Theoretical Study of Biological Communication between living beings and Biological Networking of Humans by rejiissac


									Theoretical study of Biological Communication between
living beings and Biological Networking of Humans
Reji M. Issac
Department of Electronics, B. P. C. College, Piravom, Ernakulam – 686664, Kerala,


       Human thinking is a versatile tool that can be used to construct and develop
the earth so that we can live peacefully in the earth.           All the inventions and
developments that occur should be properly managed and coordinated in a most
efficient manner. This is done at the spiritual level. For this we should have a clear
understanding about the origin of life and how life is functioning. Till now it was
only a belief that GOD constructed the sky and the earth. Now it is revealed that
GOD constructed the sky and earth and is ready to construct a new sky and earth for
our own existence. In this paper I am looking into the possibilities of the human
problems and how to solve it with GOD.                In each organism, each cell is
communicating with the adjacent cells. This communication is very important as any
mistakes in the communication will generate imbalances and hence destruction of the
cells, which may lead to death. Each cell is surrounded by a spiritual filed (Energy
field). Actually, this spiritual field is originated from GOD and it controls the entire
metabolism of the cells. If any misappropriation happens in the spiritual field, which
is done at the thought level, it will harm the cell metabolisms and hence may affect
the entire cells. So purity in thought is required to protect the cells – for a disease free
world. There exists a communication not only between cells of a living body but also
between living beings. For any efficient communication a proper networking is
needed.   For that I propose a biological networking known as S-NET (Spiritual
Networks) for human beings, which has to be developed along with GOD. This is
done at heaven (S-SPACE). I have the key of Sixth Sense.
1. Introduction

        Human thinking is a versatile tool that can be used to construct and develop
the earth so that we can live peacefully in the earth. Is there any communication
between two individuals, a human and an animal, a human and a non-living entity
internally? i.e. other than the communication that we see through our physical eyes
and we hear through our physical ears? I am exploring these details in this paper. I
arrived at these deductions mainly using my intuition, cognition and the theoretical
approximations using scientific natural experiences and discussions and readings.
        Human communication systems are interactive and multimodal. An integrated
system approach is needed to study the human communication. It is basically an
interdisciplinary subject involving all the branches of Engineering, Technology,
Sciences and Social Sciences. It is going to give a principled understanding of the
biological, cognitive and relational organization of all the living and non-living
entities and how they communicate. Lots of extension studies can be done from this
major area of research.         Through the proper understanding of the internal
communication of the living beings, especially humans, and through proper training, I
consider that global peace process can be accelerated. In fact, 100% peace, prosperity
and satisfaction, which we can call Heaven, can be achieved. Of course this is not
possible without GOD. Being GOD permitted and revealed these facts; I present it
authoritatively and intentionally for the public understanding (for the layman,
scientists, intellectuals and leaders).
        Should this communication be honest and authentic? What happens if they are
not so?    These things also we should explore.        In each organism, each cell is
communicating with the adjacent cells. This communication is very important as any
mistakes in the communication will generate imbalances and hence destruction of the
cells, which may lead to diseases and hence death. Each cell is surrounded by a
spiritual filed (Energy field). Actually, this spiritual field is originated from GOD and
it controls the entire metabolism of the cells. The cells are also in need of Water of
Life, which is flowing from the eternal world for its smooth functioning. If any
misappropriation happens in the spiritual field, which is done at the thought level, it
will harm the cell metabolisms and hence may affect the entire cells. So purity in
thought is required to protect the cells – for a disease free world. There exists a

communication not only between cells of a living body but also between living
          For any efficient communication a proper networking is needed. For that I
propose a biological networking known as S-NET (Spiritual Networks) for human
beings, which has to be developed along with GOD. This is done at heaven (S-
SPACE). I do have the key of Sixth Sense.

