Season 4) 19, (Season 5) 20,
(Season 6) 21
Weapons: Battle Saber (Season 1), Battle Laser (Season 1-3), Battle Cycle (Season 1-2),
Ultra Saber (Season 2), X-Saber (Season 3), Battle Armored Cycle (Season 3), Dragon
Saber (Season 4), Zodiac Flyer (Season 4), Snake Saber (Season 4), Zodiac Caller: Dog
(Season 4)
Mechadum: Battle Warrior (Season 1), Battle Crawler (Season 2), Battle Knight (Season
3), Zodiac Dragon (Season 4), Zodiac Snake (Season 4), Rohkea the Dragon (Season 6)
Description: Season 1: A shy boy, Kenny lacks self-confident but make up for it with his
devotion to and caring of his friends. Kenny doesn’t like injustice and is willing to stand
up for others. His best friend is Holly Barryson, who often tries to get him to come out of
his shell. Another friend, David Masters often tries to get him to be more active and play
more sports. For a long time, Kenny has a secret crush on Samantha Qualli, but is too
scared to tell her or asks her out. What Kenny do lacks in confident he makes it up with
Season 2: Kenny had proved his self as a true hero and a brave leader. But as he begins
his junior year, he befriends the pop star Kelly Parston, who develops an interest in the
young hero. Kenny also faces heartache as Jeremy returns and tries to renew a
relationship with Samantha.
Season 3: Kenny returns for his senior year of high school after victorious leading his
friends in defeating Hades. But while his confidence had interested since his sophomore
year, Kenny is still plagued by a shyness preventing him from asking out the single
Samantha Qualli. While still wonders when either he should accepts Kelly’s not-so-secret
attraction for him or wait till he can tells his long time crush his real feelings.
Season 4: Now dating Samantha, Kenny is starting college, at University of Crestview
Heights, with his friends, expect for David who goes to MIT. While Kenny’s confidence
has gotten a boost, he is still faces with self-confident problems as he is now a small fish
in a big pond and is afraid that he will lose Samantha to one of the many college males.
When Hikari shows up and Kenny deduces her secret, Kenny becomes a big brother to
her with Hikari calling him niisan
Season 5: While shocked about what happened to Henry, Kenny is ready to lead his
friends against the alien invasion. Kenny had grown to be a confidence man, but worries
whenever he would be able to keep Samantha as a girlfriend. His worries grow when a
young professor shows a less then academic interest in her. Meanwhile Kenny’s role as a
big brother to Hikari grows as her father is unable to leave their base and Hikari starts
Season 6:

Samantha Qualli
Alias: Battle Pink (Season 1-3), Zodiac Battle Pink (Season 4), Cyberforce Battle Pink
(Season 5), Dragonlight Battle Pink (Season 6)
DOB: June 16, 1992
Age: (Season 1) 16, (Season 2) 17, (Season 3) 18, (Season 4) 19, (Season 5) 20, (Season
6) 21
Weapons: Battle Bow (Season 1), Battle Laser (Season 1-3), Battle Cycle (Season 1-2),
Ultra Bow (Season 2), X-Bow (Season 3), Battle Armored Cycle (Season 3), Rooster
Bow (Season 4), Zodiac Flyer (Season 4), Sheep Bow (Season 4)
Mechadum: Battle Jet (co-piloted w/Battle Green) (Season 1), Battle Stealth (Season 2),
Battle Saucer (Season 3), Zodiac Rooster (Season 4), Zodiac Sheep (Season 4), Makea
the Dragon (Season 6)
Description: Season 1: Samantha is always caring about her friends and other people
around her. Deep down, she lacks confident in her own beauty and don’t think any guy
would be interested in her. As such she is unaware of the crush Kenny Estelle has on her,
only thinking he is a nice guy she can trust.
Season 2: When Samantha returns for her junior year, she starts to see Kenny Estelle in a
different light and thinks she might be jealous when Kelly Parston shows an interest in
him. Her love life becomes even more complicated when Jeremy returns, wanting to
restart their romantic relationship.
Season 3: Returning to high school for her senior year, Samantha had made peace with
her ex Jeremy, with the understanding that they will only ever be friends. She also
discovers an attraction for Kenny Estelle, often going to his best friend Holly Barryson
for advice on the still often quiet hero. Samantha must also faces competition from Kelly
Parston, who is also interests in Kenny, as she feels responsible for accidentally sells
Pandora’s Box.
Season 4: Now dating Kenny, Samantha begins going to University of Crestview
Heights, not sure about what her career goals are. She also wonders how far her
relationship with Kenny should go and whichever he really wants to wait till marriage or
not. When Hikari shows up, Samantha is first turned off by her attitude but quickly
understands her and the two forms a bond with Hikari calling her neesan.
Season 5: Sadden by Henry’s fate; Samantha decides to continue the fight so others will
not suffer from a worse fate. As Samantha’s love for Kenny grows, she becomes a star
pupil in a class teach by a young professor, who everyone convinces has a romantic
interest in her. But Samantha thinks they are wrong and that he is just a good teacher.
After discovering that they are right, Samantha is upset that he will tries to take
advantage of their student-teacher relationship and Samantha makes a life-changing
choice: she will become a teacher who cares about her students.
Season 6:

David Masters
Alias: Battle Green (Season 1-3)
DOB: May 21, 1992
Age: (Season 1) 16, (Season 2) 17, (Season 3) 18, (Season 4) 19, (Season 5) 20, (Season
6) 21
Weapons: Battle Lance (Season 1), Battle Laser (Season 1-3), Battle Cycle (Season 1-2),
Ultra Lance (Season 2), X-Lance (Season 3), Battle Armored Cycle (Season 3)
Mechadum: Battle Jet (co-piloted w/Battle Pink) (Season 1), Battle Submarine (co-
piloted w/Battle Orange) (Season 2), Battle Racer (Season 3)
Description: Season 1: David is always interest in technology and how they work. But
David is far from been a nerd, he’s athletic, often spending his free time playing sports
with his friends. He even has some interests in joining the high school basketball team.
Out of his friends, David has the biggest love life, had dated several girls since he had
became old enough to dates.
Season 2: Upon starting his junior year, David joins the basketball team, something he
tried to do the previous year but couldn’t because of a demon attack. David won’t let his
involvement in the team interferences with his other team, his interest in technology, or
his love life, which is made more interested when he meets a red haired woman.
Season 3: David is back for his senior year at Crestview Heights North High, with an
increased interest in technology. An interest that was intensified after the Battle
Defenders meet the Rescue Unit. But David continues to find time for basketball, dating,
and athletic hobbies. Although David’s life becomes complicated when he finds out a girl
he dated a while back has a baby girl (not David’s).
Season 4: With two weeks before the fall term begins, David tells his friends he had been
accepted to MIT, with Jeremy already knew. After David selected Jeremy as his
replacement, and his friends become the Battle Defenders Zodiac, David leaves for MIT.
Season 5: Is absent all season.
Season 6: Is absent all season.

Holly Barryson
Alias: Battle Orange (Season 1-3), Zodiac Battle Orange (Season 4), Cyberforce Battle
Proto (Season 5)
DOB: March 1, 1992
Age: (Season 1) 16, (Season 2) 17, (Season 3) 18, (Season 4) 19, (Season 5) 20, (Season
6) 21
Weapons: Battle Axe (Season 1), Battle Laser (Season 1-3), Battle Cycle (Season 1-2),
Ultra Axe (Season 2), X-Axe (Season 3), Battle Armored Cycle (Season 3), Ox Axe
(Season 4), Zodiac Flyer (Season 4), Horse Axe (Season 4)
Mechadum: Battle Tank (Season 1), Battle Submarine (co-piloted w/Battle Green)
(Season 2), Battle Gunner (Season 3), Zodiac Ox (Season 4), Zodiac Horse (Season 4)
Description: Season 1: Never afraid to speak her mind, Holly can’t be claimed of been
shy, usually. She considers Kenny Estelle to be her best friend, often trying to get him to
be more confident and less shy. She also hides a secret desire to form a romantic
relationship but don’t come out to him about it for fear of losing her best friend. She also
doesn’t have a successful love life as guys she dates usually are jerks or breaks their
Season 2: When Holly returns for her junior year, she had made the decision to only
think about Kenny Estelle as a friend. Also her relationship with Samantha Qualli are
better with them talk about personal issues a lot. Holly also forms a quick friendship with
Kelly Parston, as Holly is one of the few people who treat her like a normal girl.
Season 3: Holly is back for her senior year; as she continues to be the one Samantha
Qualli and Kelly Parston go to when they need to talk about Holly’s best friend, Kenny
Estelle. Holly continues to speak her mind including telling her friends when they’re out
of line or in over their heads.
Season 4: Now beginning classes at University of Crestview Heights with her friends,
Holly is ready for the new experience. After reuniting with her old friend again (who had
turned lesbian), Holly starts to question her own sexuality, and first once in her life is too
nervous to talk to any of her friends (including her best friend Kenny) about it. When
Hikari shows up, Holly don’t form as close of a bond as Kenny and Samantha did, but
Holly do relate with her as Holly was also never close with her father.
Season 5: After Henry’s body was destroyed and his mind trapped inside their computer
network, Holly decides to name Hikari as her successor and returns to a normal life, for
now. Such a change allows her to focus on her schoolwork and finally makes a decision
and comes out of the closet to her friends. Eventually, when her friends were in danger,
Holly discovers a Battle Proto program and with great risk to her life, she becomes Battle
Proto to help her friends. Eventually, Holly seemly sacrifices her life to save her friends,
which sadden her friends, with her best friend, Kenny, takes it the worse. But unaware to
her friends, she survives and somehow ends up in the woods with her clothes destroyed
and her memories lost.
Season 6: Is absent all season; may return in crossover episodes with Wolf Pack.

