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                                                                                                QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ISSUE
                                                                                            • The question mark began life as punctus interrogativus in the second
                                                                                              half of the eighth century. It was introduced by the English scholar
                                                                                              Alcuin of York.
                                                                                            • Spanish uses a question mark at both the beginning and end of a
                                                                                              question, with the first one upside down. Example: ¿Que hora es?
                                                                                              (What time is it?)
                                                                                            • For kids who need to be hospitalized at Rush, the Child Life Program
                                                                                              offers special preparation through a role-playing exercise in which children
                                                                                              reveal their questions and concerns about going to the hospital.
                                                                                            • Every science project begins with a simple research question: What if?
                                                                                            • In algebraic chess notation (a way to record moves in a game for learning
                                                                                              purposes), “?” means a bad move while “??” is a blunder.
                                                                                            • A question mark in medical notes suggests a possible diagnosis. If a
                                                                                              patient has blood in his or her stool, a doctor might note “?colon cancer”
                                                                                              to indicate the patient should be checked for colon cancer.
                                                                                            • Applicants to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at Rush Uni-
                                                                                              versity College of Nursing must identify and respond to a question or
                                                                                              problem that requires a change in health care as part of their applications.

          2   Hot health topics:                    4   Keeping current:
              Experts at Rush discuss answers           Understanding the medical field
              to common wellness questions              is key to understanding your care                                            WWW.RUSH.EDU
                                                                                     ANSWERS FROM EXPERTS

                                                                                    HOT TOPICS
                                                                                    IN HEALTH
                          When it comes to your health, you want the best information you can get. But it can sometimes
                          be tough to tell fact from fiction — unless you have a source you can rely on. Here, four experts

                          from Rush University Medical Center discuss hot topics in health.

                          How close are we to finding a cure for cancer?
                          Howard Kaufman, MD, director               For example, with melanoma,           “The tumor doesn’t necessar-
                          of the Rush University Cancer           an immunotherapy agent called         ily go away completely, but it
                          Center, says another concept in         ipilimumab activates the immune       doesn’t grow either,” Kaufman
                          cancer care may be more appro-          system, prompting it to attack        says. Similar drugs are in the
                          priate than “cure”: control.            cancer cells. Patients live much      works for lung cancer, liver can-
                             “Many cancers can now be             longer as a result of this therapy.   cer and others.
                          controlled like chronic condi-             Control can also mean stabiliz-       “We don’t cure these can-
                          tions,” he says. “The idea of           ing a tumor. That’s what hap-         cers, but we can help patients       Howard Kaufman, MD, has
                          living with cancer while prevent-       pens with a targeted medicine         have a good quality of life for      conducted numerous clinical trials
                          ing it from growing is gaining          for renal cell carcinoma, a form      a very long time,” Kaufman           on cancer vaccines and immuno-
                                                                                                                                             therapy for cancer patients. He is
                          momentum.”                              of kidney cancer.                     says. F
                                                                                                                                             the author of The Melanoma Book
                                                                                                                                             and many other publications.

              Vitamin D: Why is it important?
                Vitamin D has recently taken center stage           studies show that vitamin D may protect against multiple
                in health news as it has become clear that          sclerosis.
                many people don’t get enough of this vita-             Getting enough vitamin D from food can be difficult,
                min. That’s a problem because vitamin D is          since food sources are limited. Milk and some cereals
                essential for bone health, helping the body         are fortified with vitamin D, and it’s also in fatty fish
                absorb and use calcium in bones and teeth.          such as salmon and tuna. Sunlight converts vitamin D to
                It also helps build your immune system and          its activated form in the skin, but during the short days      Kathryn Keim, PhD,
    regulate cell growth.                                           of winter, it’s hard to get enough sun — especially in         is a registered dietitian
       According to Kathryn Keim, PhD, a registered dietitian       northern-latitude locations such as Chicago.                   at Rush. Her research
                                                                                                                                   focuses on developing
    at Rush, that’s just the beginning.                                According to Keim, the solution is to take a vitamin D
                                                                                                                                   assessment tools for
       “Vitamin D is involved in a lot more body processes          supplement. Infants and children need at least 200 inter-      nutrition education,
    than was originally thought,” Keim says.                        national units (IUs) per day. (Ask your pediatrician about     especially among
       For example, most people know that vitamin D defi-           how to give vitamin D to your baby.) Adults up to age 50       minorities and
    ciency can cause weakened bones. But research now sug-          need at least 200 IUs each day. As we age, we become           people with low
    gests that low levels of this vitamin also may be linked to     less efficient at converting sunlight to vitamin D, so         income who
                                                                                                                                   have diabetes.
    diabetes and heart disease. In fact, in one study, people       people age 51 to 70 need 400 IUs, and people age 71
    with low levels of vitamin D and high blood pressure            and older should get 600 IUs each day.
    had nearly twice the rate of heart attack as those with            Extremely high doses of vitamin D are toxic. But tak-
    adequate levels, although the reason was not clear.             ing up to several thousand IUs a day is safe. In fact, the
       Vitamin D also may be important to thinking and mem-         daily recommendation may soon be raised in light of
    ory. And although more research needs to be done, some          vitamin D’s recently uncovered roles in health. F

