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									                                                                                                                 February 12, 2010             Volume 126, Issue 15

 The Scarlet and Black                                                                                          First College Newspaper West of the Mississippi

                                                                                                                 Grinnell College                 Grinnell, IA

Posse Plus
brings new
            B Y K ATHERINE C HUNG
    Filling four charter buses, 155 Grinnellians
and 30 faculty and staff members departed on
Friday afternoon for the annual Posse Plus Re-
treat held in Des Moines.
    The Posse foundation, founded in 1989, is
a nonprofit organization that selects “Posses”
of 10-12 students from a number of large cities
around the country. Each Posse undergoes an
eight month pre-collegiate training program
that prepares Posse Scholars to become leaders
at their respective colleges and universities and
promote cross-cultural communication.
    Each year, Grinnell’s Los Angeles and Dis-
trict of Columbia Posse Scholars invite mem-
bers of the College community for a weekend
of discussion on contemporary events. This
year’s topic, “race after Obama,” addressed
the question, “Do we still need to talk about
race?” The question was somewhat rhetorical,
as attendees spent the weekend exploring the
meaning of race, from its implications to how
each individual experiences race.
    Lauren Bacon ’10, a L.A. Posse Scholar,
described the structure of the retreat as an up-
side down triangle, “You start off talking about
the topic generally and as the weekend goes on
it gets deeper and deeper and at the very tip
of the triangle, it’s all what it means to you,”       As others spend time creating their own children’s book to teach kids about respecting racial differences, Lizeth Gutierrez ’12 searches for her name amidst
said Bacon.                                         the sea of “warm fuzzies” that nearly covered the entire wall by the end of the Posse Plus Retreat.
     The idea of “safe space,” the foundation                                                                                                                                                        CONTRIBUTED

                                                    New, diverse senator group represents College
of the retreat, stresses the importance of con-
fidentiality, challenging ideas and not people
and thoughtful listening. Creating a safe space
was especially important for this year’s discus-
sion of race, a controversial topic.
                                                     Joint Board brings students from more backgrounds than previously
    “I think one of the hardest things about                     B Y CAROLIN SCHOLZ                     are unusually diverse, no one can say.
this race retreat is the fact that you’re asking        This semester’s group of SGA Joint                                                                      everyone.”
                                                                                                              “We’ve tried very hard to make sure that              “I want to get international students on
people, ‘how do you perceive me?’” said Camila      Board Senators is more diverse than ever be- all campus constituencies felt that they were
Barrios-Camacho ’12, a Posse Scholar and In-        fore. Traditionally composed of white males, welcome in SGA, and that they, too, felt like                  campus more involved in the campus,” said
tern . “The whole notion of really subtle racism,   this stereotype does not hold true this se- they had a view worth representing at Joint                     Smounker Senator and international student
the fact that people have different expectations    mester.                                                                                                     Shivani Santoki ’11. “As president of ISO
                                                                                                        Board,” Krejsa said.                                    [International Student Organization] I have
of you based on the way you look, that’s not            “We have a very diverse group of senators            Canada Senator and intended Biology
something that we share in the open [usually].”     this semester,” said SGA President Harry                                                                    noticed that a lot of the time, the interna-
                                                                                                                                major Kathy Ander-              tionals are barely if at all involved in Campus
    This year, the retreat saw the largest num-     Krejsa ’10. “It reflects the cam-                                           sen ’13, goes a little bit
ber of faculty and staff attendees since its        pus more accurately.”                                                                                       politics.”
founding, something that Judy Hunter, a Posse           This semester, Joint Board     “I want to improve the dialogue be- further.                                 In the past it has been unusual for inter-
                                                                                                                                   “I thought that              national students to be directly involved in
Mentor and Director of the Writing Labora-          consists of 12 non-male stu- tween the students and the admin- female                   representa-
tory, saw as a critical addition.                   dents, three domestic students                                                                              campus politics. This has definitely changed
    “[The retreat] gives staff and faculty a        of color, three international
                                                                                       istration...there is a general feeling tion on the SGA was               this year, with three international students
                                                                                                                                needed,”      Andersen          being elected.
chance to interact with students in a way that      students and eight underclass- of not being advocated for among said.
they don’t get to ordinarily,” said Hunter. “It’s   men, according to Krejsa.                                                                                       “I think it may have something to do
about listening to the student voices in a situ-        In contrast, in the spring of
                                                                                       the students.“                              With 28 candi-               with the new presidential search, that people
                                                                                                                                dates, this year’s elec-        want to get more involved than usual,” said
ation where it isn’t the professor in power in      2008, the College’s Joint Board                    Graciela Guzman ’11 tion was one of the                  Senator of Loosehead Colleen Osborne ’13.
front of the classroom and students sitting in      consisted of 28 members, 27 of                                              most competitive yet.
the chairs. The meeting takes place on a more       whom were white, according                                                                                  “I wanted to run because there are definitely
                                                                                                                                   “The elections in            things I would like to change.”
level basis and I think that’s a really valuable    to an article in the 4/25 issue of the S&B. general were much more competitive this
thing.”                                             This history of senators being white, male year, and I think that added to the diverse                          Though the senators come many differ-
    Posse Scholars can invite two to three          upperclassmen has been defeated by a group background,” said Senator of East Campus                         ent backgrounds, all agree on one point—
guests a piece to attend the retreat, invitees      of senators that seems to reflect the College Alexander White ‘12. “It pushed the best to                   every student, especially those who are not
otherwise known as Posse Plus.                      more accurately.                                                                                            currently serving on SGA, should be more
                                                                                                        the top.”                                               involved in campus politics and that there is
    “Whenever we invite people to the Posse             “Previously it has mainly been a bunch of            In fact twice as many candidates as spots
Plus Retreat, it’s a way of introducing them        white guys, few girls and very few minori- were available ran in the clusters of East,                      room for improvement in the dialogue be-
to—in a way—home,” Barrios-Camacho said.            ties,” said Jamaland Senator Chris Dorman Canada and Clangrala. It demonstrates how                         tween students and administration.
“Because we’ve all lived in the same place and      ’12.                                                                                                            “I want to improve the dialogue between
                                                                                                        much more people were willing to get in-                the students and the administration,” said Ja-
our trainers are really important people to us.”        “There are definitely more different ma- volved in campus politics this year.
    During the retreat, Posse Scholars and in-      jors and ethnicities than usual represented                                                                 maland Senator Graziela Guzman ’11. “Be-
                                                                                                             “I wanted to get involved because I want           cause I think there is a general feeling of not
vitees formed new relationships and strength-       this year,” said Off-Campus Senator Liting to give something back to the Grinnell cam-
ened existing ones, whether through meals,          Cong ’11, an international student from Chi- pus,” said Senator for East Campus Charity                     being advocated for among the students.I
activities or small group discussions, according    na, and a third term senator.                                                                               know I felt that way before I ran as a sena-
                                                                                                        Porotesano ‘12, from American Samoa. “I’d               tor. “
                                                        As to how it came that this year’s senators like to make Grinnell more of a home for
                       Posse, see p. 2

                                                    The S&B chats with                         The Ponys rocked                          Check out the brand                      Nick Smith dives into

   Inside                                  1        the President of Bard
                                                    College, Leon Botstein
                                                    on education .........p. 3
                                                                                      2        the mic last weekend,
                                                                                               come read what they’re
                                                                                               all about..................p. 4
                                                                                                                                 3       new SHIC column.
                                                                                                                                         It’s the new craze. Le
                                                                                                                                         freak, so SHIC!!....p. 9
                                                                                                                                                                          4       destiny alongside the
                                                                                                                                                                                  rest of the swimming
                                                                                                                                                                                  team......................p. 11
2    edited by Mando Montaño and Devin Ross;

                                                                  from p. 1
                                                                                     NB        EWS                                                                   February 12, 2010

                                                                                    to Becca Chohlas-Wood ’10, a Posse Plus in- interests, in addition to academics.
                                                                  vitee.                                                                    “One thing that people don’t realize about the Posse schol-
World Headlines                                                       “[The facilitators] try to make it very obvious so that it’s not arship is that when someone is granted the scholarship, it’s
                                                                  awkward to join a new group of people                                                 specialized,” Johnson said. “It’s for that person
• Two dozen avalanches were triggered Monday that                 that you might want to meet for the first                                             only and once they get it, it can’t be given to
blocked a mountain pass north of Kabul in Afghanistan.            time,” she said.                              “Once you go to a retreat and once someone else because there are so many dy-
As of Wednesday, the death toll had reached 166. Af-                  Barrios-Camacho also felt that, by                                                namics that go into it. They find ten people
ghan army troops dug through huge snowdrifts to res-              creating a safe environment, the retreat you leave there’s always that spe- who can stick together, so they’re people who
cue individuals from buried automobiles in the Salang             effectuated a level of honesty and dia- cial connection with the people you have chemistry.”
Pass, a road that joins the capital with the north. Au-           logue unseen in a classroom.                                                              Bacon explained the importance of the
thorities do not expect to see any considerable increases             “Once you go to a retreat and once met there... “                                 range perspectives the invitees bring to the
in the death toll. Approximately 2,600 people have been           you leave there’s always that special con-           Camila Barrios-Camacho ’12 retreat.
pulled from the snow and ice thus far. Interior Ministry          nection with the people you met there                                                     “A lot of Posse Scholars have the same
spokesman Zemeri Bashary said that ambulances and                 and the people who you learned from                                                   background because all of us come from big
road-clearing equipment are now able to reach the site            and who you taught,” said Barrios-Camacho.                           cities,” Bacon said. “Posse Scholars could sit in the room and
of the incident.                                                      Cyril Afeku ’13 echoed this sentiment and said, “When talk about all of our experiences but where would that get us?
                                                                  we’re talking about deep personal issues like race that’s when It would just be a circle. So having Posse Plus there, it makes a
National Headlines                                                someone bears their soul open to you and that’s when you actu- big difference.”
                                                                  ally see a person.”                                                       Posse Plus Retreat organizers and attendees are planning
• A man in Ohio has been arrested Wednesday for tat-                  Apart from new friends, the retreat also imparted Posse events and discussing ways to bring the conversation of race
tooing a one-year-old girl last November while she was            Plus with a greater understanding of the Posse foundation back to the College.
visiting his home. Twenty-year-old Lee Deitrick of Lou-           and dispelled misconceptions., according to AJ Johnson ’12, a            “The entire campus has the potential to really benefit from
isville tattooed the letter “A” on the rear end of the child.     Posse Scholar. He stressed that contrary to the belief that the not just Posse, but the ripple effect that happens when Posse
Deitrick’s grandmother said that there was barely anything        Posse scholarship is a need-based scholarship granted to racial Scholars and other young people on campus are really interact-
left of the tattoo. Louisville Police Chief Andrew Turowski       minorities, the scholarship is merit-based and is open to indi- ing and engaging in what it means to be an inclusive campus,
said that the tattoo was the size of a dime. Deitrick could       viduals of all races. Johnson further explained that the Posse where everybody feels welcome,” said Eveline Chang, a Posse
face up to five years in prison if found guilty.                  scholarship considers one’s accomplishments, personality and Plus Retreat facilitator.

