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					                                      PSA Membership News
                                                                                                Edition 27       Tuesday 8 June 2010

                                                                                          VIKING RIVER CRUISES
                                                                                         ANNOUNCES $250 MILLION
                                                                                     FLEET DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME
  Norfolkline Hosts Commemorative Events
  for 70th Anniversary of Operation Dynamo                        V    iking River Cruises, the world leader in the river cruise industry,
                                                                       has released details of its fleet development programme, which

A    ward-winning ferry operator, Norfolkline, hosted a day of
     commemorative events to mark the 70th anniversary of
Operation Dynamo, the codename for the Dunkirk evacuation
                                                                  includes eight new builds and two comprehensive refurbishments: a
                                                                  $250 million commitment over the next three years.
                                                                  Adding eight new vessels will bring the total number of ships operated
of 1940 on 27 May. The events comprised a special
                                                                  by the company to 26, an increase in capacity of more than 40%, thus
commemorative sailing from Dover to Dunkirk for World War II
                                                                  reinforcing Viking s position as the world s largest river cruise line. The
veterans and their families, as well as army cadets and
                                                                  first new ship, Viking Prestige, will premier in Europe in 2011. Also
school children. The Lord Lieutenant led a formal farewell
                                                                  making its debut in 2011, Viking Emerald will sail in China as a
ceremony at Dover, along with other VIPs, including the High
                                                                  replacement for Viking Century Sun. Additional European vessels
Sheriff of Dover and Charlie Elphick, the new MP for Dover.
                                                                  will follow in 2012 and 2013.
In Dunkirk, 50 French veterans and a choir of school children
joined the British veterans and school children onboard the
Norfolkline ship. The Maersk Dover then sailed to the Eastern
docks in Dunkirk, where it greeted the arrival of the Little
Ships with a commemorative ceremony involving a blessing
from senior French clergy, as well as music and singing from
the Royal Choral Society, the choir of French school children
and the Regimental Parachute band. A bugle player gave a
moving rendition of The Last Post , and a minute s silence
was observed as a mark of respect. The school children and
veterans then scattered rose petals into the water and
released doves as a symbol of peace.

                                                                                               Viking Legend
                                                                   Over the past decade, Viking has established river cruising as a
                                                                  mainstream means of travel said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking
                                                                  River Cruises. At the same time, we believe that river cruising is still
                                                                  in its infancy and has tremendous growth potential. Our fleet plans will
                                                                  benefit the industry as a whole by increasing supply in a marketplace
                                                                  in which demand is exceeding available inventory.
                                                                  Since entering the North American market in 2000, Viking River
                                                                  Cruises has continued to set the standard for the industry with
                                                                  best-in-class river cruise ships, award-winning service, outstanding
                                                                  quality and all-inclusive itineraries offered at a competitive price.

                                                                             CLUBB STEPS DOWN FROM VIKING
                                                                  One of the travel industry s longest serving members, Graham Clubb,
                                                                   announced on 3 June his retirement from Viking River Cruises UK

                                                                  A    fter more than 30 years in the travel business, Graham Clubb
                                                                       steps down as Chairman of Viking River Cruises UK to enjoy
                                                                  more leisure time and to explore other areas of interest. As Chairman
                                                                  of Viking River Cruises UK, Graham was responsible for the full
                                                                  integration and establishment of Viking in the UK, setting up the
                                                                  company s new head office in Wimbledon and implementing new
       A proud veteran reflects onboard Maersk Dover              systems to enable the company to grow its share of the UK market.
In the evening, Norfolkline hosted an exclusive dinner for 200
                                                                  Bill Gibbons, Director PSA, paid tribute to Graham Clubb commenting
people on a specially designed dining room created with
                                                                   Graham is a well-known, respected industry figure and former member
parachute silks on one of the ship s decks. Guests included war
                                                                  of the PSA Council of Management. He and I have worked closely
veterans from France and the UK, as well as representatives
                                                                  together over the past two years to establish a river cruise committee
of the Polish embassy in France and England, and the Dunkirk
                                                                  in order to better promote river cruising to the public, media and travel
Mayor s office. Guest speakers included a French historian
                                                                  trade in the UK. As a result of Graham s efforts, the PSA has recruited
and journalist, a veteran and a nurse who served in WW II
                                                                  three new river cruise members within the last year. I shall very much
and the deputy Mayor of Dunkirk, who awarded special medals
                                                                  miss working with him and wish him the very best for the future.
to the British veterans in recognition of their services and
bravery during the war. http://www.norfolkline.com                http://www.vikingrivercruises.co.uk
                                                                                            STEPHEN PARK T O BECOME
                    A word from the PSA Chairman, Lars Olsson                            NEW CHAIR OF PSA CRUISE SECTION

