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— Academic Quality, Vibrant
Spiritual Life, and Fun

                2008 Camp Meeting Schedule
Quoi de Neuf?     Adventist Education   Youth Talk       ¿Qué Está Pasando?
                                                                                        Mission stateMent
                                2008                                                To faithfully chronicle the work and progress of the
                                                                                    church in the Atlantic Union territory and inform,
                                                                                    instruct, and inspire our church members.

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 4       Cover story:                                                               Adventist Education
                                                                                    Youth Talk
         Atlantic Union
         College —                                                                  Positions of Our Faith                                        23
         Academic Quality,                                                          Quoi de Neuf?                                                 24
         Vibrant Spiritual                                                          ¿Qué Está Pasando?                                            25
         Life, Fun
                                                                                    Bermuda                                                       9

                                        7 A Spirit of Inclusion                     Greater New York                                             10
                                             in the New York                        New York                                                     12
                                             Conference                             Northern New England                                         18
                                                                                    Southern New England                                         20
                                                                                    Northeastern                                                 22

14 2008 Camp                                                                        inForMation
         Meeting Schedule
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24 Allez et Faites de même                                                          DeaDLines
                                                                                    July 2008                                              May 9
                                                                                    August 2008                                          June 13
25 En 2007 se alcanzó récord de ofrendas del                                        September 2008                                        July 11
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                                                                                    May 2008, Vol. 107, No. 5. The Atlantic Union Gleaner is published
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                              E d i t o r i a l

                    Go and Do Likewise

          s a young lad in secondary school,      oil and wine; and set him on his own ani-
          I witnessed an act of love and kind-    mal, brought him to an inn and took care of
          ness that remains in my memory          him—Luke 10:33-35 (NKJV).
up to this moment. This gesture provided             From the foregoing, some meaningful les-
me with meaningful insights into the true         sons can be learned:
understanding of the parable of the Good
Samaritan. It also allows me to comprehend        1. Our love must be manifested to everyone.
the sublime statement expressed by the               To love is not to give from our superfluity       “If you extend
prophet Isaiah: “If you extend your soul to          but to share our subsistence with others.
the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul,           It is not enough to carry the message of         your soul to the
then your light shall dawn in darkness, and          love. We must be the message; our love for
your darkness shall be as the noonday”—              one another must match our theology.
Isaiah 58:10 (NKJV).                                                                                     hungry and
   In the vicinity of my home there was a         2. Our knowledge must make the journey to
young man who lived with his aunt and was            our hearts. The priest and the Levite were      satisfy the afflicted
learning mechanics. Every night, he shared           churchmen, teachers of the Torah, but
his inadequate portion of food with another          the principles of the law were not written
young fellow who was, at that time, either           in their hearts. Discrimination, selfish-         soul, then your
a student or a tailor apprentice. One day,           ness, prejudice, spirit of class, and culture
after he gave away part of his meal, he was          prevented them from helping one of their         light shall dawn
still seeking for some bread to appease his          own. Christ’s religion transcends race,
hunger pangs. When confronted by his aunt            class, and culture.
to explain this strange behavior, the young
                                                                                                     in darkness, and
man replied: “I cannot be contented with          3. We must come down off our beast. The
a full meal while someone else I know is             Good Samaritan was a Gentile but the law          your darkness
starving.” I learned then, what it means to          of God was in his heart. When he saw
share one’s substance with the needy.                the sufferer, he came down off his beast
   So it is in the parable of the Good               and attended to him. We, too, must come
                                                                                                       shall be as the
Samaritan recorded in Luke 10:25-37, where           down from our comfort zone. We must let
genuine love is wonderfully illustrated.             someone ride while we walk. This requires       noonday”—Isaiah
Furthermore, Jesus shows that true religion          the mind and the spirit of Jesus.
“consists not in systems, creeds, or rites, but
                                                                                                       58:10 (NKJV).
in the performance of loving deeds, in bring-       The Good Samaritan is a type of Jesus who
ing the greatest good to others, in genuine       “was wounded for our transgressions, He
goodness”—The Desire of aGes, p. 497. This        was bruised for our iniquities”—Isaiah 53:5.
kind of love compels us to match our words        Our Savior summons us to come down from
with our actions. As religious leaders and        our ivory tower to be sensitive and to show
teachers of the Law, when the Levite and          love and kindness to our fellowmen. Unto us
the priest saw the traveler covered with dust     He says, “Go and continue to do likewise.”
and blood, and half dead, they passed by
on the other side. But the Good Samaritan,        Louis Métellus is the Haitian Ministries
as a Gentile, was moved with compassion           vice president and director for Adventist
                                                  Community Services and Prison Ministries in
when he saw the sufferer. “So he went to          the Atlantic Union.
him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on

at                                                              Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008   3
    Experience AUC in the Fresh Air, Trees, Seasons
    and History of New England — We’re One Hour
    from Boston, 3½ Hours From NYC
            2008–2009 DegReeS AnD ceRtiFicAteS

        gRADUAte StUDieS                         Psychology
        MASteR oF eDUcAtion                      Theology
         •	 Educational Administration            •	 Theology and/or Evangelism
         •	 Chaplaincy
         •	 Curriculum and Instruction
                                                 tWo-YeAR ASSociAte DegReeS

                                                                                         Cindy Kurtzhals
         •	 Inclusion*
        UnDeRgRADUAte StUDieS                    Pre-Professional Health Sciences
        BAcheloR’S DegReeS                        •	 Pre-Dental Hygiene
                                                  •	 Pre-Occupational Therapy
atLantiC union CoLLege

        American Studies                          •	 Pre-Pharmacy
        Business Administration                  Para education**
         •	 Accounting
         •	 Entrepreneurship                     Personal Ministries
         •	 Finance
                                                 one-YeAR ceRtiFicAteS
         •	 International Business
         •	 Marketing                            Bio-Medical Laboratory Science
        Christian Leadership                     Evangelism
        Education and Teacher                    Medical Missionary Certificate
        Certification                            Vegetarian Culinary Arts
         •	 Early Childhood
         •	 Elementary Education                 ADUlt DegRee PRogRAM
         •	 Secondary Education                  The Adult Degree Program (ADP)
                                                 offers a limited residency opportu-
                                                 nity to adults who are 25 or older.
        Professional Art                         The upcoming seminar is scheduled
         •	 Art                                  for July 6-17, 2008. Financial Aid is
         •	 Business Management of Art           available for qualified students.
         •	 Pre-Art Therapy
         •	 Pre-Scientific Illustration          MASteR’S DegReeS
                                                 Master of Education with
        Pre-Professional Health Science          Concentrations in:
         •	 Biology                               •	 School Administration
         •	 Clinical Laboratory Science           •	 Curriculum and Instruction
         •	 Pre-Dentistry                         •	 Inclusion*
         •	 Pre-Medicine
         •	 Pre-Physical Therapy                 BAcheloR’S DegReeS
         •	 Pre-Physician Assistant              Art
                                                                                         Photos: Dave Sherwin

         •	 Pre-Optometry                        American Studies
         •	 Pre-Veterinary Medicine              Business Administration
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                                                                                                                  atLantiC union CoLLege
                  Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching
                                                               AUc’s Professors Are:
                                                               • committed to student success
                                                               • from diverse backgrounds
                                                               • qualified, competent, experienced
                                                               • degreed from Harvard University, Loma Linda, Andrews,
                                                                                  Johns Hopkins, Notre Dame, Ohio State, West Indies,
                                                                                  and more
                                                               • personally caring and spiritual
                                                               Each year, the student body and faculty vote for Professor of the Year based on
Cindy Kurtzhals

                                                               compelling criteria. AUC’s faculty is outstanding, and the top choices during the
                                                               past four years are, pictured from the left: Roger Bothwell, psychology, 2005; Dean
                                                               Davis, center, religion, 2006; and Rick Trott, religion, 2004 and 2007.

                  High School and Home Schooled Students—
                  Come for Summer Advantage in New England!
                                                                Photos: Richard Brown

                                                                                        H     igh school, academy, and home schooled students can
                                                                                              earn up to 18 credit hours over a 3-year cycle. This
                                                                                        year’s 4-week, pre-college program is July 20-August 14,
                                                                                        2008. The key to this program is the touring and extensive,
                                                                                        fun field trips in New England! Choose a pair of courses.
                                                                                        Limited enrollment.
                                                                                        • 1) Wildlife Ecology of New England and 2) Outdoor
                                                                                        Basics. These field-oriented courses will also merge for a
                                                                                        week of outdoor hiking, camping, wildlife study, and more
                                                                                        in New Hampshire and Maine.
Karin Thompson

                                                                                        • or 3) New England and the China Trade: Down to the Sea
                                                                                        in Books and 4) Listening to Music: Live Performance in
                                                                                        New England.

For admission requirements and more information about Ignition and Summer Advantage, call: 1-800-282-2030,
(978)-368-2235, or New and transfer student orientation starts August 26. The application, registration, test-
ing, and financial aid assistance is a process, so start now! We look forward to you coming to Atlantic Union College!

                  at                                                               Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008           5
                                                                        Kaitlynn Financial Aid
                                                                         earned Earn thousands for college
                                                                                        through awards based on
                                                                                    high school activities, grants,
                                                                        $7,112 in and AUC matches.
                                                                       and merit           AUC.EDU
                                                                                              FUtURe StUDentS
                                                                         awards          FinAnciAl inFoRMAtion

                                                                        based on          •	 Tuition and Cost
                                                                                          •	 Financial Aid Availability

                                                                        her high          •	 Grants and Scholarships
                                                                                          •	 Loans

                                                                         school           •	 Downloadable Forms
atLantiC union CoLLege
        Cindy Kurtzhals

                                                                                          •	 Student Employment
                          Kaitlynn Ban, a freshman accounting major.    activities.

              2008–2009 DegReeS AnD ceRtiFicAteS cont.
    Communications                                                       *Master of education with a concentration in inclusion
    English                                                              This program is designed for regular classroom teachers
    History                                                              who wish to enhance their abilities to meet the full range of
    Personal Ministries                                                  needs in their classrooms. Individuals completing this pro-
    Psychology                                                           gram will understand the assessment process and will be
    Religion                                                             able to implement instructional and management strategies
    Theology                                                             to meet the needs of all learners.
    inteRDiSciPlinARY MAJoRS
    BAcheloR’S DegReeS                                                   **Para education
    General Science                                                      Individuals who complete this 2-year AS degree program are
    Humanities                                                           qualified to seek employment as teacher assistants who have
    Liberal Arts                                                         met the requirements of the No Child Left Behind legislation.
    Liberal Arts with Teacher Licensure in
    Early Childhood or Elementary Education                              For additional information about the Adult Degree Program, or
    Social Science                                                       an application package, please contact the ADP office at adp@
                                                                or (978) 368-2300.
    teAcheR licenSURe (Baccalaureate & Post Baccalaureate)
    Early Childhood                    English (Grades 8-12)             Atlantic Union College
    Elementary Education               History (Grades 8-12)             338 Main Street
    teAcheR licenSURe (Post baccalaureate)                               South Lancaster, MA 01561
    Biology (Grades 8-12)                  Math (Grades 8-12)  
    Music (Grades 8-12)                Spanish (Grades 8-12)             1-800-282-3030 or (978) 368-2000

    6                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                          Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                                                                                                                                  By Kim Kaiser

