M.V. DELMAS ANGOLA all details are approximate by zgo16115


									                                             M.V. DELMAS ANGOLA
                                          * all details are approximate

Type :                 Selfsustained Cellular Containervessel – UCC 14-M
Delivered:             28.02.1991 by Matthias-Thesen-Werft, Wismar/Germany
Class:                 Germanischer Lloyd + 100 A4 E Containership + IW + MC E AUT
Tonnage:               International     11,998/5,701 GT/NT
                       Panama            12,064.17/8,677.54 GT/NT
                       Suez              11,972.54/9,242.95 GT/NT

DWAT/Draft:            Abt. 14,140 mts on abt. 8.64m sswd
Dimensions:            Length over all                156.70 m
                       Length between pp              145.20 m
                       Breadth moulded                22.86 m
                       Depth to maindeck              11.20 m
Containers:            All intakes are always subject to vessel´s stability, trim, deadweight, permissible weights,
                       Permissible lashing gear break loads, container lashing plans, ranges of visibility, Panama
                       Canal regulations and OSHA Rules which case stackweights can be reduced considerably.
                       In holds       20x8x8,6      364 TEU alt.        40x8x8,6         178 FEU + 8 TEU
                       On deck       20x8x8,6       794 TEU alt.       40x8x8,6         368 FEU + 56 TEU
                       Max total     20x8x8,6       1,158 TEU alt. 40x8x8,6             546 FEU + 64 TEU
                       Intake basis Panama Canal range of visibility: 20x8x8,6 1,046 TEU alt. 40x8x8,6 482 FEU+
                       82 TEU.
                       Stability examples basis homogeneously stowed /loaded (abt):
                       Homogeneous intake abt. 14 mts= 687 TEU
Container fittings:    Fully cellularized in holds for 40`units. Fitted with semi-automatic twistlocks and hanging
                       stackers as per OSHA rules.
Reefer connections :   125 reeferplugs fitted on deck at hatches 2 and 3 – 440V,60 hz.
Stackloads:                                          20`units    40`units
                       Tanktop                       100 mts     140 mts
                                                                  Exept hold 1 Where 25/35 mts per unit
                       On Deck         Upperdeck     60 mts      90 mts
                                       Forecastle    45 mts      60 mts
                                       Poopdeck      30 mts      30 mts

3 Holds / 7 Hatches:   Hold 1:                 hatch 1 12.60 x 13.20 m
                                               hatch 2 12.68 x 18.80 m
                       Hold 2:                 hatch 3 12.92 x 18.80 m
                                                hatch 4 12.92 x 18.80 m
                                               hatch 5 12.92 x 18.80 m
                       Hold 3:                 hatch 6 12.92 x 18.80 m
                                               hatch 7 12.92 x 18.80 m
Hatchcovers:           Pontoon type hatchcovers divided into 3 longitudinal sections each hatch.
                       Consequently port- and starboard sections can be opened independently without
                       removing/handling middle sections.
                       Middel sections can only be opened after port- and starboard sections removed
Cranes:                2 electro-hydraulic single cranes between hatches nos.1/2 and Nos. 2/3
                       Max outreach 28.0 .m
                       Min. outreach 2.4 m
                       Lifting capacity 40.0 mt
                       1 single crane aft behind bridge to handle empty/light containers.
                       Max. outreach 16.0 m
                       Min outreach 2.8 m
                       Lifting capacity 7.5 mt
Tank Capacities:       Waterballast 5,560cbm
                       Freshwater     180 cbm
                       Heavy fuel oil 950 cbm
                       MBO             195 cbm

Endurance:             Abt. 12,000 nm
Main Engine:           Sulzer 5 RTA 58 af 7,950 kW at 127 rpm
Auxiliaries:               Shaftgenerator 800 kW – 3 x 480kW auxiliary engines.
Speed/Consumption:         About 17,0 knots on about 29,5ts ifo at design draft, basis clean/smooth bottom, even keel,
                           deep and currentless water/sea with max temperature of 28 degr.celsius, wind max bft 2
                           and sea not exceeding Douglas sea state 2. No MDO at sea, expect when more than 30
                           reeferboxes carried and without cargo hold ventilation.
                           Charterers to provide /keep on board during sea passages sufficient safety quantity MDO
                           for operating auxiliaries/generators in case of emergency.

Port Consumptions:         About 2.0ts MDO in port idle
                           About 4.2ts MDO in port working
                           Always excluding reefers and ventilation plus some IFO for heating fuel tanks

Fuel Oil Specification :   M/e: min according to ISO 8217:1996 RMH35
                           A/e: min according to ISO 8217:1996 DMB
                           Charterers shall only supply suitable fuels as per specification to enable main propulsion
                           and auxiliary machinery to operate efficiently and without harmful effects. Fuels to be
                           mineral based products of stable and homogeneous nature, complying with current CIMAC
                           recommendations and ISO standard 8217 or any subsequent amendments thereof, and
                           shall not contain waste lubricants, tar oil, inorganic acids, chemicals or any other harmful
                           substances. Sludge removal to be for charterers account

Fittings:                  Suez, Panama, WWF/Australian regulations, Bowthruster 500 kW Satellite communication
                           (Telephone/Telex/Telefax, e-mail).
Special features:          Hold 1 IMDG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 6.1, 8
                           Holds 2/3 IMDG 1.4s, 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 6.1, and 8,
                           Except 3, 6.1 and 8 with a flashpoint below 23 degr. centigrades and inflammable goods
                           class 2.
                           Electrically ventilated holds -15 airchanges per hour basis empty holds.

Call Sign:                 V2XL Antigua and Barbuda
IMO Number:                8801357

                                             * all details are approximate

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