A   s my period as Chairman of the Passenger Shipping
    Association (PSA) is now coming to an end, I thought it
would be interesting to reflect back on some of the events and
                                                                                                         S    tephen Park, General
                                                                                                              Manager, NCL
                                                                                                         (Bahamas) Ltd., UK, Ireland,
developments during the last two years.                                                                  Middle East & Africa, is to
                                                                                                         become the new Chairman
When I took the helm in July 2008 I set out some strategic                                               of the PSA s Cruise
objectives that were agreed by the PSA Board. One area that I                                            Section.
was particularly keen to improve was the PSA s ability to make
its members views heard in matters of policy and lawmaking                                                Stephen takes over the role
and we have made good progress here. The PSA is now a              Lars Olsson
                                                                                                          from Peter Shanks,
reciprocal member of the UK Chamber of Shipping and we enjoy a close and                                  President and Managing
mutually beneficial partnership. The PSA has also been accepted as a member of
                                                                                         Stephen Park Director for Cunard Line, at
Maritime UK, the key lobbying group for shipping, ports and maritime business                             the Association s AGM on
and we have been able to input strongly into its manifesto.                             9 July. At the same time, Peter Shanks will
W e have experienced events that have had a short and sharp impact on our               become PSA Chairman, taking over the
businesses where the PSA has acted quickly on behalf of the members. For                position from Lars Olsson, Commercial
instance, the PSA took the lead early during the Swine Flu outbreak, producing a        Manager, Stena Line.
Maritime Health Protocol for passenger shipping that was adopted on a
European level; and the recent Volcanic Ash Cloud crisis saw the PSA taking             Stephen Park began his career in marketing
the main role in PR and in communication with the Department for Transport on           with Cadbury Schweppes and has
behalf of its members.                                                                  subsequently worked within a diverse range
                                                                                        of sectors and companies including Disney
There are other events that may cause more profound long term change for our            and Kerzner International.
members and the PSA has acted robustly. W e have, for instance, been
instrumental in seeing off the proposal to abandon the common travel area               On taking on the Chairmanship, Stephen
between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and in delaying and modifying a             said; I have a great passion for the cruise
potentially very damaging E-Borders scheme for passenger shipping. We also              industry and strongly believe in the work
lobbied strongly on the backdating of port rates, securing support that now hopefully   undertaken by the PSA, particularly the
will help to see the bill withdrawn. Two areas that have taken up a lot of my, and      sharing of knowledge and best practice, and
PSA, time are the EU Passenger Rights regulation for sea transport and IMO s            the professional training programmes
decision to dramatically reduce the sulphur level in marine fuel in Northern            championed by ACE. The industry faces
European Environmental Control Areas from 2015. We are working very closely             many opportunities and challenges in the
with the Department for Transport on the former, trying to influence the final          coming years and a strong PSA is
wording so both the interests of our passengers and those of our businesses are         paramount in the continuing development
protected. The sulphur reduction from 2015 has, as it stands, the potential to          of the industry.
almost double the fuel cost while sailing within a control area (the North Sea,
including the English Channel and the Baltic Sea, are currently key). The PSA has       Stephen also represents PSA Associate
been at the forefront of making UK Government and other key organisations               Members on the PSA Council of Management.
aware of the gravity of the issue and we are now also part of a growing pan European    http://www.the-psa.org
lobbying effort trying to influence the decision.
The PSA s Associate Membership Scheme has gone from strength to strength
and membership currently stands at 80 compared to 55 in 2008. W e have been
continually focusing on adding further value to associate members and have had           PSA Members & Associates
two successful networking events since 2009. The very positive response we
have received will mean that these events will now be planned annually. W e have           are invited to attend:
also formalised representation of the associate members on the PSA Board
and currently Stephen Park from NCL is the nominated spokesperson.
                                                                                              The PSA & ACE AGMs
The Promotion of Travel by Sea by the public is one on the PSA s longest
                                                                                                  & Luncheon
standing objectives. The PR function has been very much strengthened with the                   Kindly Sponsored By
arrival of Penny Guy as the new PR Director in 2008 and the subsequent
appointment of Four Communications as the PSA s PR Agency. W e have seen
a growing interest from the press for both cruise and ferry travel, and
members have benefited from record levels of coverage. W ith PR events like
the National Cruise Week and now more recently the second National Ferry                                 Venue:
Fortnight, we have a very good platform from which to build an even more
successful presence in the media.                                                              The Chamber of Shipping
                                                                                                   Carthusian Court
Flo Powell took over as Director for ACE last year and has ensured its                           12 Carthusian Street
ongoing success with a record number of travel agents signing up as members,                      London, EC1M 6EZ
and the UK Cruise Convention, now in its fourth year, fully established as the
biggest travel agent event in the UK. The whole team at ACE is working very                     Friday 9th July 2010
hard to deliver value to both the travel trade and to PSA cruise members.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Chairman and have always been proud to                       12.00 hrs.     ACE AGM
represent a great organisation such as the PSA and its distinguished membership.                  12.30 hrs.     PSA AGM
I extend thanks to Bill Gibbons and the PSA and ACE teams for their                               13.00 hrs.     Buffet Lunch
professionalism and hard work on behalf of the members, the PSA Board
members for their support and all the PSA members I have had the privilege to                Invitation is strictly restricted to
meet. It has been a true pleasure for me to work with, and get to know, you all. I      two representatives per member company
will remain on the PSA Board as Finance Committee Chairman and look forward
to the continued success of the passenger shipping industry and the PSA.                        Don t Miss Out!!!
To end, I wish Peter Shanks from Cunard all the best as he takes over as                 Confirm Your Attendance Now!!!
Chairman at the PSA AGM on 9 July. I very much hope to see many of you there                 Members: kathleen@psa-ace.org
on the day.                                                                                 Associates: maggie@the-psa.com
lars.olsson@stenaline.com             Best wishes, Lars
                                                                                                  THE EUROPEAN CRUISE COUNCIL
                                                                                                   APPOINTS ROBERT ASHDOWN
                                                                                                    AS DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL,
                                                                                                  ENVIRONMENT AND OPERATIONS

                                                                                   T   he European Cruise Council
                                                                                       (ECC) has announced the
                                                                                   appointment of Robert Ashdown as
                                                                                   Director in charge of Technical,
                                                                                   Environmental and Operational
                                                                                   matters as from 2 August 2010.

                                                                                   Currently head of the Technical
                                                                                   Division of the UK Chamber of
                                                                                   Shipping, Robert has considerable
                                                                                   experience in these fields, both in
                                                                                   the International and European
                                                                                   context, and will bring much           Robert Ashdown
                                                                                   added value to the work of the

                                                                                   The ECC was formed in 2004 in recognition of the
                                                                                   growth of the cruise market in Europe and the
                                                                                   importance of Brussels as a regulatory centre.
                                                                                   Environmental and related issues have consistently
                                                                                   been at the top of the agenda for the ECC as well as,
                                                                                   of course, for the EU institutions.

