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2008 Lifeshare Annual Report to the Community


2008 Bonfils Annual Report to the Community 2008 Lifeshare Annual Report to the Community

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Dear Friends,

Take action. That’s the ‘message in a bottle’ we hope you will find     Beyond the intrinsic, there’s further reason to give generously.
in the 2008 annual report: FLOW.                                        Studies seem to back the assertion that there are health benefits for
                                                                        longtime blood donors who give regularly.
In April, a message in a bottle was found in a stone wall in the
infamous Nazi death camp, Auschwitz. It was placed there in 1944        The National Institute of Health reports that men who give blood
by a survivor, Waclaw Sobczak, now 84 years old. The note               regularly have an 80 percent less chance of heart disease. Each
contained his name and the names of five                                time you give blood, you remove some of the iron it contains. It is
fellow Auschwitz slaves between 18 and                                                       now widely believed, high blood-iron levels
20 years of age.                                                                             can increase the risk of heart disease and heart
                                                                                             attacks. Iron has been shown to speed the
According to Sobczak, it was an attempt                                                      oxidation of cholesterol, a process thought to
to leave a trace of their existence as they                                                  accelerate the damage to arteries that
ostensibly faced immanent death.                                                             ultimately leads to cardiovascular disease.

Across many cultures, a ‘message in a                                                         Please donate every time you are eligible and
bottle’ has become an allegory of isolation                                                   bring a new donor to discover the rewarding,
and a passionate desire to connect with the                                                   healthful process.
world. Blood donors connect with their
world in a very personal and spiritual way.                                                   Be a rainmaker. Let it flow; the goodness will
Like water, blood is an essential                                                             come back to you.
component of precious, fragile human life.
If you are reading this, chances are great you’ve already gotten the                          Godspeed,
‘message.’ You are a donor.

Your blood is already flowing in the veins of those you cared enough                          Richard L. Cluck
to save or sustain in your community. But as we still face chronic                            CEO and President
shortages of nearly every blood type, there is more that can be done.

In 2008 our whole blood donors gave an average of only 1.6 times
                                                                                              Phillip J. Baptiste, CPA
a year, while it’s possible to give six times annually. And platelets
                                                                                              Chairman, Board of Directors
were given fewer than eight times on average, although 24 annual
donations are permissible.
Once in full motion, a cruise
ship travels about 40 feet
per gallon of gas. During
launch, the vessel gets a
mere six inches to a gallon.

Through a LifeShare
congressional initiative, all
community-focused blood
centers enjoy the relief of
excise tax on fuel and tires.

come abOARD
   In September, LifeShare added a fifth 41-foot Blue
   Bird bloodmobile to its fleet. The state-of-the-
   art, custom-made vehicle primarily serves the
   charity’s Southern region comprising Stark and
   surrounding counties.

   The bright, cheery exterior includes outsized
   blood type symbols and cajoles: “You’re our
   type. Donate blood.”

   As a convenience to busy donors, LifeShare
   collects approximately 70 percent of its
   blood supply through mobile blood
   drives. In 2008 the charity conducted
   1,265 mobile drives. Nearly three-
   fourths of the drives were conducted
   on a bloodmobile and a quarter of
   the events were set up inside the
   hosting facility.

   All tolled, in 2008 LifeShare’s
   fleet, including bloodmobiles,
   box trucks, autos, and courier
   van, traveled over 147,000 miles to
   assure Northeast Ohio patients’ blood needs
   were met.
 it together

In 2008, LifeShare embarked on major renovations to its      The new LifeShare lab configuration greatly improves
laboratory, located inside the charity’s flagship donation   workflow distribution and staff productivity.
facility in Elyria, Ohio.
                                                             In addition to many cosmetic upgrades across the facility,
A formerly small, disjointed wing of the building was        supplementary work stations were added. Additional
enlarged and transformed into a bright, modern open floor                          equipment was also incorporated,
plan.                                                                              allowing for expansion into new
The new unfettered                                                                 lifesaving product lines involving:
framework permitted                                                                automated fresh frozen plasma,
repositioning      of                                                              pre-pooled cryoprecipitate and
equipment to create a                                                              double red cell leuko-reduction
lean manufacturing                                                                 filtration.
environment.                                                                         The dedicated professionals who
Lean manufacturing                                                                   comprise LifeShare’s laboratory
focuses on increasing                                                                staff work 24-hours a day, seven
efficiency, decreasing                                                               days a week. In addition to the
waste of time and                                                                    aesthetic changes which are
motion, and using                                                                    improving the quality of their
empirical methods to determine what works, as opposed        work-life, the staff is buoyed by the integration of new
to uncritically accepting preexisting modes of operation.    product lines which will further their potential to help
                                                             save the critically ill and injured in Northeast Ohio’s
                                                             world renowned hospitals.
your resources

 Not every community in America has the comfort and               Founded in 1962, ABC is one of the most respected authorities
 assurance of a dedicated blood provider. LifeShare is            on blood and blood donation. All of ABC’s U.S. members
 community-focused and nonprofit; blood collected remains         are licensed and regulated by the Food and Drug
 in the community were it was given to maintain an adequate       Administration. ABC’s partner centers span communities in
 supply across Northeast Ohio.                                                            45 U.S. states.