2. S-SPACE, Heaven, Hell, Sky and Earth
          In this paper I am trying to give a clear picture about the structure of the
creation and how the sky and earth is created and organized so that we will get an
understanding about how we can proceed with our creativeness. Actually what the
Holy Bible says is true in Genesis 1:1; ―In the beginning God created the heaven and
the earth‖. That GOD appeared before me and perceived by me. In my research, I
found that whatever described in the Genesis book of holy bible is correct in sequence
and hierarchy. Read Isaiah 45:12; ―I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I,
even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded‖.
GOD stretched the heaven using his Knowledge, installed the earth using his
Power, created man using His knowledge and power, and imparted His
knowledge and power to man. Sky is the visible space we look up at from earth.
S-SPACE is the invisible space from which GOD works and controls and the spirits
or hosts are created and operate. GOD also created hosts in heaven to control and rule
the earth. These hosts also control human thoughts and other living being functions
and non-living entities. Each earth created is under a sky and GOD commanded the
hosts to control it. GOD also created and empowered Lord GOD on suitable earths
delegating authority over the entire earth and hosts, but still the total control is vested
with GOD.       The Water of Life, which is an essential element in creating and
maintaining life, is flowing through Lord GOD and through that, GOD controls all
living beings. GOD is the source of Lightning and Water of Life (Read Revelation
4:5-6). When each individual is born, his/her thoughts are attached to a sky level,
according to different thought level and they are under the authority of that sky level.
This attachment is done through spirit, an unseen entity. Whoever are doing good
and thinking good are going upwards, i.e. towards heaven, and whoever are doing
bad and becoming a source of evil are going downwards, i.e. towards hell. This is

happening at the S-SPACE where all the spirits works.           Heaven and Hell are
relative positions in S-SPACE. Actually this affects the cell functioning of our
physical body. If we are in heaven our body is healthy and disease free, where as if
our spirits are in hell, according to its depth and the evil attacks, our cells become
damaged and hence diseases and death occurs. This is the secret behind the advice
Positive Thinking. As we go deep in to hell, there is acute shortage of Water of Life
and acute fight for this, between the spirits, where the body cells are in a dangerous
state, which even threatens the existence of life on earth. In fact the source of free
radicals, which seems to be the cause of aging process in humans and the source of
diseases is due to the fight between the spirits in the hell. GOD also has the ability to
cure the diseases and save from death, but GOD should be willing to do it.

                                          FIGURE 1.

             Origin of life studies is a limited field of research despite its profound
impact on biology and human understanding of the natural world. Progress in this
field is generally slow and sporadic, though it still draws the attention of many due to
the eminence of the question being investigated. Several theories have been proposed,
most notably RNA world hypothesis (The RNA world hypothesis is a theory which
proposes that a world filled with RNA (ribonucleic acid) based life predates current
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) based life).         Life is tenacious, and it completely
permeates the surface layer of the planet. We find life beneath the deepest ocean, on
the highest mountain, in the driest desert and the coldest glacier, and deep down in the
crusty rocks and sediments.
       Now it has been revealed that GOD created the sky and earth. The structure
and purpose of the creation also is revealed. To see and understand the creation we
need to traverse through the S-SPACE and GOD has to show all these. I got that
fortune to get acquaintance with the system. The earth has a base and all born on earth
are attached to earth through spirits. These spirits are attached to GOD. Actually life
is originated from GOD, which is not just to be a belief, but a scientific truth, which
is revealed scientifically. But the connection with God is made through faith and
through spirits. Each individual, or any living entity is having a spiritual existence,
which is also created when each living physical entity is created. So even if the
physical part dies, the spiritual part may exist depending on God’s decision. God
imparted His knowledge and power to humans comparing any other creation.               God
asked the man to conquer and get sovereignty over all other creatures. Of course,
GOD powers man so that GOD controls man. Inside human also this is divided into
conscious and unconscious levels, which forms the mind, where the conscious part is
attached to the body and unconscious part is attached to GOD, where both are
connected through FAITH. God gave freedom to the conscious part in such a way
that it would choose what it requires. But the rules are given before the man, which is
mandatory and essential for the existence of life.