                                                                                   It is consequently a natural progression for the
                                                                                   organisation to appoint an expert who can
                                                                                   constructively cooperate with the different stakeholders
                                                                                   in Europe on behalf of the cruise sector. It is envisaged
                                                                                   that the appointment will also strengthen the already
                                                                                   close cooperation between the ECC and its sister
                                                                                   organisation, the Council of International Cruise Lines
                                                                                   (CLIA), on issues addressed in IMO, as well as with
                                                                                   ECSA and its ember associations as the wider
                                                                                   representative shipping body in Brussels.

                                                                                    W e view Robert Ashdown s appointment as a key
                     REGISTER ONLINE NOW!                                          phase in the development of the ECC as a strong and
              http://www.ashcroftandassociates.com                                 constructive voice of the cruise sector operating in
                                                                                   Europe, reflecting the priorities of the organisation since
                PSA Associate Members who upgrade now to the                       it was created only six years ago said ECC Chairman,
          ECC Associate Membership Scheme will qualify for two free                Manfredi Lefebvre.
        delegate places at the European Cruise Council 2010 Conference.
              For further information, email: maggie@the-psa.com                   http://www.europeancruisecouncil.com

    Construction of `Riviera starts in Genoa

A     keel-laying ceremony to mark the start of construction for
      Oceania Cruises 1,258-guest m/s Riviera was held on
3 June at the Fincantieri shipyard near Genoa. At the ceremony
Frank Del Rio, the line s founder and chairman and CEO of its
parent company, Prestige Cruise Holdings, and Oceania Cruises
President Bob Binder, welded four U.S. silver coins onto the keel.
The welding of coins into a ship s keel is an age-old maritime
tradition believed to solicit good fortune for the ship, its crew and
its passengers. The four coins dated 1997, 1998, 1999 and
2009 representing the years keels, were laid for the four other
vessels in Oceania Cruises upper-premium fleet: Insignia,
Regatta, Nautica and Marina, respectively.
                                                                                Riviera s sister, Marina, looking pretty across the way
Once the coins were welded, the first of 55 steel blocks that will
eventually comprise Riviera was lowered into the dock, thus               Riviera is a sister ship to Marina, which launches in February 2011.
marking the official start of the building process. The ship is           She will feature 10 dining venues six of which are open-seating,
scheduled to debut in April 2012. Today is a special day for              gourmet restaurants including one by Master Chef Jacques
Oceania Cruises, stated Binder. W e are grateful to Fincantieri,          Pépin. Facilities will also include a Canyon Ranch SpaClub® and
our loyal guests and travel partners, and the entire Oceania              gym, Bon Appétit Culinary Center, swimming pool and hot tubs.
Cruises team at sea and shore-side for all of their efforts to make       Interior design highlights include a Lalique-designed grand lobby,
this new ship come to fruition.                                           luxurious accommodations by Dakota Jackson as well as Owner s
http:// www.oceeaniacruises.co.uk                                         Suites furnished exclusively in Ralph Lauren Home.
                    V.Ships Leisure appointed                                                       Newest ships head to Europe
                  Technical Manager of the Orion                                                   as UK and Ireland office grows
                                                                                                   Celebrity Cruises market share
                V     .Ships Leisure has taken over the
                      technical management for the luxury
                 expedition cruise vessel Orion. The
 vessel is trading in Australia, including The Kimberley,      C    elebrity Cruises has unveiled its UK and Ireland brochures for cruises
                                                                    in 2011 and 2012 alongside a special edition Europe and the
                                                               Mediterranean brochure to cover the bumper five-ships based in the
 Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, New Zealand and
 Antarctica. It will be managed from V.Ships Leisure s         region in summer 2011. A worldwide brochure also features cruises
 head office in Monaco with support from the V.Ships           throughout the Caribbean, Alaska, and South America.
 Group s unique world-wide network. Orion Expedition           The focus for the UK and Ireland office is the return of newly-launched
 Cruises has been a client of V.Ships Leisure for many         Celebrity Eclipse to Southampton in 2011. Tweaks to the cruises on
 years in the areas of hotel crewing and consultancy           offer compared to the inaugural 2010 season include alternative
 services.                                                     Mediterranean and Baltics cruises throughout May, June, July and
                                                               August 2011, more Italian Mediterranean ports of call, and more 16-night
                                                               cruise options.

