Auburn City Schools ~ Auburn University Professional Development by xuh86054


									                      Auburn City Schools ~ Auburn University
                         Professional Development System
                                 Meeting Minutes
                                September 26, 2007

Council Members Present:
AU: Dr. Cari Dunn, Dr. Peggy Dagley, Dr. Charles Eick, Dr. Dan Henry, Dr. Debra Cobia, Dr.
Susan Bannon, Dr. Sherri Brock
ACS: Karen Anderson, Jacque Middleton, Jackie Greenwood, Jason Wright, Dr. Shannon
Brandt, Dr. Janet Womack, Cristen Herring, Joyce Morgan, Dr. J. Terry Jenkins

Handouts Provided:
Agenda, Council Listing with contact information, August 22.07 meeting minutes, conference
information (Holmes, PDS) and Grant Information

  1. Welcome by Joyce Morgan and Shannon Brandt
  2. Self-introductions of all attending
  3. Dr. Charles Eick
         a. Meetings at AU have been conducted with departments and faculty to inform of
             PDS efforts and organization. Have met with Counseling, Kinesiology,
             Rehab/Sp. Ed., and EFLT. Will meet with C&T.
         b. Dialogue opening of new and renewed PDS connections.
  4. Dr. Shannon Brandt
         a. Meeting with liaisons for each school have been conducted.
                   Sandy Little – AEEC               Misty Belyeu – WMR
                   Debbie Reetz – CWE                Andrea Folmar – DRE
                   Sandy Little – OES                Krista Arnold – YES
                   Angel Jordan – DMS Audrey Marshall – AHS
                   Jacque Middleton (council member) – AJHS
  5. Review of website with updates on new information and forms available
         Currently linking from ACS webpage. AU will establish link from CoE page.
         Available pages include: history, mission, members, definitions, minutes, policies,
         resolution, structure, timeline, and strategic plan.
  6. Partnership Information Form
         a. Sample provided for discussion. Input accepted and ideas for change provided.
             PDS is ready to begin collecting information via electronic form. Data will be
             established in ACS with provisions for Dr. Bannon and other Council Members as
         b. Additional information may become necessary for best use of form. Further
             discussion and reflection needed, predominantly at AU.
         c. Idea of Message Board Contact (electronic conversation) to be further discussed.
             This section of PDS communication would be password protected for
             preservation of privacy in making requests.
         d. Presently, desire to collect information on established partnerships and
             collaborative efforts. Document what is happening.
         e. Credit and thanks to Jacque Middleton for her work to create this site and
             electronic form!
   7. Strategic Plan
           a. A small group meeting of key leaders was held recently to review the Strategic
               Plan and to prepare for this meeting. Excitement surrounded the realization that
               many goals on the plan were being accomplished.
           b. Review of Strategic Plan
                    i. Improving Communication: Dr. Dan Henry raised a question related to the
                       use of shared data (what was available and how it would be used.)
                       Conversation followed with reference to the presentation made my Dr.
                       Jenny Good and lead to the presentation being made at this meeting by Dr.
                       Janet Womack.
                   ii. Publication: Michael Tullier and Lynda Rainer would be assets to the PDS
                       in this area of public relations; collaborating to inform our stakeholders
                       and community members.
                  iii. Support/Increase of Collaboration: Continue modifications and
                       improvement to website with additional links provided. Additional
                       funding for projects may be available through grants; Dr. Dan Clay will be
                       invited to our next meeting to review possibilities.
                  iv. Project REACH: joint meeting of AU, ACS, and Lanett City Schools held
                       September 17.07 to discuss book study, efforts to prepare for C.
                       Kuykendall, and implementation of survey/focus groups. Dr. T.
                       McCormick has additional copies of book available for CoE faculty.
                   v. PDS Network encompassing all Stakeholders: Additional effort/work
                       needed before opening doors. Seek synergy. Possibility of attending PDS
                       or Holmes conference (Jan/Apr ’08)
                           1. Dr. Lora Bailey is a Holmes Scholar – Holmes has a large strand of
                                partnership efforts. New leadership in Holmes.
                           2. PDS – formerly a regional entity, now national; PDS focus
                           3. Likely that CoE faculty will attend both conferences
   8. ACS AdvancEd
           a. PDS Council Members asked to attend 1:00 interview with peer review team on
               Monday, November 5 at Central Office.
           b. Dr. Brandt, Dr. Dagley and Dr. Eick = key attendees
   9. ACS Data Presentation by Dr. Janet Womack, Director of Federal Programs and Student
           a. AYP – Annual Yearly Progress (%proficiency required by SDE/NCLB)
           b. NCLB – mandates 100% proficiency by 2014
           c. SAT10 and ARMT – 2007 scores in grades 3-8 reviewed in various formats (three
               year comparison, by class, five year graphs, etc.)
           d. AMO – Annual Measurable Objectives (SDE % proficiency required)
           e. Prescriptive instruction based on assessed needs of students; using data to drive
   10. Dr. Jenkins – expresses gratitude for work of all PDS Council Members and celebrates
       the collaborative work of both institutions

Next Meetings:
Monday, November 5, 2007                           Wednesday, November 14, 2007
AdvancEd Peer Review Team Visit                    PDS Council Meeting
1:00 p.m.                                          3:15 p.m.
ACS Central Office, Board Room TBA                 ACS Central Office, Technology Board Rm

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