Iowa Headlines

• On Tuesday, Iowa Republicans failed to force a vote
in the House in order to start the process of amending
the Iowa Constitution to ban gay marriage. As a result,
it will most likely be 2014 before the issue can be voted
upon by voters during the general election. Democrats
believe that lawmakers currently have their schedules
full with budget problems and thus do not have time
for a gay marriage debate. With the 50-seat Senate,
supporters in the House were unable to reach the 26
vote threshold needed to start the amending process. If
the measure does not pass during the current legisla-
tive session, the next possible approval period would be          Sports Section Correction:
in the Legislature elected this November. As a result,            In the story “Claire Williams is not a role model”, the quote reading “My dad told me that if
the general election in 2014 would be the earliest that
voters could be asked their opinion on amending the               I made it to the Paralympics, he would pay to have things tattooed on me if I wanted them.”
constitution.                                                     The quote should have read “My dad told me that if I made it to the Paralympics, he would
                                  -Compiled by Devin Ross         pay to have rings tattooed on me if I wanted them,” referring to the Olympic Rings.
                                                                  Additionally, Claire Forrest’s ’13 last name was misprinted as “Forrester”.

 Feb. 12 - Feb. 18
     Friday                         13
                                Saturday                        14
                                                                Sunday                        15
                                                                                           Monday                          16
                                                                                                                        Tuesday                        17
                                                                                                                                                  Wednesday                           18
- MADDIE CARGAS       - MADDIE CARGAS      INFLUENCE: Faulcon-                       PEC Mat Room,                INFLUENCE: Faulconer         - MADDIE CARGAS              TION - TOM ROSEN-
‘10: JRC 117 -        ‘10: JRC 117 - Smith er Gallery, 12 p.m.                       12:15 p.m.                   Gallery, 12 p.m.             ‘10: JRC 117 -               STIEL: JRC 101, 11
Smith Gallery, 9 a.m. Gallery, 9 a.m.      ART EXHIBITION:                           ENVIRONMENTAL OP-            ART EXHIBITION: RE- Smith Gallery, 9 a.m.                 a.m.
IN PROGRESS LUNCH:    PEAT, REVEAL, REACT: REACT: Faulconer                          104, 4:15 p.m.               Faulconer Gallery, 12        104, 12:15 p.m.              REPEAT, REVEAL,
JRC 209, 12 p.m.            Faulconer Gallery, 12         Gallery, 12 p.m.           ALCOHOLICS ANONY- p.m.                                    FAULCONER ARTS               REACT: Faulconer
ART EXHIBITION:             p.m.                          SGA FILM: NEW              MOUS MONDAY MEET- WRITING RESUMES                         OUTREACH: Davis              Gallery, 12 p.m..
INFLUENCE: Faulconer FAULCONER GALLERY                    YORK, I LOVE YOU:          ING: CRSSJ/Chap-     AND APPLICATION                      Elementary School,           YOGA    IN   FAULCONER:
Gallery, 12 p.m.     COMMUNITY DAY:                       Harris Center Cin-         lain’s Office, 7 p.m. LETTERS: CDO 104,                    3:30 p.m.                    Faulconer Gallery,
SGA FILM: NEW        Bucksbaum Rotunda,                   ema, 1:30 p.m.             GRINNELL DEBATING 4:15 p.m.                               SGA JOINT BOARD:             12:15 p.m.
YORK, I LOVE YOU:    1 p.m.                               STUDENT ENVIRON-           UNION: Steiner 306, ROSENFIELD SYMPO-                     JRC 209, 7 p.m.              CBS BLACK HISTORY
Harris Center Cin-   CHAINS OF LOVE:                      MENTAL INVESTMENT          7:30 p.m.            SIUM: JRC 101, 4:15                  SPEAK MEETING:               MONTH FILM: ARH
ema, 4:30 p.m.              Harris Center Con-            COMMITTEE: JRC             STUDENT ENDOWMENT p.m.                                    JRC 226, 9 p.m.              102, 4:30 p.m.
FRIDAY NIGHT                cert Hall, 10 p.m.            227, 3 p.m.                INVESTMENT GROUP: COMMUNITY MEAL:                                                      WATSON FELLOWSHIP
WELLNESS: JRC 101,          SGA FILM:CHASING                                         JRC 225, 8 p.m.              Davis Elementary                                          MEETING: ARH 305,
8 p.m.                      AMY: Harris Center                                       ACTIVE MINDS MEET- School, 818 Hamilton                                                8 p.m.
MASQUERADE BALL:            Cinema, 10:30 p.m.                                       ING: ARH 130, 8 p.m Avenue, 5:30 p.m.
Main Quad Dining                                                                                         ROSENFIELD MEDIA
Hall, 8 p.m.                                                                                             SYMPOSIUM: JRC
                                                                                                                  101, 8 p.m.
February 12, 2010
                      S B and democracy
  Botstein speaks on education
                                                                                       NEWS                                                edited by Mando Montaño and Devin Ross
                                                                                                                                 ;           3

      Leon Botstein, President of Bard College and              enable the institution. But there has been a tendency to            person because of his of her criminal record?
Leon Levy Professor in the Arts and Humanities, paid            stress and define quality to by the size and growth of the
a visit to the College Thursday to speak of his thoughts        endowment alone. I think we’ve over done it.                        There’s no doubt there will be prejudice against you but
on the relationship between education and democracy.                                                                                that’s the case no matter what happens—so is that prison
Botstein is the author of the book “Jefferson’s Children:       Considering that you’ve been the president of Bard for              better educated if they have a BA from Grinnell or Bard?
Education and the Promise of American Culture” and is an        35 years, what changes have you seen in liberal arts                Yes. We need to fight that prejudice for someone who has
internationally recognized conductor. He has also served        community during that time period?                                  gotten a BA and has a criminal record…And are there
as the music director for both the American and Jerusalem                                                                           criteria to determine who deserves that second chance?
Symphony Orchestras. Botstein is a strong supporter of          The definition of liberal arts, principally, has not changed.       Does a person who studied and earned a degree of a high
educational reform including educating prisoners and            The delivery of the liberal arts has always [had] to adjust         quality while incarcerated not belong at the head of the
completely altering the current American high school            to the political and social realities that every generation         line for a second chance? And, if there is nobody willing
system. Max Calenberg from the S&B sat down with him            faces. The ones we face now happen to include the place             to give them a second chance what does that tell us about
for a few questions.                                            of America economically in the world, the question of               our society? Then we should have an incarceration system
                                                                future of the American educational system, the role of              where once you get convicted, just shoot them, because
Can you summarize your views of endowments in the               science in the conduct of the modern world and the thresh           they’ll have no life.
college education system currently in the United States?        for democracy. So those are issues that define our agenda,
                                                                the instruments we use for that agenda, which are the               How do you think President Obama has done in terms
The purpose of an institution is not to commit to an            disciplines of learning—all have a place, from the Classics         of dealing with education?
endowment. An endowment should enable an institution            to Physics.
to do the things it needs to do and I’m suggesting that a                                                                           I think Obama is the best hope the country has had in
time has come for institution to broaden their agenda of        Do you think that all Liberal Arts Colleges should run              decades. I hope and pray that he succeeds, that the midterm
what they define as their mission. The management of            at least one high school?                                           elections aren’t too catastrophic for the Democrats
institutions with endowments is probably too conservative                                                                           and that he is reelected. I understand this necessity to
in terms of their definition of mission. They are not in        Yes, I believe every institution should take responsibility         thread a middle course and I think all that is trying to
the business of scholarship and research, the educational       for one or more public high schools. And use online                 be done in education is good. I would hope that more
mission needs to be broadened in ways that are appropriate      capacity to train teachers who are in our disciplines. So           can be done, more in support of university system, state
to each institution, there is no universal answer.              people who teach Math, Physics, Biology should have                 university system, and reinvestment of federal investment
                                                                a regular relationship with high school teachers in those           in universities. I hope that reform of the system goes to
What do you think the majority of a college’s                   subjects.                                                           things like early college and other initiatives that are not
endowment should go towards?                                                                                                        completely tied the charter school movement. I think there
                                                                You are also a strong advocate for educating inmates,               will be resources for those things. Finally, I hope that there
Endowments are needed to support everything a college           however is that not possibly a waste of resources,                  is a real thought given to investing in teacher recruitment
does—its public missions, scholarships, faculty salaries,       because any job that an inmate may become qualified                 and teacher training—both in service and pre-service
buildings—all kind of things. Endowments are there to           for by getting a Bachelors degree would not hire that               training.