 The vessel was built in 2003 at Cassens W erft in
 Germany, carries 106 passengers under the Bahamian
 flag and will, in 2011, be joined by a second vessel, the
 Orion II. Commenting on the new contract, Andrea Zito,
 newly appointed CEO of V.Ships Leisure, stressed the
 importance of V.Ships Leisure strengthening its presence
 in the expedition segment of the cruise market in which                                  Celebrity Constellation
 V.Ships Leisure already provides services to Silversea
 Cruises Prince Albert II, Swan Hellenic s Minerva and         All four of the newest Solstice-class ships Celebrity Solstice
 Gap Expedition s Expedition. The contract also increases      (launched September 2008), Celebrity Equinox (launched July 2009),
 the visibility of V.Ships Leisure in the fast growing Asia    Celebrity Eclipse (launched April 2010) and Celebrity Silhouette
 Pacific passenger shipping sector. www.vships.com             (launching in July 2011) will be based in European home ports in 2011
                                                               and the Mediterranean and Europe based fleet will be joined by Celebrity
                                                               Constellation based from Amsterdam. Celebrity Constellation was
                                 Disney Cruise Line            refurbished in May 2010 to feature highlights of the new Solstice-class
                          Set to Call on the Port of Dover     such as popular restaurants and bars.
                           for the First Time, Beginning
                         Northern European Cruise Season       Head of field sales, Celebrity Cruises, UK and Ireland, Michael English
                                                               explained: The investment in the Celebrity Cruises fleet, both in the last
     he Disney Magic cruise ship will call on the Port of
T    Dover for the first time, as part of an extended
season of special Mediterranean and Northern European
                                                               few years and the coming years, is amongst the highest ever seen in one
                                                               cruise brand. The first-class new and updated ships this is delivering are
                                                               really giving the competition a run for their money. For 2010 Celebrity
itineraries, the latest example of Disney s global             Cruises market share in the UK and Ireland is on target to increase by
expansion in the family cruising market. Beginning             almost 50% compared to just six years ago.
Saturday, 12 June, the ship will sail four, 12-night cruises   http://www.celebritycruises.com
round-trip from Dover to ports in Scandinavia, Germany and
Russia, providing families with a unique way to see
world-famous cities throughout Europe.                                                                        SILVER WHISPER
                                                                                                           MAJOR REFURBISHMENT

                                                                   ilversea Cruises' Silver Whisper sailed from Rome recently on her
                                                               S   first voyage following a successful 14-day dry-dock project in Genoa,
                                                               where extensive renovations were made to most areas of the ultra-luxury
                                                               Echoing the sophisticated
                                                               contemporary design themes
                                                               and warm colour palettes of
                                                               Silversea's newest ship, Silver
                                                               Spirit, some of the highlights of
                                                               the Silver Whisper makeover
                                                               include a new look for suites,
                       Disney Magic                            refreshed public areas and
                                                               upgraded outdoor spaces.
 W e are thrilled to begin this new itinerary, and call the
Port of Dover our home for the next few weeks. said Karl       In addition to enjoying a fresh
Holz, president of Disney Cruise Line. This region of the      reconditioning and polishing of
world holds great appeal and we are very excited to finally    teak decks and woodwork, the
give our guests the opportunity to combine an authentic        ship underwent thorough
Northern European experience with a fun, family-friendly       maintenance on mechanical
cruise that only Disney can deliver.                           and propulsion systems.
                                                               http://www.silversea.com                  Grand Suite, Silver Whisper
                                                                                                 Hapag-Lloyd Cruises to offer
                                                                                            young international artists the chance
                                                                                              to compete at sea and win 15,000
              Over half of the
     Royal Caribbean International fleet
calls Europe and Mediterranean home in 2011
                                                      F    ollowing last year s major
                                                           success, Hapag-Lloyd
                                                      Cruises flagship, ms Europa, in
                                                      cooperation with eight prestigious

A     n incredible 11 Royal Caribbean International
      ships will be based in Europe and the
Mediterranean in summer 2011 for the largest
                                                      international opera houses, will be
                                                      hosting its second annual classical
                                                      music competition at sea.
ever deployment of its kind for the cruise line.
The bumper season sees new sailings designed          The Stella Maris International
to target more first time cruisers than ever before   Vocal Competition will bring
such as Grandeur of the Seas from the popular         together up-and-coming young
holiday resort of Palma de Mallorca. Two of the       singers from the most renowned
action-packed family resort style Freedom-class       opera houses in the world, which   ms Europa       photo: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises
ships based in Europe, Independence of the Seas       include: the Royal Opera House
from Southampton and Liberty of the Seas from         London, Bavarian State Opera, Munich, The Canadian Opera Company,
Barcelona, and three and four-night taster            Toronto, Accademia Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Hamburg State Opera, Opéra
cruises onboard Independence of the Seas to           National de Paris, Merola Opera Program, San Francisco Opera and the
Le Havre (Paris) and Cork, increase the appeal        Zurich Opera House.
for new cruisers.                                       Stella Maris is the highlight of a total of 11 music cruises aboard the Europa
Jo Rzymowska, associate vice president and            this year. The competition will occur on board a 10-day Middle Eastern cruise
general manager, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line,         departing from Istanbul, Turkey on 6 November and ending in Aqaba, Jordan on
UK and Ireland commented: The deployment              16 November, 2010. The distinguishing feature of Stella Maris is that the
of half our fleet in Europe and the Mediterranean     audience determines the winner of the cash prize worth 15,000. The famous jury
for the first time in 2011 reinforces Royal           will decide on the recipients of the additional prizes which include: a guest
Caribbean International s commitment to               engagement at the Washington National Opera, a concert at the Verbier
international growth and to the UK and Irish          Festival and a test recording with Deutsche Grammophon.
markets in particular. The new brochure from          http://www.hl-cruises.com
Royal Caribbean International includes everything
the agents need to know about our ships,                                                    Adventurous cruises reap rewards
itineraries and the great on board experiences                                                  for Voyages of Discovery
in order to help sell with ultimate confidence.
                                                           new 18 day cruise from Voyages of Discovery Voyage to the White Sea and
      Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
 promotes cruise and hospitality veteran,             A    Archangel , departing 15 June, has sold 10% of its cabins within the first few
                                                      days of release. For the majority of passengers the cruise represents a journey to
Michael Bayley, to Executive Vice President
                                                      the unknown so this is a remarkable feat in the current market. Tellingly, it is one