                 NON-LIVING ENTITIES

       Actually, Heart is such an entity in which whatever GOD gave to each
individual is attached to the heart, and that is the reason why the possessive nature
happens to an individual about what he owns. If somebody tries to steal it or misuse it
the owner feels bad about that and creates problem, which is quite natural. So the
meaning of adultery and adulteration is having far reaching consequences. So the
problems that we see around the world has a spiritual basis and through the proper
understanding of the spiritual world, where we cannot hide anything and everything is
recorded in the Book of Life, only we can solve all the issues that we see and feel
around the world. But without GOD it is not possible to solve the issues, as GOD
only knows about the 100% truth and the custodian of all truths. So if we have to
claim that something is ours, we have to make sure that it is given by GOD, without
which will not exist, which is the soul cause of all illegal activities. Once GOD gives
to us GOD has all the means to protect it and maintain it, as long as we work and live
with GOD. For that we have to listen and obey the living words of GOD. That is the

reason why I propose a biological networking of human beings known as S-NET
through which everybody is properly networked and no body can lie and hide
anything and an efficient communication is possible with it through which we can
create a new sky and earth, where we can live peacefully with greater satisfaction
which we call as heaven. This is possible only with true GOD who is creating what
we see and feel. 100% Truth, Justice, Love, Loyalty, Obedience and Intelligence is
required to work with GOD, which I showed in the symbolic representation of the
Key of the Sixth Sense. i.e. Makudam or Diadem.

                                     FIGURE 3.

       The cell is one of the most basic units of life. Our body contains 10 trillion
cells divided into about 200 different types. If you want to understand new frontiers
like biotechnology and genetic engineering, you need to understand cells as well.
There are millions of different types of cells. There are cells that are organisms onto
themselves, such as microscopic amoeba and bacteria cells. And there are cells that
only function when part of a larger organism, such as the cells that make up your

body. The cell is the smallest unit of life in our bodies. In the body, there are brain
cells, skin cells, liver cells, stomach cells, and the list goes on. All of these cells have
unique functions and features. And all have some recognizable similarities. All cells
have a 'skin', called the plasma membrane, protecting it from the outside
environment. The cell membrane regulates the movement of water, nutrients and
wastes into and out of the cell. Inside of the cell membrane are the working parts of
the cell. At the center of the cell is the cell nucleus. The cell nucleus contains the
cell's DNA, the genetic code that coordinates protein synthesis. In addition to the
nucleus, there are many organelles inside of the cell - small structures that help carry
out the day-to-day operations of the cell. One important cellular organelle is the
ribosome. Ribosomes participate in protein synthesis. The transcription phase of
protein synthesis takes places in the cell nucleus. After this step is complete, the
mRNA leaves the nucleus and travels to the cell's ribosomes, where translation
occurs. Another important cellular organelle is the mitochondrion. Mitochondria
(many mitochondrion) are often referred to as the power plants of the cell because
many of the reactions that produce energy take place in mitochondria. Also important
in the life of a cell are the lysosomes. Lysosomes are organelles that contain enzymes
that aid in the digestion of nutrient molecules and other materials. Below is a labeled
diagram of a cell to help you identify some of these structures.