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    Alcohol: Good for the heart,
    bad for cancer. What do you do?
    News headlines pull you one way today         levels,” Forys says. Specifically, it raises
    and another tomorrow. A certain diet or       your high-density lipoprotein, or HDL, the
    food is great, and then it isn’t. A medica-   good cholesterol that protects your heart.
    tion or therapy works, but maybe not          Studies suggest other benefits such as
    for you. How do you decide what to do         reduced risk for gallstones and diabetes.
    when a medical question seems to have            But drinking alcohol also has a down-         Olivia Forys, MD,
    more than one answer?                         side. Excessive drinking is associated with      is an internist who
       Your first move should be to talk with     liver disease and cancers of the mouth,          practices at Rush
                                                                                                   University Family
    your doctor. He or she can help you           esophagus and breast.
                                                                                                   Physicians at Lincoln
    evaluate the risks and benefits of tests,        Forys emphasizes that nondrinkers             Park. She is espe-
    treatments or lifestyle choices. A good       shouldn’t start drinking for the health          cially interested in
    example is drinking alcohol. According        benefits. And if you already drink, mod-         preventive medicine,
    to Olivia Forys, MD, an internist at Rush,    eration is key. “That’s one drink per day        women’s health and
    moderate consumption of alcohol — the         for women and two for men,” she says.            health issues related
                                                                                                   to hypertension.
    type doesn’t matter — can confer health       Because older people may be more vul-
    benefits.                                     nerable to alcohol-related health prob-
       “Alcohol can lower your heart dis-         lems, men over age 65 should also limit
    ease risks by improving your cholesterol      their intake to one drink per day. F

                              Why are women’s heart attack
                              symptoms different from men’s?
                              Pain, pressure, squeezing,       kind of coronary artery dis-           “Women have real
                              discomfort — these are           ease, which can lead to heart       symptoms, but doctors may
                              some of the sensations in        attacks.                            not recognize what’s hap-
                              the chest that can signal a         “The blockages in women          pening,” Volgman says.
                              heart attack in both men         can be in the smaller blood             The best time to talk
                              and women.                       vessels,” Volgman says. “The        with your doctor about
                                Other symptoms are less        end result is the same — the        heart attack symptoms is
                              obvious signals of a heart       heart doesn’t get enough            before you have them. Ask
                              attack, and that’s where         blood. But it’s harder to           about your risk for heart
                              an important distinction         diagnose.”                          disease and about advanced       Annabelle Volgman,
                              shows up. Women experi-             This condition is known          tests that can diagnose          MD, is a cardiologist at
                              ence symptoms such as            as endothelial dysfunction          difficult heart attack cases     Rush specializing in the
                                                                                                                                    electrophysiology of the
                              nausea, fatigue or jaw pain      or microvascular disease,           in women.
                                                                                                                                    heart. She has written
                              more often than men do.          and even if it causes a heart          “Women can also have          extensively about heart
                              According to Annabelle           attack, women may not real-         heart disease that is easily     disease in women and
                              Volgman, MD, medical direc-      ize their symptoms are seri-        diagnosed. But it’s important    was selected as a top
                              tor of the Rush Heart Center     ous. In fact, initial tests at an   to have a doctor who under-      doctor for women in
                              for Women, that’s because        emergency department can            stands that that’s not always    the field of cardiology
                                                                                                                                    by Women’s Health
                              women can have a different       miss it.                            the case,” Volgman says. F

    MORE        How can you relieve low back pain? How does a pain reliever find the right location?
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                                                                                 WANT TO GET
      The experts at
     Rush University                                                             A HANDLE ON
                                                                                 HEALTH CARE?
     Medical Center
    answer questions
       to help you
     stay in the loop
    about health care.                                                            A FEW INQUIRIES INTO ITS EVER-CHANGING WORLD

                                                                                  The field of medicine changes rapidly — even daily. From newly
                                                                                  developed technologies and research discoveries to innova-
                                                                                  tive initiatives to improve quality of care, changes in medicine
                                                                                  can significantly affect your health care. To help you keep up,
                                                                                  we’ve asked experts at Rush University Medical Center about
                                                                                  one of the latest technologies, how some discoveries are made
                                                                                  and how asking questions can help you get better care.