C    ruise and hospitality
     veteran, Michael Bayley,
51, has been promoted to
                                                      of the best sold cruises from the summer 2011 programme, despite being one of
                                                      Discovery s most expensive.
                                                      In an industry dominated by ever larger ships and crowds, the team at Voyages of
Executive Vice President,
                                                      Discovery has taken a bold view on the future of cruising which is paying dividends.
International for Royal
                                                      It has returned to its grass roots by putting product at the heart of its marketing
Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
                                                      strategy by offering some of the most fascinating, spectacular and unusual
Bayley will continue to drive
                                                      destinations available anywhere on the cruise market. W hile other brands build
the strategic international
                                                      ever larger ships, resulting in compromises on destinations, Voyages of Discovery
business development for
                               Michael Bayley         has capitalised on the benefits of a small ship by visiting new, off the beaten track
three of the company s
                                                      destinations which will appeal to an increasingly sophisticated and well travelled
cruise brands: Royal Caribbean International,
                                                      cruise market.
Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises.
                                                      While others have cut corners or added hidden charges in order to woo customers
In his most recent role as Senior Vice President,
                                                      with discounts, Voyages of Discovery has focused on providing unique, great-value
International, Bayley was responsible for the
                                                      travel experiences which are planned meticulously to offer more time on shore.
International sales, marketing and commercial
                                                      Despite the recession, Voyages of Discovery has enjoyed record sales for the past
operations for the three cruise lines leading
                                                      two years, picking up the Best Cruise Value 2009 award from The World Ocean
business activities in Europe, the Middle East,
                                                      & Cruise Liner Society for the fourth time in as many years.
Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.
He also serves on the Board of TUI Cruises AG,
the German cruise line which is a joint venture
between Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and TUI,
Germany and is an executive committee                                                 Link to the special e-Cruises News edition:
member of the European Cruise Council.                                                      CRUISING CASTELLON (SPAIN)
http://www.royalcaribbean.com                                                   http://es.calameo.com/read/000149431d31ce0c5d50b

                                                         New Editor for Cruise International
                              dam Coulter has been named as the new Editor of Cruise International, the leading independent
                           A  magazine for cruise holiday enthusiasts. He will take up his new role on June 28. Adam was previously
Editor of The Spectator s Travel Guides and launched and edited ttgbusiness and ttgluxury for Travel Trade Gazette Magazines.
He was Business Travel Journalist of the Year in 2005. Adam takes over at Cruise International from Sam Pears, who is leaving
to pursue other interests but will continue to contribute to the magazine. Sarah Hiscock continues as Deputy Editor of Cruise
International and all press releases and enquiries should be directed to her until Adam takes up his appointment.
Cruise International is on sale at WH Smith, Marks & Spencer and leading supermarkets. Copies are also supplied free on
request to selected travel agents for distribution to cruise enthusiasts.
          For further information: Telephone: + 44 (0)20 7349 3150 Email: sarah.hiscock@cruise-international.com
                                                                                              LD LINES ADDS SECOND SHIP TO
                                                                                               INCREASE DOVER - BOULOGNE
                                                                                                 FREQUENCY AND CAPACITY

                                                           F    erry operator LD Lines has announced the addition of a second ship to
                                                                its Dover Boulogne service. The two new ship operation commenced
                                                           on 29 May 2010. Frequency has increased from the eight sailings daily to
    he second National Ferry Fortnight attracted
T   extensive national, regional and online coverage.
The PSA initiative was supported by the Mail on
                                                           up to fourteen sailings daily with the introduction of the newly named
                                                           22,152 gross tonnes vessel, Norman Trader, operating in tandem with
                                                           existing sister ship on the route, Norman Bridge. Both ships have capacity for
Sunday with a 10 page supplement about ferry
                                                           up to 400 passengers and with 2,000 lane metres of vehicle deck space
travel and related destinations, compiled by travel
                                                           can carry up to 130 cars and 40 trucks, or adjustable combinations of
editor Frank Barrett.
                                                           freight and tourist traffic.
Other coverage featured within The Daily Telegraph,
                                                           LD Lines' Managing Director, Christophe Santoni, said : "The introduction
The Times, The Independent and the Daily Mirror
                                                           of a second ship to the Dover - Boulogne route reflects our determination
along with many regional titles. National Ferry
                                                           to develop and establish the service. The increased frequency and capacity we
Fortnight was also covered on many online sites,
                                                           can now provide will undoubtedly appeal to, and meet the demands of, both
including TravelZoo which generated 50,000 clicks
                                                           freight and tourist cross channel customers."
from its newsletter into the micro site featuring the
ferry offers.

The present uncertainties surrounding air travel
ash clouds and BA strikes have continued to raise
interest in ferry travel. The shutdown of airspace in
April saw the ferry industry working at its best in
time of need, stepping in to carry more than 300,000
additional passengers, compared with the same
month last year.

Penny Guy penny@psa-ace.org

                                                                                           Norman Trader
             Norfolkline gears up                          LD Lines is the exclusive cross channel operator providing a direct ferry
           for a Ferry Busy Summer                         service between Dover and Boulogne, which now operates into the Port of
                                                           Boulogne's new Hub Port terminal. The first of two new linkspans became

N     orfolkline Irish Sea has reported a significant
      Increase in car and passenger bookings since the
Icelandic Volcanic eruption in April and the recent
                                                           operational in September 2009, representing the first phase of a 200 million
                                                           euros investment over ten years of the development and expansion of
                                                           Boulogne s commercial port. http://www.ldlines.com
developments which have caused the cancellation of
more than one thousand flights to and from UK and                                 Port of Dover
Irish airports. W ith the strong possibility of further
disruption and the uncertainty of getting away on
                                                                   Welcomes Ferry Operator Commitment to Dover
flights, the travelling public is voting with its feet.
Norfolkline is gearing up for a very busy summer as it
has observed a change in customer behaviours, with
                                                           T   he Port of Dover is delighted that its newest ferry operator, LD Lines,
                                                               has introduced a second ship, Norman Trader, to its Dover-Boulogne
                                                           service, significantly expanding provision on the route and reflecting the
many more people opting for the reliability of ferry
                                                           great choice available from Dover. A Port of Dover spokesperson said,
transport to holiday destinations in Ireland, the UK and
                                                            LD Lines commitment to developing the route shows both confidence in
mainland Europe.
                                                           the cross-channel market going forward and in Dover as a port of choice.
                                                           W e wish LD Lines continued success!
The initial surge in business was a direct result of the
cancellation of the vast majority of flights in UK and
Irish airspace, leaving thousands of passengers
stranded, but Norfolkline is recording an ongoing
increase in enquiries and bookings on the Irish Sea
routes, both into and out of Ireland, which many
passengers confirm is due to the uncertainty of air
traffic disruption.