                                  FIGURE – 4 CELL

       After studying all these details about cells, one important question raises in
our mind. How all these cells are connected together and maintained? How the cells
communicate each other? Is there any problem if the communication fails? Cell
signaling is part of a complex system of communication that governs basic cellular
activities and coordinates cell actions. The ability of cells to perceive and correctly
respond to their microenvironment is the basis of development, tissue repair, and
immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis. Errors in cellular information
processing are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, and diabetes.
By understanding cell signaling, diseases may be treated effectively and, theoretically,
artificial tissues may be yielded.
       Traditional work in biology has focused on studying individual parts of cell
signaling pathways. Systems biology research helps us to understand the underlying
structure of cell signaling networks and how changes in these networks may affect the
transmission and flow of information. In general, the term network can refer to any
interconnected group or system. More specifically, a network is any method of
sharing information between two systems (human or mechanical).
       In all these processes the unseen part in S-SPACE is also created and
processed which we can call as SPIRIT. Anything related to this is described as
SPIRITUAL.       This has direct relation with our thoughts.         So normal tissue
homeostasis is also under the control of this spirit. Through these spirits an Energy is
flowing, which we call it as Universal Energy, which is also controlling our cell
metabolisms and hence the body functions. Of cousre the spirits created are attached
to GOD and the Energy is flowing from GOD. Basically our thoughts are influencing
and controlling the cell functions and hence our body through the spirit. Our thoughts
are also controlled by a Super Thought, which is working above our thought level
which we may refer GOD’s thoughts. But what we have to understand is GOD is
such an entity which always want to do fruitful things which protect us. GOD created
in such way that good things should exist, if GOD finds it as good, and evil or bad
things should vanish (destroyed) if GOD finds it as bad. Actually there is a definition
for Research in the holy bible in Eccelesiastes 3:15 ―Whatever we have now existed
earlier; Whatever we are going to create also existed earlier. God re-searches the
past.‖ And we should understand why GOD re-searches? We can see an answer for
this as the evil destroyed everthing. So we can understand that, after each creation

GOD beholds each, and if good then only allows it to prosper. If bad GOD destroys
it, which we call as natural disasters.   This control is through spirits. In the holy
bible we also can read in Genesis 2:1 as GOD not only created the sky and earth, but
also all the host of them. These host control each creation and if finds as a source of
evil, it destroys it.   These host are working through our thoughts and if any evil
thoughts are generated in our mind, it is affecting our body cells the equilibrium state
in our body is lost and hence the cell functions are affected, and it also affects the
nearby cells as well as nearby humans, which are attached spiritually. Note that each
human is born as a spiritual attachment to GOD for a purpose.
        In-vitro studies show that the channeling of universal energy can heal even on
a cellular level, diminishing skin cancer cells in human tissue samples. Research in
AIDS and HIV, using UE for 21 days, showed a remarkable increase in CD4+ T
lymphocyte count in all patients studied. It is now convinced that this Universal
Energy healing will be one of the answers to mankind's health problems in the new

        There exists a communication not only between cells of a living body but also
between living beings. Living organisms receive physical, chemical and biological
information from their environments. They utilize the information for their survival,
and produce their own signals, which influence other living organisms. The
mechanisms of the signal production and its recognition and the mutual reactions
between signal sender and receiver are being studied in the laboratories. As I already
mentioned everything is created out of GOD only.          So GOD also controls this
communication. But if we are not obeying and executing His will, GOD will not
participate in that and hence curse occurs, which makes imbalances in all creatures.
This is the reason behind all abnormal behavior of all creations and entities.
Especially humans are created in the image of GOD, which means humans have to
work with GOD according to His will and design. That is why we have to study how
the natural things are working and accordingly we have to go for creation. As we
may not have properly understood all living beings are under the control of spirits and
other forces that is originated from GOD. So also are the entire human beings. So all

