59 SECONDS VIDEO FESTIVAL - Alfred University by arv17047


									59 SECONDS VIDEO FESTIVAL - Alfred University

1. 59 in Time Antonio Della Marina (Italy)         14. 59 Random Russian Words
2004 59 divisions of coloured time. Will           Igor Baskin (Russia) 2007 Russian language
something happen out of the blue?                  learning „Express method

2. 59 languages Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland)         15. 59 Views of the Ambassador Bridge
2005 59 languages in 59 seconds                    Adam Glover (Canada) 2006 Many things
                                                   happen at once in a compositional 59 sec.
3. Blind Spots Jenny Vogel (USA) 2005 A
close-up of an eye with the reflection of a TV     16. Weather and Traffic Project 59 (USA)
continuously switching channels replaces           2006
the pupil as the eye is scanning the images.
                                                   17. and Football Project 59 (USA) 2006
4. Me to tango Lucia Warck Meister
(Argentina /USA) 2005 A mirrored image of          18. Rituali Urbani Masimo Lovisco (Italy)
a woman dancing in front of a window               2005 Song of Milan supporters, Inspired by
depicts her loneliness.                            asphalt football field in suburbs of Potenza.

5. Beauty No. 4 Victor Barbieri (USA) 2004         19. 59 Worms Carine Doerflinger
Beauty No. 4 begs for the suspension of            (Germany) 2006
disbelief balancing precariously between,
seduction and illusion.                            20. 59seconds for…love Serena Calò
                                                   (Italy) 2006 Ti amo. 5 letters, 9 ways.
6. If you don’t call me back… Alain K.
camera Sophie Pigeron (France) 2004 Each           21. 59 Girolamo Santulli (Italy) 2007
separation… sends us back to… separation           sequence intentionally overlapped generate
from the mother‟s breast… (J. Viorst )             a probable number, not a sequential one.

7. Pirts Franz Wanner (Germany) 2000               22. A Finger Orchestra Jinho Im (USA)
Occurence in the summer in the fields, a           2006 In a insipid daily life we usually hit
hommage.                                           fingers on things daily.

8. LIX Dubi Kaufmann (USA) 2005 LIX is 59          23. Fast Zoran Dragelj (Canada) 2005 A
in Roman numerals. It all starts from there.       burst of imaginative and dreamy panoramas

9. Bah Bah Are Hauffen (Norway) 2005               24. Gold words for you Ricardo Morales
With an imbecile attitude to life in rural areas   Hernández (Puerto Rico) 2006 In daily
the sheep came to equal a something with           living, we need words of wisdom.
four legs from a child's play in the garden.       25. Extracreato Luca Acito and Dario
10. Would you like to dance with me for            Carmetano (Italy) 2006, Sound: Heyehela
59 seconds? Anna Finetti (Italy) 2006              Africa. God is the creator in sixty seconds,
                                                   Satan is the extra-creator in 59.
11. 59 seconds (time is a convention)
Cristina Pavesi (Italy) 2006 59 seconds …          26. 59 seconds to be happy...Marco Villani
may be extremely long or extremely short, it       (Italy) 2007 smoking opium, 59 on the foil.
is a matter of everyone‟s personal living.         27. Order Sara Rajaei & Hadas Itzkovitch
12. Inspector Collector Spoons Harley              Iran/Netherlands /Israel 2005 Arrangement
Spiller (USA) 2007                                 or disposition, relation and rhythm.