Over the period from 15 to 21 April 2010, Norfolkline                   Irish Ferries prepares for a bumper summer
saw a 20% increase in its online bookings. Visits to                                   with big savings
Norfolkline s website increased by 50% and calls to
the contact centre went up by 57%.
                                                           I   rish Ferries says bookings for this summer are on the up, thanks both to
                                                               volcanic ash cloud uncertainty and the ferry company s competitive fares.
Feedback from customers making reservations for the
                                                            Forward bookings have improved during recent weeks, says head of
coming weeks and the summer season show that many
                                                           passenger sales Declan Mescall and feedback from travellers who
are now choosing the security of ferry travel. The
                                                           enjoyed our services during the recent disruption has been entirely positive.
reliability and ease of travel make ferry travel very
                                                           W e are hopeful that this will lead to repeat business, especially for families
                                                           taking their own car to Ireland this summer.
http:// www.norfolkline.com                                http://www.irishferries.com
                                                                                       CONDOR S NEW FAST CATAMARAN
                                                                                           MAKES MAIDEN VOYAGE
                                                 T   he latest addition to Condor Ferries fleet of fast catamarans made her maiden
                                                     voyage to the Channel Islands in May. Condor Rapide had been alongside in
D     avid MacBrayne Ltd, the parent
      company of ferry operators
Caledonian MacBrayne and NorthLink
                                                 W eymouth since April while a complex programme of work to upgrade the ship was
                                                 being completed. The new fast ferry also underwent sea trials along the south coast
Ferries Ltd., has announced the                  prior to taking its first official passengers across to the Channel Islands of Guernsey
appointment of Mr Archie Robertson OBE           and Jersey. In addition to the multi-million pound purchase price, Condor Ferries has
as its new Chief Executive..                     invested significant sums to upgrade the ship inside and out prior to it becoming fully
             Mr Robertson, (left), is a
             former Chief Executive of the
             Highways Agency, which is
             responsible for England s vital
             trunk road arteries. Prior to
             that he was Operations
             Director at the Environment
Agency of England and W ales. He takes
over from David MacBrayne s Chief
Executive Lawrie Sinclair who is retiring
after 10 years at the end of June. Mr
Robertson started on 1 June to allow a
short handover period.
Stewart Stevenson, Transport Minister,                                                 Condor Rapide
said: "David MacBrayne Ltd. plays a
crucial role in providing lifeline ferry         Condor Ferries Managing Director, Simon Edsall, said: Condor Rapide will enable us
services to island and remote mainland           to carry more people as well as offering a better onboard environment and a larger duty
communities in the Clyde and Hebrides            free shop. The introduction of Condor Rapide as a sister ship to Condor Express and
and the Northern Isles. This post requires       Vitesse also further strengthens our lifeline service to and from the Channel Islands.
an understanding of the issues which             Many travellers re-discovered the benefits of ferry travel during the recent flight
affect the social and economic life of the       disruption as our ferries helped them to reach their destinations as planned.
Highlands and Islands. Lawrie Sinclair           Prior to joining the Condor Ferries fleet, which operates from the Dorset ports of
has been a dedicated Chief Executive over        W eymouth and Poole, the ship sailed for brief periods in Australia, and across the
the past 10 years and Archie Robertson s         English Channel. She is most notable for her service as part of the Royal Australian
wide experience of transport issues and          Navy when she was known as HMAS Jervis Bay. The ship was the first large catamaran to
his Highlands connections will ensure this       be used in a naval capacity and took part in the international peacekeeping taskforce in
good work continues, bringing to the post        East Timor, transporting troops and aid as well as rescuing people.
the skills and knowledge which will benefit
both passengers and business.                    From June Condor Rapide will operate between the Channel Islands and St Malo.
http://www.calmac.co.uk                          http://www.condorferries.co.uk

                                  Stena HSS returns early to Holyhead route

                  L    eading ferry operator Stena Line introduced its daily HSS service to the Holyhead-
                       Dun Laoghaire route a month early, due to a volcanic ash-induced increase in
 passenger demand. The HSS Stena Explorer, which operates a daily two-hour service between
 North W ales and the Republic of Ireland, returned to the Irish Sea on 26 May instead of on 28 June,
 as originally planned. Commenting on this decision Dermot Cairns, Stena Line s general manager
 for travel on the Irish Sea, said, Our decision to bring the HSS Stena Explorer back to the route
 earlier than planned was influenced by heightened market demand. This was due, in part, to the
 ongoing uncertainty surrounding volcanic ash-related aviation issues.
 The HSS Stena Explorer can carry up to 1,500 passengers, 200% more than on its currently                  HSS Stena Explorer
 operating counterpart the Stena Lynx. It can also transport 350 cars, compared to the Stena Lynx s
 140. The reintroduction of the HSS will also enable the handling of higher volumes of foot passengers, which will facilitate passage
 through the Dun Laoghaire terminal and onward connections to Dublin City and the surrounding area by the Dublin Area Rapid
 Transit (DART) train service. The HSS Stena Explorer will operate one round trip daily, leaving Holyhead at 10.00hrs with a
 13.15hrs return sailing from Dun Laoghaire, operating between 26 May and 5 September 2010. From 10 July the Stena Lynx will
 operate a fastcraft service on the Fishguard-Rosslare route as originally planned. http://www.stenaline.co.uk