A Spirit of Inclusion in the New York Conference
       he New York Conference is             because it
       privileged to be the first to part-   enables stu-
       ner with the North American           dents to learn
Division (NAD) to pilot an inclusion         from and with
program. Inclusion is an approach            each other
for serving students with a range            while keeping
of needs, including those with dis-          expectations
abilities. For years, many teachers in       appropriately
Adventist schools have been serv-            high. It is also
ing, to the best of their ability, some      a model that
students with disabilities. Other stu-       is practical
dents have been turned away because          and viable in
teachers felt inadequate to meet the         small schools.
needs or because necessary resources            The Arthur
were unavailable. The NAD has been           S. Maxwell
awarded funds and has established            Christian
                                                                Haley, Julianna, Becky, and Thomas are involved in group work.
an inclusion commission to develop           School in
materials and resources to better            Geneva, New York, is the site of                          teacher, is delighted with the support
support teachers and their students          the first pilot program. Funds from                       she has received from the members
with special needs. Inclusion is             the NAD have provided specialized                         of the Geneva church as they, too,
the approach that has been chosen            materials and adaptive equipment                          come to appreciate the strengths and
                                                                           to many stu-                needs of individual students. The
                                                                           dents in the                program is being further assisted by
                                                                           school. Visits              the Atlantic Union Conference Office
                                                                           to the school               of Education, which has assisted with
                                                                           are most                    funding for continuing education for
                                                                           gratifying as               a cohort of teachers from around the
                                                                           one observes                union who are interested in becom-
                                                                           students who                ing master teachers in inclusive edu-
                                                                           have learned                cation.
                                                                           to understand
                                                                           and support                                       Kim Kaiser is the New
                                                                           each other’s                                      York Conference associate
                                                                                                                             director of education and
                                                                           unique needs                                      communication director.
                                                                           in caring
                                                                           ways. Vanessa
                                                                           Smith, the
Winter helps Ryan with ALEKS Math.                                         classroom

                         Atlantic Union Conference — Office of Education
YTalk                                                         Thirty-one academy-age students
                                                           participated in the Atlantic Union Music
                                                              Clinic in February 2008. We asked
                                                           several of them to share their thoughts
                                                             on how music ministers to others?
Atlantic Union youth share their opinions
       and ideas on various topics.
                                                             Here is what six of them had to say:

                        “Since we are in this world and not                                  “Music brings out the emotion in
                        of it, it’s [as though] when we talk to                              people. When people see the youth
                        the people of this world they hear us,                               using their talents to praise God, they
                        but they don’t listen. Music breaks                                  are touched.”—Victor Fernandez, 15,
                        that boundary because everyone likes                                 Lancaster, Massachusetts
                        music.”—Demetria B. P. Packwood,
                        15, Bermuda

 “People have their own style of music.                                “Some people don’t understand ser-
 It’s [similar to] people and their dogs—                              mons, but are good with music. They
 they look strangely alike. Each person                                can interpret differently.”—Tyler
 has their own music that fits them.                                   Jones, 16, Sterling, Massachusetts
 Music has a strange way of reaching
 inside of people and pulling out some-
 thing that has never been expressed                                                          “Music can help minister to others
 before. And when we put a good message into the different                                    because of the meanings and what
 styles that people like, they can relate to it and really think                              the songs are about. It can help others
 about it, and that’s when the music ministry goes to heart.”—                                grow more in Christ and have a good
 Anthony Whitlow, 16, Syracuse, New York                                                      relationship with God. To me, the best
                                                                                              way to keep a good relationship with
                        “Music touches each individual differ-                                God is to play music and sing. When
                        ently. It isn’t just the notes, it’s the way                          I play for others, I feel that I have
                        the musician interprets the notes. The         become closer to God, and I hope I will encourage others to
                        way you play a piece affects the listener.     follow in God’s footsteps.”—Kaléa Steede, 13, Bermuda
                        If you can make the listener get the same
                        emotion as you’re feeling, then you’ve
                        truly touched that person.”—Ilana Joyce
                        Cady, 16, Lancaster, Massachusetts

                                            Share With Us
      If you are 30 years old or younger, here is a question we would like you to respond to. “What do
      you like about the worship service at your church?” Send your response to the Gleaner editor at Be sure to include your full name, age, church, the town and city where
      you reside.

  8         Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                          Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
Southampton Church’s Women Promote Heart Health

W      ith February des-
       ignated as “Heart
Month,” the Southampton
                                              received a memorable
                                              bookmark or a scented T
                                              candle. There were many                                  Bermuda statistics
Seventh-day Adventist                         surprises in the form of spot
Church Women’s Ministries                     prizes for those whose seats
Department used the
opportunity to launch
                                              were specially labeled with
                                              hearts. Three individuals,
                                                                                                  show that each month
the start of their program                    Vernette Evans-Roberts,
with a potluck luncheon
on Sabbath, February 23.
                                              Linda Samuels, and Shirley
                                              Webbe, who was visiting
                                                                                                     at least four women
Gaynell Hayward, Women’s                      from Boston, received gift-
Ministries leader for the
church, and her team put
                                              filled baskets.
                                                 After an enjoyable meal,
                                                                                                     suffer heart attacks.
together a hearty meal and a                  Evelyn Brown, who is a
Sabbath afternoon program                     registered nurse employed                    often don’t take the severity     ers in Ethiopia. Feedback
in the fellowship hall at the                 at the KEMH Cardiac Care,                    of their pain seriously. She      received indicates that
church. The décor couldn’t                    presented a PowerPoint                       emphasized how exercise           many were blessed and are
have been more inviting.                      presentation. She urged                      and a high-fiber diet are vital   looking forward to future
Hundreds of tiny heart-                       women to get tested and to                   ingredients for a healthy         opportunities for education,
shaped confetti covered the                   know their numbers (high                     heart. She also advised all       empowerment, enjoyment,
red and white tablecloths                     blood pressure and choles-                   women to get moving as a          and encouragement. The
while red, pink, and white                    terol readings). Bermuda                     step toward reducing their        Women’s Ministries team
balloons filled the room.                     statistics show that each                    risk of heart disease.            would like to thank those
  The presentation, entitled,                 month at least four women                       It was a heart-warming         who made the event a suc-
“Heart-to-Heart,” promoted                    suffer heart attacks. She                    experience. Hayward spoke         cess through their donations,
women’s heart health to                       mentioned that heart attacks                 of the opportunity to provide     cooking, or service.
the more than 80 women                        prove more fatal for women                   outreach in the community         Geralene Smith and Gaynell Hayward
who attended the “lunch-                      than men because women                       and a Mother’s Day initia-                        Southampton Church
and-learn.” Each woman                        appear to tolerate pain and                  tive that will benefit moth-

Mount Pisgah Academy Choirs Perform in Bermuda
S  ixty choir members
   from the Mount Pisgah
Academy Choir and Bell
                                              on the island of Bermuda
                                              in early March perform-
                                              ing at several venues. They
                                                                                              Many individuals had
                                                                                           the privilege of hear-
                                                                                           ing the choirs perform.
                                                                                                                             Bermuda Institute.
                                                                                                                                Mount Pisgah Academy
                                                                                                                             was started in the year 1914
Choir, along with their                       were housed at the Messina                   Performances were held on         and is located in Ashville,
director, Edward Pelto,                       House, one of the island’s                   Friday evening and Sabbath        North Carolina. It is a co-ed
accompanist, Kevin Worth,                     camping facilities, located                  morning at the Southampton        boarding academy, with
and principal, Richard                        on the water’s edge of the                   Seventh-day Adventist             grades nine to twelve, and
Anderson, spent one week                      Great Sound.                                 Church and at the Warwick         has an enrollment of 140
                                                                                           Seventh-day Adventist             students from various coun-
                                                                                           Church during the Adventist       tries, such as Russia, Korea,
                                                                                           Youth Society meeting. They       Japan, Colombia, Mexico,
                                                                                           also performed at the Wesley      Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and
                                                                                           Methodist Church in the city      the United States. Their
                                                                                           of Hamilton during their          main focus is on service.
                                                                                           Sunday morning worship,              On the day of their depar-
                                                                                           and concluded their week          ture, the students expressed
                                                                                           of performances at Bermuda        how much they really enjoyed
                                                                                           Institute on Tuesday morn-        their visit to the island and
                                                                                           ing during assembly.              the Bermudian hospitality
                                                                                              Several of the students        and would like to make a
                                                                                           participated in commu-            return visit in the near future.
                                                                                           nity service work, which                            Wendell Simons
Choir members from Mount Pisgah Academ Choir and Bell Choir spent one week on the island   was greatly appreciated by                 communication department
of Bermuda in early March performing at several venues.                                    the Warwick church and                            Bermuda Institute

at                                                                                      Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008               9
   Camp Berkshire Appoints New Manager and
   Announces Development Plans
   T    he Greater New York
        Conference is pleased
   to announce the appoint-
                                  in the redevelopment of the
                                    The Camp Berkshire
                                                                   served as Pathfinder director
                                                                   and assisted in conference
                                                                   camporees. He has also par-
                                                                                                    ture, and public facilities.
                                                                                                       We believe this new team
                                                                                                    will lead in the redevelop-
   ment of a new management       Operating Committee had          ticipated and led out in con-    ment of Camp Berkshire
   team for Camp Berkshire.       previously voted to invite       struction projects on several    as it becomes one of the
   On January 24 the execu-       Walter Harris to be the          overseas mission trips as        great camps in the North
   tive committee voted to ask    associate manager and            well as Katrina relief trips.    American Division.
   Hector Perez to become the     Jesus Garcia to be the assis-       Jesus Garcia has 17 years        We are also pleased to
   camp manager.                  tant manager.                    of experience in construc-       announce that the Greater
      Hector Perez is no            Walter Harris has many         tion and maintenance. He         New York Conference has
   stranger to Camp Berkshire,    years of experience in the       also earned a degree in          allocated $5.8 million for
   since he lived at the camp     construction industry,           civil engineering in the         Camp Berkshire develop-
   for several years and also     including working as an          Dominican Republic. He has       ment. Planning steps that
   worked at Berkshire from       inspector for various gov-       worked at Camp Berkshire,        have already been taken are
   the spring of 2001 until       ernmental agencies. Most         assisting in maintenance         conducting a professional
   2004 when he received a        recently he has operated his     and construction since           evaluation of all current
   call from the Southeastern     own home improvement             2005. Prior to working at        buildings, upgrading the
   California Conference to       and construction manage-         Berkshire he worked as a         electrical system, and tak-
   be the assistant manager       ment company. Walter has         contractor and/or supervi-       ing steps to develop a mas-
   of Pine Springs Ranch. We      been very active in his local    sor on various construction      ter plan.
   are happy he has returned      church and conference            projects of homes, urban                   Jose Cortes Jr., youth director
   to Camp Berkshire to lead      youth ministries. He has         development and infrastruc-               Greater New York Conference

         Communication Leaders Meet at Victory Church
greater neW york

         T    he Greater New York Conference
              Communication Department held its first
         workshop for 2008 at the Victory Seventh-
                                                                   Rohann Wellington, Greater
                                                                   New York Conference asso-
                                                                   ciate director for communi-
                                                                   cation, made a presentation
         day Adventist Church in Bronx, New York.                  on the effective use of digi-
                                                                   tal cameras and the confer-
         Presenters for the workshop included Ednor                ence’s new Web site.
         Davison, Atlantic Union Conference assistant to
         the president for communication and Rohann
         Wellington, Greater New York Conference asso-
         ciate director for communication.
            Davison presented those who attended with
         information that is relevant and vital to their
         role as church communicators. Wellington
         made a presentation on the effective use of digi-
         tal cameras for Web sites and print media. He
         also discussed changes to the conference’s Web
         site and the feasibility of each church in the
         conference developing its own site.
            Interest in the material presented at the
         workshop was so high that participants
                                                                                                     Ednor Davison, Atlantic Union
         requested a follow-up workshop.                                                             Conference assistant to the
                            Alanzo Smith, communication director                                     president for communication,
                                    Greater New York Conference                                      was one of the presenters at the
                                                                                                     Greater New York Conference
                                                                                                     communication workshop.

