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					Regional transportation

Highways: Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway,

Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway, Wuxi-Yixing Expressway, Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway, Along-the-Yangtze-River

Expressway, No. 312 National Highway and No. 104 National Highway. Three major expressways in China,

Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Tongjiang-Sanya Expressway and Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway join here.

Railways: Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Xinyi-Changxing Railway and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway

(under plan)

Ports and Harbors: Shanghai Harbor (165km away) and Jiangyin Port (38km away from the city proper)

Shipping: Yangtze River, Tai Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, Wuxi-Jiangyin Canal and North Wuxi Canal etc.

Airports: Wuxi Airport (domestic civil airport), Shanghai Pudong International Airport (180km away from Wuxi),

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (120km away from Wuxi) and Nanjing Lukou International Airport

(180km away from Wuxi)

Economic Power

Manufacturing industry of Wuxi contributes over 50% to the total GDP with its industrial scale ranked 6th and its

industrial technology level taking leading in all large and medium mainland cities. Through continuous adjustment

of economic and industrial structure in recent years, Wuxi has become one of the important manufacturing centers

in Yangtze River Delta with five pillar industries as electronics and IT, mechanical electronic integration &

automobile production, high-grade textile &apparel processing, bioengineering & pharmaceuticals and new

material. Wuxi is now quickening the development of supporting service industry for the purpose of building itself

into an international manufacturing base and equipping itself with convenient and efficient business environment.
At present, a multi-level scientific innovative base has taken shape in Wuxi composed of scientific park, Software

Park, key lab, engineering technology center and industrialization base. Wuxi has been awarded “National Leading

City in Advanced Technology” for continuous five times and got 11 national-level scientific innovative titles as

National IC Design Industrialization Base, National Industrial Design Park, National Torch Plan Software Industry

Base, National Key City for Manufacturing Information Engineering and National Pilot City for Patent etc. The

added value of high and new tech industry took up over 35% to that of those big enterprises, which have a yearly

sales income of RMB 5million.

There have been 72 Fortune 500 companies having invested in Wuxi with 134 projects.

Customs and Logistics

Wuxi has category-1 and category-2 ports, which enables “door-to-door” service for import and export by “CIF

Wuxi”. Investors could enjoy a lot of convenience through public bonded warehouse, hi-tech logistics center and

“Green Passage” customs clearance serving hi and new-tech enterprises. Wuxi is now accelerating the construction

of “electronic port” and has fixed electronic inspection and clearance software for major import and export

enterprises. The open of air-land transfer mode connecting Shanghai-Wuxi and Shenzhen-Wuxi speeded up the

clearance of import and export through air transportation in Wuxi.

Wuxi has fixed its focus for developing logistics as build up wholesale and retail logistics closely connected with

E-business, build up warehouse and port logistics serving manufacturing enterprises and introduce international

logistics companies in order to strengthen its key position for logistics in Yangtze River Delta.

Development Zones

Well-planed and standardized-furnished development Zones of Wuxi have been the top choice for outside

investors, who can enjoy “one-stop” comprehensive services including industrial and commercial bureau, taxation
bureau, customs, commodity inspection bureau, finance and insurance etc. In addition, export processing zone, fast

and easy customs clearance office and public bonded warehouse etc. in development zone provide a lot of

convenience to investors. There are altogether 4 national-level development zones, 11 provincial-level

development zones and 2 municipal-level key parks with respective characteristics and attract investment from

outside in different areas.

Human Resources

Wuxi is extolled as “cradle of academician” and “cradle of education” and boasts more than 70 academicians of

Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, who are native to or work for a long time in

Wuxi, and 285.9 thousand professionals & technicians in various kinds.

Wuxi has 11 separate tertiary colleges as South-of-Yangtze-River University. There are 548 persons having junior

college certificate or above in each 10 thousand people in 2004. The percentage of people, who have high

education and aged 18 to 22, has reached 46%.

There is an input of 25 thousand labor forces every year with additional 100 thousand technicians trained in recent

two years, which could meet the requirement of foreign-invested enterprises.

Living Environment

Wuxi takes leading in Jiangsu province in road area, living area per capita, air quality index and living quality

index. Wuxi is a State Garden City with a green coverage of 37%.

Wuxi has a lot of high grade villas and apartments as Venice Garden, Lijing Garden, Lihu Taide New Town etc,

which make you feel at home.
Wuxi boasts advanced hotel industry like Wuxi Taihu Hotel, Wuxi Hubin Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Wuxi Taihu Lake

Resort Holiday Hotel, Wuxi Jinjiang Hotel and Wuxi Grand Hotel etc. which are all international high grade hotels

and could serve foreign guests.

Wuxi, extolled as “Junior Shanghai”, boasts prosperous business and convenient shopping facilities of big

department stores as Wuxi Babaiban Department Store, Commercial Mansion, New World Department Store,

Parkson Department Store, Ocean Department Store, No. 1 Department Store and Baoli Mansion etc. and

foreign-funded shopping center as Wal-Mart, METRO, Carrefore, Auchen, Lotus, B & Q, OBI etc. which are very

popular among foreign guests.

Wuxi has complete medical care system with 37 comprehensive hospitals, 18 special hospitals, and 6 medical

hospitals for Chinese traditional medicine or together with western medicine, which could provide considerate and

modernized medical care services.

Children of foreign residents here in Wuxi could also enjoy sound school facilities: Wuxi International School,

Wuxi New District International School, Nanyang International School, Taide International School and Guanghua

International School can provide top grade education by employing foreign teachers and adopting modern teaching

method combining computer network and traditional classroom.

You could enjoy rich cultural and entertainment facilities in Wuxi as theatres, pubs, golf course, sports center and

stadium, library, national-level resort holiday zone and church, mosque etc., which would make your life even

more perfect.

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