                ISLE OF MAN                                                                 SEAFRANCE WEBSITE
           STEAM PACKET COMPANY                                                               TOPS THE POLLS
             GEARING UP FOR TT
                                                          Customer service survey rates SeaFrance as top ferry operator
     he latest figures for forward TT
T    bookings this year currently indicate
around an 8% increase on like-for-like        S   eaFrance has been rated the top ferry company for website usability and telephone
                                                  customer service in a survey conducted by eDigital Research. The eTravel Benchmark
figures this time last year. At this busy     research, which was conducted by mystery shoppers, also placed SeaFrance in the top
time of year, the Company increases its       ten of all travel brands surveyed. The research awarded SeaFrance a total of 78.4%,
schedule by around 45% to provide             which placed the company ahead of all other ferry operators. The reasons cited for
additional sailings to bring visiting         SeaFrance s success included the speed and simplicity of its website, its helpful and swift
motorcycle racing fans to the Island and      customer service and the simple booking process.
expects to transport in the region of 9,500   The eDigitalResearch study was conducted during January and February 2010 to provide
to 10,000 bikes and over 25,000 fans          an in-depth and structured study of website usability, functionality, supporting logistics and
each way. www.steam-packet.com                customer services. http://www.seafrance.com
                            WINNING WAYS AT CRUISE BALTIC
                            Recognition for the Baltic Sea Region
                      nnounced on 1 June, at the Baltic Development Forum
                   A  Summit 2010 held in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Cruise Baltic
                  network has been honoured as winner of The Baltic Sea
                  Award 2010 . Established in 2007, this is a prestigious annual
                  award, recognising extra-ordinary contributions to the
 development of the Baltic Sea Region this year sponsored by the Danish
 Industry Foundation.
 To date, the region, on an annual basis, has succeeded in attracting more than
 40 of the world s major cruise lines more than 70 different ships and
 almost 1,800 calls to the various Cruise Baltic ports. A growth of 1.4 million
 cruise visitors since 2004 has resulted in 3.1 million visitors to Cruise Baltic s
 destinations in the Baltic Sea in 2009.
 Speaking at the Summit s Gala Dinner, when the Award was presented by                      L/r: Bo Larsen, Director, Cruise Baltic;
 Director General and CEO Hans Skov Christensen on behalf of the                    Director General and CEO Hans Skov Christensen on
 Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Industry Foundation,               behalf of the Confederation of Danish Industry and the
 recipient Cruise Baltic Director, Bo Larsen said: W e are honoured to               Danish Industry Foundation; Uffe Ellemann-Jensen,
                                                                                        Chairman of BDF (Baltic Development Forum)
 receive this recognition and I am proud to accept the Award on behalf of our
 45 partners; and also our two commercial partners Scandinavian Airlines
 and Scandic Hotels whose co-operation is integral to our success. This accolade is yet another endorsement which proves we
 have a unique product proposition, as well as a joint co-operation second to none in the Baltic Sea Region. www.cruisebaltic.com

                                                                                            A 300 PAGE RESEARCH REPORT
                           PORT OF DOVER
                                                                                             ON THE FUTURE OF CRUISING
                    Welcomes Norwegian Cruise Line s
                            Norwegian Sun                                             Expert analysis of the latest data and statistics
                                                                                      on the global cruise market by Tony Peisley

                                                                              N     ow is the time for you to
                                                                                    secure your copy of
                                                                               Cruising at the Crossroads ,
                                                                              the eagerly awaited ninth and
                                                                              most comprehensive global
                                                                              cruise industry report by
                                                                              Tony Peisley. It is essential
                                                                              reading for any company,
                                                                              association or individual with
                                                                              a serious interest in the fast
                                                                              moving cruise industry and
                                                                              will ensure you are aware
                                                                              of possible threats and
                                                                              opportunities affecting
                                                                              your business.