          Easy as 1, 2, 3 ...
                           Can your stools                                                  Tar-black stools. These                     Red, bloody                          Gray-colored

                           reveal health                                          1         aren’t your normal dark            2        stools. If blood            3        stools. Stools the
                                                                                            stools, Patil says, but                     comes out of your                    color of gray clay
                           problems?                                                        jet-black stools with the       bottom, and you see it either        are rare, Patil says. Normally,
                           Adults tend to shy away from the subject of         consistency of mushy tar (such as            on toilet paper or in the toilet     food mixes with bile and
                           bowel movements. However, in the interest of        you might see when a parking lot is          bowl, pay attention — even           bacteria in the colon, giving
                           your health, it’s a good idea to take a look at     being paved). The color may come             if it’s sporadic and just a few      stools their brown color. If
    Abhitabh Patil, MD,    them once in a while.                               from digested blood — blood turns            drops of blood. It may not be        there’s no bile in the colon,
    is board certified in     If you know what your stools normally look        black when it comes in contact with          blood but something you ate,         then the stool comes out
    gastroenterology       like, it’s easier to spot changes. In most cases,   stomach acid. Black, tarry stools might      such as beets, tomatoes or           gray or light colored. Pancre-
    and internal medi-
                           changes aren’t serious and clear up quickly —       indicate bleeding in the upper intestine     red food coloring in gelatin,        atic cancer causes bile block-
    cine. His research
    interests include      but you should still discuss them with your         or stomach. However, don’t panic, Patil      Popsicles or other foods.            age. This is not something
    pancreatitis and       doctor.                                             says. This color can also appear if you      Many people also blame               you will notice just once —
    gallstone disease.       “Three changes may be cause for concern —         ingest iron pills, bismuth (the active       hemorrhoids. However, it             it will be a persistent prob-
                           in particular, there are three colors you don’t     ingredient in Pepto-Bismol), blueber-        could be a sign of colon can-        lem. No food or medicine
                           want to see show up in your stools,” says           ries or black licorice. If your stools are   cer, Patil says, so it’s important   can cause this, so if you do
                           Abhitabh Patil, MD, an interventional gastroen-     black, give your doctor a call so the        to get checked out by your           notice it, see your doctor
                           terologist at Rush University Medical Center.       two of you can figure out the cause.          doctor.                              right away.


Why is everyone                                                                                              How do clinical trials
moving toward electronic                                                                                     lead to new treatments?
                                                                                                             Clinical trials play an important part in Rush’s mission of
medical records?                                                                                             providing the best care possible to patients. But what exactly
                       “Coordination of care and immediate access to patient data                            are they?
                       are two key benefits that electronic medical records provide to                           “A clinical trial is simply a way to ask and answer a question
                       the patient health care team,” says Julio Silva, MD, MPH, chief                       about how we can improve some aspect of health care,” says
                       medical information officer at Rush. Using a secure login, every                       James Mulshine, MD, associate provost for research at Rush
                       doctor at Rush who treats a particular patient can quickly ac-                        University.                                                             James Mulshine,
                       cess that patient’s complete medical history to make the most                           For example, when scientists and doctors at Rush were                 MD, is an interna-
                       informed and timely choices for the patient’s care. When any                          researching treatments for breast cancer, they asked the                tionally recognized
                                                                                                                                                                                     expert on lung
                       doctor adds information to a patient’s file, those updates are                         question, Could antibodies play an important role in the
                                                                                                                                                                                     cancer and is
Julio Silva, MD,       immediately available to all of the patient’s physicians.                             treatment of breast cancer? To find the answer, Rush teamed              responsible for
MPH, is chief             Electronic medical records (EMRs) can increase patient safety                      with researchers from the company that produces the antibody            managing research
medical informa-       in additional ways. The system features clinical decision sup-                        Herceptin to lead a multicenter clinical trial in which doctors did     activities at Rush.
tion officer at Rush
                       port, which provides pop-up alerts, reminders and checks for                          the following:
University Medical
Center. Prior to       health care providers, such as a patient’s drug allergies and                         • Gave Herceptin to a large group of breast cancer patients
this appointment,      potentially harmful medication interactions when a doctor is                          • Documented the impact of the antibody administration on patients’ conditions
he concentrated        prescribing new medications.                                                          • Analyzed the results and reported that data, along with other sponsor data, to the
his practice and          These are some of the reasons EMRs were on the radar                                 U.S. Food and Drug Administration
research on emer-      at Rush before they appeared in the American Recovery and                             • Published the research findings
gency medicine.
                       Reinvestment Act of 2009. Planning for Rush’s EMR began in                              This trial was one of the key trials that led to the approval of Herceptin, now one of
2006, and the system came online in April 2007 as part of the Rush Transformation, a                         the mainstays of breast cancer treatment. While Mulshine credits trial sponsors, doctors
10-year project to build new facilities, renovate existing buildings and adopt state-of-                     and scientists with this discovery, he also believes another group deserves recognition.
the-art technologies that will create new models of patient care.                                               “We would never make progress in improving outcomes in medicine without the
              To read more about the benefits of EMRs or the Rush Transformation,                             incredible contributions of patients in volunteering to participate in the clinical trials
              visit                                                                   process,” Mulshine says.
                                                                                                                              If you’re interested in learning more about how you could benefit from
                                                                                                                              participating in a clinical trial, go to