                                               Wellness fair promotes healthy living
                                               Wellness fair expands from last year, more student groups present
                                                          BY M AX CALENBERG                        tion, especially in areas of wellness,”Jacobsen   them know what goes on a college campus
                                                    The eight week stretch of constant stress- said. “We wanted to increase the amount of            and be more of a peer mentor than anything”
                                               ors such as classes, summer applications student involvement, especially because well-                member Ryan Creps ’12 said.
                                               and stormy winter weather before Spring ness can be peer activity too.”                                   International Student Organization
                                               Break can overwhelm the most level-headed               Students roamed the unusually packed          (ISO) and Office of International Student
                                               Grinnellians. The Second Annual Wellness JRC and generally enjoyed what the fair of-                  Affairs (OISA) member Shivani Santoki ’11,
                                               Fair nicely interrupted the                                           fered, said Punita Sahu ’12.    who ran the tea booth both this year and last
                                               winter blues this past Tuesday, “...having the dogs here is re-           “It’s a really positive     year was excited to share a bit of her culture
                                               Feb. 9 on the first and second                                        thing,” she said. “Like after   and at the same time help take some of the
                                               floors of the Joe Rosenfield ally cool. It’s really relaxing, a the holidays people feel kind         weight off her peers.
                                               ’25 Center.                        nice break from academics.“        of sad, it’s the longest pe-        First year Karl Nelson ’13 found a missing
                                                    The fair continued the                                           riod of time most people are    piece of home life while at Grinnell, with the
                                               tradition of promoting a                           Karl Nelson ’13 at Grinnell, it’s a nice break     fair’s popular therapy dogs.
                                               healthier student body while                                          from academics.”                    “I really miss my dogs, so having the dogs
                                               including more student orga-                                              East Campus RLC Dan         here is really cool.” Nelson said. “It’s really re-
                                               nizations than last year, according to Wellness Hirsch, joined by several varsity male athletes,      laxing, a nice break from academics.”
                                               Coordinator Jen Jacobsen ’95 who planned the headed a table promoting “Real Men,” a newly                 Due to student demand, the fair may be
                                               event.                                              formed organization concerned with finding a      expanded to a twice event a year in the future,
                                                    “February tends to be that bleak month in new way to project masculinity.                        according to Jacobsen.
                                               that stretch before Spring Break...the days are         “We are a new student group working to            “Students have requested doing it twice a
                                               still dark and cold and snowy,” Jacobsen said. create a positive definition of masculinity by         year, maybe we would do a sort of different
                                               “So we figure it’s a good opportunity to lighten doing a few different things.” Hirsch said. “We      version of it,” Jacobsen said. “Certainly if stu-
                                               up a bit.”                                          are committed to eliminating discriminatory       dents are saying, ‘we want more wellness’ we
                                                    Like last year, stations informed on topics speech and sexual assaults.”                         want to provide them with more wellness.”
                                               from blood pressure to nutrition to exercise,           Real Men will continue its efforts beyond         Jacobsen wants to see wellness pushed be-
                                               while the number of student groups present the Wellness Fair, with events planned for next            yond one night a year to a student position in
                                               also grew, due to Jacobsen’s effort to make year.                                                     every cluster. The wellness coordinator would
                                               wellness peer-educational.                              “In the fall we are going to be kicking off   function like a hall social coordinator, but
                                                    “Everything I’ve researched, everything I the year with a workshop for all incoming              throw informative healthy events and com-
                                               know, everything I’ve heard from our students first-year male athletes, just to try and give          municate with Jacobsen regularly.
                                               on campus is a real big belief in peer-educa- them that extra step other than NSO to let
                                               COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE
                                               S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR
                                               THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE
                                               FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME
                                               WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B! COME WRITE FOR THE S&B!

                                               SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!                                        PUBS OFFICE                                           3:30 P.M.
  4            S&
        edited by Tessa Cheek

Ponys almost as awesome as opener
                                                                                             RTS                                                             February 12, 2010

                        BY E MILY BAJET                          Gummere’s strident singing.                                       This band wasn’t being pretentious, and I think because of
     Last Friday, the Ponys performance in Gardner Lounge            During their concert, The Ponys led the listener to a         that people were able to key into and resonate better with
gave Grinnellians an invigorating start to a well-deserved       place of fervent movement and energy. The majority of their       what they have to say, and how they say it. Who doesn’t
weekend. In a time where the pop tones of Lady Gaga reign        songs are high intensity, and, as I witnessed at the concert,     love friends, hot tubs and whiskey? I know I love their song
supreme on the charts, this band offers a refreshing way for     perfect for the quasi-moshing scene going on at the fore-         “Little Friends,” which reinforces the candidness and fresh
listeners to get their kicks. Although the vocals aren’t much    front of the crowd. You can’t help but move your head, tap        sound that gives this band their spark.
in the way of a purring soprano and there’s no intensely         your foot or jump up and down excitedly. The kind of music           Although I enjoyed their opener Rank Strangers more
throbbing beat, the vibrant garage band sound still manages      the Ponys create leads me to reminisce about what garage          than the Ponys themselves, the liveliness and buoyancy the
to energizes listeners just as much as, if not more, than “Bad   bands used to sound like—lively, unedited and fresh.              Ponys created was definitely an upper that left me feeling
Romance.”                                                             On their Myspace page, the Ponys cite such things as         more energized than when I came. They were happy to be
     Started in 2001 by guitarist and vocalist Jered Gum-        “friends,” “hot tubs” and “whiskey” as influences, a surprising   up on the stage, and we were happy to be listening to them.
mere, The Ponys are currently comprised of three other           breath of honesty that differs from other bands who might            The band currently has three records out, “Laced with
members—bassist and vocalist Melissa Elias, guitarist Brian      feel inclined to cite more elevated and less ordinary sources     Romance,” “Celebration Castle” and “Turn the Lights
Case, and percussionist Nathan Jerde. Based out of Chicago,      of inspiration. However, I think these normal and common-         Out.”My personal favorite, “We Shot the World,” appears
Ill., The Ponys are imbued with a type of indie/punk rock,       place influences are what gave the band a certain “oomph”         on “Celebration Castle.”
relying heavily upon a strong guitar sound and lead singer       factor and made their show so perfect for a Friday night.

                                                                                            Valentine’s Day
                     H New York, I                   Chasing Amy              Roman Holi- S Daily: 4:15, 7:00 & 9:25 p.m.         Legion

   MOVIE                                                                                  T Weekend: 1:45, 4:15, 7:00 & 9:25 p.m. Daily: 4:25, 7:10, & 9:30 p.m.
                     A Love You                                               day
                                                                                                                                  Weekend: 2:00, 4:15, 7:00 & 9:25 p.m.
                     R                                                                    R
   TIMES             R Fri. 4:30 p.m.                Fri. 7:30 p.m.           Fri. 10:30 p.m.     A Dear John
                     I Sat. 7:30 p.m.                Sat. 10:30 p.m.          Sat. 1:30 p.m.
                                                                                                  N Daily: 4:35, 7:20, & 9:35 p.m.
                     S Sun. 1:30 p.m.                                                             D Weekend: 2:10, 4:25, 7:20, & 9:25 pm.

No Love, New York
          BY TORREY M ACGREGOR                  ings and absurd verbal exchanges between
                                                                                                  A V-Day Carte for you
     Christopher Morley, an American            strangers has really just begun.
 journalist and essayist, once said that
 New York City was “the nation’s thy-
 roid gland,” According to online medical
                                                    The vignettes, though each one con-
                                                cerns itself with the problems and tri-
                                                umphs of love, are poorly tied together.
                                                                                                                        or for a “friend”
 sources, the thyroid gland controls how        Characters from the early scenes make
 quickly the rest of the body uses energy,      cameo appearances in later ones, but to
 and how sensitive the body should be           no greater purpose than to suggest, in a
 to other hormones. In effect, it helps to      manner vaguely reminiscent of Paul Hag-
 regulate many bodily functions. The most       gis’s “Crash,” that we are all really con-
 common problems for the thyroid gland          nected, even in a big, dirty city like New
 are, on two ends of the spectrum, too          York. Repetitive slow—and fast—motion
 much activity or too little activity. And,     traffic visuals and shots of bridges from
 just as Morley notes New York City’s           moving cars serve to “transition” the audi-
 symbolic significance in the context of        ence from one scene to the next, in that
 the nation’s collective health and well-       typically artsy, oh-so-quirky New York
 being, he also points to the most common       fashion.
 problems with one of this weekend’s Val-           While one respects the endeavor, it
 entine’s Day-themed films, “New York, I        would be unfair to suggest that this film
 Love You”.                                     works, in any way, to bring together its
     The “film” actually consists of 10 short   disparate parts. Unlike the thyroid gland,
 vignettes, in similar fashion to its parent    which usually has to deal with either too
 piece, “Paris, je t’aime.” This Gotham-        much or too little activity, “New York, I
 based collection is the second installment     Love You” suffers from both ailments at
 of the Cities of Love franchise created        once. Ten vignettes are perhaps a few too
 and produced by Emmanuel Benbihy.              many, in that at the end of the film, one
 Thankfully, each segment of “New York”         finds it difficult to recall the events of the
 clocks in at around 10 minutes, so the au-     earlier scenes. And yet, the collection is
 dience’s attention is kept relatively intact   palpably repetitive—although there are
 for the duration of the film.                  intriguing moments to be considered
     Unfortunately, the redeeming quali-        along race and gender lines, the storyline
 ties of the vignettes, individually and        of each scene is, in effect, that strangers
 collectively, are few and far between.         meet and carry on uncomfortably familiar
 Though the cast of characters is, admi-        conversations until some twist about their
 rably, as ethnically and religiously diverse   relationship is revealed to the (supposed)
 as the City itself, the problems begin to      shock of the audience. Add to the mix
 mount within the first scene, in which         a terribly contrived sense of New York
 an attractive young girl allows herself to     style, complete with chain-smokers on
 be followed into a nearly-empty bar by a       sidewalks, artists in eccentrically-tilted
 suspect man in dark sunglasses. The scene      fedoras and cafés littered with Moles-
 ends peacefully enough (in that no one is      kine notebooks, and the result is a wholly
 hurt or worse, as one expects might oc-        uninspiring medley that would turn the
 cur in a similar situation in “the real New    stomach, or perhaps thyroid, of any film
 York,”) but the barrage of chance meet-        lover on Valentine’s Day.
                                                                                                     Fill in the mad lib above with:
                                                                                                     1.       Noun
                                                                                                     2.       Adjective
                                                                                                     3.       Plural Noun
                                                                                                     4.       Adjective rhyming with too
                                                                                                     5.       Type of food
                                                                                                     6.       Adjective rhyming with adj. #1
                                                                                                     7.       Verb
 February 12, 2010
                  S B match Faulconer
Smith Gallery curated to
                                   5                                                      &
                                                                                                                                                                   edited by Tessa Cheek

