HyCentA - Hydrogen Center Austria First Austrian research center for by kcb11021


									HyCentA -
Hydrogen Center Austria
First Austrian research
center for hydrogen
HyCentA - Hydrogen Center Austria
First Austrian research center for hydrogen

In view of the limited availability of fossil fuels and the   EQUIPMENT
growing environmental impact of pollutant emission,           Infrastructure facilities: vacuum isolated tank for 17.600
research activities for using hydrogen as future source of    liters of liquid hydrogen with dispenser, hydrogen condi-
energy are gathering momentum. Hydrogen can be pro-           tioner, hydrogen compressor (up to 450 bar), tank for
duced in a regenerative cycle and it can be burnt with low    3.200 liters of liquid nitrogen, vaporizer for hydrogen and
or no pollution in internal combustion engines or fuel        nitrogen.
cells. A number of technical challenges regarding pro-
duction, distribution, and storage still have to be solved    Testing facility: test stands with supply of helium, nitrogen,
before the common use of hydrogen, though.                    and liquid as well as gaseous (up to 16 bar) hydrogen,
In order to assure the top position of Austrian research      state of the art testing and measuring equipment, spe-
and development and to keep up with international             cialized personnel.
research programs, a number of Austrian partners have
joint to set up the HyCentA (Hydrogen Center Austria).        Filling facility: fuel pumps for liquid (LH2) and gaseous
The center is being built on the premises of Graz             hydrogen (CGH2 at 400 bar).
University of Technology and will be in operation from
summer 2005.
The HyCentA is planned as a focus for Austrian hydrogen
related research and development activities. The center
has a high scientific and economic potential in the future
oriented field of hydrogen technology.
PA RT N E R S A N D F U N D I N G                                            R E S E A R C H P R OJ E C T S
Project partners: Graz University of Technology (TUG),                       The testing facility enables the performance of hydrogen
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungs¬gesellschaft mbH                                related research and development projects. Projects of
(JR), Austrian Research Centers GmbH – ARC (ARC),                            reference:
MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik AG & Co KG (MAGNA),
OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH (OMV), AVL List GmbH                           ›› Cooperation with EU integrated projects StorHy and
(AVL), Forschungsgesellschaft für Verbrennungskraft-                            HyICE (MAGNA, TUG, FVT)
maschinen und Thermodynamik mbH (FVT), Steirische                            ›› Development of a testing procedure for
Gas-Wärme GmbH (StGW).                                                          liquid hydrogen tank systems (MAGNA)
                                                                             ›› Thermodynamic modelling and testing of liquid
                                                                                hydrogen tank systems (MAGNA, TUG)
Public funding: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs                        ›› Investigation of fuel feed lines for liquid hydrogen
and Labour - bm.wa, Federal Ministry for Transport,                             (MAGNA Space Technology, ARC)
Innovation and Technology - bm.vit, Zukunftsfonds des                        ›› Investigation of durability and life-time of materials
Landes Steiermark and Styrian Business Promotion                                in a hydrogen environment
Agency SFG.                                                                     (Montanuniversität Leoben, TUG, ARC)
                                                                             ›› Investigation of cryogenic compressor components
                                                                                (Hoerbiger Ventilwerke, FVT)
                                                                             ›› various topics of production, distribution and
                                                                                application of hydrogen (StGW, OMV, JR, AVL, TUG)
                                                                             ›› hydrogen information platform (JR)

                                                                             B E T R E I B E R U N D K O N TA K T
                                                                             HyCentA Research GmbH
                                                                             Inffeldgasse 15         A-8010 Graz         Austria
                                                                             www.hycenta.at           office@hycenta.at
                                                                             Dr. Manfred Klell, CEO
                                                                             Gudrun Leutschacher, Secretary
                                                                             Phone: +43-316-873-9500                Fax: +43-316-873-9502

  HyCentA Research GmbH

  Inffeldgasse 15      A-8010 Graz     T +43-316-873-9500        F +43-316-873-9502            www.hycenta.at        LG f. ZRS Graz FN 261250 t
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