                                         How can asking questions improve the quality of your care?
                                         Patients who ask questions get better quality health care and are         J What are my treatment options?
                                         happier with their results, according to the Agency for Healthcare           If you are given a new prescription:
                                         Research and Quality (AHRQ), part of the U.S. Department of               J How will this help my condition?
                                         Health and Human Services. Knowing what questions to ask and              J What are the possible side effects?
                                         when to ask them can help you make sure you’re getting the right          J Would a generic drug work just as well?
                                         care at the right time.                                                      If you’re told you need a test:
                                           A good place to begin is asking your doctor to explain things           J How will this test be used to diagnose or monitor my
                                         more plainly, says Laco Lane Mace II, MD, an internist at Rush.              condition?
               Laco Lane Mace II,        “Physicians can get caught up in scientific terminology and may            J What are the benefits and risks of having this test?
               MD, practices at          forget to explain things in a way that is easy for the patient to         J When will I get the results, and how will they be communi-
               West Loop Univer-         understand,” Mace says.                                                      cated to me?
               sity Medicine. His
                                           In addition, he recommends asking your doctor the following                              For more information about questions to ask your
               special interests                                                                                     MORE
               include diabetes,         questions:                                                                                 doctor and ways to receive the highest quality
               hypertension and            If you have just received a diagnosis:                                  health care, visit the AHRQ at or the Rush Web
               hyperlipidemia.           J How will my condition progress in the future?                           site for information on quality at