   10      Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                        Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
The Invitation that Changed

                                                                                                 greater neW york
His Life
                                                                            Family Ministries Leaders
                                           “C      ome and see”
                                                   were the words
                                             that Philip spoke that
                                                                            Meet for Training
                                             brought Nathanael
                                             to have an encounter

Pedro Espinoza was baptized
by Pastor Jose Montano on
November 17, 2007, after
hearing the Lord’s call
through words shared by his
daughter, Farah.

with Christ (John
1:43-46). These
were the same words Yonkers, New York, church member                        F    amily Ministries leaders from Hispanic
                                                                                 churches in the Greater New York Conference
                                                                            gathered for an evening of training and planning
Farah Sosa spoke to a young man at the bus stop on her
way to work. The young man later came to have an encoun-                    on February 14 with presenter Carlos Aragones,
ter with Christ.                                                            far left. He held seminars on “Anger and Conflict
  Then she shared those words with her father, Pedro                        Resolution” and “Principles in Counseling.”
Espinoza, whose life was changed by the invitation and                                            Alanzo Smith, communication director
who felt the Lord’s calling. He was not rebellious to the                                                 Greater New York Conference
voice that beckoned, “follow me.” On November 17, 2007,
Pedro accepted Christ as his personal Savior and was bap-
tized by Pastor Jose Montano. Now the church counts on a
new member who has joined their family.
                                  Hugo Rene Ipiña, communication director
                                                   Yonkers Spanish church

                                                                                             What’s Happening
                    Greater New York Conference                                               in Your Church?
      Family Ministries and Men’s Ministries Departments present

                                                                                             Do you have news or other inspir-
                                                                    August 17-24
                                                                                             ing stories from your church that
           ea                 n
                                                                                             you would like to share with our
                                                                                               Submit all articles and photos to
                                                                                             your conference communication
                                                                                               For information on how and
                                  Featuring . . .                                            what to submit visit www.atlantic-
                                                                                    and click
   Claudio and Pamela Consuegra          Alanzo Smith                                        on “Guidelines for Submitting
           Family Ministries   Family Ministries and Men’s Ministries                        Articles.”
             Minnesota Conference                 Greater New York Conference                  We would love to hear from you!

            For more information contact Greater New York Conference
            Family Ministries Department (516) 627-9350 *

at                                                                 Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008               11
      Young Adults Share Food, Faith, and Fellowship
      “F    or where two or three come
            together in my name, there am
       I with them”—Matthew 18:20 (NIV).
                                                                  after the disciples of Jesus. We then
                                                                  put prayer into action by engag-
                                                                  ing in intercessory prayer in small
                                                                                                                   on the edge of His seat, for us to
                                                                                                                   ask for more of it in our daily lives.
                                                                                                                     Our next young adult retreat
         God is truly blessing the young                          groups. Each member was encour-                  will be held at Camp Cherokee,
       adults in the New York Conference!                         aged to share a testimony, praise,               September 26-28.
       We met together to fellowship at                           and burden within their group and                                         Kelsey Hayes, young adult
       the conference office on March 1                           then lift another member’s praise or                                           New York Conference
       and had our largest turnout for this                       burden up in prayer.
       event—approximately 40 people.                               In the afternoon, young adults
       Our morning started off quiet with                         took part in a geocache, giving us
       a small group of local young adults                        the opportunity to interact with
       enjoying breakfast and getting to                          the Syracuse community. Groups
       know each other better.                                    used a GPS to guide their journey
         Young adults from Ghana,                                 around the city to take part in
       Venezuela, and across New York                             various activities that included:
       attended on Sabbath to praise God                          performing the human knot and
       through song, video, word, and                             saying a prayer for the neighbor-
       prayer. By mid morning, we were                            hood, signing cards to be sent to
       scrambling to find more seats as                           homebound members of the church,
       our group grew.                                            and handing out paper cranes with
         Jeremy Garlock, Parkview Junior                          the message, “Jesus is Our Peace” to
       Academy teacher and member of the                          a person on the street.
       Westvale church, shared his testi-                           We ended our day with a vesper
                                                                                                                   In the afternoon, young adults took part in a geocache,
       mony and inspired us to have more                          thought that reminded us of God’s                giving them the opportunity to interact with the Syracuse
       meaningful prayer lives, modeled                           incredible grace and how He waits,               community.

 Buffalo Suburban Cooking School Impacts Community
                                                                                               night. Members and guests                On our final evening
                                                                                               sampled a vast assortment             together, Pastor Cecil Harlin
                                                                                               of vegan dishes and, accord-          talked to our community
                                                                                               ing to the reports, everyone          friends about our Seventh-
                                                                                               went away excited about               day Adventist beliefs and the
                                                                                               upcoming classes. We were             scriptural basis for our health
                                                                                               delighted that a married              message. Literature was
                                                                                               couple from the community             distributed and all the com-
                                                                                               felt comfortable enough to            munity members were given
                                                                                               volunteer to give us a juicing        invitations to attend our
                                                                                               demonstration on juicing              church services and upcom-
neW york

                                                                                               wheat grass.                          ing vegetarian potluck.
                                                                                                  Comments from guests                  What a blessing it was
 Approximately 15 individuals from the community attended the Buffalo Suburban church's free   included: “What a wonder-             when one of the ladies
 vegetarian cooking class each night.
                                                                                               ful program for the com-              showed up at church the

 D    uring the months of
      November, December,
 and January, the Buffalo
                                                Ministries committee and
                                                were taught by five of the
                                                women who attend the
                                                                                               munity,” “We enjoyed and
                                                                                               learned so much about vege-
                                                                                               tarian cooking,” “I wish that
                                                                                                                                     following week and asked
                                                                                                                                     for Bible studies. We have
                                                                                                                                     made so many wonderful
 Suburban church in                             church: Kathy Marciniak,                       I could have attended all of          friends in the community
 Lancaster, New York, held                      Elizabeth Gayle, Marie                         the classes,” and “Thank you          and praise God for His lead-
 a free eight-week vegetar-                     Fetes, Terri Young, and the                    for your gift to the commu-           ing in this important part of
 ian cooking class that was                     pastor’s wife, Gina Harlin.                    nity.” Everyone who attend-           our message and ministry.
 open to the community. The                       Approximately 15 indi-                       ed left their contact informa-                           Marie Fetes, member
 classes were hosted by the                     viduals from the com-                          tion for future classes and                           Buffalo Suburban church
 Buffalo Suburban Women’s                       munity attended each                           church newsletters.

 12           Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                                                     Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
A Perfect Blend of Salt and Light

                                                                                                                                         neW york
I  n Matthew chapter five
   Jesus teaches the most
effective form of evange-
                                            Klinedinst’s high energy and
                                            passion along with his vital
                                            material were a fire-starter.
lism—salt mixed with light.                    Gary Gibbs presented
A salty person seasons the                  a charge for the need and
people around them, they                    effectiveness of public evan-
have influence, and they                    gelism. Gibbs also shared
create thirst                                                a seminar
for the cool-                                                on the most
ing water of                                                 effective way
Christ. In                                                   to structure
February                                                     evangelism
at the Lay                                                   in the local
Training                                                     church:
Institute                                                    “Cycle of
(LTI) held                                                   Evangelism.”
in Auburn,                                                   Tom Evans                             Presenters led a panel discussion to answer lay members’ questions.
New York,                                                    and his
church mem-                                                  group of                              bers within the conference                   is calling them to do. They
bers from the                                                passionate                            who have discovered that                     concluded that usefulness to
New York                                                     evangelists                           God will do things beyond                    God is not based on natural
Conference                                                   presented                             their expectations when                      abilities, but on supernatu-
were pre-          Josh Schmeider shared his story of being
                                                            a strategic                            they take the opportunities                  ral gifts that He provides.
                   called to lay ministry. He was chosen to
sented with        participate in special training by Shawn plan to help                           He presents. The consensus                                       Dustin Hall, pastor
practical          Boonstra.                                churches                               was that the things they                                        Finger Lakes district
principles for                                              pinpoint                               were most afraid to do for
being the salt of the earth                 areas of need in the local                             God are the very things He
and the light of the world.                 congregation to create an
   Pastor David Klinedinst                  atmosphere conducive to
presented a practical form of growth. Many pastors in
an “evangelistic life,” shar-               the New York Conference
                                                                                                         Young Adult Mission Trip
ing seminars on how to start have begun to use this
spiritual conversations, how                strategic plan, inspiring the                            Wrangell, Alaska
to witness to your family and necessary steps to create a                                                July 11 - 20, 2008
friends, how to make friends healthy church.
for Christ, and how to make                    The LTI weekend ended                                    The participation
an appeal to the heart.                     with success stories of mem-                                fee is $300.00.
                                                                                                        Each individual                                     The goal for this
                                                                                                        is responsible for                                  mission trip is to
                                                                                                        making and paying
                                                                                                                                                            make contacts in
                                                                                                        for their own travel.
                                                                                                                                                            the community
                                                                                                                                                            and to present a
                                                                                                                                                            Vacation Bible
                                                                                                                                                            School program
                                                                                                                                                            to the children.

                                                                                                                     For more information contact:
                                                                                                                    David Damon at (315) 644-4140
                                                                                                                    or Youth Ministries Department
Church members from the New York Conference were presented with practical principles for                         New York Conference at (315) 469-6921
being the salt of the earth and the light of the world during the Lay Training Institute held in
Auburn, New York.

at                                                                                                     Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                        13
Camp Meeting Schedule                                                                  Atlantic Union Conference

Saturated in the Spirit
New york Conference • Union Springs Academy, Union Springs, New York
English Camp Meeting                          William Miller Camp Meeting
June 20–28                                    July 26
                                              William Miller Home and Chapel
June 20–21                                    Whitehall, New York
Brenda Walsh
Kid’s Time                                    Bill Knott
Three Angels Broadcasting Network             Editor
(3ABN)                                        a DvenTisT r eview

June 27–28                                    Native american Camp Meeting
Dwight Nelson                                 august 9–10                                         Bill Knott                Brenda Walsh
Senior Pastor
Pioneer Memorial church                       Northern adirondack Camp Meeting
                                              august 15–16
Weekday Mornings                              West Bangor Church
Richard O’Ffill                               West Bangor, New York
lorD, K eep Your M ansions,
JusT save MY ChilDren

Ron Clouzet
Ministerial Director
North American Division
                                                                         Ron Clouzet            Dwight Nelson              Richard O’Ffill
From Membership to Disciple
Greater New york Conference • Camp Berkshire, Wingdale, New York
                                                  Luso-Brazillian Camp       Hispanic Camp Meeting              French Camp Meeting
                                                  Meeting                    youth and young adult              July 20–26
                                                  May 23–26                  July 12–19
                                                                                                                Diversity Summit
                                                  English Camp Meeting       Alfredo Ruiz                       United Camp Meeting
                                                  June 28 and July 5         Apartment Life Director            September 20
                                                                             Andrews University
                                                  June 28
  Bertram Melbourne           Ted Wilson
                                                  Bertram Melbourne          Juan Solis
                                                  Pastor                     Andrews University
                                                  Potomac Conference
                                                                             Mario Fabian
                                                  July 5
                                                  Ted Wilson                 Enrique Baez Garcia
                                                  Vice President             Dominican Adventist
                                                  General Conference         University
      Alfredo Ruiz           Mario Fabian