Henry Takashi
Age: (Season 1) 37, (Season 2) 38, (Season 3) 39, (Season 4) 40, (Season 5) body dies,
mind lives on in a computer
Description: Season 1: Years ago, Henry was approached to join the Organization to
help in Project Battle, but when a demon attacks causes the lives of his comrades and
their base of operations are destroyed. After that he is determined to finishes what they
started and completes Project Battle, finds the ones who are destined to fight demons and
guides them in their quest to protect the planet from demons.
Season 2: Henry spends a summer in Japan, but barely spends anytime with his wife and
daughter, as planned. Instead he met someone from the Organization and they talks about
old times, which apparently was okay with his wife and made his daughter noticeable
angry. Now back in Crestview Heights, Henry is determined to create new weapons for
the Defenders to use against their returning enemies.
Season 3: With demon activity decreasing due to the lost of the Four Horsemen,
Beelzebub, and Hades, Henry thinks things will be better. That is till Pandora’s Box is
open, now Henry is more determined then ever to help the Battle Defenders defeat the
forces of evil. He, regretfully, neglects his daughter in Japan, as he misses her calls and
takes forever to call her back.
Season 4: With his bookstore destroyed, Henry, with help from Samantha, sets up a new
bookstore in the mall and uses an old Organization base as the Battle Defenders’ new
base of operations. Leaving Samantha as the manager, Henry spends most of his time at
the base. When he found out his wife had passed away, Henry was sadden that he wasn’t
there with her, but is determined to be a better father to Hikari then he has been. And
while Hikari gives him the cold shoulder at first, with Kenny’s help the two gets close.
Season 5: After a bomb went off, Henry’s body was destroyed but his mind was blasted
into their system transportation beam, causing his mind to be trapped in the base
computer network. But even with his body gone, Henry is determined to help in the fight,
and designs the weapons to help the Battle Defenders, although he must recruit them to
do the physical work.
Season 6:

Jeremy Anders
Alias: Battle White (Season 1-3), Zodiac Battle Green (Season 4), Cyberforce Battle
Green (Season 5), Dragonlight Battle Green (Season 6)
Age: (Season 1) 16, (Season 2) 17, (Season 3) 18, (Season 4) 19, (Season 5) 20, (Season
6) 21
Weapons: Battle Tri-Blaster, Battle Mobile (Season 2-3), Monkey Lance (Season 4),
Zodiac Flyer (Season 4), Rat Lance (Season 4)
Mechadum: Battle Tri-Copter/Copter Mechadum (Season 1-2), Zodiac Monkey (Season
4), Zodiac Rat (Season 4), Viekas the Dragon (Season 6)
Description: Season 1: Throughout his life, Jeremy doesn’t have many friends, usually
keeping to his self. Jeremy is never closes to his father, especially after Jeremy’s mother
passed away. When Jeremy wants something he works hard to get it, whenever it is to
takes part-time job to get a new car or wants to go out with a girl, he will not let up till
she agrees to go out with him. And he could get jealous easy if he thinks he will loses her
to another guy.
Season 2: During the summer, Jeremy had made a deal with Valrie, the white skinned
woman. She will help Jeremy gets back Samantha and he will help her to resurrect her
husband. When he returns to Crestview Heights, Jeremy is determined to rejoin the Battle
Defenders and gets Samantha back, including allowing Valrie uses her magic to make her
wants to date him.
Season 3: Back for his senior year, Jeremy had changed for the better. He admits to now
having good friends and he wants to protect them and keeps them safe. He also accepts
Samantha Qualli’s wishes to just be friends and when she hooks up with Kenny Estelle,
Jeremy tells him, in a friendly matter, to never hurt her like he had. When he sacrifices
his armor to save kids, Jeremy is still determined to help his friends even if he can’t fight
alongside them.
Season 4: Beginning classes at University of Crestview Heights, Jeremy is surprises that
David chooses him as his successor but their friends agree with the suggestion. But as
Jeremy returns to been a hero and a student, he realizes college is a lot harder then high
school, both in grades and popularity, leading to him trying to join a Fraternity and gets
Kenny to join with him. When Hikari shows up, Jeremy doesn’t hang out with her as
much as his friends though he also didn’t had a good relationship with his father, either.
Season 5: Shocked by what happened to Henry, Jeremy is more determined then ever to
stop the oncoming alien invasion. But as he juggles fighting evil with his school work,
Jeremy is finding its harder then he thought to balance the two, eventually leading to him,
dropping out and becomes an employee at the bookstore.\
Season 6:

Kelly Parston
Age: (Season 2) 17, (Season 3) 18, (Season 4) 19, (Season 5) 20, (Season 6) 21
Description: Season 2: A popular pop star singer who started her career when she was
fourteen years old. Since then she had releases four CDs (including a Christmas
compilation), made several music videos, guest starred in couple TV shows, and almost
star in her own movie before production was shut down. Shortly after turning seventeen,
Kelly decides to go back to regular high school, going to Crestview Heights North High
School, which was where her parents met. While there most people she meets treats her
like a star, which expects including Kenny Estelle and Holly Barryson, which leads to
Kelly develops an attraction to Kenny.
Season 3: Kelly returns for her senior year and continues to want a normal life. As the
year continues she tries to start a romantic relationship with Kenny Estelle, but faces his
shyness as an obstacle. She also faces pressure to continue her career but attempt to keep
normality in her life. She starts to see the Battle Defenders as heroes and even starting to
idols Battle Violet, which Holly Barryson thinks is irony.
Season 4: Now that Kenny is dating Samantha, Kelly decides to move on and decides to
instead of starting college right after high school, she starts in a movie that is been filmed
in the area. But Kelly is determined to leads a balance life with normality. As time goes
on, she’s starting to notice more and more that her friends are continuing leaving and
Season 5: With her movie in post-production, Kelly starts classes at University of
Crestview Heights. But just like when she began going to Crestview Heights North High
School, people treats her like a star, expect for her friends. She also gets more suspicious
of her friends, especially when she stops seeing Henry.
Season 6:

Hikari Takashi
Alias: Zodiac Battle Tiger (Season 4), Cyberforce Battle Orange (Season 5), Dragonlight
Battle Orange (Season 6)
DOB: January 30, 1995
Age: (Season 4) 16, (Season 5) 17, (Season 6) 18
Weapons: Tiger Sword (Season 4), Rabbit Sword (Season 4), Zodiac Caller: Pig (Season
Mechadum: Zodiac Tiger (Season 4), Zodiac Rabbit (Season 4), Voimakas the Dragon
(Season 6)
Description: Season 4: When Hikari was a baby, her father, Henry, with her mother’s
support, left to join the Organization and creates the weapons to fight demons. Since then
Hikari barely sees her father or hear from him, usually only during short visits or short
phone calls. When she begins junior high school, Hikari joins the fencing club and
becomes a pro in just couple years. After she begins high school, Hikari’s mother
becomes sick and the doctors seem to be unable to cure her. On her deathbed, Hikari’s
mother gives her a key for an airport locker. After her mother’s funeral, Hikari opens the
locker and discovers a powerless Transformer. That night, the last night she spends in
Japan before flying off to her father, her Transformer becomes fused with the power of
the Zodiac. After arriving in America, Hikari becomes Battle Tiger and hides her identity,
till Kenny figure it out and convinces her to tell her father and gets to know him before its
too late. Because of this she forms a bond with Kenny, calling him niisan, and eventually
forms a bond with Samantha, calling her neesan.
Season 5: Hikari is the most hurt when her father seemly died, thinking she’s is all by
herself, till her friends tell Hikari she isn’t alone. But Hikari is happy to see her father is
alive, even if it’s just his mind. Even though Hikari wants a normal relationship with her
father, she is happy that he is still alive. Hikari is surprises when Holly names her as the
new Battle Orange, but uses her own skills to make the role her own. Hikari also starts
dating, and now goes to her friends, as well as her father, for advice.
Season 6:

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four demons created by Hades, a creature of
pure power and hatred. Hades created them to start preparing Earth for his eventual
escape from the Underworld which had been prophesized to happen at the turn of the first
decade after the second millennium (2010).