                                                                                                                       For current clinical trials, visit

    Flat, flexible footwear is easier on knees
    MANY PEOPLE WEAR flip-flops because they’re                        effects on the rest of the leg,” says rheumatologist                 on the knee joints during walking is a key factor in
    comfortable. But according to a study by researchers               and lead study author Najia Shakoor, MD.                             the development of osteoarthritis, affecting both
    at Rush University Medical Center, there may be an                    The study, which was published online in the jour-                the severity and progression of the disease.
    even better reason to favor flat, flexible footwear:               nal Arthritis Care & Research, found that flip-flops                    In the study, flat, flexible and lightweight flip-
    It can help protect your knees against osteoarthritis.             and sneakers with flexible soles actually cause less                 flops and walking shoes seemed to mimic the
       “Traditionally, footwear has been engineered                    stress on the knees than rigid clogs or even special                 mechanics of walking barefoot. In fact, the force
    to provide maximum support and comfort for the                     walking shoes. And that’s important, because a                       on the knee was roughly the same whether the
    foot, with little attention paid to the biomechanical              higher-than-normal load — or amount of force —                       subject wore flip-flops or went barefoot. With
                                                                                                                                            clogs and stability shoes (athletic shoes specifi-
                                                                                                                                            cally designed to control and neutralize the stride
                                                                                                                                            of a person with an unstable gait), conventionally
    CLINICAL TRIALS AT RUSH                                                                                                                 believed to provide appropriate cushioning and
                                                                                                                                            support, the force on the knees was up to 15 per-
                                                                                                                                            cent higher than with flat walking shoes, flip-flops
    INTRAOPERATIVE IMAGE-GUIDED                                          INFLAMMATORY BOWEL                                                 or bare feet. F
    NAVIGATION KYPHOPLASTY STUDY                                         DISEASE FLARE-UP STUDY
    The Department of Neurosurgery is conducting a study                 The Section of Gastroenterology and Nutrition is                   Rush earns top marks
    to see whether the use of intraoperative image-guided
    navigation during vertebral kyphoplasty (a procedure to
                                                                         conducting a study to determine whether using one
                                                                         of two eight-week, mind-body medicine courses can
                                                                                                                                            from Thomson Reuters
    repair painful vertebral fractures using a cementlike com-           help reduce stress and, as a result, prevent flare-ups              RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER was selected
    pound) may reduce radiation exposure for the patient.                in patients with ulcerative colitis. Prior research indi-          as one of the 100 Top Hospitals in the United
    Patients will be randomly assigned to receive treat-                 cates that stress is an important trigger for ulcerative           States by Thomson Reuters, a for-profit information
    ment using either traditional intraoperative fluoroscopic             colitis flare-ups.                                                  source for businesses and professionals. The annual
    visualization techniques or intraoperative image-guided                 Participants must meet the following criteria:                  Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals National
    navigation.                                                          • Have a clinical diagnosis of moderately severe                   Benchmarks study identifies the 100 best U.S.
      Participants must meet the following criteria:                        ulcerative colitis                                              hospitals based on their overall organizational per-
    • Have one to three vertebral compression fractures,                 • Be 18 to 70 years of age                                         formance. Rush was one of only 15 major teaching
      caused by either disease or reduced bone density,                  • Be in remission at the time of recruitment, with at              hospitals in the country to be named. The 17th
      requiring kyphoplasty                                                 least one documented disease flare-up within the                 annual study evaluated hospitals’ performances
    • Not have symptomatic spinal cord compression                          past two years                                                  in several key areas, including mortality, medical
                  This is a partial list of inclusion and exclu-                         This is a partial list of inclusion and ex-        complications, patient safety, average length of
     MORE                                                                  MORE
                  sion criteria. For more information, please                            clusion criteria. For more information,            stay, patient satisfaction and adherence to clinical
    contact Sarah Tieche, MS, at (312) 563-3776.                         please contact Delia Daian, MD, at (312) 942-3644.                 standards of care. F

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                                                                                                     Rush Generations presents …
                                                                                                     Older adult and caregiver programs
                                                                                                     All Rush Generations programs are held at Rush University Medical Center,
                                                                                                     Searle Conference Center, 5th floor (Elevator II, Professional Building),
                                                                                                     1725 W. Harrison St.

                                                                                                     Staying Safe and On                        Making Sense of

                                                                                                     Your Feet: Balance and                     Stress and the Blues
                                                                                                     Fall Prevention                            Wednesday, Sept. 22
                                For a complete and         Prevention and                            Wednesday, Sept. 1                         1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
                                up-to-date list of         Treatment of Stroke                       10:30 a.m. to noon                         Depression and anxiety are normal
                   community wellness events at Rush,      Tuesday, Oct. 5                           Falls are not just the result of getting   emotions, yet when left unad-
                   visit, where        Risk assessments: 5 to 6 p.m.,            older and can often be prevented.          dressed, they can become serious
                   you can also find handouts from         Room 994                                  Join us to learn about medical and         health concerns. Join experts at Rush
                   previous talks.                         Talks: 6 to 8 p.m., Room 976              physical factors that contribute to        for a discussion of depression and

                                                           Armour Academic Center                    balance problems and simple inter-         anxiety in older adults, and explore
                   Advances in Prostate                    600 S. Paulina St.                        ventions you can use to improve bal-       ways of coping with these emotions.

                   Cancer Treatments                       Stroke is the third leading cause of      ance and prevent falls.
                   Tuesday, Sept. 21                       death in the United States, but you
                   6 to 8 p.m.                             can lower your risk of disability or
                   Armour Academic Center                  death from stroke by knowing the             Rush Generations en español
                   Room 994, 600 S. Paulina St.            warning signs and understanding              Todos los programas Rush Generations tienen lugar en el Searle
                   Comprehensive care that is per-         your risk factors. Stroke neurologists       Conference Center de Rush University Medical Center, situado en la
                   sonalized for each patient is espe-     at Rush will educate you on the pre-         quinta planta (Ascensor II, Professional Building), 1725 W. Harrison St.
                   cially important in the treatment of    vention, symptoms and treatment              Si quiere registrarse para cualquiera de estos programas o actividades,
                   cancer. The Coleman Foundation          of stroke. Personal risk assessments         llame a (888) 352-RUSH (7874).