           BY M ARGARET A LLEN
    The small room located next to the en-
trance of the dining hall, formally known
as The Smith Gallery, is currently dis-
playing an exhibit that responds to the
student-curated exhibit “Repeat, Reveal,
React: Identities in Flux,” in Faulconer
Gallery. The Faulconer exhibit, curated by
the Art Exhibition Seminar, is a presenta-
tion of artwork that reflects the themes of
identity and repetition also present in the
Faulconer show.
    The Art Exhibition Seminar, which is
offered once every three years, gives stu-
dents the opportunity to curate, publicize
and present their own exhibit for Faulcon-
er Gallery. Under the guidance of Profes-
sor Jenny Anger, the 11 students enrolled
in this class spent last semester selecting
artwork from the Grinnell College collec-
tion that responded the themes of iden-
tity and repetition. Other responsibilities
included installing the display, publishing
the exhibit’s catalog and constructing a
similar exhibit in the Smith Gallery.
    According to Amanda Underwood
’10, Smith Gallery’s appropriation of
Faulconer’s exhibit reflects “a call and re-
sponse” from the students, to the students.
Submissions for The Smith Gallery came
from various students representing differ-
ent class years and artistic style.
    For Danny Penny ’13, the Smith ex-
hibit gave him an opportunity to reevalu-
ate the significance of identity within his
own work. Although Penny’s work, com-
posed of several studio portraits of fellow
students, was produced last fall, present-      Ashur Bratt ’12 surveys the student work furnished iteration of Faulconer’s newest installation, “Repeat, Reveal, React: Identities in Flux.” Located in
ing his work for the first time has given       Smith Gallery, the show features student pieces which focus on the theme of uncovering identity through repetition.                  MARFA PROKHOROVA
him an opportunity to see the transfor-
mation of the identity of his subjects over
time. “It was interesting to look back on       Faulconer’s theme will draw campus                  larger workings of the Faulconer Gallery.           Faulconer,” Underwood said. “The Smith
my work, and to see how it’s significance,      and community-wide attention to the                 In addition to bringing student work into           exhibit is just one of the ways we’re trying
and the people, had changed since then,”        school’s artistic resources. By incorporat-         the exhibition, the gallery has developed           to accomplish that goal.”
Penny said.                                     ing student work into the school’s artistic         a Facebook fan-page, as well as a Plan
    Student-artists such as Underwood           showcases, they hope to make students               under the handle [gallery]. “We’re really
hope that the student appropriations of         feel more involved and invested in the              trying to build a social media presence for

Those Darlins not to be taken lightly
Opposing last week’s three man band, Russian Circles, Those Darlins features three, equally tough, southern ladies
                      B Y CAROLIN S CHOLZ                        to places such as Providence, Rhode Island and Montreal,             them credit for. Even so, there’s a risk of repetitiveness here,
     This Saturday, country is coming to Grinnell and it is      Quebec.                                                              as some of the songs sound strikingly like the one before.
bringing some punk.                                                  Perhaps the most unusual thing about the band is that                The chief success of their small Nashville label, Oh Wow
     Those Darlins, of Murfreesboro, Tenn. will play in Grin-    each member writes and sings. This unusual spread may                Dang, Those Darlins will definitely get people to move to
nell’s Gardener Lounge at 9 p.m.                                 explain why their music cannot be clearly defined. Darlins           their music, since the band’s lyrics are generally hilarious.
     The band, made up of Kelley Darlin, the group’s bassist,    are sometimes referred to as a pop band, even though their           The trio sings about feminism, strong women in their lives,
Jessi Darlin, who plays the guitar, and Nikki Darlin, bari-      music cannot be limited to this or any other genre. More             rural life and poverty but also about equally important top-
tone ukulele player—no they are not related—went live for        than country or pop alone, their style can be described as           ics, such as eating the “whole damn thing” of chicken.
the first time in 2006. Since then, numerous live gigs have      somewhere in between—with a little bit of punk.                          Eager to try before you buy? To get a taste of what ex-
followed known to be both entertaining and, sometimes, a             The music may sound a little like country to the angry,          actly their music sounds like the first single “Wild One” is
little bit booze-fueled. Their 2010 tour leads them not only     but their lyrics are much tougher and their concerts, more           available for free download on their website—www.those-
out of the South and to Grinnell, but also to way up north       often than not, rowdier than a country genre might give    

Noon Yoga                                                        12:15-12:45 P.M.

                                                                                       Faulconer Gallery
                                                                                               in the

                                                                                  [Downward Facing Dog!]
                           with Jenn Mavin                                                               ||Thursday||
6        edited by Jai Garg
                                                                                      FEATURES                                                            February 12, 2010

Annual February tradition sweeps campus

Students get ready for Valentine’s Day by making cards and drinking hot chocolate during a study break in Loose Lounge on Wednesday night.                        AMI FREEBERG

                        BY J UMI B ELLO                       lar practice of giving roses to people who had effected his classes. Lesbians are very likely to be found in GWSS,
    To most, Valentine’s Day is the holiday, which is popu- life positively due to a father figure advising                                  Theatre, Environmental Science, the
larly considered to be the bane of the single person’s exis- him to let people know he cared about them. “Lesbian ski-getaways at            Birkenstocks section of shoe stores and the
tence. To others, it is the reason why so many people are          “I’m gonna show them, ‘Thanks. You’ve                                     flannel section of Second Mile,” Bateman
born in November.                                             been a good friend to me,’” Singh said. He Lodge Lesbo. My lesbian             said. “So, between these five general loca-
    February 14 takes Grinnellian awkwardness to another also will be leaving a note for a special some- lodge in the Alps!”                 tions, I am able to find quite a large dating
level. The weeks leading up to it can end up being a nasty one. Singh wouldn’t reveal the person’s iden-                                     pool and start to introduce lesbians.”
Russian roulette of finding love. To take away from the tity—he wanted to keep it off the record.                                                According to Bateman, he’s had a few
frustration, students have taken somewhat ingenious ap- “One person is gonna get that note that says,              Thomas Bateman ‘10 successful matches. Two of his friends, Er-
proaches to embracing the holiday.                                            ‘I’m feelin’ you,” Singh said. “‘I                             ica and Becca, were CLIT’s first success.
    Some students find single to be sexy. Af- “One person is gonna get hope you feelin’ me.’”                                                He’s now taken pride in his new subspe-
ter experiencing two Valentine’s Days in a that note that says, ‘I’m              Jerl Fields ’11 is also writ-                              cialty, lesbians with the same name—such
relationship and one year clinking glasses in feelin’ you, I hope you fee- ing letters to special someones— his mother as Anna and Anna. After graduation, Bateman hopes to
Spain with her “single ladies”, Asia Sample                                   and grandmother. Every year, Fields sends expand his faux-business in the big city and expand the
’10 will be taking herself out to the movies lin’ me.”                        cards back home. “Those are the first ladies,” CLIT franchise. “I’m gonna host scissor suarees,” Bateman
to see Valentine’s Day.                                                       Field said.                                    said. “Lesbian ski-getaways at Lodge Lesbo. My lesbian
     “I think that the movies that come out             Harpeet Singh ‘12         But one Grinnelian has taken Valentine’s lodge in the Alps!”
on Valentine’s Day are exciting,” Sample                                      Day and given it an entrepreneurial bent—          Whether you’re at the cinema, writing a secret on Plans,
said. “I’m excited to see Ashton Kutcher, fel-                                a lesbian dating service. Bateman calls his going on a CLIT-arranged date, getting ready to spend
low Iowan, on screen.” Sample’s choice reflects the tasteful quasi-business CLIT—Crazy Lesbians Introduced by your work-study money at the Phoenix or settle in with
perspective that seeing a movie alone can be self-reward- Thomas.                                                            a bottle of wine and your friends, the S&B urges you to
ing. Whoever said you couldn’t be your own Valentine?             Bateman operates under the opinion that sooner or be your own Valentine if you don’t have a person to share
    Others have taken a more daring approach—confessing later, throughout a women’s four years here, she eventually it with. This third year couple put it the best—“All kinds
their love. Harpreet Singh ‘12 will be inserting a dozen ros- becomes queer. But she doesn’t know who’s queer, so in of love can be celebrated on Valentine’s Day,” said Maia
es into the mailboxes of those he finds closest to his heart. comes Bateman.                                                 Larson ’11. Charlie Zimmerman ’11 corrected her—
According to Singh, during high school he kept up a regu-         “I know a lot of people and have taken several GWSS “Conglomerate love,” he said.