 14            Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                        Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
Time is Running Out
Bermuda Conference • Bermuda Institute/Southampton Church Complex • June 27–July 5
June 27–July 1                              Jeffrey Brown
Sabbath/Evening Speaker                     President
George Knight                               Bermuda Conference
Professor Emeritus of Church History
Andrews University                          Kenneth Manders
July 2–5                                    Bermuda Conference
Sabbath/Evening Speaker
Barry Black                                 Derek Furbert               George Knight             Barry Black               Dionisio Olivo
62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate   Treasurer
Rear Admiral (Ret.), U.S. Navy              Bermuda Conference

July 2–5                                    Children’s Ministries
Early Morning Manna                         Mike Faison
Patrick Allen                               Savannah, Georgia
West Indies Union                           Health Ministries
                                            July 2–5
Ministerio Hermandad                                                    Mike Faison               Patrick Allen             Jeffrey Brown
Dionisio Olivo
Hispanic Ministries Vice President
Atlantic Union Conference

Anchored in the Lord                                                                            Kenneth Manders             Derek Furbert
Northeastern Conference • Camp Victory Lake, Hyde Park, New York
                                            Hispanic Camp Meeting       English Camp Meeting                    Music includes: Ephesus
                                            May 23–25                   June 28                                 Seventh-day Adventist
                                            Theme: Brilla en el sitio   Caleb Rosado                            Church Choir and New
                                            donde estes (Shine in the   President                               Life Praise Team
                                            place where you are)        Rosado Consulting for
                                                                        Change in Human Systems                 Ordination Service –
                                            Pavillion                                                           4:00 p.m.
                                            Lucio Calle                 Music includes: Faith
                                            Pastor                      Seventh-day Adventist                   Debleaire Snell
                                            Southeastern California     Church Choir                            Pastor
                                            Conference                                                          South Central
    Randy Skeete            Caleb Rosado
                                                                        Concert – 4:00 p.m.                     Conference
                                            youth                       Jamie Jorge
                                            Tony Avila                  The Holmes Sisters                      youth
                                            Pastor                                                              Teen Tent
                                            New Mexico                  youth                                   Donald Rolle
                                                                        Antwoyn Mells                           Pastor
                                            Guest Singers               Pastor                                  Central States
                                            Maribel Soto                Southeastern Conference                 Conference
                                            Puerto Rico
                                                                        July 5                                  Haitian Camp Meeting
                                            Jose Gomez                  Randy Skeete                            august 21–24
     Maribel Soto           Jaime Jorge     Dominican Republic          Public Campus Evangelist
                                                                        Michigan Conference
at                                                               Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                     15
Camp Meeting Schedule                                                                 Atlantic Union Conference

Preparing the Way
Northern New England Conference • Pine Tree Academy, Freeport, Maine • June 27–July 5

                                               June 27–28                 Seminar Presenters                Tony More
                                               Jerry Page                 July 29–July 3                    The Biblical Word Ministry
                                               President                  Michael Campbell
                                               Central California         Pastor                            Janet Page
                                               Conference                 Montrose, Colorado                Prayer Ministries Director
                                                                                                            Central California
                                               July 4–5                   Ken Corkum
                                               Lee Venden                 President                         Alonzo Smith
     Jerry Page           David DeRose         Pastor/Educator            Maritime Conference               Family Ministries Director
                                               College Place Village                                        Greater New York
                                               Church                     David DeRose                      Confernece
                                                                          Physician/Associate Pastor
                                               Evening Meetings           Portland, Maine                   Dennis Smith
                                               June 29–July 3                                               Pastor
                                               Ron Smith                  David Klinedinst                  Southern New England
                                               Executive Secretary        Personal Ministries               Conference
                                               Southern Union             Director
                                               Conference                                                   Penny Wheeler
                                                                          Christian Services
     Lee Venden          David Klinedinst
                                                                                                            r eview anD heralD

     Ron Smith             Janet Page               Ken Corkum         Alonzo Smith             Penny Wheeler

16          Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                          Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
“Sharing Him . . . Sharing His Word”
Southern New England Conference • South Lancaster, Massachusetts
English Camp Meeting —      Carla Baker                              Luther Raposo
June 20–28                  Women’s Ministries                       Pastor
                            Director                                 Southern New England
June 20–26                  North American Division                  Conference
Alanzo Smith                                                                                              Alanzo Smith           Bill Knott
Family Life/                Chuck and Millie Case                    Lilly Tryon
Communication Director      Retired President                        Health Ministries Director
Greater New York            Southern New England                     Pennsylvania Conference
Conference                  Conference
                                                                     Haitian Camp Meeting
                                                                     July 4–5
July 27–28                  Clinton Baldwin
Bill Knott                  Pastor                                   Portuguese Camp Meeting
Editor                      Southern New England                     July 11–12
a DvenTisT r eview          Conference
                                                                                                           Carla Baker         Mihail Baciu
                                                                     Hispanic Camp Meeting
Young Adult Speaker         Rudy Dolinsky                            July 16–19
Don Pate                    Chief Engineer                           Jose Cortes
Director                    Safe TV                                  President
“Between the Lines”                                                  New Jersey Conference
Ministry                    Jack Harris
                            Field Representative                     youth
June 22                     Voice of Prophecy                        Alvin Payne
Michael Card                                                         Pastor
Musical Concert             Marion Kidder                            Oregon Conference                     Alvin Payne        Clinton Baldwin
Co-sponsor:                 Forest Lake Church
Worthington/Kellogg’s       Associate Pastor
                                                                     Manuel Ojeda
                            Florida Conference
Weekday Seminars and
                                                                     Indiana Conference
Presenters                  Tom Murray
Mihail Baciu                Planned Giving & Trust                   July 19
Pastor                      Services Director                        Forgiven
Southern New England        Southern New England                     Musical Concert
Conference                  Conference
                                                                                                          Rudy Dolinsky        Marion Kidder

                                  Chuck and Millie Case                           Tom Murray               Lilly Tryon          Jack Harris

                Forgiven                              Michael Card               Manuel Ojeda              Jose Cortes           Don Pate

at                                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008              17
    Art Clinic Enhances Students’ Talents

    T    he Northern New
         England Conference
    Art Clinic was held January
                                                                                                                           Snow sculpture: Shadrach,
                                                                                                                           Meshach, and Abednego with
                                                                                                                           Christ in the fiery furnace.

    31 to February 2 at Central
    Vermont Academy in Barre,
    Vermont. The theme was                                                                                                     Jenna Neil as old Joseph in the visual presentation of “Joseph,
    “Our Bible Heroes” and our                                                                                                 Hero for God.”
    speaker this year was Pastor
    Brian Bilbrey. A total of 150
    students in grades 5-12 par-
    ticipated using 13 forms of
    art media.
                          Barbara Chase
          education department secretary
        Northern New England Conference
northern neW engLanD

    The gym came alive with Damita Zavaski’s floral students’ center displays.

    Ulla Hansen instructed students in pencil crayon painting, a new art medium to the clinic.   Samples of water color paintings instructed by Pastor Gleason.

   18            Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                                                              Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                                                                                                                                       northern neW engLanD
Mission Trip Changes Lives
I  t was a moment to
   savor. The gentle breeze
brought the melodies of
                                                but my heart was full. In
                                                March 2008 a group of 28
                                                strangers descended upon
some far-off marimba band.                      the poor, dirty town of
The bright sun enhanced                         Chimaltenengo, in north-
the brilliant colors of the                     west Guatemala. Our des-
traditional clothing worn                       tination was a barren clinic
by a group of Guatemalan                        named “Behrhorst.”
women. My feet ached,                              The group I joined was

                                                                                               Jessie Brodis holding one of the young patients who had a hernia operation.

                                                                                               International Humanitarian                         I have never experienced
                                                                                               Surgical Associates, a group                    such appreciative patients.
                                                                                               of doctors, nurses, and                         One woman raised her
                                                                                               ancillary staff with a heart                    folded hands toward heav-
                                                                                               for the less fortunate. For                     en as she stated over and
                                                                                               two weeks each year, a                          over again that it was a gift
                                                                                               group assembles and heads                       from God. “You just don’t
                                                                                               to Guatemala for a week of                      know the good you do,”
                                                                                               lumpy beds, cold showers,                       stated another in broken
During the week, the focus was on doing general surgery and gynecological surgery. Jessie is
seen here with Maria, a recovering patient.                                                    and hard work. During the                       English.
                                                                                               week, our focus was doing                          By the time the work
                                                                                               general surgery (primarily                      week ended, more than
                                                July 12-13, 2008                               hernia repair) and gyneco-                      60 surgeries were com-
                                                                                               logical surgery.                                pleted. The surgical area
                                                                                                  This was the first surgi-                    was transformed from a
                                                                                               cal mission trip I joined.                      few empty, dirty rooms
                                                                                               Surgical mission is unlike                      to a full-fledged running
                                                                                               anything I experienced.                         hospital. From sterile
                                                                                               The lasting difference a                        supply, to pharmacy, to
    Estabrook School Alumni Weekend                                                            surgery can make is amaz-                       operating rooms, to ward,
          101 Maple Street, West Lebanon, NH 03784                                             ing. Some of the patients                       the “Behrhorst” became a
                                                                                               had experienced painful                         fully active workplace. In
                              Sabbath, July 12                                                 and debilitating symptoms                       the meantime our group
                Sabbath School                              10:00 a.m.                         for years. One gentleman                        of strangers became a
                Church                                      11:00 a.m.                         had his hernia for more                         smooth-working team of
                Lunch                                        1:00 p.m.                         than 40 years and in an                         health care providers and
                Afternoon Program                                                              hour and a half it was gone.                    friends. Lives were changed
                                                                                               The villagers had no money                      and a mark was left. Sixty
                               Sunday, July 13                                                 and though their condition                      Guatemalans can tell you
                Auction         10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.                                       left their lives seemingly                      about it. So can a whole
                Picnic and Ball Game                                                           unbearable, they had no                         group of Americans.
                                                                                               other choice. Hospital care                                        Jessie Brodis, member
                                                                                               is available in larger cities                                      Mountain View church
         Contact information: Sandy Anderson
                                                                                               in Guatemala, but these
      Phone: (802)355-1076; E-mail:
                                                                                               patients could not afford
          Please bring an unusual item(s) to be auctioned off.                                  the transportation to the
          E-mail favorite recipe to be compiled in a cookbook.                                 hospital, let alone the doc-
                                                                                               tors and hospital bills.

