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Issue 2
                                     Canine Courier
                            Welcome to the winter edition! The last three months have been hectic for the national of-
          Events            fice. We have relocated from our city location to a suburban paradise of Summer Hill, whilst
                            having an assessment day and recruiting 25 new volunteers for the ACT, Central Coast and of
                            course Sydney. As you can all imagine, moving is not always a smooth run. We are finally set-
                            tled with the air conditioning working, the internet connection constant and PC’s now connected
                            to the network!!!
                            Two new volunteers Barbara Wright and Sue Dingwall combined with their dog training busi-
                            ness ‘Positive Puppies’ and held a ‘class reunion’ fundraiser for all past and present clients.
                            Over $1,000 was generously donated to Delta Society.
     Assessment Day         We also successfully ran the first stage of the Cert IV Companion Animal Course, and now have
                            91 students enrolled! The course tends to keep our office busy at different times throughout
    Are you available
                            the year, so we are pleased to say the first stage is over!!!
  between 9am—2pm to
 be part of the crowd at    The trial play in the park was as successful as the unpredictable weather would allow. Thank
 our winter assessment?     you to the volunteers who came along on Saturday 4th April, it was great to catch up with you
  There is always plenty    all. I would like to make this a quarterly event, but would like feedback from all volunteers
 of hot coffee available.
                            whether to keep it at the same location or move around the City to regions????

    Westfield Dates
                                                             Westfield Dates!!!!!!
     4th July 2009
                            The dates for Westfield are trickling in slowly. Please remember they only allow as to have
    1st August 2009         three dogs per session therefore it is a first in first served situation! The rostered time slots
       Chatswood            remain the same; 9am—11am(helper on set up), 10am—12pm, 12pm—2pm & 2pm –4pm.

     25th July 2009         Email your preferred timeslot.
                            Westfield Eastgardens 4th July 2009
  Report Forms are due      Westfield Chatswood 1st August 2009
    30th June 2009
                            Westfield Hornsby 25th July 2009
       Online link
     MarMay.htm                                                                    Mardi Gras Field Day

  Please note our new
                                                                  The weather wasn’t the best for our venture to the Mardi
   Address and phone                                              Gras Field Day, but we made the most of it! Due to weather
        numbers                                                   conditions the turn out for the “Doggy wood” organisers’
 Delta Society Australia                       events were lagging in participates, this enabled them to offer our volun-
   Shop 2, 50 Carlton                          teers free entry into the dog and owner lookalike competition. Julia Peake
        Crescent                               and Jedda collected first prize and Holly Russell and Leela collected third
 SUMMER HILL NSW                               prize!!! We were also lucky enough to be situated next door to an animal
                                               photography company who took some lovely photos of the dogs on the day.
    Ph 02 9797 7922
   Fax 02 9799 5009
                                                       Please follow the link to view the photos

                                                     In terms of fundraising we raised a grand total of $135.65 which due
                                                     to the weather conditions and Victorian bushfires was a pretty good
Page 2                            Canine Courier                                                                          Issue 2

 Delta Confidential
                                                                             Your Correspondent: Bette Davis

Hello darlings once again!! Lovely to be back with news from my world!!

My first little entry is to pay tribute some very special friends of mine. They may not tread the
Red Carpet with the A- list, but to the Kids at Westmead and to the Pet Partners who visit there,
they are real celebrities. They are “The Dog Squad” – not to be confused with those fashion tragic
of the Eighties, the Mod Squad. They are also known as The Pink Ladies – and they are the essence
of taste, class and decorum!
                                                     The Pink Ladies

                                                     Every Wednesday, these gals (and one pink gentleman, Graeme) escort
                                                     us around the wards and generally keep us all on the straight and nar-
                                                     row, not an easy job with some of our human counterparts who tend to
                                                     hold up things by yakking on endlessly! (Mentioning no names of course!)
                                                     We all know that we couldn’t do our job without them, so a big doggy
                                                     thank you from us all!
                                                                   Berry’s Recipes
                                                                   Liver treats