What Valentine’s Day means to Amy Haddow ‘10
    Valentine's Day is my half birthday, it's color is pink (my favorite,) and it's food is chocolate (also my favorite.) As a
 little Girl, I thought that Valentine's Day as literally my holiday and my parents threw me a party complete with a red
 velvet heart-shaped cake. Now I just think its THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER (and I still secretly think that it's my holiday a little
 bit.) To all of the people who are going to rant about corperate America stop sipping the hater-aid and go eat some red
 and pink M&M's. If you buy them on February 15th, they'll be 50% cheaper than regular multicolored M&M's and you
 can write off buying chocolate as sticking it to the man.
February 12, 2010                                                            FEATURES
                                                                                                                                                          edited by Jai Garg
“Camo Condoms: you won’t see it coming.”
                       BY CARLOS R. LU                         Horn in an email message.                                        Mr. Horn will also take Camo Condoms to college
    For Harry Horn of Middleton, WI, what began as a              The mission statement for the campaign reads: “To fur-    campuses, where he plans to distribute complimentary
metaphorical tagline for safe sex to sell on T-shirts became   ther social awareness in the prevention of sexually trans-   c o n - doms to a few campus social organizations, such
a business plan with a specific mission to help prevent the    mitted infections (STI’s) and unwanted pregnancy, and        a s         fraternities and sororities.
spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among         change sexual behavior using a unique marketing, advertis-                    If you’re interested in helping spread the
young teens.                                                   ing, and merchandising campaign.”                                           word about Camo Condoms, contact Lauren
    Originally, Mr. Horn, father of Lauren Horn ’12, and          One of their unique strategies is a fun website: ca-                     Horn or show up to the next sporting event,
his business associate David Schield thought that this pun Here, visitors can find games, car-                           and be prepared to chant “Camo up!”
was funny enough to be put on a                                toons, FAQs, links to resources and where to find                                Also part of the campaign is the catch
T-shirt, so they began put-                                    help, and useful general information on STIs. Mr.                            phrase “CAMO UP!” which is to provide
ting together a marketing                                         Horn says there is also potential for a blog to go                        the same connotation as the phrase “wear
campaign to sell the idea.                                            along with the site, and has plans to include                         a condom.” Mr. Horn plans to film a com-
    However, their business                                               an online store to sell condoms and other                        mercial with an army of Grinnell College
model and overall objective for                                                     Camo Condoms (CC) Brand                               students chanting this catch phrase at future
the campaign changed shortly                                                          merchandise. Merging his                           Grinnell Athletic event.
thereafter when they saw an ar-                                                        original business model                             “The commercial idea was hatched when
ticle in their local newspaper in Mid-                                                 with his current one, Mr.                     my wife and I were at the Midwest Conference
dletown, about the increasing rate of STIs                                             Horn says that the T-                        Soccer Tournament at Loras College. A group of
among adolescents. Being that they are both parents                                   shirts and other CC                          Grinnell students did the condom cheer and I was so
of teenagers, the article convinced them to change not only                           Brand merchan-                             impressed that I asked my daughter if she could film it
their business model, but the whole meaning of the allit-      dise                  will have “humor-                         to put on YouTube. We are also thinking we would like
erative phrase as well.                                        ous and             flippant yet pointed                      to have a contest on YouTube to develop a commercial for
    “Camo has taken on a whole new meaning for our             phras-            es about the use of                        our products and campaign.” said Mr. Horn.
campaign. Now it is ‘Camo Condoms: they’ll never see it        condoms to promote the safer sex mes-                            If you’re interested in helping spread the word about
coming!’ referring to the prevention of the STI,” wrote Mr.    sage.”                                                        Camo Condoms, contact Lauren Horn or show up to the
                                                                                                                            next sporting event, and be prepared to chant “Camo up!”

                                                                                                                                                Roses are Scarlet
                                                                                                                                                Newsprint is Black
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                                                                                                                                                And we’ll love you back
                                                                                                                                                Features are funny
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                                                                                                                                                If you want money
                                                                                                                                                Come to our meeting(s)!
                                                                                                                                                Ali is awesome
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                                                                                                                                                You could come meet them
                                                                                                                                                At 3:30 Sunday!
February 12, 2010
                       S B urges, do control birth
The SHIC advises: don’t control
                                                 9                                         &
                                                                                        OPINION                                                                          edited by Ali Sargent

Dear SHIC,                                               To answer your question concisely, there’s      and remove. Discard in a trash can. The female      against HIV or other STIs.
I just got back from a three-week erotic journey    really no such thing as masturbating too much        condom has the benefit that it can be inserted          I hope this helps make your choice about
on a Disney cruise in the Bahamas. Every day,       unless it starts to inhibit other parts of your      up to eight hours before intercourse. However,      contraception a little easier. Here are some
my Winter Break lover and I would sneak into        life. As long as it’s not interfering with your      it is easy to misuse the female condom, and         helpful tips to consider while making your
our parents’ steerage cabins and re-enact a page    daily activities (like eating, completing your       standard use pregnancy rates are nearly double      decision:
from the Kama Sutra, complete with endless          work and hanging out with friends), mastur-          those of male condoms. However, when used               You should always discuss sexual histories
margaritas from the buffet line and life vests.     bating, even multiple times a day, is perfectly      perfectly, the female condom has a pregnancy        with a new sexual partner. It would also be
One day, we had sex six times then ordered          healthy and normal. So don’t feel pressure to        rate of only                                                                        a good idea
chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of Mickey
Mouse’s head. Best. Day. Ever.
                                                    hop off that magic carpet just yet—just sit
                                                    back and enjoy the ride.
                                                                                                         5 percent
                                                                                                         over       12                                       ASK                             to get tested
                                                                                                                                                                                             together. You
                                                                                                         months. If                                                   the                    can make an
Now that I’m back in the cold Iowa winter, I’m
longing for my Aladdin to rub my genie lamp         Dear SHIC-                                           you should                                                                          appointment
right. When I wake up in my dorm, my first          My boyfriend and I are thinking of beginning a       choose to                                                                           to get tested
thought is how I can get my roommate out of the     sexual relationship, but we need some help! We       use either                                              [Sexual] [Health]           at     Central
room so I can bring back the magic under my         definitely aren’t ready for a child, so we began     kind       of                                       [Information] [Center]          Iowa Family
Robin “Hood.” When she leaves for Coaching          looking into different forms of contraception.       condom, it                                                                          Planning (lo-
Methods, I jump out of bed and sex-lock the         There are SO MANY! How do we decide which            is impor-                                                                           cated on 5th
door. In between classes, I return to my room for   is right for us?? Please help, SHIC!                 tant that you remember to use ONLY ONE              Avenue in downtown Grinnell) by calling
more sessions of self-love. This pattern recurs     Love,                                                at a time. Using a male condom and a female         (641) 236-7787.
3-4 times a day—I’m still (miraculously) doing      Boggled by Birth Control                             condom at the same time could result in tear-           Your dear friend the SHIC (located on
all of my homework and finding time to go to                                                             ing or removal of the condoms, rendering them       the 2nd floor of the JRC, multicultural suites)
meals and see my friends, but I can’t help but       Dear Boggled:                                       useless.                                            sells 22 kinds of condoms (including latex-
worry that my frequent masturbation habits are          Choosing a method of contraception can               In addition to condoms, many young wom-         free), the female condom dental dams, and
impacting my health. I guess my question is…        be difficult indeed. You have so many options        en also choose to go on birth control, so that      other exciting products. Come visit us during
how much masturbation is too much? Should I         from which to choose! As wise as I am, I can-        they have more constant protection. Birth con-      our hours of operation (listed below)!
bring my whole new world to an end?                 not make the choice for you. However, I can          trol can come in many forms, the most com-              Feel free to call Central Iowa Family
                                                    give you some information to consider while          mon of which are pills and vaginal rings. Birth     Planning, visit the Campus Health Center or
—CAN’T GET OFF THIS MAGIC “CAR-                     making your decision. One of the most com-           control pills are taken orally each day, and        come in to the SHIC if you have any ques-
PET” RIDE                                           mon forms of contraception is the condom.            provide the body with hormones to prevent           tions about anything you have read in this
                                                    The male condom is placed over the penis and         pregnancy. There are several benefits to birth      article.
Dear Can’t Get Off,                                 protects against pregnancy, HIV, and other           control pills. When used properly, they are 96-
    While we understand why you’re worried,         STIs. Male condoms have a very high suc-             99 percent effective, and they give women the       SHIC Hours are:
masturbation is actually one of the healthi-        cess rate (only 2-3% pregnancy rate when use         ability to control when they have their peri-       Monday, 6-8
est things you can do. It builds women’s re-        properly). Your good friend the SHIC carries         ods. However, the young woman is then given         Tuesday, 4-6
sistance to yeast infections, reduces cramping      22 types of condoms, for just 25 cents per con-      the responsibility to remember to take her pill     Wednesday, 6-8
during menstruation and relieves chronic            dom. There is also an alternative, the female        each day. Also, the pill does not protect against   Thursday, 6-8
back pain—it also improves men’s immune             condom. The female condom is worn by a (bio-         HIV or other STIs. The vaginal ring is another      Friday, 4-6
systems and prevents them from contract-            logical) woman during intercourse. It is a plas-     common form of birth control. The ring is           Sunday, 12-3
ing prostate infections. Not to mention that,       tic pouch with rings at each end—one ring is         inserted vaginally and left in for three weeks.
for both sexes, masturbation serves as an im-       open, the other is closed. The closed end is in-     Over the three weeks, it releases regular doses     Feel free to drop in or call us at x3327!
portant source of stress relief, a natural sleep    serted vaginally, with a ring holding it in place.   of hormones, thus providing the added benefit
sedative and a mood booster (by releasing en-       After intercourse, you simply pinch the open         of not having to remember to take a pill ev-                         Love always,
dorphins into your body.)                           end and twist (to keep those spermies inside)        ery day. Like the pill, the ring does not protect                          The SHIC