 Operating strictly within these                                                            Facts: ABC members collect more
 parameters, the Blood Center is                                                            than 8 million units of whole blood
 privileged to have the full support and                                                    each year.
 backing of the National Federation:
 America’s Blood Centers (ABC).                                                             ABC members provide nearly 10
                                                                                            million blood components
 Every ABC member must subscribe to                                                         (including red blood cells, platelets
 a community-based blood banking                                                            and plasma) to hospital patients
 philosophy. That means community                                                           annually.
 donors know the blood they give stays
 in that community first – helping                                                         ABC members also provide
 family members, friends and neighbors. Only then, on the                                  hospitals and their patients with the
 rare occasion there is any excess supply, is it shared with      majority of the Nation’s tissue, bone marrow, stem cell and
 other communities who need it most.                              transfusion services.

 The symbiotic relationship with ABC affords LifeShare the        LifeShare’s mission across Northeast Ohio is strengthened
 strength of 77 “community-first sister centers,” that together   through ABC’s support services including: blood safety
 provide just over half the Country’s blood.                      advocacy, communications, disaster preparedness, education,
                                                                  and government relations.
It takes approximately 40
gallons of sap to make one
gallon of maple syrup.

All of the world’s maple
syrup is produced in
North America. Quebec is
the leading producer,
followed by Vermont, New
York and Ontario.

It takes eight donations of
whole blood to reach the
one-gallon achievement
level. As many as 32 lives
can be saved or sustained
by a one-gallon donor.
Squirt guns have been around
since the late 1800s; however,
some were made for defense,
not recreation. They were
meant to be loaded with harm-
ful chemicals.

As pricey, realistic-looking wa-
ter guns became popular in the
1980s, replica law began re-
quiring an orange tip at the end
of the barrel to diminish the au-
thentic appearance, in the
name of safety.

A gunshot or stabbing victim
can require 50 units of donated
slippery when

wet                                                            O-Negative blood is chronically in highest demand. It is
                                                               considered the “universal donor.” People with any blood
                                                               type can safely accept O-Negative blood. This is especially
                                                                                            important in life-threatening
  Donated blood is often                                                                    situations and trauma cases
  needed for: gun shot, burn                                                                when there is no time to
  and auto-accident victims;                                                                blood-type, or otherwise, the
  certain surgeries; organ                                                                  patient’s blood type is in short
  transplants; those with                                                                   supply.
  sickle cell and other forms
  of anemia; women with                                                                       Blood’s          laboratory-
  complications during                                                                        refrigerated shelf-life is 42
  childbirth; those without                                                                   days, however, because
  immune systems; and,                                                                        demand often outpaces
  newborns and premature                                                                      supply, gifts of blood do not
  babies.                                                                                     stay in house long.

  However, most often                                                                        Gifts of platelets and blood
  donated blood is transfused                                                                for babies must be transfused
  into children and adults                                                                   within five days of donation.
  battling cancer or leukemia.                                 Concentrated white cell donations, granulocytes must be
                                                               transfused within 24 hours of collection.
  All blood types are needed everyday. Common blood types
  are needed because there are many patients with them. Rare   When a life is in jeopardy, it’s the blood and components
  blood types and those with a negative RH factor are needed   already on the shelves that save the patient. There is no
  because there are fewer donors to give them.                 substitute for donated blood; donors are heroes.

the wave
                                               In 2008, LifeShare began forging an
                                               exciting partnership with the region’s
                                               newest professional baseball team: The
                                               Lake Erie Crushers. Based out of Avon
                                               Ohio, the emerging Frontier League
                                               team’s first season, with 51 home stands,
                                               was slated for May of 2009.

                                               While LifeShare is a major source of
                                               blood across the region, including
        Cuyahoga and Stark counties, the Blood Center is the only source of blood to
        every hospital in Lorain County and neighboring St. John West Shore Hospital in
        Westlake, Ohio.

        To that end, the Lorain-County based team wanted to affiliate with the true
        “hometown” blood center. LifeShare’s staff was honored and elated to be selected
        by the team’s front office.

        The partnership plans, which began long before the beautiful state-of-the-art
        stadium was complete, include: name-sponsor of the national anthem for all home
        games; outfield billboard signage; scrolling electronic marquee messages; game-
        night sponsorship including a premium fan giveaway; media promotions; three
        on-site, team-sponsored blood drives; first pitch ceremonies; public address
        announcements; and, program insert advertising.
In 1993 a blood drive at
the San Diego Jack
Murphy Stadium gained
registry into the famed
Guinness Book of World
Records as the world’s
largest single-day, single-
location blood drive, with
1,853 donations collected.