at                                                                                                   Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                         19
    “ShareHim” at Home Changes Lives
    M     any lay people use
          their training for
    the ShareHim evangelistic
                                             practicing with Hutchful.
                                             Having preached the
                                             ShareHim series in Mexico,
                                                                                         and moved by the message,”
                                                                                         said Bob White, a visitor.
                                                                                            “That alone should be
    series to change lives in                Livergood was familiar with                 proof of success.” Livergood
    third-world countries, but               the material and the tech-                  added. “God was able to use
    fourteen-year-old Samuel                 nology used to present it.                  Hutchful, whether or not
    Hutchful preached a six-                 He edited the sermons mak-                  he was experienced.” This
    night ShareHim evangelistic              ing them shorter and easier                 story also shows that God
    series that changed lives—               for Hutchful to preach.                     was able to use Hutchful
    including his own—at his                    “The first night was hard,”              because the church leader-
    home church in Gardner,                  Hutchful confessed. “As                     ship rallied around him,
    Massachusetts.                           people arrived I was on the                 trained, supported, and
      It all started in February             verge of not being able to do               encouraged him.
    2007 when the Gardner                    it, but we prayed and I was                    Hutchful’s teacher, Debbie
                                                                                                                                    Samuel Hutchful preached a six-night
    church pastor, Tom                       OK.” Then the slides in the                 Knutson-Bezerra, says he                   ShareHim evangelistic series that changed
    Dombrowski, asked which                  laptop computer refused to                  has become a spiritual lead-               lives—including his own—at his home
    of the upper graders at                  advance. Livergood sat on the               er in her classroom. When                  church in Gardner, Massachusetts.
    Wachusett Hills Christian                floor and pressed the button                they chose officers this year              a preacher,” he says. “I had
    school wanted to go to the               manually while Hutchful                     for their AY Worship Club,                 other plans. I wanted to be
    Dallas Youth Convention                  preached. It was a stressful                Hutchful was elected presi-                a policeman or law enforce-
    to be trained to preach an               first night, but God blessed.               dent. His fellow classmates                ment officer. If God wants
    evangelistic series. Hutchful               Even though the church                   weren’t surprised. They                    me to be a policeman, that’s
southern neW engLanD

    was one of them.                         did no formal advertising,                  said, “Of course, he’s the                 what I’ll do. But preaching
      After school was out for               about 10 visitors attended                  preacher of the class.” “I                 is the number-one thing
    the summer Dombrowski                    most of the meetings, in                    believe that some positive                 I want to do right now.”
    worked with Hutchful                     addition to church members.                 spiritual growth came out                  Hutchful is looking forward
    nightly at the library. The              In response to Hutchful’s                   of his experience,” Knutson-               to more preaching opportu-
    week before the meetings                 appeal, one person made a                   Bezerra said. “I think it’s                nities in the future.
    began, local elder and youth             decision for baptism. “The                  changed him for life.”                                 Sandra Covell Dombrowski
    Sabbath School teacher,                  Holy Spirit was working                        Hutchful agrees. “I feel                             pastor’s wife and member
    John Livergood, began                    through him. I was touched                  like God is calling me to be                                      Gardner church

        $2,000 and 25 Dell Laptops Expand Browning’s
        Interactive Technology
                                                                                     chase digital cameras,             involved in creating, rather than
                                                                                     video cameras, soft-               one small group at a time.
                                                                                     ware,                                                    This grant falls
                                                                                     and                                                   on the heels of the
                                                                                     flash                                                 department receiv-
                                                                                     drives.                                               ing a donation of 25
                                                                                     Students                                              Dell Latitude lap-
                                                                                     will be                                               tops from the Mitre
                                                                                     able                                                  Corporation. This
        Best Buy employees from the Leominster, Massachusetts, store recently gave   to edit                                               government organiza-
        a workshop to the fifth-grade students on how to take good digital pictures. their                                                 tion works to help

        B     rowning Elementary school’s
              grades 5-8 social studies/
        technology department received a
                                                                       own digital pictures
                                                                       and videos to create
                                                                       quality multimedia
                                                                                                                                           get technology into
                                                                                                                                           schools. When they
                                                                                                                                           upgrade their equip-
        $2,000 Teach Award from Best Buy projects. With the                                                                                ment, it is reformatted
        Co., Inc., for integrating interactive increased amount                                                                            and given to schools.
                                                                                                Fifth grader Nicholas Ha enjoys working on
        technology into its curriculum.                                of equipment, all        a new-to-the-school Dell Latitude laptop          Martha Ban, teacher
        The money will be used to pur-                                 the students can be      donated by the Mitre Corporation.           Browning elementary school

   20        Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                                                     Visit the Atlantic Union Web site

                                                                                                              southern neW engLanD
Deaf Evangelize at Deaf Nation Expo
T    he Northborough
     Seventh-day Adventist
Church Deaf Everywhere
                                  meeting was held simulta-
                                  neous to the hearing one
                                  with presentations given in
Are Family (D.E.A.F) group        American Sign Language
attended its first Deaf Nation    (ASL) each night by Jordan.
Expo last fall to support           The Expo showed a hun-
Bruce Buzzell, Adventist          ger and need for the deaf
Deaf Ministries (ADM) board       and hard of hearing to
chairperson, with evange-         know more about Jesus and
listic outreach to the deaf.      His love. The deaf came,
This expo was held at the         timid at first and non-com-
DCU center in Worcester,          mittal, but definitely inter-
Massachusetts, and thou-          ested. Some had questions,
sands of deaf attended            but most were attracted to
the event. Adventist Deaf         the sign language DVD.
Ministries and D.E.A.F.           When they learned that             The Northborough Seventh-day Adventist Church Deaf Everywhere Are Family group assists
handed out Bible studies and      they could have their own          Bruce Buzzell, Adventist Deaf Ministries board chairperson, back row, left, with evangelistic
free sign language DVDs to        copy for free, that was all        outreach to the deaf during a Deaf Nation Expo.
inspire interest in God’s love.   they needed to take one for        them about Jordan’s online                       coordinator, by e-mail at
Close to 100 packets were         themselves.                        church service from Atlanta,            or
given away.                         The Expo also exposed a          Georgia. Located at www.                         call (508) 838-5391 (hear-
   Interest for this event        great need for interpreters,                            ing) or (866) 410-5787, ext.
began when Esther Doss,           and interpreted services,          people can watch weekly                          508-756-2623 for video relay
an ADM representative, and        as well as for more deaf           sermons in ASL.                                  (deaf and hard of hearing).
Jeff Jordan, a deaf pastor,       pastors who can reach the            For more information or                                                Jessica McGowan
attended the 2007 Southern        deaf in their own language.        to volunteer for the 2008                                             D.E.A.F. coordinator
New England Conference            Fortunately, we were able          events, please contact                                                Northborough church
camp meeting. A deaf camp         to share information with          Jessica McGowan, D.E.A.F.

     Public High School Retreat Gets                                                                                          What’s
     Students Talking                                                                                                      Happening in
                                                                                                                           Your Church?
     T    he Southern New England Conference Youth
          Department hosted a Public High School Retreat
     last December at Camp Winnekeag for our Seventh-day
                                                                                                                           Do you have news or
                                                                                                                           other inspiring sto-
     Adventist high school-aged, public/home school youth.                                                                 ries from your church
     When asked, “What are some of the challenges you face                                                                 that you would like to
                            being a Christian in a public school                                                           share with our read-
                            setting?” senior Jennifer Muller said,                                                         ers?
                            “One of the challenges is being around                                                            Submit all articles
                            people with different value systems                                                            and photos to your
                            and beliefs than you and that some-             Kyle Slingo
                                                                                                                           conference communi-
                            times tends to cause views to clash.”                                                          cation director.
                              Junior Kyle Slingo said, “The most challenging part of                                          For information
                            being a Christian in a public high school is explaining                                        on how and what to
                            how I can’t go to events on Friday night to my friends (e.g.,                                  submit visit www.
                            dances, parties, and other events).”                                                 
          Jennifer Muller     Another Public High School Retreat is scheduled for                                          gleaner.html and click
     November 21-23 at Camp Winnekeag. Mark your calendar now and then look for                                            on “Guidelines for
     details this fall at                                                                               Submitting Articles.”
                                                                         Pedro Perez, youth director                          We would love to
                                                                  Southern New England Conference                          hear from you!

at                                                                          Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                  21
  Gethsemane Church Launches Evangelism Home Strike
                                                                                           evangelistic meetings in a
                                                                                           home using the latest DVD
                                                                                           technology. Each success-
                                                                                           ful participant received a
                                                                                           set of 26 sermons and a
                                                                                           DVD. Rupert Young, min-
                                                                                           isterial secretary for the
                                                                                           Northeastern Conference,
                                                                                           and Carlyle Simmons,                          Sylvan Lashley, Gethsemane church pastor,
                                                                                                                                         Rupert Young, Northeastern Conference
                                                                                           executive secretary for the                   ministerial director, and Carlyle Simmons,
                                                                                           Atlantic Union Conference,                    Atlantic Union executive secretary, partici-
                                                                                           were present. Several lay                     pated in the training session.
                                                                                           meetings will start in homes
  Members and friends who completed New Beginnings training were presented with a packet
  containing the New Beginnings material.                                                  early summer, followed by
                                                                                           a Daniel and Revelation

  G    ethsemane Seventh-day
       Adventist Church in
  Brockton, Massachusetts,
                                                Services and Industries
                                                (ASI) team. Debbie Young,
                                                immediate past president
                                                                                           seminar. The church has
                                                                                           already identified 2000
                                                                                           homes in Brockton for sTeps
  launched “Evangelism Home                     of ASI, and her husband,                   To ChrisT mail-outs and
  Strike” on March 15 when                      Ray Young, held a day-long                 Discovery Bible Lessons
  several members received                      training seminar to intro-                 before lay teams begin the
  their New Beginnings ser-                     duce the series.                           series.                                       Debbie Young, presenter, and her husband,
  mon packets and DVDs                            The series prepared four-                                                              Ray, during the New Beginnings training
                                                                                                           Sylvan Lashley, pastor        session at the Gethsemane Seventh-day
  from an Adventist-laymen’s                    person lay teams to hold                                      Gethsemane church          Adventist Church.

  25 Reasons to Trust and Believe
                                                                                                                        OFFICIAL NOTICE

  R    ochester Academy made
       history this year as 25
  of their students became
                                                writings in the envelope, and
                                                whispered a prayer that God’s
                                                will be done.
                                                                                                         Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

                                                                                             NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the second regular quadrennial and twenty fifth
                                                                                             regular constituency meeting of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day
                                                                                             Adventists will convene at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, June 8, 2008, at Camp Victory
  published writers. Despite                       As we know Him to do,                     Lake, Hyde Park, New York.
  many challenges facing the                    God answered her prayers                        The purpose of this meeting is for the receiving of reports for the past quadren-
  school, church, and stu-                      and all of the students’ writ-               nium, the election of officers, departmental directors, and pertinent committees for
                                                                                             the ensuing quadrennium, and the transaction of such business as may properly
  dents, English/Language                       ings were selected to be                     come before the delegates.
  Arts teacher Glasmine Ellis                   published in the 2008 edi-                      Each organized church within the conference is entitled to be represented by

                                                                                             duly appointed delegates chosen on the basis of one for the organization and one
  opted to act                                                   tion of the
  on faith with                   Rochester                      Anthology
                                                                                             additional delegate for each 70 members or major fraction thereof.
                                                                                                                                           Trevor H.C. Baker, President
  the hope of                                                    of Poetry                                                                 Larry J. Bailey, Secretary
  triggering                Academy made                         by Young
  a spiritual                                                    Americans.
  revival and              history this year                        The stu-
  morale                                                         dents were
                                                                                                                        OFFICIAL NOTICE
     Using the
                              as 25 of their                     recognized
                                                                 during the
                                                                                                 Northeastern Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists

                                                                                             NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the second regular quadrennial constituency
  sudden death                                                   church
  of one of
                          students became                        service on
                                                                                             meeting of the Northeastern Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists
                                                                                             will be held in conjunction with the twenty fifth regular constituency meeting,
  the school’s                                                   Sabbath,                    (second regular quadrennial) of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day
  teachers,              published writers.                      March 8. It                 Adventists on Sunday, June 8, 2008 at Camp Victory Lake, Hyde Park, New
                                                                                             York. The meeting of the corporation will convene at 3 00 p.m.
  Ellis asked the students to put               is our prayer that God will                     The purpose of this meeting is to elect officers and trustees for the ensuing
  their feelings on paper and                   continue to use the talents                  quadrennium, and to transact such other business as may properly come before the
                                                                                             delegates. Delegates to the second regular quadrennial meeting of the Conference
  express how the loss impact-                  of our young writers in a                    are the delegates to the second regular quadrennial meeting of the Northeastern
  ed them. Moved by the words                   mighty way.                                  Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists.
  written by the students, she                                           Angela Tucker                                                     Trevor H.C. Baker, President
  completed the school sub-                                   communication secretary                                                      Larry J. Bailey, Secretary
  mission form, inserted the                                   Jefferson Avenue church

  22          Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                                                        Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                                        Spiritual Renewal Impacts
                                              Social Change
                         In order to increase awareness of the views of the         the power of the Holy Spirit, we become new
                         Seventh-day Adventist Church on various subjects,          creatures (Ephesians 4:22-24), we come out of
                         the Atlantic Union Gleaner will publish monthly            darkness into light (1 Peter 2:9), and we experi-
                         one of the position statements or guidelines voted by      ence now the transforming power of the world
                         church leadership since 1980. These official state-        to come (Hebrews 6:5). This spiritual renewal
                         ments were issued by the General Conference in ses-        permeates society as salt provides seasoning
Positions of Our Faith
                         sion, the General Conference Executive Committee,          and as light illumines darkness. The presence of
                         the General Conference Administrative Committee,           spiritually-renewed persons in the community
                         or the office of the General Conference president.         can do a work that political and social initiatives
                            As the church continues to grow and make an             alone cannot accomplish. Christians who have
                         influence, its role in the society will require that its   experienced the transforming power of Christ
                         views and what it holds true become known. Such            are stabilizing, strengthening pillars in society,
                         will continue to be the demands of the society, and        and they preserve life-affirming values. They act
                         such will be the need to define Adventism’s relevance,     as agents of change in the face of moral decay.
                         or present truth, to those who are asking questions        Their active presence in the community provides
                         and seeking answers to their dilemmas and problems.        hope, as individuals and families are ennobled
                            The documents presented here are not an end in          by Christian principles and their lives and rela-
                         themselves, but a reflection of a movement sensi-          tionships impact others around them.
                         tive to its calling and the people who “know how to
                         answer everyone” (Colossians 4:6, NIV).                    This statement was approved and voted by the
                                                                                    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
                         Spiritual Renewal Impacts Social Change                    Administrative Committee (ADCOM) for release by
                         The very real presence of evil in the world and            the Office of the President, Robert S. Folkenberg, at
                         the sinfulness of human beings, compounded                 the Annual Council session in San Jose, Costa Rica,
                                                                                    October 1-10, 1996.
                         by rapid shifts in education, industry, technol-
                         ogy and the economy, continue to embroil our
                         planet in massive societal change. Individuals
                         and families often feel powerless and victimized
                                                                                        Listed are some resources that will help you
                         by systems and circumstances over which they
                                                                                        learn more about the Seventh-day Adventist
                         perceive they have no control.
                                                                                        Church’s beliefs, positions on specific topics,
                            The Seventh-day Adventist Church sees as part
                                                                                        and established guidelines.
                         of its mission the extending of the ministry of
                         Christ into the world of suffering. His was a min-             Web sites
                         istry of comfort, of empowerment, of liberation,               Official Statements voted since 1980: www.
                         and of reconciliation. Alongside other Christians,   
                         we are a healing and stabilizing force in times                Guidelines:
                         of change. When all is turbulent about us, the                 index.html
                         church provides assurance that there is One who
                         sits above the turmoil of this world who is change-            Fundamental Beliefs:
                         less and whose purposes will ultimately prevail.               fundamental/index.html
                         The church serves as a watchman in society and                 Church Manual:
                         as an empowering community, urging individuals                 church_manual/index.html
                         and families to evaluate conditions around them,               Other Documents:
                         upholding that which is good, and transcending                 other_documents/index.html
                         and altering that which is detrimental.
                            It was said of the early Christians, ‘‘Here are             Books
                         they that have turned the world upside down’’                  Available online at AdventSource (www.advent
                         (Acts 17:6). The gospel of Christ is itself an agent  or your local Adventist Book Center
                         of change. In the gospel there is compassion                   (ABC) (
                         for human frailty; and at the same time there                  sTaTeMenTs, GuiDelines anD oTher DoCuMenTs
                         is encouragement to form perfect relationships
                                                                                        sevenTh-DaY a DvenTisT ChurCh M anual
                         with God and with one another, as was the
                         divine plan at Creation. We believe that, through
at                                                                 Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008            23
A TrAVers l’eglise MondiAle

                                              “Allez et Faites de même”
                               L   orsque j’étais un gars à l’école
                                   secondaire, j’assistais à un acte
                               d’amour et de bienveillance qui reste
                                                                        494. Ce genre d’amour nous presse
                                                                        d’harmoniser nos paroles à nos
                                                                        actions. En tant que dirigeants et
                                                                                                                         Notre amour du prochain et notre
                                                                                                                         théologie doivent être au diapason.

                               gravé dans ma mémoire jusqu’à ce         docteurs de la Loi, quand le Lévite et        2. Notre connaissance doit trou-
                               jour. Ce geste m’a fourni les perspi-    le Prêtre virent le voyageur couvert             ver le chemin de nos cœurs. Le
                               cacités nécessaires pour comprendre      de poussière, de sang, et demi mort,             Prêtre et le Lévite étaient des
                               la parabole du Samaritain. Aussi,        passèrent outre. Mais le Samaritain,             hommes d’église, des docteurs
                               il me permet d’appréhender cette         un gentile, ayant vu la victime, fut             de la Loi. Mais les principes de la
                               déclaration sublime du prophète          ému de compassion. «Il s’approcha,               loi n’étaient pas écrits dans leurs
                               Esaïe: “Si tu rassasies l’âme indi-      et banda ses plaies, en y versant de             cœurs. La discrimination, l’égo-
                               gente, Ta lumière se lèvera sur l’obs-   l’huile et du vin; puis il le mit sur sa         ïsme, le préjugé, l’esprit de classe,
                               curité, Et tes ténèbres seront comme                                                      et la culture les empêchaient
                               le midi.”—Esaïe 58:10.                                                                    d’aider leur concitoyen. La reli-
                                  A la proximité de ma maison
                               vivait un jeune homme qui habitait            “Si tu rassasies                            gion de Christ transcende les
                                                                                                                         barrières de race et de culture.
                               avec sa tante et apprenait la méca-
                               nique. Chaque soir, il partageait sa
                               portion inadéquate de nourriture
                                                                           l’ âme indigente,                          3. Il nous faut descendre de notre
                                                                                                                         bête. Le Samaritain était un gen-
                               avec un autre camarade qui était,
                               à ce moment-là, un étudiant ou un         Ta lumière se lèvera                            tile, mais la loi de Dieu était dans
                                                                                                                         son cœur. Quand il vit la victime,
                               apprenti tailleur. Un jour, après                                                         il descendit de sa monture et prit
                               avoir donné une partie de son
                               repas, il cherchait encore du pain
                                                                         sur l’obscuri té, Et                            soin de lui. Aussi, nous devons
                                                                                                                         quitter notre confort, donner la
                               pour apaiser sa faim. Confronté
                               par sa tante d’expliquer ce bizarre
                                                                           tes ténèbres seront                           chance à quelqu’un de monter et
                                                                                                                         à nous de suivre. Ce sentiment
                               comportement, le jeune homme
                               répondit: “Je ne peux pas me               comme le midi.”—                               exige le cœur et l’esprit de Jésus.

                               contenter de manger à satiété tandis                                                      Le Samaritain est un type de Jésus
                               que quelqu’un, à ma connaissance,
                               meurt de faim.” J’appris alors, ce
                                                                              Esaïe 58:10.                            qui “a été blessé pour nos transgres-
                                                                                                                      sions, brisé pour nos iniquités”—
                               que cela signifie de donner sa pro-                                                    Esaïe 53:5. Notre Sauveur nous invi-
                               pre subsistance aux nécessiteux.         propre monture, le conduisit à une            te à descendre de notre tour d’ivoire
                                  Ainsi, en est-il de la parabole du    hôtellerie. Luc 10:34.                        afin d’exhiber la compassion et
                               Samaritain située dans Luc 10:25-37,     De ce récit, émergent les leçons suivantes:   témoigner l’amour et la bienveillance
                               où l’amour authentique est illus-                                                      envers tous. Il nous convie et dit, «
                               tré merveilleusement. En outre, le       1. Notre amour doit être manifesté            Allez et continuez à faire de même».

                               Christ nous fait comprendre que             envers tous. Aimer, ce n’est pas                              Louis Métellus est le Vice-
                               “la vraie religion ne consiste pas en       donner de notre superflu mais de                              Président des Ministères
                                                                                                                                         Haïtiens et le Directeur des
                               des systèmes de credos ou de rites          partager notre pain ou entretien                              Services Communautaires et

                               mais en l’accomplissement d’œuvres          avec les autres. Il ne suffit pas de                          le Ministère de la Prison de
                                                                                                                                         l’Union Atlantique.
                               de miséricorde, en la bienfaisance,         proclamer le message d’amour.
                               la vraie bonté”—Jésus-ChrisT, p.            Nous devons être le message.               The English translation can be found on page 3.

                          24         Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                                          Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
                 En 2007 se alcanzó récord de

                                                                                                               ¿Qué está PasanDo?
              ofrendas del decimotercer sábado
L   a Iglesia Adventista tuvo un 10,4 por
    ciento de incrementos en las ofrendas
del decimotercer sábado el año pasado,
                                                 tos diferentes en África, Asia, Europa y el
                                                 Medio Oriente. El resto de las ofrendas
                                                 sirve de apoyo a la obra misionera en el
                                                                                                       tistas en el país. Otros proyectos claves
                                                                                                       incluyeron un proyecto de evangelización
                                                                                                       en Ginebra, Suiza, la construcción de un
según las cifras dadas a conocer este            extranjero, y se utiliza para sostener a los          hospital adventista en Camerún e iglesias
mes por la sede central de la iglesia. Esto      misioneros de ultramar, la construcción               para congregaciones ya existentes en seis
continúa una tendencia iniciada dos años         de nuevas iglesias, la operación de insti-            países diferentes del África Occidental.
atrás cuando la ofrenda para las misiones        tuciones educativas, la obra médica y el                 “Los proyectos especiales apoyados
se mantuvo a la altura de la inflación por       evangelismo en las grandes ciudades.                  por las ofrendas del decimotercer sába-
primera vez en una década.                          “A lo largo de la historia, estas ofren-           do representan mucho más que solo
   Gary Krause, director de la Secretaría        das han enviado a miles de misioneros                 una institución educativa, una iglesia o
de Misión Adventista, dice que este cre-         dedicados a diversos lugares del mundo,”              un hospital,” dice Charlotte Ishkanian,
cimiento se debe a muchos factores pero          dice Homer Trecartin, director de plani-              editora de la revista Misión Adventista.
en general él cree que “cuando los adven-        ficación de Misión Adventista. También                Cada proyecto cuenta con el potencial
tistas están convencidos de que hay una          ha permitido a la iglesia mundial a apo-              de evangelización específico de atraer a
necesidad, responden con generosidad.”           yar regiones del mundo donde la iglesia               otras personas a Cristo.
   En 2007, los adventistas de todo el           tenía poca o ninguna presencia.”                         Si desea saber más del programa misio-
mundo dieron un récord de 8,9 millones              El año pasado, sin ir más lejos, los               nero mundial de la Iglesia Adventista,
de dólares como ofrendas del decimo-             adventistas apoyaron una variedad de pro-             visite el sitio
tercer sábado (donaciones recolectadas           yectos en tres continentes. Entre ellos se                                 Hans Olson, Adventist Mission
en las clases bíblicas de las iglesias, cada     encontró la creación de una escuela voca-                                  Staff, Adventist News Network
decimotercera semana desde 1921). El 25          cional y un centro estudiantil en la Escuela                                        25 de Marzo del 2008
por ciento de estas ofrendas (2,23 millo-        Secundaria de la Unión del Nilo, cerca de                                     Traducción: Marcos Paseggi
nes de dólares) serán utilizados para            El Cairo, Egipto. Este centro educacional es          English translation available at: http://news.adventist.
ayudar a financiar unos setenta proyec-          una de las únicas dos instituciones adven-            org/data/2008/1206451178/

