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Armstrong Atlantic State University Technology Information for AASU by xuh86054


									Wireless - Wireless usage on AASU campus requires at a minimum Windows XP                           Armstrong Atlantic State University
(Service Pack 2) or Mac OS 10.4. You also will be required to install the
preconfigured client (PC users only). You can access the SecureW2 Client as well as              Technology Information for AASU Students
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Pirates’ Cove. You will need your AASU
Pirates’ Cove ID and password information in order to connect to the wireless          Student Account Information
network. Please visit the Wireless FAQ page for more information regarding             Students will need ID/usernames and passwords for the following:
wireless access points.                                                                     • Pirates’ Cove ID: is used to access SHIP, student email, wireless internet
     • If you are unable to download the wireless client from Pirates’ Cove, a CD-               access, and computer lab machines.
          Rom will be available at the CIS Helpdesk. Please contact the Helpdesk at         • Student ID Number (907#) – This ID number will be used across all
          912.344.2518 or to schedule an appointment to                   systems, applications, and many business processes throughout the lifetime
          install the wireless client or to configure Mac OS. The following FAQ will             of an individual’s association with the University (ex: Registrar, Financial
          have more detailed information:                                                        Aid, Bookstore, etc.)
                           • Pirates’ VIEW Vista ID/username – used to access online courses and
                                                                                                 related materials.
                                                                                           To look up your ID/username for these accounts:
Library – Galileo, Lane Library Electronic Resources and other Library resources                1. Go to: .
are for AASU Students, Faculty, & Staff. For on campus access, a password is not                2. Click on “look up your Cove, Vista or AASU ID”.
required. Off campus access does require a password. To obtain the GALILEO                      3. You will be prompted to enter your first and last name, last 4 digits of
password or to use licensed electronic resources from off-campus locations, you must                 your social security number and your date of birth. Select “Lookup ID”.
be a currently-registered AASU student or a current AASU faculty or staff member.               4. If a student email account has not been created, you may request one by
Your Pirates’ Cove ID and password provide proof of your AASU affiliation. Each                      clicking on the link provided next to “Cove ID” and follow the
semester the Galileo password is changed. Select Get Password! next to Galileo on                    prompts.
the Lane Library home page at to retrieve the
current password.                                                                      Pirates’ Cove
                                                                                       To create your student email account through Pirates' Cove:
                                                                                                 1. Go to .
                                                                                                 2. Click on “create a new account”. (You will need your Student ID #,
CIS Helpdesk - CIS Helpdesk serves students as well as faculty/staff. The
                                                                                                       Pirates’ Cove username, and SHIP pin).
Helpdesk averages more than 300 requests a week. The Helpdesk is staffed by full-
                                                                                                 3. You will be prompted to create a password.
time employees and student workers. Requests can be received by email, phone and
                                                                                       If you still are not able to create your account after verifying your Student ID #,
walk-in services. The Helpdesk is available 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through
                                                                                       you will need to contact the Registrar’s office at 912.344.2503 to have your
                                                                                       SHIP pin reset.

                                                                                       Changing your Password in Pirates’ Cove
                                                                                              1. On the Pirates' Cove page, select "Reset Password". You will be
CIS Helpdesk Contact Information                                                                  required to fill in your student ID number (907…), your Pirates’ Cove
Electronic Requests:                                                                              username (aa0000) and your SHIP pin.                                                  2. Select “Reset Password”.
Email Address:                                                         3. Then enter a password of your choice for Pirates’ Cove twice.
Located in MCC Annex Room 102                                                          Pirates’ Cove has Calendar information - Academic Calendar, Sporting Events, Art,
Telephone: 912.344.2518 or 1-866-533-6353                                              Music and Theatre events and other campus events. Student Government voting and
Fax: 912.344.3434                                                                      Course Evaluations are also conducted through the Pirates’ Cove account. Pirates’
                                                                                       Cove is the gateway to your student email, SHIP account and other valuable
                                                                                       information. If you experience any problems with Cove, please contact the Helpdesk
                                                                                       at 912.344.2518 or .
BLAST                                                                                    Pirate Card
BLAST is Armstrong Atlantic State University’s emergency communication system.               •    The PirateCard is the official identification card for Armstrong Atlantic
The system is designed to send vital messages to your designated emergency phone                  State University. Students, faculty, staff and select guests are eligible to
number, email address and SMS text messages in the event of a disruption of normal                receive a PirateCard. The PirateCard is required for official identification
campus operations or in the case of an emergency. BLAST may also be used                          purposes for the university and serves as a personal passport to many of the
periodically to inform the AASU community about important events on campus. To                    services offered on campus.
update your contact information, click on BLAST once you have successfully logged            •    The PirateCard may be obtained at the PirateCard Office, Memorial
into Pirates’ Cove. You can only update information if you are enrolled for the                   College Center (MCC) on the second floor in room 214. A government
current term.                                                                                     photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, and AASU ID number
                                                                                                  must be presented upon issuance of a PirateCard. To get additional
If you experience problems updating your BLAST information, please contact the                    information about the Pirate Card, go to
Helpdesk at 912.344.2518 or via email at .                       

SHIP (Student Help and Information Program)
Students can access SHIP through their Pirates’ Cove Account. The following              Computer Labs
services are available through SHIP:                                                     Students are required to use Pirates’ Cove ID and password information to access the
                                                                                         computers. For hours/locations and additional information, please visit:
    •    Student Services & Financial Aid                                       The login information is
         o Check Registration Status                 o   Register for Classes            required in Solms Hall 104, University Hall 112, Lane Library, Writing Center,
         o Student Schedule/Bill                     o   Pay by Credit Card              Science Hall 129, and Ashmore Hall 228.
         o View Academic Record                      o   View Financial Aid Status
    •    Personal Information
         o Update Contact Information                o   Customize your Directory        Pharos Printing System
         o Review Name/Student ID                        Profile                         The Pharos Printing System will be available in Solms Hall 104, University Hall
         o Change your PIN                                                               112, Lane Library, Writing Center, Science Hall 129, and Ashmore Hall 228 for
                                                                                         Fall 2009.
If you receive an error message when attempting to access SHIP through Pirates’
Cove, please have your PIN reset through the Registrar’s office at 912.344.2503.         The new service provides all enrolled AASU students with a print account through
                                                                                         their personal Pirate Card using your Pharos Cash and Pirate Cash. Pharos Cash is
                                                                                         available to all students. These funds do not rollover from semester to semester.
Pirates’ VIEW Vista Username and Password Information                                    The Technology Fee provides $8.80 to your printing account each semester you are
Pirates’ VIEW Vista may be accessed by using the link on the AASU homepage, or           enrolled. Pharos Cash is updated for every student's account at the start of the
by clicking the link in Pirates’ Cove.                                                   semester. No additional money can be added to this account. Once the funds have
• Your username may be the first letter of your first name plus up to the first seven    been used, students must add money to their Pirate Cash account to retrieve
     letters of your last name and/or a combination of numbers (up to eight characters   additional print outs at the Pharos Printing Station after the Pharos Cash has been
     total). Usernames are all lowercase with no spaces.                                 depleted.
• Once your username has been created in Pirates’ VIEW Vista, your username
     will not change even if you have turned in a "Change of Name" request to the        Visit to get additional information on
     Registrar's Office.                                                                 how to add additional money to your Pirate Cash account.
• Your password should be the same as your SHIP pin.
• If you need additional information about your Pirates’ VIEW Vista username, or
     to reset your password, please contact the Helpdesk at 912.344.2518.

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