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Fargo Courier Limited
Off Kapiti Road Off Mombasa Road
Head Office: P.O. Box 43370, 00100 Nairobi
Tel: (+254) 020 2066918/34020/2113332/4
Cell: 0728 606 461, 0735 601 036
Fax: (+254 020) 605230
E-mail: courier@fargo.co.ke
Website: www.fargo.co.ke
As an existing client, we would like you to consider Fargo Courier Ltd. We are a division of
Wells Fargo Ltd. As you are aware renowned suppliers for Guarding, CIT, Radio Alarms, and
CCTV Access Control Services to blue chip companies, spanning over a period of 29 years.

Fargo Courier is a professionally managed company and we are now nationwide.
We believe we are competitively priced with a wide range of products ranging from overnight
Delivery services; same day bank vouchers deliveries dedicated riders and messenger services, to
hourly or same day intra-city deliveries in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Fargo Courier on the premise that Courier services are not just about delivery of consignments
but a mutually beneficial relationship full of respect and added value. We are not just limited to
the products highlighted above but we also tailor make products to ensure the delivery of
quality courier solutions profitable to your organization. We are currently undertaking the
delivery of vouchers and night staff picking and dropping services for some major clients and
would welcome the opportunity to quote and provide courier solutions.

Same Day Voucher Delivery Services
This service delivers bank vouchers from Nairobi to upcountry branches in the morning and
delivers upcountry vouchers back to Nairobi, after closing business. This is done nationwide in

Same Day and One Hour Delivery - Nairobi
This service offers delivery of urgent parcels and mail within the city centre and its environs.
Our riders are equipped with motorcycles and two way radios to beat the traffic and deliver
urgent items on time. The maximum weight is 5 Kg and each additional kilo will be charged at a
rate thereafter. The service runs from 8:00am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday except on public
holidays. The cut-off time for collection is 3:30pm and 4:00 pm for one hour service.
Dedicated Riders

Fargo Courier offers competitively priced and reliable motorbikes and motorbike riders to be
stationed at the client’s premises Monday to Saturday, 8:00am to 5:00 pm. Fargo Courier will
fuel and maintain the motorbikes at peak condition. The rider will be in constant contact with the
Fargo Courier control room for any communication the customer may want sent to the rider. The
tariff in this service is negotiated with the customer and a maximum monthly mileage limit is
set, with a levy charge on the excess mileage.

Next Day Delivery Service
Fargo Courier will collect the customer’s parcel and mail for delivery within our network
The tariff in this service is nationwide. The tariff rates apply for items weighing not more than
5Kgs/per route one way on a monthly contract and per item for temporary service. Mailbags
can be ordered through Fargo Courier; they are available in a variety of colours and sizes.
Customers are advised to insure all items of value being sent on the Courier service. The Courier
service does not transport cash. For transportation of cash and valuables customers are advised
to contact our Cash in Transit Department.
For more information contact us at courier@fargo.co.ke and address your enquiry to
our courier manager

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