13. Frames with 59 repetitions in the              28. Pen and Paper Emily Broadbent
study of a scream Carolina Kohan                   (Australia) 2007 A mysterious message is
(Argentina) 2007 an abstract journey to            being written!
reconstruct the scream of a baby.                  29. Roundabout Moio&Sivelli (Italy) 2006
                                                   turn the routine around a traffic island into a
                                                   dizzy rhythm of sounds, lights and colours.
30. Plastik Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy) 2007     46. 59 Seconds of Pause Estelle Artus
                                                (France) 2006, with Alain K. and C. Gay
31. Recollection Zoran Dragelj (Canada)
2006 Psychological flashback that registers     47. The Gods Yan Chung Hsien/Taiwan
like memories or dream-like longings.           2005 The gods are playing in playground…
                                                The gods are fabric…The gods are oriental.
32. Stalker of Chaplin Nora Gergely             The gods are sentimental.
(Hungary) 2006 Friendship, and the
connection of soul in art and dream.            48. Self Portrait Yu-Chen Chiu (USA) 2005
                                                An experimental video about the inner self-
33. 59 secondi per…/ 59 seconds to…             discovery through the reflection of a mirror.
Antonio Patrizio (Italy) A suggestive silence
that tells how hard it is to communicate in     49. Songs of Israel Project 59 (USA) 2006
our society.
                                                50. Collaboration Project 59 (USA) 2006 59
34. 59 Steps Herve Constant (UK) 2006.          one minute videos.
Chilling tale of man‟s descent into madness.
                                                51. Perfect Family Project 59 (USA) 2005
35. Traffic Love II Traffic Love Collective     with Sarah, Rosa and Yelena Lidsky, Ignat
(Australia) 2007 A brief interlude between      Ayzenberg and dog Laila. Every family has
two very different population transporters      mementos… Sometime you have to stop
                                                breakfast in order to catch one.
36. The Gates Project The Bruce High
Quality Foundation (USA) 2005 A miniature       52. 59 Pellets David Lachman (USA) 2005
Gate in pursuit of a miniature Central Park.    A short video about Zami, a cat with a will to
37. NO OW NOW Gerd Stern (USA) 2005 A
three part mantra plus                          53. Perfect Family II Project 59 (USA) 2006
                                                with Sarah, Rosa, Ilyusha and Zhenya
38. Dance Piece Erik Moskowitz (USA)            Lidsky. Kids count.
2005, (Sasha Biganthal, Monique Safford)
The dance is referenced by the dancers'         54. Twenty-Six Randall Wakerlin (USA)
own commentary: "Jumping up and down..."        2004 One self portrait every day for a year.

39. Run From It Norm Scott / NY, USA            55. Moustache Avi Dabach (Israel) 2007
All the joy and horror of growing up…, jaunt
down a steep cow pasture in Virginia.           56. 59:59:23:7.8 Scott Piscitelli (USA)
                                                2006 59 bolts in 59:23 seconds the empire
40. Joey Gets Milk John H. Malone (USA)         state over 118 minutes (59x2).. multiples of
2005 Joey leaves home to get some milk...       the schumann resonance of 7.8 Hz
41. Sign 59 Irina Danilova (USA) 1998-          57. Hitler, the First Superstar Darya Zhuk
2006. Apex of urban minute                      (Belarus) 2004 A study in deconstruction of
                                                Leni Refienstahl's Triumph des Willens
42. The Hair Gianni Iannitto (Italy) 2006. In   famous sequence.
Neapolitan culture life codifies by numbers
in “La Smorfia” with 59 meaning the hair.       58. Saddamites Fereshteh Toosi/Mark
                                                Dixon,Tsvika Solan PA, USA Inspired by
43. 59 is the key Valerio Veneruso (Italy)      Saddam Hussein's use of body doubles, the
2006 59 solves the Sudoku.                      video documents a visit to Washington DC
44. Under Glass (Gorilla) Michelle Beck         wearing Saddam masks on his birthday in
(USA) Jorge Calvo (Costa Rica)                  2003.

45. AMNEZAC FULANA (USA) 2005 Block             59. 59 Endings Andrew Eyman (USA) 2006
your historical memory and ask your doctor      Video montage of endings from films made
about AMNEZAC: The Most Powerful Anti-          during the Golden Era of 1950s Hollywood.
Historiamine on the Market.

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