                   Comprehensive Prostate Cancer           will be offered on a first-come, first-
                   Clinic at Rush offers men the ability   served basis.                                Cómo superar el estrés y la depresión

                   to meet with a urologist, medical                                                    Miércoles 25 de agosto
                   oncologist and radiation oncologist     Heart Attack Prevention                      1:30 a 3 p.m.
                   in a single visit. Join this group of   and Treatment                                La depresión y la ansiedad son emociones nor-
                   physicians to learn about exciting      Wednesday, Oct. 13                           males; sin embargo, si no se atienden, pueden
                   new treatments for prostate cancer,     6 to 8 p.m.                                  convertirse en serios problemas de salud.
                   such as TomoTherapy and the             Armour Academic Center                       Venga a Rush para hablar con expertos en la
                   da Vinci robotic surgery system.        Room 976, 600 S. Paulina St.                 materia sobre la depresión y la ansiedad en

                                                           Heart disease is the nation’s lead-          adultos mayores, y explorar formas de enfren-
                                                           ing killer of both men and women.            tarse a estas emociones.
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                       AT A TIME when job prospects are               Besides these two fields, we’re seeing a lot of
                       generally bleak, careers in health          growth in jobs for occupational therapists, who
                       care are growing. In fact, the U.S.         treat people of all ages with physical and mental
                       Department of Labor estimates 3.2 mil-      disabilities. And with the need to plan responses
                       lion new jobs will be created in health     to terrorist attacks and other disasters, there are
                       care between 2008 and 2018, largely         increasing opportunities for people to go into
                       due to the health care needs of the         administrative careers in emergency management.
                       aging baby boomer population.
Lois Kazmier              What jobs will be available? Discover    Q. What education does a person need
Halstead, PhD,         Rush recently spoke with Lois Kazmier       to work in health care?
RN, vice provost,      Halstead, PhD, RN, vice provost at Rush     A. The education needed for a career in health
is responsible for
                       University, about opportunities in health   care ranges from associate to doctoral degrees,
the day-to-day
operations of Rush     care and how to pursue a career in this     though the trend is toward more education. For
University. She was    expanding field.                            instance, a few years ago, Rush University rede-       knowledge you need to practice in the health care
previously associate                                               signed its program in audiology from a master’s to     field. The illnesses we treat are becoming more
dean at the Rush       Q. What are the biggest                     a doctoral level because Rush could foresee one        complex, and the science and technology to treat
University College     growth areas in health care?                would soon need a doctorate to practice in the         them are expanding practically by the day.
of Nursing and
                       A. Nursing jobs are expected to             field. Similarly, nurse practitioners currently must
has been actively
involved in health     increase by a healthy 23 percent over       have at least a master’s degree, but by 2015, a        Q. How would you describe the ideal
professions educa-     the next eight years, and physician         Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree will be rec-   candidate for a career in health care?
tion for many years.   assistant jobs will grow by a whopping      ommended for nurse practitioners. Rush University      A. Health care practitioners need to be able to bal-
                       41 percent. Part of this increase is due    has had a DNP program since 2005. Rush also            ance caring for increasingly sick patients with con-
          to the national shortage of primary care physicians,     recently began offering bachelor’s and master’s        cern for the bottom line, all the while keeping up
          which has created a demand for physician assis-          degree programs in respiratory care because of the     with the latest technologies. We need smart people
          tants and for nurses with advanced training, such        growing need for therapists in this area, and most     who care. F
          as nurse practitioners.                                  job opportunities are for those with at least bach-
             Because of this demand, the Rush University           elor’s degrees in their fields.                        Rush University is a health sciences
          nurse practitioner program is bursting at the seams,
          and we began a physician assistant program in            Q. Why does it take more education to                  university offering programs in
          June. The new Master of Science program prepares         be in the health professions?
          physician assistants to work in primary care or spe-     A. The changes in education and in practice are
                                                                                                                          medicine, nursing and more than
          cialties such as orthopedics.                            a response to the increasing depth and breadth of      a dozen allied health care fields.

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