                              Pacific Bell Park, home of the
                              San Francisco Giants has a
                              unique public promenade along
                              the waterfront from right field
                              to center field, where fans can
                              watch the game at no charge.
                              Home runs that soar
                              majestically over the right field
                              grandstand drop into the San
                              Francisco Bay.

a splash
Managing a growing demand for blood in the face    In 2008, for the second consecutive year, LifeShare
of shrinking donations is ‘exciting’ enough on     received the international Apex Award for Publication
its own, but in 2008 LifeShare embarked on a       Excellence. The honor is annually sought by thousands
number of truly stirring propositions:             of graphic designers and communication professionals
                                                   across North America.
A tired and content-anemic website was entirely
revamped in favor of a fresh, modern-looking and   The Blood Center received the award in 2008 for the
functioning environment.                                                   2007 annual report “I
The easy-to-navigate site, is                                              resolve.” Apex awards are
loaded        with       good                                              based on excellence in
information on LifeShare                                                   graphic design, editorial
and its role in the region, but                                            content and the ability to
also blood and components                                                  achieve            overall
and the multiple ways a                                                    communications superiority.
healthy person can help save
lives.                                                                        LifeShare’s       secondary
                                                                              mission is supporting local
The interactive site invites                                                  education. In its eighth year,
comments on the Blood                                                         the LifeShare Grant Program
Center’s staff and services, informs the           and the LifeShare Foundation Scholarship Program
community about programs and promotions, and       award education gifts to students and schools that
even offers a trivia section replete with prizes   support the charity’s mission through blood drives.
for winning submissions. Please visit the new
offering at                      In 2008, over $133,000 was awarded in student
                                                   scholarships and $27,000 was granted to elementary
                                                   schools to buttress the education-related project or
                                                   program of the administrations’ choice.

  Fiscal Year January 1 - December 31

  Statement of Operations

                                        2008              2007
  Operating Revenue                      $   15,803,481   $    14,654,085
  Operating Expense                     $    13,975,007   $    13,287,109
  Operating Income                      $     1,828,474   $     1,366,976
  Non-operating Income                   $      130,752    $      203,033
  Change in Net Assets                   $    1,959,226    $    1,570,009

  Statement of Financial Position

                                        2008              2007
  Current Assets                         $   8,462,826     $   7,307,116
  Property and Equipment                 $   1,434,105     $   1,285,079
  Total Assets                           $   9,896,931    $    8,592,195

  Current Liabilities                   $       791,232   $       858,271
  Long-term Liabilities                 $            -    $            -
  Net Assets                            $     9,105,699   $     7,733,924
  Total Liabilities and Net Assets      $     9,896,931   $     8,592,195
Blood-supply safety is the
number one priority at
LifeShare. Thanks to
medical science, the blood
supply in our Nation is
safer than it has ever been
in history; however, as
new, increasingly sophisti-
cated tests for diseases are
developed, the cost for
testing each unit of blood

This is an abstract from
audited financial state-
ments which are available
for review in LifeShare’s
Finance Department dur-
ing regular business
hours. Location: 105
Cleveland St., Elyria,
Ohio. Telephone: 440.
322. 5700. This document
is dated December 31,
                                                                        Gargoyles were first used in the 1200s as channels or
                                                                        tubes to keep the rainwater off buildings and away
                                                                        from foundations. Strong evidence for this
                                                                        interpretation is that initially most were made of
                                                                        wood and were generally undecorated.

                                                                        As time progressed, more stone ones appeared, as
                                                                        did some with lead lining and decoration in the form
                                                                        of carvings of people or animals or grotesque
                                                                        representations of these. They increasingly became
                                                                        extravagantly formed, bizarre, ludicrous, and
                                                                        frightening in the hopes of warding off evil.

                                                                        Comprising local doctors and business professionals,
restless                                                                LifeShare’s Board of Directors volunteer their

                                                                        valuable time to protect the charity’s mission and

 2008 LEADERSHIP                Stephanie Hyster

 Richard L. Cluck               Director, Human Resources

 CEO & President                Lisa Mayles

 R. Michael Dash                Director, Public Relations, Marketing

 Vice President of Operations   Communications & Development

 Jeanne Firment                 Donyah Perine

 Director, Technical Services   Director, Finance

 Barbara Hallenburg             Judith Volney

 Director, Quality Assurance    Director, Training & Education

 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS            Won Ho Lee, M.D.

 Phillip J. Baptiste                Director

 Chairman / Treasurer               Susan M. Neiding

 Priscilla Waldheger, M.D.          Director

 Vice-Chairman / Medical Director   Daniel P. Walsh, D.O.        MISSION STATEMENT
 Roslyn Yomtovian, M.D.             Director                LifeShare Community Blood
                                                            Services is a community-focused
 Secretary                          Craig Koehler, Ph.D.    nonprofit organization committed to
                                                            providing a safe and sufficient blood
 J. Monique Jacques, M.D.           Director
                                                            and component supply for patient
 Medical Director                   Abraham Lieberman       healthcare in Northeast Ohio.

 Ruben Escuro, M.D.                 Director                With the deep understanding that
                                                            donors are our most valuable
 Director                           Michael Jaworski        community resource, we strive for
                                                            excellence in customer care.
A nonprofit organization
Toll-free donor line: 1.866.644.5433
Administration: 440.322.5700

Administrative Office:
105 Cleveland Street. Elyria. Ohio. 44035

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