Description: Riding a white horse, carrying a bow, and wearing a crown. Conquest’s and
his servants’ goal is to causes others to conquered, which would includes incite

Description: Riding a red horse and carrying a sword. War’s and his servant’s goal is to
takes away peace and causes people to kill each other.

Description: Riding a black horse and carrying a balance (wearing scales). Famine’s and
his servants’ goal is to causes famine and mass starvation.

Description: Riding a pale horse and carrying a scythe. Death’s and his servant’s goal is
to simply causes death.

Description: A demon born of pure evil, which lightly resembles a fly. Beelzebub was
send to Earth by Hades to help the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, by increasing their
powers and creates Super Dustoids, but Beelzebub seems to have an agenda of his own.

Series plans:
Season 1:
1-13: Henry chooses Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly as the Battle Defenders.
Samantha starts dating Jeremy.
Holly realizes Kenny has feelings for Samantha.
Halloween episode.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse reveal their selves to the Battle Defenders.
The Battle Defenders learn of the Four Horseman’s mission.

14-26: The Battle Defenders get their Power Adaptors.
Christmas episode.
The Battle Defenders learn about the fifth Transformer.
Jeremy finds out Samantha is Battle Pink.
Jeremy becomes Battle White.

27-40: Jeremy challenges Kenny for leadership of the Battle Defenders.
Jeremy receives the Battle Tri-Copter.
After Kenny saves them, the other Defenders (minus Jeremy) vote Kenny as their leader.
The Four Horseman plans on sealing the city within a barrier and fills their orb with
negative electron causing it to explode and destroys the city.
Jeremy’s father dies.
Jeremy leaves, saying there’s nothing for him there and he’s has no friends.
The Defenders destroy the orb with positive electron and seals against the Four
Horseman, before lowering the barrier.
Jeremy sees the Defenders won on the news, when he is approaches a white skinned

Movie: The Spring of Life

Season 2:
41-53: Kelly Parston becomes a main character.
Beelzebub is send to free the Four Horseman, increasing their powers, and allows them to
create Super Dustoids.
Kelly becomes interests in Kenny, while Samantha realizes her attraction to him.
Battle Mechadum is destroyed, causing Henry to locate an old Organization base that
houses three new Mechadum that forms the Magna Mechadum.
The Defenders acquire their Ultra Weapons.
A woman from child service is looking for Jeremy, who is still under eighteen.
At the end of episode 53, Jeremy returns.

54-66: Kenny becomes worry that Samantha will start dating Jeremy again.
The white skinned woman kills the woman from child service and assumes her form.
Holly finds out about Jeremy’s deal with the white skinned woman, so he will gets what
he want if Jeremy helps revive the woman’s husband.
When Jeremy realizes the revival process requires a human sacrifice he turns against her
and help his friends destroy her.
Jeremy earns back the Defenders’ trust, with it’s being the hardest to earn Samantha’s
trust back.
New Year episode, Hades is free from the underworld.

67-80: The Defenders are sent to a future where they failed to stop Hades.
Hades absorbs each of the Four Horsemen to makes himself stronger.
Jeremy receives his Battle Mobile.
Copter Mechadum is destroyed by a giant Beelzebub.
Beelzebub betrays Hades and absorbs him to make his self stronger.
The Defenders manage to kill Beelzebub by self-destructs a barely reconstructed Battle
Mechadum, but Hades is self alive.
The Battle Defenders work together to kills Hades.

Season 3:
80-93: Three part special where the Battle Defenders meet the Emergency Protection
Force: Rescue Unit (an adaptation of Tomica Rescue Hero Force).
Pandora’s Box is open, releasing Ehtruv Teiel (rearranges the words to spell “the true
evil”) who forms a group of followers (demons that worship him).
Ehtruv Teiel attacks BookZ to sends a message to the Battle Defenders and injures
Ehtruv Teiel sends a demon that destroys the Magna Mechadum.
Henry meets the only other surviving member of the Organization (and one of the eldest
members) who reveals the existence of the original alien blueprints for the Mechadum
which had been lost to time.
The Battle Defenders (minus Jeremy) finds the Mechadum which can combines to form
the Mental Mechadum.
Samantha informs her friends that her parents want to move her away from all the
dangers but they made it her final decision.
Kenny tells Samantha he doesn’t want her to go because he will miss her too much.
Samantha decides to stay and thanks Kenny.
Jeremy sacrifices his armor to save a group of kids.