       Líder de la iglesia mundial afirma el
    principio adventista de la no beligerancia
   E    l pastor Jan Paulsen, presidente de la Iglesia Adventista
        mundial, ha reiterado la postura histórica de la iglesia en
                                                                         más miembros que aceptan puestos de combate (solo en los
                                                                         Estados Unidos hay 7.500 adventistas que participan como

                                                                                                                                                                   en lA iglesiA M UndiAl
   relación con la no beligerancia en un artículo publicado en el        combatientes), la postura de la iglesia no ha cambiado.
   número de marzo de Adventist World, la publicación inter-                Escribe Paulsen: “He sentido, a veces, una cierta ambi-
   nacional de la iglesia.                                               valencia hacia nuestra posición histórica; acaso sea el sen-
      En el artículo “Una postura clara respecto del servicio            timiento de que ‘así era antes, pero ahora es diferente.’ Aun
   militar,” el líder mundial de la iglesia explica que decidir          así, no logro entender la razón de este cambio.”
   portar armas “pone en serio peligro los fundamentos espiri-              Sin embargo, ¿qué hacer en los países donde el servicio
   tuales y morales de una persona.”                                     militar es obligatorio? Paulsen dice: “Puede que para seguir
      Al referirse a una resolución tomada por el quinto                 siendo fiel a las convicciones propias y al Señor la única
   Congreso de la Asociación General en 1867, Paulsen dice: “En          solución posible sea aceptar los resultados de disentir, que
   términos generales, este ha sido nuestro principio guiador:           pueden significar inclusive la prisión.”
   Cuando uno porta armas da a entender que está dispuesto a                Paulsen concluye pidiéndoles a los miembros de la iglesia
   usarlas para quitar la vida de otra persona, y quitar la vida         mundial que no dejen de lado a los que han tomado la deci-
   a uno de los hijos de Dios, aun la de nuestro “enemigo,” es           sión de servir en posiciones de combate. Por el contrario,
   inconsecuente con lo que creemos es sagrado y correcto.”              pide que los acepten. Admite que no es un tema fácil y anima
      El artículo de tres páginas comienza relatando la propia expe-     a los miembros de iglesia a que analicen este problema “en
   riencia de la niñez del pastor Paulsen durante la Segunda Guerra      nuestros hogares, iglesias y colegios, y hagámoslo con cora-
   Mundial, y entonces pasa a afirmar que como Dios tiene en esti-       zones abiertos y espíritu de humildad.”
   ma cada vida humana, los cristianos jamás deberían participar                                                                               Staff
   en quitar la vida de otra persona. “Todo ser humano, no importa                                                           Adventist News Network
   cuáles sean sus elecciones, es de infinito valor ante Dios. El Dios                                                          7 de marzo del 2008
   que servimos es nuestro sanador y Salvador. Esas son también                                                           Traducción: Marcos Paseggi
   las dos tareas primordiales de la iglesia,” escribe Paulsen.          English translation available at:
      Paulsen también deja en claro o si bien hay cada vez               data/2008/1205270278/

at                                                                            Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                             25
26   Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008   Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
 Sunset Table                                                            Eastern Daylight
                                                                          Savings Time
 June 2008                       6               13             20               27
 Bangor, ME                     8:18            8:22           8:24             8:25
 Portland, ME                   8:20            8:24           8:26             8:26
 Boston, MA                     8:19            8:22           8:24             8:25
 South Lancaster, MA            8:21            8:25           8:27             8:27
 Pittsfield, MA                 8:28            8:31           8:33             8:34
 Hartford, CT                   8:23            8:27           8:29             8:29
 New York, NY                   8:25            8:28           8:30             8:31
 Albany, NY                     8:29            8:32           8:34             8:35                                        July 14-18, 2008
 Utica, NY                      8:38            8:41           8:44             8:44                                              age 12-18
 Syracuse, NY                   8:41            8:45           8:47             8:47
 Rochester, NY                  8:48            8:51           8:53             8:54                                               With
 Buffalo, NY                    8:51            8:55           8:57             8:57        For more information
 Hamilton, Bda                  8:22            8:25           8:27             8:28
                                                                                                                             Coach Sandy Smith
                                                                                             and an application,      Former Draft Pick of the Phoenix Suns
                                                                                              write: Coach Sandy
                                               agent, Gene Farrell, at Twin City Travel.     Smith, PO Box 1142,
                                                                                                                             Nelson Field House
        ATlANTIC UNIoN                         His phone number is 1-800-698-6015.            So. Lancaster, MA
                                                                                                                     on the Campus of Atlantic Union College
                                               You can also contact me with additional      01561 or e-mail sandy.
                                                                                                                          South Lancaster, Massachusetts
ATlANTIC UNIoN CollEGE                         questions at (978) 368-1667. Space is 
Degree in Chaplaincy—If you are a working      limited so make your reservations early.
                                               June Hilbert Harris, SLA ’65                 www.atlantic-union.
                                                                                                                         Time: 9:00 a.m.–4:45 p.m.
adult who wants to specialize in chap-
laincy ministries, a new master’s degree in                                                 org/basketball.html          (Bring your own sack lunch)
education with a concentration in clinical
ministry (chaplaincy) is now being offered.             oUT-oF-UNIoN                                                             Fee: $125.00
There are twice yearly intensives—two
weeks each on campus—January and               Calling all alumni and friends of Southern
May. A 3-year completion is possible and       Adventist University! A supper meeting
financial aid is available.                    will be held Sabbath, June 28, in the
                                               Union Springs Academy cafeteria at
SoUTHERN NEW ENGlAND                           5:00 p.m. Please RSVP to Rob Raney
South lancaster Academy (SlA) Alumni Cruise,   at (423) 236-2781 or rraney@southern.
October 20-27, 2008. You are invited to        edu. Families are welcome!
join us as we set sail for our next alumni
cruise on October 20, 2008. We will be         The Seventh-day Adventist Church of North
setting sail from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on    Vernon Indiana will celebrate its centen-
the Carnival Miracle, the very same ship       nial on August 8-9. All former pastors,
we sailed on for our 1st alumni cruise.        members, friends, and current members
Our eight-day itinerary will take us to        are invited. The church is located at 3105
the beautiful Southern Caribbean where         N. State Highway 7, North Vernon, IN,
we will visit St Maarten, St. Lucia, and St.   47265. For more information, contact
Kitts. You don’t have to be an alumnus of      Pastor Manuel Ojeda (812) 603-8731 or
SLA to join us. All are welcome. For more      e-mail or
information please contact our travel          Mary Ellen Perkins (812) 591-3805.

       Union-wide Sabbath Offering
               AUC Fund
              May 10, 2008
   You can make a difference in the lives of students!
       If you wish to use your credit card, please call the
      Office of Advancement weekdays at (978) 368-2340.
    338 Main Street • P.O. Box 1000 • South Lancaster, MA 01561-1000
             Phone: (978) 368-2340 •

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                                             mitted and compassionate partner           shopping/activities; 3ABN, Hope TV.
          ClASSIFIEDS                        to join rapidly expanding practice.        VACATIONERS- Furnished rent-