the human beings and spirits are to be trained and educated properly. Please note that
there exists an invisible communication among all human beings (which itself is
having its own spirits) and spirits. But all these spirits and human beings are attached
to GOD. So for a total control of all these, we need to start from GOD. Whatever
GOD instructs is reached everywhere through these communications: i.e. through
Words of GOD. It does have the power to execute the orders of GOD. When these
words are filled in the Hearts of each human, it is delivered through words of mouth
or letter.
        The human organism is a highly organized blob of mucous made up of 10,000
billions of small creatures, the cells, that communicate so efficiently that they are able
to dissolve the distance between each other and fuse into the entity we know as a
person (me), an organism with consciousness. Parallel to this process at the micro-
level, we know about communication at the macro-level between people, which
reduces distance. The picture is complicated by the fact that people can communicate
in several ways, through words and reason (which often increases the distance
between people!) and through feelings. When we speak with each other we attune our
view of the world and our sense of reality, because this is essential for cooperation
and the practical organization of the world. But when we just talk to each other —
when we exist in the same space — our organisms exchange enormous amounts of
information that is never expressed in words, but which makes us really close and
able to know each other properly. To us, love is a direct expression of the process by
which living matter reduces distance through communication. You may feel so close
to a loved one that you experience a kind of unity, where you understand each other
completely. However rarely this occurs, we have all caught a glimpse of it. Such love
is a potential in all of us, and we all long for it and hope to experience it in life. From
a scientific perspective, living matter’s ability to communicate is a very peculiar
phenomenon. All the cells in the colony are in direct communication with each other
and this communication organizes a community, which corresponds to the
information stored through the history of evolution as the recipe for the organism.
Through this biological information, every organism appears to be in contact with all
the other organisms, both near and far. We need a radical new biological and medical
science to explain biological information to such an extent that quality of life, love
and consciousness, quail and joy will be understood. Such a science will give us the

bridge between consciousness and biological order at the cellular level, we need to
explain the mysterious strong connection between quality of life and health and
disease. Such a new, more holistic medical science will be able to explain the hundred
or so scientific studies indicating that love and intimacy often is the best medicine.
The biological communication also exists between all living beings, through GOD.

                                    FIGURE 5.

6. S-NET

       S-NET stands for SPIRITUAL NETWORKS. S-NET is basically a biological
network of human beings. This network is also extended to biological network of all
living beings and materials, but for the time being out of our scope. Whatever we see
through our naked eyes has a spiritual counterpart through which GOD creates and
controls. This is done at heaven known as S-SPACE. Whatever we- humans- create
are also under the control of GOD through this spiritual power. In Holy Bible we
read this fact in Isaiah 44:24 and Zechariah 12:1. It is very clear that when each
human is born and grows a corresponding entity in S-SPACE also is grown which
exactly counterparts the physical body and it is attached to a particular Heavenly

Father, which is the authority in spiritual field. Using a common buzzword we can
describe S-NET as the Network of Sixth Senses. S-NET is working parallel to
Internet, where Internet is visible and S-NET is invisible, but its effects we can feel,
see and hear through the spiritual senses. Whatever process we see and execute is
also done at the S-SPACE. Some of the related technologies and works possible are
S-MAIL,       S-TEACHING,         S-SEMINAR,         S-CONFERENCE,           S-VIDEO
       S-NET existed earlier but it was in a raw form. Being the construction and
working of the earth and living beings are in such a way that the bodies and s-net
works together for the smooth functioning of both worlds and hence at the earth both
worlds should work hand in hand. What ever we felt as dead also works at S-SPACE
and hence S-NET. So also the teaching process should continue in S-NET also,
which is very essential for the smooth functioning of the earth. Whatever we call as
spirits is working in S-NET. But being the "darkness" in earth affects the earth; the
"darkness" in S-SPACE affects the S-NET also. So S-TEACHING is very essential
in S-NET also. Fortunately whatever we teach at the earth through each individual
also may teach some spirits in S-NET, thus teaching affects "eternity". But the basic
thing that you need in any teaching is a clear conscience and heart like clear water, as
without that you cannot teach anybody convincingly, which is a mandatory
requirement in S-TEACHING. The most important thing that we have to understand
is without GOD it is not possible to do this as everything is under the total control of
       We can raise a slogan as follows "S-NET PROVIDES 100% QUALITY".
This is possible only with GOD. This is what is taught by JESUS CHRIST in John
15:1-7. The construction of S-NET is in such a way that no body can hide anything
from GOD. It will harm somebody who tries to hide anything from GOD. We have
to believe and understand that GOD has all the means to know all true facts.
Everything is recorded in the Book of Life.         That is what is the omnipotent,
omnipresent, omni knowledgeable GOD is. This is the latest communication media
that is available today with best results without time delay. The ultimate aim of S-
NET is to make the sky and earth work together without any difference. This is the
only way towards the world peace; and the authorities on earth and sky will be

same. Jesus Christ came on earth to start this process and now it gets completed with
the entire powers vested with the Lord God of the Earth.