94-106: A month of ninjas where the Defenders meet, fight against and alongside the
Shinobi X.
Kenny and Samantha start to date.

107-120: The Defenders attend their prom.
BookZ is destroyed.
The Defenders defeat the rest of Ethruv Teiel’s followers and seals away Ethruv Teiel.

Season 4 (Battle Defenders Zodiac):
121-133: The Defenders, Jeremy, and Kelly start college.
Earth becomes under attack from beings from another dimension.
The Defenders’ armors and Mechadum are destroyed.
David leaves for MIT, with Jeremy as his replacement.
The Defenders acquire their Zodiac powers, new armors, and new Mechadum that can
form the Zodiac Mechadum.
Samantha helps Henry opens a new book store in the mall.

134-146: Hikari, Henry’s daughter, arrives to live with him after her mother passes away.
Battle Tiger appears and fight demons.
Kenny realizes Hikari is Battle Tiger and convinces her to tell her father and tries to have
a relationship with her father.
The Defenders acquire their second set of zodiac based Mechadum.


147-160: A planted bomb destroys part of the Battle Defenders’ base and kills Henry.

Season 5 (Battle Defenders Cyberforce):
161-173: The Battle Defenders discover Henry’s brainwaves had been uploaded to an
advanced computer system.
Alien invaders attack Earth, causing the Battle Defenders to acquire new armor, new
weapons, and new Mechadum.
Holly rejects the position of Battle Orange and gives it to Hikari, saying she wants a
normal life, for now.

174-186: Holly becomes Battle Proto, using prototyped technology that almost kills her.

187-200: Holly seemly sacrifices her life to save her friends.

Movie: Light of the Dragons

Season 6 (Battle Defenders Dragonlight):

Emergency Protection Force: Rescue Unit (during Season 3)

Wolf Pack (during Season 6-)
1/101: “Battle Ready, pt. 1”
Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly begin their sophomore year at high school. Kenny
and Samantha get jobs at a new bookstore; David tries to find a girl he met during
summer break; and Holly tries to find her history class. That plus a demon is causing
people to become sucidial and a secret computer lab at the back of the bookstore.

2/102: “Battle Ready, pt. 2”
Kenny, Samantha, David, and Holly got a lot to think about: will they use the armor and
weapons to fight demons or not? Their decision might be thrust upon them, when the
demon, that been causing people to become sucidial, sets his sight on David’s summer

3/103: “Normal Isn’t the Watchword”
The Defenders try to return to normal life which is harder said than done when a demon
causes fires that could become fatal quick.

4/104: “Teamwork is the Keyword”
David and Holly is partner on a class assignment, but faces teamwork issues both in the
classroom and on the battlefield. As this transpires, Jeremy asks Samantha out, to
Kenny’s disappointment.

5/105: “First Date Jitters”
Samantha has her first date, with Jeremy, but when a demon increases people’s fears,
Samantha must summon the courage to act before it’s too late.

6/106: “And He Shall Lead Them”
Kenny must face his self-confident problems, when he is chosen as the Battle Defenders’
leader, especially when his friends’ lives are on the line.

7/107: “Starvation Destruction”
Samantha starts to think she is overweight and tries a starvation diet that could quickly
become dangerous.

8/108: “Homecoming”
The Homecoming dance is coming up and as everyone gets ready, a demon feeds on a
girl’s anger at been rejected that could leads to her wanting revenge.

9/109: “The Old and the Restless”
David and Suzie are getting along great; with David even think saying he loves her. But
is she really Ms. Right or a danger to David’s health, and his youth.

10/110: “Fright Night”
The Battle Defenders get ready to go to a Halloween costume party, but when Conquest
casts a spell that turn everyone in Crestview Heights into the creature they dress as; this
might be a Halloween none of them will forget.
11/111: “The Face of Evil”
As Henry tries to find the source of the spell on Halloween, Holly tries to help a friend
who might go down the wrong path. But when all is said and done, the Battle Defenders
will come face to face with their greatest enemies.

12/112: “A Nightmarish Birthday”
Tired from school, work, chores, and fight the forces of evil, Kenny are happy when his
friends throw him a small birthday party. But when he goes back to sleep at home, he
might never wake up again when Death targets him in his sleep.

13/113: “Ghost of Friend Past”
Samantha starting to think she’s seeing things when she swear she had been seeing a
ghost following her. Had Samantha lost her mind or is a ghost really stalks her?