                                             Please submit CV’s and/or ques-            als $45, $75/per night; minimum 3
All advertisements should be sent,           tions to www.        nights 2BR/2BA for $300 or $400/
together with payment, to your local              per week. 1-800-729-8017 local:
conference office for approval by the                                                   (407) 862-2646 ext. 24. Web site:                         Our Mission:
communication director. For advertise-                                         E-mail:         To share God’s love by providing
ments originating within the Atlantic                 REAl ESTATE                                        physical, mental and spiritual
Union the rate is $35 for each insertion
of forty words or less, and 50 cents for
each additional word. For all other
                                    is a nation-                    FoR SAlE                                        18 hospitals in:
advertisements the rate is $40 for each      wide real estate referral service,
insertion of 40 words or less and 50                                                                                                                  California
                                             assisting church members and               VICToRY IN JESUS by Pastor Bill                                 Hawaii
cents for each word over the 40. There       employees in the process of buying or      Liversidge. A new book or 5CD series
is an 80-word maximum. Check or                                                                                                                        Oregon
                                             selling homes. We have a network of        explaining how Victory over sin is
money order should be made payable           over 300 Seventh-day Adventist real-                                                                    Washington
                                                                                        possible by embracing His Death
to Atlantic Union Gleaner or Atlantic
                                             tors ready to serve you. Call Linda        and receiving His Overcoming life.
Union Conference.
                                             Dayen at 1-888-582-2888 or go to           Available thru creativegrowthminis-                    Live the Dream
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disapproval of the product or service             TRAVEl/VACATIoN                       RV’S!! Adventist owned and oper-
involved.                                                                               ated RV dealership has been helping
  Classified and display ads appearing                                                  Adventists for over 30 years. Huge
in the Atlantic Union Gleaner are print-     oRlANDo SHoRT-TERM RENTAl HoME:
                                             Lakefront cottage, sleeps 2-6. Newly       inventory. Courtesy airport pick-         books world-wide via the Web and
ed without endorsement or recommen-                                                     up and on-site hookups. Satisfied         telemarketing that are of interest to
dation of the Atlantic Union Conference.     redecorated, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.
                                             Free access to swimming pool, ten-         Adventist customer list available. Call   Adventists. Call 1-800-367-1844 for
The Atlantic Union Gleaner makes every                                                  toll-free 1-888-933-9300. Lee’s RV        information or visit our Internet site
reasonable effort to screen all advertise-   nis courts, TV, DVD, VCR, washer/
                                             dryer. Half-hour from theme parks,         City, Oklahoma City. Visit our Web        at WWW.TSIBOOKS.COM.
ments, but in no case can the periodi-
                                             one hour from beaches, minutes             site or e-mail: LeesRVs@
cal assume responsibility for advertise-                                                                                 FREE
                                             from two state parks, Forest Lake
ments appearing in its columns or for                                                                                             14-day Trial or!
typographical or categorical errors.         Church, hospital. Weekly/monthly
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                                             rates. (240) 505-4359.
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          EMPloYMENT                         VACATIoN oN KAUAI, HAWAII —”THE
                                             GARDEN ISlAND”—Kahili Mountain             RooM AND BoARD available for older
                                                                                                                                  Profiles, Match Notifications!
                                                                                                                                  Confidential. Witnessing opportu-
                                             Park is a scenic mountain getaway                                                    nities to the world through Articles,
                                                                                        person in comfortable and handicap
WANTED: PHYSICIAN To ENGAGE IN               located at the base of Kahili Ridge.                                                 Friendships, Chat, Forums. Since
                                                                                        accessible home in lovely country
lARGE GERIATRIC PRACTICE. Location:          Just minutes from popular Kauai                                                      1993! Adventist owners. Thousands
                                                                                        setting. Personal care available if
Orlando, Florida, area. Florida              attractions, the park has an assort-                                                 of Successful Matches! Top ranked.
                                                                                        needed. For more information call
License required. Internist, Family          ment of 1-4 room cabins with sleep-        (603) 827-2948.
Practice, or Geriatrician. Above aver-                                                                                            SINGlE AND oVER 40? The only inter-
                                             ing for 2-6 persons. See pictures
age income, partnership, or owner-                                                                                                racial group exclusively for Adventist
                                             and rates at            PlANNING AN EVANGElISTIC SERIES oR
ship. Call (407) 884-6725 or e-mail:                                                                                              singles over 40. STAY HOME AND
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                                                                                        Need affordable, professionally pre-
                                             SABBATICAl-SUITES. Completely fur-                                                   monthly newsletters and album. For
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HoSPITAlIST oPPoRTUNITIES IN NoRTH           nished turn-key apartment in quiet                                                   information send large self-addressed
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GEoRGIA. Gordon Hospital is seeking                                                                                               stamped envelope to ASO 40 2747
                                             New England home on peaceful               Customer Service at 1-800-274-0016
board certified physicians with 5+                                                                                                Nonpareil, Sutherlin, OR 97479.
                                             farm in Maine. Short walk to sea.          or visit You
years experience practicing classical        Peaceful solitude for time to com-         deserve the best with confidence
IM medicine. New Hospitalist pro-            mune with God, nature, and your            and peace of mind. Your friends at
gram starting summer 2008. 65-bed            own soul. Available for few days           Hamblin’s HOPE deliver-on time!
facility. 8 ICU beds. 79 physicians          to few months. (207) 729-3115 for
on active staff. Avg. census 20-22           brochure, rates.                           EVANGElISM THRoUGH TECHNoloGY.                                                        FROM YOUR
patients. Employment with starting                                                      Spread the message of God’s love via                                                 BOOK CENTER®
salary 205K. Bonuses, benefits, etc.         CAPE CoD VACATIoN: An Adventist            the world-wide Web. Join churches                                                 US$8.99
Outstanding Adventist elementary             family will rent weekly, biweekly, etc.,   from around the globe. Experience
and high school within community.            their lovely, fairly new, spacious, and    PondTV Media, video on-demand
                                                                                                                                                                          SALE $6.74
Southern University within 45 min-           semi-contemporary vacation home            and podcasting. Try our video/audio
utes. To learn more contact bonnie., (800) 264-8642.
                                             on beautiful Cape Cod, Mass. Three
                                             bedrooms, one and one-half baths,
                                                                                        streaming services for free. 30-day
                                                                                        Free Trial. For more information con-
                                                                                                                                                                       OFF                      jacuzzi tub, washer/dryer, cable TV,       tact or visit                                            May 1-31,
                                             dishwasher, microwave, and a great                                                    2008
BooKSToRE/PUBlISHING CoMPANY                 room with a cathedral beam ceiling
looking for future owner/part-               and skylights; an outdoor shower, a        MoVE with an award-winning agency.                                  Y, JR.
                                                                                                                                                  AN C. PETT
                                                                                                                                          BY THURM
ner; over 200,000 Adventist titles.          large deck and a fenced-in backyard        Apex Moving & Storage partners with
Includes 25 acres, office/warehouse                                                     the General Conference to provide
                                                                                                                                    It sounds like make-believe, but it’s
                                             with a small swing set and a sandbox
buildings, two homes, and garden/            on one-half acre just 900 feet from a      quality moves for you. Call us for all      not. This enthralling, often-forgotten
orchard. Visit              great beach. Call (301) 596-9311.          your relocation needs. Contact Marcy        Old Testament story of the boy king, OR contact Matt (303)                                                         Danté at 1-800-766-1902 or visit us at      Josiah, and Judah’s idolatry—told
810-2145.                                    FloRIDA lIVING: Where the Living is               as you’ve never heard it before.
                                             Easy! Senior community near Disney/                                                    978-0-8127-0442-6. PAPERBACK, 136 PAGES.
ColUMBUS, NEBR., oB/GYN PHYSICIAN            beach; ground level Apts./Rooms on         BooKS—We are the largest dealer
NEEDED—Solo OB/GYN physician in              13.5 acres. Transportation/house-          of new and used Adventist books.                Review and Herald® Publishing Association
                                                                                                                                    Call 1-800-765-6955 • Online at
Columbus, Nebr., is seeking a com-           keeping available. Church/pool/            We also publish and distribute new

at                                                                                        Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                             29
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   ARE YoU MoVING SooN? Before you         MoVING?? Special Adventist rates and
   rent a U-Haul and do it yourself,       guarantees!!! Air Van northAmeri-
   check our price and save yourself the   can is a nationwide mover. Whether
   hassle. Plan ahead now and reserve a    you’re moving a few items or a truck-
   time slot. Fast, direct, and economi-   load, don’t move before calling Air
   cal. Contact Gary Erhard, Erhard        Van. It will insure peace of mind
   Furniture, 6681 U.S. 31, Berrien        and a cost effective move. Please
   Springs, MI; (269) 471-7366 eve-        call 1-800-525-1177 to speak with
   nings 8-11 p.m. E.T.                    a representative.

   The Northeastern Academy Alumni Association, Inc., presents:

       N.E.A. Friends & Family Weekend, June 7, 2008
                  Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church
                      101 W. 123rd St, Harlem, N.Y.

                   Sherwin R. Callwood, ’80
         Youth Ministries Leader, Southeastern Conference

                  For more information contact
       Barry C. Thomas, NEA Alumni Association president

  30         Atlantic Union Gleaner, May 2008                                      Visit the Atlantic Union Web site
   Feel His Presence:
        Grow in Grace
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                                                                                            Northeast United States and Bermuda
                                                                                                        Established May 1, 1902
                                                                                         Atlantic Union Conference
                                                                                400 Main Street, South Lancaster, MA 01561
                                                                                 Phone (978) 368-8333, Fax (978) 368-7948
Atlantic Union Women’s Ministries Convention                                         Web site:
                                                                                                        Atlantic Union G leaner Staff
              August 15-17, 2008                                                                           E-mail:
                                                                              Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ednor A. P. Davison
                                                                              Assistant Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tamara Michalenko Terry
      A prayer and praise conference which will invigorate                    Copy Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pat Humphrey
                                                                              Layout & Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Haziel Olivera
        your relationship with your heavenly Father and                                                            Correspondents
              include a baptism outreach program.                             Bermuda . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sheila Holder,
                                                                              Greater New York . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alanzo Smith,
                                                                              New York . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kim Kaiser,
                               Crown Plaza                                    Northeastern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trevor Baker,
                                                                              Northern New England. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lynn Ortel,
                              40 Lodge Street                                 Southern New England . . . Frank Tochterman,
                                                                              Atlantic Union College . . . . . . . .Cindy Kurtzhals,
                             Albany, NY 12242                                 Parkview Adventist Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Public Relations

                                                                                            Atlantic Union Conference Departments
         Women ages 13 and older are invited to attend. Special               President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donald G. King
         programs will be presented for teenage women. Need a                 Vice President, Haitian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Louis B. Metellus
                                                                              Vice President, Hispanic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio Olivo
           spiritual experience to change your life? This is it!              Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
                                                                              Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon D. Thomassian
                                                                              Treasurer, Associate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trevor S. Forbes
                         Featured Speakers:                                   ASI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
   English            French           Spanish                   Teens        Children’s Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astrid Thomassian
                                                                              Children’s Ministries, Associate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jerrell Gilkeson
 Rosa Taylor        Nicolle Brise    Gillen Molina            Jamara Welsh    Communication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ednor A. P. Davison
                                                                              Community Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Louis B. Metellus
   Banks,            Mireille St.  Sara Orfilia Silve                         Disabilities Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charlotte L. V. Thoms
                                                                              Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Astrid A. Thomassian
 Debra Harris          Pierre          de Bullón                              Education, Associate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jerrell Gilkeson
Ginger Church       Marie Samson    Carmen Griffin                            Family Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio Olivo
                                                                              Health Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
 Carla Baker                       Kathy Cameron                              Human Relations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
                                                                              Information Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Russell E. Wecker
                                                                              Ministerial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Donald G. King
                            Registration Fees                                 Ministerial, Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Louis B. Metellus
                                                                              Ministerial, Assistant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio Olivo
Register through PlusLine: Go to the “Event Registration”   Personal Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trevor S. Forbes
          link and click on “Atlantic Union Women’s Convention”               Plant Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Manfred H. Suckert
                                                                              Prayer Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carlyle C. Simmons
                $139 Early-bird now through May 28, 2008                      Prison Ministries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Louis B. Metellus
                                                                              Public Affairs/Religious Liberty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Charles Eusey
                $169 Regular May 29 through July 17, 2008                     Revolving Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Clifford O. Pope
                                                                              Sabbath School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dionisio Olivo
              $189 Late July 18, 2008 through August 5, 2008                  Stewardship. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon D. Thomassian
                                                                              Trust Services/Inner City/Loss Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leon D. Thomassian
                                  Lodging                                     Women’s Ministries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Charlotte L. V. Thoms
                                                                              Youth Ministries/Pathfinder/Adventurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .William Wood
        Each registrant is responsible for making their own lodging                              Local Conferences and Institutions
    arrangements by calling (518) 462-6611. Please use the code “DAC”         Bermuda: Jeffrey Brown, President; Kenneth Manders, Secretary; Derek R.
                                                                              Furbert, Treasurer. Office Address: Box 1170, Hamilton, Bermuda. (441)
    to receive the rate of $154.45 per night, plus tax, single occupancy;     292-4110. Web site:
   $86.47 per night, plus tax, double occupancy; $63.80 per night, plus       Greater New York: Richard Marker, President; G. Earl Knight Secretary;
     tax triple occupancy; $52.47 per night, plus tax quad occupancy.         Benjamin Santana, Treasurer. Office Address: 7 Shelter Rock Rd., Manhasset,
                                                                              NY 11030. (516) 627-9350. Web site:
          All rates are per person and includes a breakfast buffet.           New York: Stan Rouse, President; Angel Rodríguez, Secretary; Doug Falle,
                                                                              Treasurer. Office Address: 4930 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215.
                     For additional information                               (315) 469-6921. Web site:
                                                                              Northeastern: Trevor H. C. Baker, President; Larry Bailey, Secretary;
                        Contact Charlotte Thoms                               Ebenezer Agboka, Treasurer. Office Address: 115-50 Merrick Blvd., Jamaica,
                                                                              NY 11434. (718) 291-8006. Web site:
                Phone: (585) 329-9295 or (585) 442-9295
                                                                              Northern New England: Mike Ortel, President; Merlin Knowles, Secretary;
                  E-mail:                           Robert Sundin, Treasurer. Office Address: 91 Allen Ave., Portland, ME 04103.
                                                                              (207) 797-3760. Web site:

                              Web site                                        Southern New England: Frank Tochterman, President; Juan Borges,
                                                                              Secretary; Randall Terry, Treasurer. Office Address: 34 Sawyer St., South
                         Lancaster, MA 01561. (978) 365-4551. Web site:
                                                                              Atlantic Union College: Norman Wendth, President; 338 Main Street, South
                                                                              Lancaster, MA 01561; (978) 368-2000. Web site:

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