                                                                   This one is best done when only Dog lovers are in the
                                                                   house as it is a bit liver smelly!
Comings and Goings
                                                                   1.     Cut up (or buy) chopped lamb livers
It is with some sadness that the Westmead team bid farewell
to one of our number this month. Our black Labrador, Berry,        2.     Place in the oven at the lowest temp, leave for 1-2
who has been a long-standing member of Delta, is going into a             hours until house smells fantastic (as far as I am
well-deserved retirement. However, her place is being taken by            concerned!) or until baked dry.
her sister Biscuit, who will, no doubt, keep her up-to-date with   Chicken Chips
all the gossip! We all wish her peaceful Wednesdays (and a
                                                                   2 boiled chicken breast
                                                                   ½ cup chicken broth
However, as a parting gift, Berry has very kindly donated her
secret recipes for her Delicious Baked Liver Treats and            1 cup wheat flour
Chicken Strips to Delta Confidential. So all of you budding Ca-
                                                                   ½ cup cornmeal
nine Cooks, get ready for some taste sensations!
                                                                   1.     Puree chicken in blender. Add chicken broth.
As for the comings, there have been two additions to Delta
                                                                   2.     Transfer mixture to bowl and sir in remaining in-
families! Misses Marigold and Dolly have been joined by Little
Miss Primrose – another little Dachshund, and a prospective
Pet Partner.                                                       3.     Cut dough in half and shape into 2 sausages.
                                                                   4.     Wrap and Chill for 1 hour.
The happy home of the Cavaliers has also been disrupted by an
addition – one Audrey Hepburn. I suppose we shall have to get      5.     Remove from fridge and slice into thin chips.
used to it (sigh)!                                                 6.     Place on greased baking tray at 160 degrees for
                                                                          25-40 mins, turning half way though baking. Chips
However, plots are afoot to contact that notorious gang of
                                                                          will harden as they cool.
dognappers “Hells Beagles” to rid us of the little blighters!

Mardi Gras Gossip

…which two sisters in red (not Paris and Nicki) were involved in an unseemly dog fight over a Scottish hunk in black leather
at the Fair?????

…which two-legged partner was seen patronising the “Recovering Alcoholics Stall” at the Fair?????

…which two-legged partner was asked so often to enter the Pet Look-Alike Competition that she started to develop a

Well, that’s about all for now, girls and boys. Toodle-oo!
Canine Courier                                                                           Issue 2                                    Page 3

                                      One story that has recently come into my desk, really put a smile on my face after a
  Volunteers Corner                   terrible day.
                                      “We are really enjoying our visit at The Grange, so much so , as I was l putting Bonnie
                                      in the car last week, after our visits, I turned my back and found she had disap-
                                      peared! After frantically searching for her, a phone call was recieved from another
                                      section of the facility to let us know she had decided to continue her visitation with-
                                      out me!!!! There she was happily socialising with the staff in The Terrace, where we
                                      had on one occasion visited before!” It goes to show how much the dogs enjoying
                                      visiting if not more than the human side of the team!

                                                               On 20th April 2004 I was introduced to Alexander Campbell
                                                               House, Forestville (“ACH”) by Wendy Williams. I never
                                                               dreamed that my journey with the Pet Partners program
Congratulations to Tazco, not                                  would last as long as it has (just on 5 years).
only is he a Delta Pet Partner,
but he also won Best of Breed -                                “MILLIE”, my beautiful Labrador who is about to turn 11
Norwegian Elkhound at this                                     years, has up until recently visited ACH with me on Wednes-
year’s Sydney Royal Easter                                     day afternoons. We have made so many friends who I know
Show! We all know he’s not just                                we both will miss – especially “afternoon tea time”!!!!!
good looks!                                                    Unfortunately, over the Christmas/new year period,
                                                               “MILLIE” succumbed to a very serious back operation, and
                                                               although she has improved greatly I have had to make the
                                                               sad decision to leave the program. It has been such a great
    Reminder to all teams, please keep an eye out when         privilege to be part of such a special program.
       in your facilities for medication on the floor,         However, we would both like to wish our best to everyone
     especially for those dogs who enjoy anything and          connected with the Pet Partners program.
                                                               Kind regards, Jenny and “MILLIE”
   After a close call one volunteer offered the following

   “I’ve now put the address for the closest vet in my
    phone and on my GPS… a good idea for all of us in
     case one of our dogs gets hold of medication.”