14/114: “Inner Demons and Outer Demons”
Henry must face his own past when the demon that attacked the Organization’s base
returns. Meanwhile Samantha gets tire of her parents continuing arguing.

15/115: “Transmission Cancel”
While Henry is on a retreat, the Defenders face trouble when a demon influences all of
the transmissions within the city, including conversations. Trouble arrives when the
demon’s power causes their Transformers to stop working.

16/116: “The Fifth Element”
The Defenders try to track down the fifth Transformer, their computer detects. But their
personal lives interfere. If that worse, Samantha’s parents arguing are getting worse.

17/117: “Fire and Oil”
Two demons in a roll: the first causes strange rain to fall while the second threaten to
ignite the (oil) rain, burning the entire city in a flash.

18/118: “A Xmas to Remember”
Kenny races to find the perfect present for Samantha; Samantha, with Jeremy’s help,
gives her parents a romantic dinner as they had fell in love on Christmas Eve; David ends
up becoming a mall Santa; Holly meets a demon who doesn’t wants to destroy or kill.

19/119: “The Flu”
With Kenny sick at home with the flu, the Defenders must fend for their selves when a
demon threat to infect everyone with the Black Death. Meanwhile Jeremy’s starting to
get jealous of Samantha and Kenny’s relationship.

20/120: “Attraction”
A new beautiful girl is getting every guy’s attention (expect for Kenny), but is there more
to this girl then meets the eye?

21/121: “Green-Eyes Monster”
Conquest sends a demon that causes inner jealous to boil over. This same demon
influences Jeremy’s jealous of Samantha’s friendship with Kenny, causing him to attack
the young secret hero.

22/122: “Hero or Zero”
Holly meets a retired police cop who, due to a demon’s influences, tries to reclaim the
glory of been a hero. Can Holly prevent him from ending his life, meanwhile Samantha
gets angry at Jeremy’s childish jealousness?

23/123: “Running to the Ground”
Kenny meets a runner on the school’s track team, who is tricked by a demon, who agrees
to give him the endurance he needs to win while giving the demon his life energy.
Meanwhile Samantha’s attempts at keeping her biggest secret from Jeremy finally failed.

24/124: “A White Flash”
The Defenders find the fifth Transformer, with the Four Horsemen sends a demon to
prevent them from getting a new member. It’s become a race to the finish but who will
get his hands on the fifth Transformer will shocks everyone.

25/125: “A New Team”
While Henry is working on finishing an old project, the Defenders work on improving
their new team. Meanwhile the Four Horsemen sends the Hail Mary Brothers to destroy
the new team.

26/126: “Lost & Found”
David misplaces his Transformer, causing to look around everywhere and retrace his
steps so he can find it to help his friends. Meanwhile Jeremy discovers who the
Organization intended to be the leader of the Battle Defenders.

27/127: “Challenge of Leadership”
Knowing that his Transformer was meant for the leader, Jeremy reads about the challenge
of leadership and challenges Kenny to it, which he lost. Now that Jeremy is their leader,
the Battle Defenders must fight off the Hail Mary Brothers (minus one).

28/128: “The Real Challenge of Leadership”
With only one Hail Mary Brother left, he is determined to have his revenge. Jeremy is
determined to leads his team to finish him off but when Kenny suspects a trap, would
Jeremy’s refusal causes him to leads the team to their death.

29/129: “Torn”
Samantha is torn between Jeremy and Kenny, when the former gets angry at her for
siding with the latter. But things get real complicated when a demon’s spell causes her to
be literal torn between the two, creating two Samanthas. And if she isn’t put back
together and soon, both Samanthas will die.

30/130: “Sound Bite”
When Holly tries to kill the silence at BookZ, she plays Kelly Parston’s new CD, when
they discover a demon had increased the sound of the CD to dangerous levels. To save
the day the Defenders must find this demon before the pop star’s singing kills the city.
Meanwhile Jeremy learns that his father might face a grim fate.

31/131: “Hyper Energy”
David had discovered a new energy drink that gave him endless energy before learning a
demon had infused the drink with his power. If the demon is destroyed soon, David will
runs out of juice and burns out. Meanwhile with his father in the hospital, Jeremy had
separated himself from the other Defenders and Samantha.

32/132: “Virus”
When Holly tries to use Henry’s computer to find a match for her at school, she
accidentally allows a virus to effects the computer causing the Defenders’ armors and
weapons failing and Battle Warrior to runs wild. All the while Samantha tries to console
Jeremy, who wants to be left alone.