       From the figure above we can see that there is a hierarchy of creation and
hierarchy of authorities. Effectively GOD is omnipotent, omnipresent and omni
knowledgeable, central to all creations and only savior. God constructed each earth at
different locations under different sky (heaven) levels along with respective hosts.
Now this earth where we resides is saved and constructed by GOD by taking this
earth to a particular area where we can call as heaven in which GOD protected the
earth through holy spirit (holy s-net) which no evil force can penetrate and enter in to
the earth and in which sufficient water of life is flowing. GOD removed the evil
authority of the earth and appointed Lord GOD for the earth so that good can prevail
on this earth. Now the only source of the evil at present in the earth is the evil that is
generated out of the present evil inside the earth due to the training generated from the
previous evil masters, which ruled this earth earlier. Through S-NET what we are
going to achieve is all the authorities on earth and sky should be same so that the earth
and sky will work together with the Lord GOD and GOD. Also note that each human

is under a protective spiritual sheath from GOD and nobody has to penetrate any
spiritual sheath and enter in to anybody else’s spirit, which is against the law of GOD.
Only GOD through a process known as marriage can make this unification of making
two human bodies as a single body. That only gives freedom to us. If any other idols
starts to rule us means that those idol spirits entered in to our spirits which is against
the law of GOD.

                                  FIGURE 7.
       To enter in to S-NET we need a key. The key of the Sixth Sense!!!!!!. The
key of the S-NET is MAKUDAM (DIADEM) which is the picture shown in the

figure. To enter in to S-NET you have to understand "what is MAKUDAM

(DIADEM)?" (Which can be stated as click on MAKUDAM (DIADEM) using your

thought). Once your heart is assimilated to MAKUDAM (DIADEM) you will start to
work with S-NET. 100% commitment towards the six qualities described in
MAKUDAM (DIADEM) is required for the smooth functioning of S-NET. i.e. Truth,

Justice, Love, Loyalty, Obedience and Intelligence.        This symbol [MAKUDAM

(DIADEM)] is a living action symbol which happened at the arrival of GOD with
lightning, water of life, all Hosts, Powers, Words and Spirits along with voice of

                      FIGURE 8 MAKUDAM (DIADEM)

       To conclude, we can tell that what the Holy Bible says is true in Genesis 1:1:
―In the beginning GOD created the heaven and the earth‖. The purpose behind my
research was to find the origin of life and to find and solve the problems that we see
around the world at a grass root level. This search reached at GOD who created the
heaven and earth and GOD revealed to me and appeared before me convincing the
facts. The mighty power of GOD also was revealed to me. This revelation can be
convinced to us through our sixth senses that are happening around the world, when
everybody accepts it.    I propose the construction of an efficient communication
network known as S-NET, which is nothing but a biological networking of human
beings which is done invisibly at the S-SPACE, which has to be developed along with
GOD. To do this we need authority and help from GOD, which is represented by
symbol of the key of the Sixth Sense - MAKUDAM (DIADEM). I do possess the
key of the Sixth Sense as GOD authorized me to do it and rule it as the Lord GOD of
the Earth. I request everybody should enjoy in this incidence and should give whole-
hearted support to me and all those who works behind this to construct a new sky and
earth which is devoid of the evil.


        This study was inspired by GOD and revealed by GOD. The details described
in this article involve all the living and non-living objects of the world. I would like
to thank all those who participated in the research and discussions related with this
work.   Of course the works proposed in this article is not going to work as single
headed or just a group headed, but by the entire world as a single head, achieving the
single nature of GOD, when all are working as the organs of GOD.

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