                                                                                                                                                                                             Ethan Heppner ’11

Reasons for opposing student presence on CAS                         their diplomas would have a far different meaning.
                                                                                                                                               I don’t know in any detail about the operation of the Judi-
    In response to an article and letter in last week’s S & B con-       It was proposed that students should have a voice when
                                                                     academic requirements are being applied to students. From             cial Council and the College Hearing Board, but I believe that
cerning a proposal to add students to the Committee on Aca-                                                                                there is a stronger argument for participation by students in the
demic Standing, I would like to explain somewhat more fully          this principle it would follow that students should have a voice
                                                                     in determining other students’ grade in a course, and that the        handling of cases of student misconduct which is injurious to
my reasons for opposing the proposal.                                                                                                      other students. Similarly, the argument for students having ac-
    Academic standing is not a matter of self-governance, be-        grade would not necessarily express the judgment of the in-
                                                                     structor.                                                             cess to some types of confidential information would be stron-
cause students do not award their own degrees. If a diploma                                                                                ger in cases of this type.
from Grinnell College has any credibility with the outside               Confidentiality is a complicating factor. Details about poor
                                                                     academic performance, and, particularly in appeals, about stu-            My opposition to the proposal was not based on any in-
world, the reason is that the diploma is backed by the faculty,                                                                            formation about irresponsible behavior by any of the students
who set the requirements for the degree, determine the norms         dents’ physical or emotional health or financial circumstances,
                                                                     are sometimes presented by students themselves to CAS. It can         who had been attending meetings of CAS. My opposition was
for progress toward the degree, and recommend candidates for                                                                               one of principle. This is not a matter of self-governance and
the degree. Analogies can be found in many simpler, everyday         even happen that an irate parent attempts to get involved. Stu-
                                                                     dents whose academic performance has been poor would rea-             not a matter of trust, but a matter of where the responsibility
examples of training toward certification. If students were to                                                                             for the decisions rests.
form their own college and award degrees to each other, they         sonably wonder why other students need to know about and to
                                                                     deliberate about such personal and sensitive information.                                                              Joseph Cummins
would be entitled to rule on each other’s academic standing, but                                                                                                      Departments of Classics and Philosophy
10                  S B a retreat reflection
          edited by Ali Sargent

Posse Plus really matters:
                                                                                               PINI                                                                                February 12, 2010

 From the perspective of a member of our editorial staff who              Amongst the many questions, one in particular asked to iden-            ing this, a handful of participants—Posse scholars, Posse Plus
 attended last week’s Posse Plus Retreat, discussed and edited by         tify Gandhi’s race. The results, which were later shown in a            members and faculty members alike—disagreed with the state-
 entire S&B staff.                                                        slideshow presentation revealed a wide range of answers. From           ment while a few found themselves in the middle. Select par-
     The Grinnell Posse Plus Retreat is an annual event that              “Indian” to “human,” the answers varied greatly—but only a              ticipants were given a microphone and asked to explain their
 allows both students and faculty members to discover and                 small percentage actually identified Gandhi as being Asian.             choice, allowing both crowd participation and interaction.
 experience a weekend full of discussion and self-reflection.                 Following the survey, a few Posse scholars initiated a giant            Closing the weekend were two Posse-favorites—diodes
 The retreat, which took place last weekend at the Marriott               icebreaker designed to introduce the entire group. The activ-           and warm fuzzies. As both function to promote friendship, the
 Hotel in Des Moines, hosted multiple conversations center-               ity produced several humorous introductions as members were             diodes require two people to go off on their own and ask each
 ing largely around race and ethnicity. Throughout the entire             asked to state their name, year and favorite                                                 other questions for two hours. The process
 weekend, there was a major focus on group interaction and                breakfast cereal. “Soggy” and “fish” were                                                          is made to be intimate and offers the
 almost all activities centered around the question, “does race           the two crowd favorites. Following the                                                             participants the chance to reflect on
 really matter?” Between students, faculty, event facilitators and        introductions, the entire room was then                                                            the weekend. The second activity—
 other participants, over 200 people attended this year’s retreat.        split into small groups as the facilitators                                                        warm fuzzies—is absolutely fantastic.
     Many Grinnell students and faculty are aware of the Posse            directed each of the members to several                                                            The Posse Plus Retreat always ends
 program on campus but there still seems to be only a vague               stations situated throughout the room,                                                             with warm fuzzies, which are simply
 understanding of its true purpose. The Posse program is lo-              each featuring statistics and graphs on                                                            notes with nice words inside.
 cated in New York City and selects students from various cit-            issues about race in the United States. A short                                                   All those who attended the Posse Plus
 ies (such as Chicago, Los Angeles and DC) to serve as leaders            film, focusing on New York’s demographic and the idea of racial         retreat were encouraged to carry the conversation over to cam-
 and attend college as a group. While the Posse Plus Retreat              stereotyping and the use of derogatory terms was also shown on          pus. This means that now—a week later—is when the Grinnell
 offers critical insight and discussion on topics such as race            the same night.                                                         Posse Plus retreat truly shines. Both students and faculty who
 and education (last year’s topic), it also serves as an oppor-               Amongst the various activities performed during the two-            attended this past weekend should now be able to answer the
 tunity for students to learn more about the Posse program                day weekend, the one which generated the most discussion was            questions “what is Posse?” and “why should I care?” The retreat
 itself. Posse scholars are encouraged to invite professors and           the aptly titled “Human Barometer” activity. At the front of            itself is a unique opportunity and experience for all who have
 students, who generally offer an improved understanding of               the room, two signs, one titled “Race Matters” (or yes) and the         attended. It is a chance to get away from campus, schoolwork
 the program. The Posse Plus program allows for non-Posse                 other “Race Does Not Matter” (or no) functioned as the two              and other distractions that would normally prevent the pos-
 members to call themselves “Posse Plus” meaning they are a               end points for the gauge. Much like an actual barometer, this           sibility of discussing issues such as race. Be aware though, that
 valued addition to the entire Posse experience. Once you’ve              exercise pitted several members on opposite ends of an invisible        the retreat is not all about critical discussing. It is also about
 attended one Posse Plus Retreat, you are forever a member                spectrum and functioned as a physical representation of their           making new friends and as one Posse scholar said in reference
 of Posse Plus.                                                           personal opinion. One question, for example, asked if it was            to the warm fuzzies, “they are meant to make you feel warm
     Friday night began with a quick dinner and survey.                   alright to say that “all Asians are good at Math.” In answer-           and fuzzy inside, not cold and prickly.”

Jacob’s basic assumptions—please co-operate, don’t cooperate
    On my GOOP trip, Ross Preston told me that I should etc). However, I believe that there is something innately human efficiency but much has been lost in the process. Since we are
have a talk radio show where I could tell people my weird ideas about cooking and eating a meal with family and friends.              no longer as dependent on family and neighbors for our very
and have people call in to argue with me. Then I realized that           3. Exceptions to assumption 1 can also occur when diver- lives, we often neglect these bonds.
not enough people listen to the radio to make a talk show vi- sity is threatened. I believe that diversity—both cultural and              I envision a restructuring of our communities to where peo-
able. I just sort of gave up until this semester Eliza Mutino told biological—can create stability                                                                    ple cooperate. As families have
me that I should have a column in the S&B to get my crazy and beauty in the world. Diverse                                                                            shrunk and women have entered
ideas out there.                                                     ecosystems are less prone to fail-
    So, here I am. I encourage people to e-mail me responses ure than crops because if one spe-
                                                                                                                                         Jacob Gjesdahl ’10           the workforce, home cooking has
                                                                                                                                                                      declined as well. These two de-
and I will respond to them. It sounds hokey, but I am really try- cies is decimated by weather or                                                                     velopments are good and are to
ing to find the logical conclusions to make the world a better pests, there are others to take its
place. I often overlook things that would lead to different con- place. Similarly, if one culture does                         The Unorthodox be expected given in ourtechnol-
                                                                                                                                                                      ogy has developed
clusions. Some of the things I say
may offend you, but I hope that we
                                                                               something      maladap-                             Traditionalist                     However, I think in the process

as a community can deal with dis-             If one culture does something tive like eating brains
                                                                               which gives them Kuru,
                                                                                                                                                                      we have lost much of our culture
                                                                                                                                                                      and have lost a piece of our lives
agreements in a positive, construc- maladaptive like eating it is not the end of the                                                                      that can make us happy.
tive rather than personal manner.
     I will begin by laying out some
                                          is not the end of the world, since world, since there are other societies that don’t eat pastI couple years—cooking Ico-ops.experimented with there the
                                                                                                                                            propose an idea that have
                                                                                                                                                                            Let’s imagine that
of my basic assumptions about the there are other societies that don’t             It may be that the American fast food diet leads three families of four people each, who live in the same neigh-
world, which may or may not be eat brains.                                     to obesity and its associated health problems. This borhood. They would rotate cooking duties, so that you had to
true.                                                                          would be less of a problem if many people in the cook for 12 people every three days rather than for four people
    1. Efficiency is generally good,                                           world weren’t trying to emulate Americans blindly every day. This is much more efficient and allows people to fea-
since it increases human’s material wellbeing. Although I like because it’s “cool.” Also, diversity makes life beautiful and inter- sibly cook good meals rather than eating out. It also strength-
roughing it sometimes, I am generally glad that there is a great- esting. A world where you could never stumble upon a kind of ens peoples’ bonds with their neighbors and rejects which could
ly reduced probability that my child dies from some disease.         flower you’d never seen because all of nature had been destroyed eventually lead to formation of actual culture in America as
    2. Exceptions to assumption 1 can occur when the quest would be a sad one. Likewise a world where everyone dresses, opposed to our consumer culture which is prone to fads and
for efficiency goes so much against inherent human needs as thinks and acts the same is also boring.                                  crass materialism.
to actually reduce their happiness even though their material            These themes will permeate all of my columns but I would         This is about the limit of what I can say this time, but I will
well-being increases. For example, it would be more efficient like to briefly give one example of what I mean. I have a vi- finish describing my ideal community in the next installment.
for everyone to eat out every night than to ever cook for them- sion for communities in the United States that would, I believe, This was just a taste of what sort of things I plan to talk about.
selves because of economies of scale (there is less of an effort make people happier, increase diversity and potentially increase Ultimately, this column will be about being conscious about
differential between making zero and one pizza than there is in efficiency. I lament the destruction of the community in the the social, ecological and cultural decisions that we make as a
making 9 and 10 pizzas because of better equipment, training, United States. It has been associated with greater mobility and society.

