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               AFTER THE
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                   AFTER THE BIRTH

        After the birth, the amount of time mum     Having a baby is a huge responsibility
        and baby spend in hospital varies,          and brings lots of changes to the
        some are back at home the same day!         lifestyles and relationships of all
        Your midwife will chat to you about this    parents. It can be hard to adjust at first
        at the time.                                but most people get there after a while.
        Looking after a baby is very tiring!
                                                    Speak to your midwife, health visitor
        Try to sleep when your baby sleeps
                                                    or Connexions Young Parents PA
        and accept offers of help from family
                                                    about local young parents support
        and friends.
                                                    groups where you can meet other
                                                    young mums and dads who may be
                   Dads can do lots of things
                                                    going through similar changes.
                   with baby:
                   • Read stories
                   • Take baby for a walk
                                                    Worcestershire Prenatal Psychiatry
        • Change nappies
                                                    Service (Mother and Baby Service)
        • Bath baby
                                                    Support for mums and mums-to-be
        • Spend quality time together playing
                                                    feeling exhausted, anxious, angry,
          or cuddling
                                                    depressed or just not yourself.
                                                    Your doctor, midwife or health visitor
        Tip from local young parents
                                                    can refer you to this service.
        Bonding with newborn babies through
        skin-to-skin contact with mum or dad
                                                    Association for Postnatal Illness
        is really important.
                                                    provides support to mothers.
                                                    Telephone: 020 7386 0868
        Feelings and Emotions
        It's normal for both new mums and
                                                    The Samaritans
        dads to feel a bit moody in the first few
                                                    24-hour confidential emotional
        days after birth. Try to talk about your
                                                    support when people feel distress
        feelings together and spend some time
                                                    or despair.
        with friends or family who might
                                                    Telephone: 08457 90 90 90
        understand. For some women, feelings
        of not being able to cope, feeling
        emotional or just 'not right' can
        continue or get worse and this is known
        as postnatal depression.
        If a new mum is feeling fed-up or
        depressed, it's important to talk to
        someone about it like a family support
        worker, midwife, GP or Health Visitor
        to get some support.

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