Re-usable courier satchels

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                               Our courier/mail satchels are the genuine article as used by Australia
                               Post, banks, government departments, corporations and retail
                               The Bagmasters satchels are produced from heavy duty reinforced

courier                        PVC in a range of 5 colours—red, blue, green, yellow, mulberry and
                               They are fitted with a clear address window which can only be

satchels                       internally accessed when the bag is open.
                               All Bagmasters satchels are fitted with the Sewlock zip security
                               chamber. The Sewlock was designed for us in 1991. It was then
                               and is now the only zip security chamber of its type available—

you can lock                   world-wide. The bag or satchel to which the Sewlock is fitted can
                               be tamper-evident closed with a variety of seals. It can also be
                               closed with a padlock—these are the features which make it so

or seal for                    unique.
                               We also produce a range for A3 and for A4 courier bags with and
                               without handles. Choose the style that best suits you from the

A3/for A4
                               display at the bottom of the leaflet.
                               All Bagmasters satchels and bags are sold with a 12 month
                               guarantee against faulty workmanship or material.


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