                                                                                                                                             The Scarlet & Black welcomes story ideas from students, faculty and
                                                                                                                                         other members of the town and college community. If there is any story that

  The Scarlet and Black                                                        February 12, 2010
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 10        edited by Michael Schoelz

                                                                                                                                                  February 12, 2010

Basketball Pioneers are
the Team of the Future                                                                                                           Basketball
                    B Y K R AMER MCL UCKIE
    Kramer’s Rules (do you guys get the math joke, by the in previewing next season before this one has even finished
way?) is usually dedicated to, in order, my narcissism and the is not to write off this season as a lost cause or in any way
national sports scene. With my immense level of sports ex- denigrate the hard work put forth by all the players and the
pertise and training (I played middle school basketball and coaching staff for so long. Rather, I think we, as a student
I read frequently), I like to sound off on the same body, need to come out and support the men’s team in their
issues as highly-paid TV analysts like Lou Holtz, Dick Vi- last home game on Saturday, Feb 20 at 4 p.m. against Mon-              Men’s Basketball
tale or (shudder) Charles Barkley, but with less florid idioms mouth’s Fightin’ Scots in Darby Gymnasium. At Grinnell,
and a better vocabulary. But with Valentine’s Day coming basketball is our sport. We have a strong winning tradition
                                                                                                                                  Team              MWC        Overall
up, I thought it was time to give some love to a couple of despite academic standards, both for admissions and in the
cutie-pies rather than myself or a nationally-known athlete. classroom, that put much of the conference to shame, and
                                                                                                                                                    W-L          W-L
It’s time to give some credit to the purest form of col-
lege sports, Division III, and send a valentine to the
                                                                     the team is featured in national media from time to
                                                                         time for its high-scoring ways. If we can provide
                                                                                                                                  St. Norbert       13-1         19-2
Grinnell Men’s Basketball team. And don’t worry—                           the kind of fan support that will make Darby the
                                                                            toughest place to play in the Midwest, there’s no
                                                                                                                                  Ripon             9-4          14-6
this valentine doesn’t feature the Jonas Brothers.
Especially not Kevin.                                                        limit (pun intended) to what they Pioneers can       Lake Forest       9-4          11-9
    It may seem an odd time to choo-choo-choose                               accomplish. So let’s come out in droves on the
the Pioneers, since this has not been a marquee                               20th and cheer the Pioneers to victory.
year. Their record currently stands at 5-14 overall,                                Additionally, the Grinnell Women’s Bas-       Carroll            8-6         13-8
3-9 in Midwest Conference games with four such                               ketball team has also had a tough season and
games remaining, though only three by the time                              is deserving of our support—their last game is        Lawrence           7-6        10-10
we go to print. The Pioneers are, however, likely to                       the same day at 2 p.m., also against Monmouth.
avoid last place in the conference as two of those re-                   Some possible ideas for signs to display at the game     I.C.               5-7         9-10
maining contests are against MWC cellar-dweller                            include: “Fightin’ Sucks” (not derogatory—paci-
Knox College (2-17). If those presumptive wins
aren’t consolation enough for Grinnell basket-
                                                                             fist) and “Not Even a Safety School” (to encour-
                                                                                  age the Scots to adopt better campus safety
                                                                                                                                  Beloit             5-9         7-13
ball fans, one need only examine the Pio-                                              practices). Finally, their slogan seems    Grinnell           4-9         6-14
neers’ roster to find a yet more optimistic KRAMER MCLUCKIE ’12                        to be “Monmouth—What college was
picture. After having to replace the top
three scorers, John Grotberg, Bobby Long
                                                   Kramer’s Rules                      meant to be,” which begs the response,
                                                                                       “Monmouth—What high school was
                                                                                                                                  Monmouth           4-9         5-15
and Davey Arsenault, all of which averaged more than 20 meant to be.”
points a game, from last year’s conference co-championship         Of arguably more global importance than Grinnell’s up-         Knox               2-11        2-18
team, this year’s squad will lose only two seniors from its coming double-header against Monmouth, the 2010 Winter
19-man roster. The top six scorers will all return, includ- Olympics kick off this week in Vancouver. I, for one, am
ing guards Griffin Lentsch ’13 (18.1 ppg), Matt Skelley ’12 excited to root on Team USA in such riveting events as                Women’s
(16.0 ppg) and Dylan Seelman ’13 (14.2 ppg). With for- curling, speed skating and, my favorite, the biathlon. Home
midable offensive production from such young players, we Depot’s enthusiasm, however, seems to have faltered as it                Basketball
need only grab some plutonium from a corner drugstore and has dropped its sponsorship of the Olympics this year. I’m              Team              MWC        Overall
hop in my Delorean to see the 2011 Pioneers boisterously saddened that we will no longer hear the inspiring tales of
celebrating their MWC championship in Darby. I may be Home Depot employees past and present (Bode Miller)                                           W-L         W-L
wrong about the team’s overall success next season—we may winning Olympic gold.
have to hit 88 mph again and check out 2012, instead.              Lastly, I’d like to wish luck to the Grinnell Men’s and        St. Norbert       12-2        17-3
    But I’m steadfast in my belief that next year will be fun to Women’s Swimming and Diving teams, which will travel
watch. The balanced offense provided by the development of to Appleton, Wisc. to compete for their respective 8th and
                                                                                                                                  Ripon             11-2        15-5
so many young scorers, along with the offensive rebounding 11th consecutive conference titles. I’m hoping they’ll throw           Lake Forest       10-3        14-6
of big men like Kale Knisley (5.1 rpg), will bring Grinnell up the dynasty sign à la Jay-Z after they take home the hard-
back to its rightful place as national scoring leader. My point ware.                                                             Carroll            8-6         13-8

 Jai’s Winter Olym-                                                                                                               I.C.

pic Prognastication                                                                                                               Beloit
                                                                                                                                  Grinnell           3-10        5-15
Women’s Curling:                                Men’s Hockey:                                                                     Lawrence           0-13        2-17
   Canada                                          Canada
   Sweden                                          Russia
   China                                           United States
                                                Men’s Biathalon:                                 Good Luck Men and Women’s Swimming and Diving Team
Men’s Curling:                                     Norway
   United States
                                                   Germany                                                                       At Conference
Men’s Luge:                                     Women’s Biathalon:                                       [Mad Duck Seniors]                  [Mad Dog Seniors]
   Felix Loch— Germany                             Germany
   Armin Zoeggeler— Italy                          Sweden                                                                                          Anders Ahlberg
   David Moeller— Germany                          France                                               Lily “Pad” Camp                              Mitch Avitt
                                                                                                                                                 Glenn “CoCo” Clark
Women’s Luge:                                   Men     Snowboard                                          Amy Hadow                              Paul “P.G.” Gagne
   Natalie Geisenberger— Germany                Halfpipe:                                         Carly “Deviled Egg” Kruse                    Tommy “Danger” Olson
   Erin Hamlin— U.S.                               Shaun White— U.S.
                                                   Justin Lamoureux— U.S.                                                                     Nick “Baby Jeezy” Smith
   Tatjana Hufner— Germany
                                                   Mathieu Crepel— France
                                                                                                       Meghan McDoniel                              Mark Sullivan
Women’s Hockey:                                 Women’s Snowboard                                    Chloe “Schlo” Moryl                     Patrick “P. Thom” Thomas
   Canada                                                                                                                                    Ian “Warmachine” Warlick
   United States                                Halfpipe                                         Emily “Mother Goose” Summers                        Jon Willuhn
   Sweden                                          Jiayu Lu— China
                                                   Sophie Rodriguez— France
                                                   Zhifeng Sun— China
February 12, 2010
                    S B in final meets
Swimming looks to finish strong
                                     11                                                  &
                                                                                       SPORTS                                                                 edited by Michael Schoelz