                                                                              The next 15 years

                                                                              Published at the end of May, the report examines how
                                                                              cruise companies coping with the aftershock of the global
                        Plaque and Keys Ceremony                              economic crisis are now facing a raft of mainly eco-inspired
     L/r: Roger Mountford, Chairman, Port of Dover; Captain Rune E.J. Myre;   regulation. How is this going to impact on costs, future
            Susan Jones, The Right Worshipful Town Mayor of Dover;            deployment, marketing and newbuild investment decisions?
             Stephen Park, General Manager, NCL (Bahamas) Ltd,
                       UK, Ireland, Middle East & Africa                      This Seatrade-published 300-page report, supported
      orwegian Cruise Line's (NCL) new cruise ship Norwegian Sun              with more than 150 statistical tables, covers all aspects
N     arrived at the Port of Dover for the first time on 11 May. Before
setting off on a Baltic cruise, the traditional Plaque and Keys Ceremony
                                                                              of the ocean and river cruising industry; profitability,
                                                                              supply and demand, source markets, dominance of
took place with local dignitaries in attendance.                              the major players, role of the niche operators,
                                                                              shipbuilders, economic impact, destination and port
Norwegian Cruise Line has visited Dover over 140 times since its first        development and regulatory and environmental issues,
visit in 1998 and the port looks forward to a further 13 turnaround calls     forecasting growth prospects right through to 2025.
scheduled this year.
http://portofdover.co.uk         http://www.ncl.co.uk                         Delaying your order could mean you miss out on analysis
                                                                              that your competitors use to positively influence their
                                                                              business decisions.
                                        SPECIAL THANKS TO
                                      NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE                      As a PSA or ECC Member or Associate Member
                                                                               you can take advantage of the pre-publication price
              Norwegian Sun, Ship Visit and Luncheon                                        until the 30th June 2010
       On behalf of PSA Members, Associates and ACE travel agents,
     the PSA and ACE teams wish to thank NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. for                                Order your copy today
     its kind hospitality in hosting a ship visit and luncheon on board
           Norwegian Sun on Friday 4 June at the Port of Dover.
                                                                                          by completing the form. Click to:
                            Unlock the potential of the rapidly expanding                                                                            Seatrade Med -
                             Asian cruise industry and visit the unique                                                           the largest gathering of the cruise
                                World Expo Shanghai 2010 this June                                                                       industry in the region
                                                                                                                                           30 November 2 December 2010
W      ith Asian destinations continuing to invest heavily in cruise tourism,
       increasing interest and activity by cruise lines in the Far East and a
fast growing source market, Asia is set to be the next big thing in cruise and
                                                                                                                                    Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes
                                                                                                             As cruising in the Med continues to draw greater
possibly in all travel.                                                                                      consumer interest, the region s own unique cruise
The second Seatrade All Asia Cruise Convention, to be held at the Suzhou                                     industry gathering is coming to the vibrant city of
International Expo Center from 24-25 June 2010, will again focus worldwide                                   Cannes on the French Riviera. W ith more ships,
attention on the region s vast potential. Executives representing major global                               more passengers and more ports in the Med s
cruise brands as well as regional players will come together at this superb,                                 ever-extending cruise season, Seatrade Med,
purpose-built venue for a wide-ranging conference, a showcase exhibition of                                  held this year in association with French Riviera
international and local suppliers, free training for cruise travel agents and an                             Cruise Club and supported by Med-Cruise, provides
exceptional social programme including optional complimentary tours to W orld                                an invaluable two and a half days of targeted
Expo Shanghai 2010.                                                                                          business opportunities for anyone involved in the
This year s conference sessions will provide invaluable insight in planning
development strategy for anyone involved in the industry at this pivotal point in                            The exhibition showcases the whole range of
its development:                                                                                             cruise products, from marine equipment and
                                                                                                             technical services to hotel and leisure supplies,
   * Asia Cruising the Big Picture * Asian Itineraries and Destinations                                      in addition to the greatest collection of
* Source Market Asia * Port Infrastructure, Shorex, Ship Supply and Crewing                                  Mediterranean ports and global destinations.
          For more information on the conference programme, visit:                                           The conference will incorporate a wide range of
            http://www.asiacruiseconvention.com/conference.html                                              topics such as; The Mediterranean Market-
                          Or for a list of speakers, visit:                                                  Managing Expansion, Upscale Cruising, Port
               http://www.asiacruiseconvention.com/speakers.html                                             Development, Cruise Ship Building &
                                                                                                             Refurbishment, Fine Dining at Sea, Itinerary
As a conference delegate you also benefit from free entry to the exhibition as                               Expansion, Cruise Demand, Cruise Ship
well as an invitation to join the exciting social programme a valuable opportunity                           Technology and Group Business & Ship Charters.
for building business relationships with relaxed networking. This year the
programme incorporates complimentary pre- or post-convention one-day tours                                   The travel agent training is in association with
to W orld Expo Shanghai 2010, a unique and grand international gathering                                     Top Cruise, by Marseille Provence Cruise Club -
exploring the potential of urban life in the 21st century through innovation and                             this year celebrating 10 years of constant
cultural interaction.                                                                                        development to best meet the needs of travel
                                                                                                             agencies, enabling them to grow their turnover in
      Join everyone with a part to play in the growth of the Asia region                                     the ever-expanding cruise market.
                as a potentially dominant cruise destination
                                                                                                             The social programme will give the opportunity
  To reserve your place at the Seatrade All Asia Cruise Convention, visit:                                   for relaxed, social networking at exciting events
 https://secure.seatrade-global.com/asia_cruise_convention/AACC3.php                                         befitting this glamorous venue, including an
             or for more information on all aspects of the event, visit:                                     evening of music at the Opéra de Nice as well as
                         www.asiacruiseconvention.com                                                        an exclusive opening of top French department
                                                                                                             store, Galeries Lafayette.
          International delegates need to apply for a visa in good time.
    Seatrade can assist with supporting invitation letters for visa applications.                            Contact Victoria or Sarah on +44 1206 545 121,
                                                                                                             email sales@seatrade-global.com to reserve
                               Organised in association with:                                                exhibition space or visit www.seatrade-med.com
                                                                                                             for more information on the event. Excellent rates
                                                                                                             have been negotiated at a variety of hotels in
                                                                                                             Cannes, some close to the venue and others in
                                                                                                             the heart of the city. Click to:

                                                * Searching for new cruise destinations
                                                * Challenges of the port and land services
                                                * Cruise logistic and business opportunities
                                                * New horizons in marketing and selling
                                                * Emerging markets
                                                * Destination, port and shipowner: the perfect promotion
                                                * Economic impact of cruise industry                                  Will be presented during the
                                                                                                                    Seatrade Med Cruise Convention
                                                FOR FURTHER INFORMATION                                         welcoming reception taking place at the
                                                marketing@cruisesnews.es                                        Nice Opéra House on 30 November 2010.
                                                International cruise summit                                        Entries are now being accepted!
                                                website coming soon for                                             To discover how easy it is to enter,
                                                information and registration                19th Nov.
                                                                                         Spanish meeting              and for a full list of categories,
                                                                                        for cruise selling                click on the link below:

Passenger Shipping Association , First Floor, 41-42 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DU, UNITED KINGDOM            Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7436 2449                   Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7636 9206
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