33/133: “Can You Speak Up?”
A demon’s spell causes Kenny to lose his hearing, but as the world falls on deaf’s ear for
the young hero, he becomes scarily frighten. As Samantha tries to help him find the
strength to continue, Jeremy has a heart to heart with his father.

34/134: “Secrets”
A demon attack causes secrets to be reveal including (but not limited to) Kenny’s crush
on Samantha and Holly’s desire to date her best friend (Kenny). But as secrets cause
relationships to be tested, Jeremy faces a terrible tragedy.

35/135: “Darkness Fall”
A demon causes the sun over Crestwood City to black out, leaving the entire city in a
blanket of darkness. As Jeremy wants to be left alone, the Defenders must find a way to
return the sun before the lack of light causes a tragedy.

36/136: “Jeremy’s Choice”
As Samantha discovers what Jeremy is planning on doing now that his father had passed,
the Four Horsemen had grew angry at the Defenders’ interferences and plan on leading
the Defenders to their doom.

37/137: “Counting Down Clock”
The Defenders barely survives the attempt on their life, but now they must stop the Four
Horsemen from completing their next plan, encasing the entire city in a giant barrier, as a
former hero is leaving.

38/138: “Entrapment”
Down the city, and its population, are trapped the Defenders are out of time. As the
heroes search for a way to save the day, they face fears and crisis as the world around
them is seemly coming to an end.
39/139: “Evacuation Plan”
Now the Defenders know there is a hope to free the city’s population, they must hurry as
the Four Horsemen are filling their orb with negative electrons to destroy the entire city
in a massive explosion.

40/140: “Positive Charged”
Now the city’s population is freed and Kenny had sent his friends out of the barrier so
they can continue fighting if he failed to stop the Four Horsemen. In the end, it will take
teamwork and a little luck to save the day.

41/201: “Dawn of a Demon”
As the Defenders start their junior year at high school they are join by pop star singer,
Kim Parston. Meanwhile Beelzebub frees the Four Horsemen (on order by Hades),
increases their powers and turns the Dustoids into Super Dustoids. Will the Defenders be
able to defeat this new threat?

42/202: “Last Stand”
With the Mechadum destroyed, Henry leaves to acquire new Mechadum. Meanwhile for
the Defenders to return to their normal lives after some a gruesome defeat is easer said
than done.

43/203: “Online”
Henry barely saves his friends with the introduction of the Ultra Weapons, but it would
takes getting the new Mechadum online to stop a demon from activating a giant bomb
that would destroys all of the city’s population.

44/204: “Nightmare World”
The Horsemen try to kills the Defenders in their own nightmares as they face their
insecure and dreads for the future. Meanwhile Kelly faces attention from most of her
male classmates.

45/205: “Death’s Hand”
Beelzebub convinces Death to create his own personal demon to kill the Defenders;
meanwhile Samantha realizes she’s starting to get jealous over Kelly’s apparent interest
in Kenny.

46/206: “Brother’s Keeper”
Kenny’s brother is in town and he airs his disappointment at his brother’s apparent
irresponsibility. But Kenny might face double trouble when he and his friends must fight
a demon who can summons uncontrollable winds.

47/207: “

48/208: “
49/209: “

50/210: “Sense & Sensibility”
Beelzebub casts a spell on the Battle Defenders that affects a different sense for each of
them (Kenny’s sight, Samantha’s hearing, Holly’s voice, and David’s smell). But as
Henry tries to figure out what happened and how to fix it, the Battle Defenders soon
realize how dangerous their predicament is becoming.

80/301: “Rescuing Heroes, pt. 1” (summer three days special)
Henry sends the Defenders to New Groove City to investigate a demon signal so large
that they can detect it in Crestview Heights. While there they meet Emergency Protection
Force: Rescue Unit and help them in a rescue.

81/302: “Rescuing Heroes, pt. 2” (summer three days special)
Adaptation: Tomica Rescue Hero Force episode 1
While the Rescue Unit goes on a rescue mission, the Defenders investigate the demon
signal in their new friends’ hometown. Meanwhile Kelly shows up at BookZ, looking for
Kenny, to Henry’s annoyance.

82/303: “Rescuing Heroes, pt. 3” (summer three days special)
Adaptation: Tomica Rescue Hero Force episode ?
The Defenders team up with their new friends the Rescue Unit to rescue Jeremy from the
demon the Defenders had been hunting. Meanwhile Kelly comes close to discover her
friends’ secret.

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