                 B Y R ON C HIU
     If you walked into Ray Obermiller
 pool last week, you would be a witness to
 a rare sight—divers diving in swim caps.
 If you had asked one of these divers why
 they were wearing these swim caps which
 they obviously didn’t need, they would
 point to a short, unassuming diver in a
 gray cap with massive amounts of facial
     His name is Nick Smith ‘10 and his
 reason? To protect his dreadlocks from
 falling out. The other divers simply fol-
 lowed his practical and fashionable lead.
     Smith and the rest of the class of ‘10
 will be leading the Grinnell Men’s and
 Women’s Swimming and Diving team to
 the Midwest Conference Championship
 this weekend in Appleton, Wisc. It will
 be the final meet for Smith and his fel-
 low seniors, who have never lost a Cham-
 pionship in their four years at Grinnell.
 Nick joined the team to follow the lead
 of his brother, Garnet Smith ‘08, who
 was already on the team.
     “I decided to join the team because I
 had done diving in high school, I already
 had a brother on the team, and I just re-
 ally liked the people,” Smith said.
     Originally a gymnast, Nick discovered
 diving in high school at the suggestion of
 his brother. After watching a practice and
 chatting with the diving team during a
 college visit, Nick knew that he wanted
 to be part of the team Since then, Nick
 has become nothing more than one of the
 most loved and crucial parts of the team.
     Despite Nick’s soft-spoken demeanor,
 the team feels his presence because he
 leads by example. Nick won the 100 me-
 ter and 300 meter dive events at confer-
 ence last year, while performing second        Nick Smith ’10 prepares to dive during a recent swim practice.                                                                  LUCY SCHILLER
 only to his brother the two years before       but over the last year, Nick and Mark Sul-            of Midwestern Conference titles. Both the         chosen to work more diligently and hard-
 that. In addition to his many successes,       livan [‘10] have helped me immensely,” said           men’s and women’s teams have enjoyed long         er as a team and that’s definitely shown
 Nick’s background in gymnastics and            Kessner. Nick’s positive attitude has really          reigns defending their titles for the 8th and     in their ability. That’s what going to help
 his experience in learning how to dive         encouraged me to become a better diver.”              11th times respectively.                          them come out on top.”
 helped him become a better teacher for             Max Fulgoni ‘12 has watched Nick                           “I expect the team to swim really            Members of the team consistently
 a team composed of inexperienced div-          demonstrate his ability to bring the team             well.” Paul Gagne ‘10 said, “It’s expected        pointed to the size and the depth of the
 ers, some of whom converted from other         together and provide support for his team-            that we should win again, looking at the          team as the driving forces behind their
 sports just like him.                          mates. Nick’s successes have been an in-              stats sheet. We’d like to do really well in the   long history of success.
     “Nick is an individual who came to         strumental part of the team’s victories.              relays and have a good time.”                         “The team expects to win. I expect to
 diving from gymnastics, which is com-              “He qualified for nationals,” Fulgoni                 Although the women’s team has won 3           win. There will be schools that will pick up
 mon.” said Tim Hammond, the Assis-             said.“He gets a lot of points and makes the           more conference titles than the men’s team        a fair amount of first places, but we’re going
 tant Swim Coach. “But he didn’t grow           [swimmers’] job a lot easier. He’s been real-         in the last 11 years, they face a more com-       to pick a lot of places between 1st and 18th.
 up diving. He learned a lot about diving       ly good for divers for getting them together          petitive challenge to regain the title this       People will just see Grinnell all throughout
 his first year and he became more refined      and has been really loud during swim races            year.                                             the results,” said Smith.
 year after year. It’s interesting to see him   ”                                                         “Lake Forest this year has female swim-           Nick Smith is a unique sight to behold,
 mature and coach the younger divers.”              Nick’s achievements definitely left a             mers that look very strong,” said co-captain      both on and off the boards. The Mad Dogs
     Diver Charlie Kessner ‘12 came to          mark on the history of Grinnell swimming.             Emily Summers ‘10 . We’re really confident        and Ducks will be losing him and the rest
 Grinnell as a soccer player but converted          “That’s his name on the record board,”            about our ability to race them and push           of the class of 2010 come Monday, but they
 into a diver. Under the guidance of Nick       said Bill Mogavero ‘12. “Hopefully he’ll              them really hard. And we really want com-         hope to end their illustrious careers with
 Smith, Kessner emerged as a skilled diver.     break that record this year. Maybe he can             petition to push us as well.”                     a MWC victory. And hopefully Nick’s
     “My friend from the soccer team and        go to Nationals this year.”                               “This is only my third year at Grinnell       dreadlocks will safely make it through the
 I were asked to be on the diving team                    Nick’s outstanding skills will be           but this are the most dedicated team that         weekend.
 and we came in not knowing anything            invaluable for the quest for another pair             I’ve seen so far,” said Hammond. They’ve

Student-athletes run ‘R-word’ campaign
                 B Y M AT THEW B ACHTELL                          ‘R-word’ in slang or everyday speech, and to foster respect          tion, support for the campaign seems to be spreading. As of
    The “Spread the Word to End the Word” movement, a             and inclusion of those people with intellectual disabilities,”       Feb. 10, over 59,000 people have pledged support through
national push to eliminate the derogatory use of the word         Cole wrote in an e-mail.                                             promotion of the website, Students
‘retard’, came to Grinnell this month. The entire athletic           The R-Word campaign ran from Monday, Feb. 1, to                   who pledged were asked to indicate that they were from
department participated in the R-Word campaign, in re-            Friday, Feb. 12. During this time, MWC schools were                  Grinnell, so that their pledges could be tracked and tallied.
sponse to a challenge from the commissioner of the Mid-           charged with getting as many students, faculty, staff and               “We probably won’t know [the number of Grinnell stu-
west Conference (MWC) to rally support for the cause.             community members to pledge support for the R-Word                   dents who pledged] until the end of the campaign,” said
    “We decided to make it a competition between the              campaign.                                                            Liz Davis ’11, SAAC Representative. “Right now though I
schools to see who could get the most pledges,” said Mi-             SAAC contributed to the cause by selling T-shirts with            would say there’s at least one hundred, and I’m sure there’s
chael Cole ’12, Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC)          campaign slogans outside of the dining hall and by putting           many more.”
Representative.                                                   up posters around campus. The proceeds of the T-shirts                  The pledges will be counted by February 19, and the
    A speaker from the Special Olympics promoted the              will go to the Special Olympics                                      College with the most pledges will receive a $250 prize and
movement at an MWC SAAC meeting in November,                         Sports teams were involved as well. The basketball                will be recognized in a ceremony at the MWC Men’s and
    “Our primary goal is to raise awareness of the great          teams wore the R-Word campaign shirts for warm-ups                   Women’s Basketball tournaments.
campaign that was put together by the Special Olym-               during the challenge period.
pics, to encourage people to think twice when using the              As a result of the Grinnell campaign and across the na-
                  The Back Page
                   The Best Thing Since The Front Page

                                                                                                                                                                            On Wednesday, Ali
                                                                                                                                                                          Sargent and Eliza-Eve
                                                                                                                                                                         Leas polled 100 people
                                                                                                                                                                          in front of the Dining
                                                                                                                                                                               Hall, asking:
                                                                                                                      Mikel Shybut ’10 and Maddie Cargas ‘10
                                 At this huge jol, amongst the thousands of partygoers, who do I run into                                                                    Like like?
   OVERHEARD                     but Lizzy Montgomery & Will von Geldern. We continue jol’ing and
       ON                        they begin to fill me in on all of the Grinnell gossip. When Amy Livings-
      GARY                       ton isn’t on campus anymore, you need to turn elsewhere to find out all                                                                       40%
     KAHN’S                      the juice. All in all, it was a solid evening and I look forward to meeting                                                                      Like
      BLOG                       up with them again soon. With the car, house, & all, some good times for
                                 us could be looming over the horizon.                                                                                                         60%
                                                                                                                                        —Gary Kahn ’09                        Like like

                       Key Chains: Not only do they allow you to express                                 This Week in
                       your totally unique personality, they also make a                                Grinnell H istory                                          There are many easy ways to save
                       pleasant jingling sound to announce your arrival!                                                                                       energy in your dorm! Be sure to turn
                                                                                                                                                               off the lights in your room (and clos-
                                                                                               February 11, 1977                                               et!) and in common areas like lounges
                                                                                                                                                               and bathrooms when no one is there.
                       Daisy Chains: While symbols of springtime frolic,                   “Have you ever seen more                                            Whenever possible, use windows for
                       these prematurely plucked buds also suggest youth’s                                                                                     natural light instead of lamps. Fun
                       ephemerality. Gather ye daisies while ye may...                   outrageous, irresponsible                                             fact: a sleeping computer uses 5 per-
                                                                                         journalism? Why, even if it is                                        cent of the energy of a computer using
                                                                                                                                                               a screen saver. So, be sure to set your
                                                                                         true,” I rage, “should it have                                        computer to go to sleep after a certain
                                                                                                                                                               period of inactivity, and turn off your
                       Chains of Love: LOVE SHOULD SET YOU FREE.                         been printed?”                                                        computer when you aren’t using it.
                                                                                                                                                               -brought to you by the Student Environ-
                                                                                                                                                                                     mental Committee!

 random                  Open door, closed communication                       It’s your lucky day, Grinnell....                            ...Marcus has another homeboy

 rants                        I was shocked and dismayed to find a hole in
                          the wall on Cleveland First that was not a result
                          of weekend debauchery. Cleveland Computer
                          Lab has been out of commission all week due to
                                                                               Dear Granville... I mean Grinnell,
                                                                                   Do you know Ethan Drutchas? How about
                                                                               DJ Pretty Boy E? or Fancy E? or that really
                                                                               fashionable, possibly pretentious transfer that
                                                                                                                                             the characters on “Mad Men” and anyone
                                                                                                                                             between the ages 18-35—during the roaring
                                                                                                                                             ’20s—is as formal as Mr. Drutchas.
                                                                                                                                                 By the way, would this rant look better
   Students speak         construction of a door to the hallway that began     talks a bit more than that other transfer that                with a grey background or a black one?
  about what’s on         without any notice on Monday morning. The            talks more than everyone else at Grinnell (I hear                 And to all the rumors you’ve all heard,
their minds in 142        Administration persistently reminded residents of    they are from the same school—weird)!?                        I am confirming that some—depending on
  words or fewer,         Jamaland last year about how the Lab is supposed         I sort of hate repeating myself, but do you               your source and assuming everyone intel-
                          to be a comfortable environment for all of its       know Ethan Drutchas?                                          ligent is disregarding the words of a first year
and you’re invited!       residents, in regards to the smoking complaints.         If you said no, you need to meet another one              that is not even old enough to go to a bar in
If you have a rant,       But when they decided to inflict change on our       my “homies.” But if you call his house and tell               Quebec—are true...
     e-mail it to         common space, the actual residents and users of      his parents that you are his “homey,” they will
  [sargenta]. Com-        the Lab were not notified or even asked their        drop their Earl Grey and kindly utter, “Why
plaining in a public      opinion. This is an obvious move to separate the     you must be mistaken, as an Ethan does, indeed,
                          Lounge and the Computer Lab, which is shock-         reside at this address, but he assuredly does not                    -Marcus “Someone farted in the Pub’s office
  forum is always         ing enough, but what was really dismaying was        have any ‘homies?’”                                                  Sunday afternoon and the vapors caused me
more fun than do-         the unforgivable lack in communication between           Ok, that quote is partly fictional. Only                     significant brain damage on Tuesday morning”
    ing it alone.         the residents and the Administration.                Ethan’s twin sister, Ralph Lauren ’57, all                                                          Eagan ’12
                                                      —Julia Gerasimenko ’12                                                        S&B on the Web                                                     

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