                                                                                   A special thank you to The Deloitte
 Canberra & Riverina Update                                                      Foundation for their generous donation
                                                                                  to the Delta Pet Partners Program of
We are well on our way to holding an assessment day in                                           $4000.
Canberra with lots of interest from the region. To date
I have 6 on the waiting list to receive information to
attend in Canberra. Should all go well we would be look-
ing to hold the assessment at the end of year.
Thank you to all teams in the Riverina who showed an
interest in attending/manning a sausage sizzle at the
local Bunning's. Elizabeth Knight attended the informa-
tion evening and she has forwarded the relevant infor-
mation. I have since submitted a request to participate
                                                                A big thank you to those who volunteered their time to attend the Easter
and a date will be allocated to us. The day runs from           Show. Tamela Casey & Natasha, Nicole Fasseau & Chaussette, Malcolm
9am—4pm and no dogs will be allowed to participate              Fell & Parish, Jill Fenimore & Muttleigh, Sue & Megan Aldridge with
(unfortunately). Things to keep in mind for the day;            Chaz & Ginger and Suzette McFarlane & Turbo. Also to Michelle
Bunning's have supplied a requirements list including a         Leishman in Kiama, Sue Armston and again Nicole Fasseau for their
minimum of 500 sausages, 15 kgs of onions and 30 loafs          time, meeting with media and having their photos taken for newspaper
of bread!!!! Keep an eye out at your local butcher or
bakery as we may need some generous donations from                              Once again thank you for your support.
                 Expressions of                                    Thank you to our sponsors
                                                               Delta Society Australia along with all our volunteers wish to
                                                               thank the following sponsors for their generous donations to
                                                               the Delta Pet Partners Program. These donations enable the
  We are currently looking for a volunteer to help             Society to provide regular visits to nursing homes, retirement
                out in our office.                             villages and hospitals and ensured the overall success and
                                                               growth of the program in Delta’s Sydney, Central Coast, Riv-
  Our time is stretched outside of our limits and              erina and ACT branch.
  we are looking to interview volunteers who are
  available one day a week 9am-3pm in our                      •      Unitorn Hearing
  Summer Hill office, preferable attributes,                   •      Ms Lynette Murray
  •      Computer savvy
                                                               •      Shrubsole Rabbitt & Co
  •      Consistent
                                                               •      M L Hirsch (Wednesday Club)
  Should you be interested in meeting with us                  •      Transocean Group Pty Ltd
  regarding this position, please email or fax
  resumes to or               •      Ms Joan Schmeising
  02 9799 5009 before 15th June 2009.                          •      Let's Talk Dog's
                                                               •      Riverina Division of General Practice

                                                                  Welcome to our new facilities

         European Dogs Part 2                                 Without new facilities our program would not be possible. Al-
                                                              though we can not always fill these facilities immediately we
                                                              will endeavour to find a suitable team as soon as possible.
                                                              •      Allambie Heights Village
                                                              •      Metro Residences - DADHC
                                                              •      St George Hospital - Rehabilitation Unit 6w
                                                              •      Mathew John Nursing Home/Maxine Louise Care
                                                              •      Blue Haven - Kiama

           by Susan Stephens
In Venice I saw lots of dogs’ as shop owners. There was a lovely little dog sitting on the counter of the souvenir shop at
Venice train station. There was a very friendly little black dog who owned a tourist shop in the main street of Venice, and
happily walked in and out of the shop welcoming the visitors. Probably out of all the places we went to we saw the most
dogs in Venice either as shop owners or as visitors shopping – I had to have my camera ready in my hand to grab their
photo quickly. And for a city that has hardly any open spaces or parklands, the dogs were all well cared for and there was
not any evidence of a problem with owners cleaning up after their pooch.
In Salzburg, where the humans are impeccably dressed and the cleanliness of the city obvious, I saw many dogs of all
shapes and sizes happily walking with their owners doing the shopping. They would go in and out of shops from the chemist
to the clothes shop without the blink of anyone's eye. I was very lucky to see a Border Collie like Lucy near the steps
where they filmed “Do Re Mi” in the Sound of Music.
In a café in Austria where we stopped for lunch the owner’s Golden Retriever wandered freely through the café where
guests were eating. It is very accepted that you can take your dog with you to a restaurant. In Switzerland not only were
dogs happily walking through the shopping areas, but more often than not they wore a scarf as their outfit – of course
Lucy now has a lovely scarf with Edelweiss and Swiss cows on it.
To be continued, quarterly installments.

Due to convenience of the new office for both Hollee and I the office hours have changed to 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.