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                             THE COURIER
   Naval Medical Center Portsmouth                                                         February 2005

NMCP Security joined by civilian patrol
Story and Photo by JO1 Sarah Langdon

           aval Medical Center         graduates walk across the stage and     department at NMCP a reality.”
          Portsmouth bulked up its     receive their diploma.                       According to Goldsmith, the
          security force last month,        “Over a year ago the               plan to integrate the two law
and added 12 more members to its       command had the idea to integrate       enforcement services originated
team. But these new patrolmen          a military and civilian police force,   within the NMCP chain of
aren’t sporting green camouflage       and one year ago the dream              command last year. Security
like their master-at-arms              became a reality at NMCP,” said         worked closely with the Director
counterparts. They’re wearing          MACS Thomas Goldsmith, former           for Administration, Commander,
navy blue, just like the rest of the   senior enlisted leader for NMCP         Navy Region Mid-Atlantic and
men and women serving in the           Security. “Thanks to people like        other organizations to bring the
civilian police force.                 MAC (Russel) Duncan, our ops            concept to fruition.
      NMCP’s new patrolmen             chief, Mr. (King) Smith and Capt.            “This is a good thing,”
officially joined the NMCP security    Q. (Roberto Quiñones, former            Goldsmith said. “Our MAs are
team Jan. 18, following a graduation   DFA), we are now integrating our        deployable and rotate in and out
ceremony the week before. Family       military police force with a civilian
and friends turned out to watch the    police force. They made a police                   Continued on page 5
    NMCP Sailors prepare to deploy

                                                                                        Family and friends say their
                                                                                        goodbyes Jan. 3 and 4 as
                                                                                        members of the 2nd Force
                                                                                        Service Support Group and
                                                                                        2nd Marine Division from
                                                                                        NMCP, head to Camp
                                                                                        Lejeune for training prior to
                                                                                        deployment. Hospital corps-
                                                                                        men assigned to the 2nd
                                                                                        MARDIV will support Marine
                                                                                        ground units in support of
                                                                                        Operation Iraqi Freedom.
                                                                                        Members of the 2nd FSSG
                                                                                        operate in various capacities
                                                                                        such as Shock Trauma
                                                                                        Platforms and casualty
                                                                                        receiving teams.
                                                                                   All photos by JO1 Sarah Langdon

                                                      The Courier
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                  Portsmouth, VA 23708. The Courier is published monthly by the Public Affairs Office.
            Commander                                                                   Public Affairs Officer
    Rear Adm. Thomas K. Burkhard                    Staff Journalists                     Deborah Kallgren
                                                 JO1 Sarah R. Langdon
         Deputy Commander                          SN Brandon Burns                         Assistant PAO
       Capt. C. Forrest Faison                                                                 Dan Gay
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2                                                                          The Courier -
Navy Dental Center, Norfolk disestablished
By Deborah Kallgren, Public Affairs Officer
     In a ceremony held Feb. 4 at         of the Navy; retired Rear Adm.            was composed of branch dental
Naval Station Norfolk, Navy               Richard G. Shaffer, commanding            clinics at the following locations in
Dental Center Mid-Atlantic was            officer of Navy Dental Center Mid-        Hampton Roads: Sewells Point,
formally disestablished and               Atlantic from 1982 to 1983; and           Oceana, Little Creek, Dam Neck,
integrated under the command of           Capt. Deidra B. Flanary,                  Yorktown, Northwest, SUPSHIP
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.          commanding officer of Navy Dental         (Supervisor of Shipbuilding), and
     Navy Dental Center Mid-              Center Mid-Atlantic. The flag             Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The
Atlantic, headquartered in Norfolk,       detail included other previous            center also has two training
was the largest Navy Dental               commanding officers of the dental         programs for new dentists that are
Center. It cared for more than            center.                                   fully accredited by the American
50,000 active duty Sailors and                  The mission of the dental center    Dental Association: Advanced
Marines, had the most branch              will remain the same under NMCP:          Education in General Dentistry and
clinics (eight), most tenant              to provide comprehensive dental           the Advanced Clinical Program.
commands (more than 200), most            care to ensure operational dental              The Area Dental Lab is also
ships, submarines, squadrons,             readiness of Navy and Marine              being integrated into NMCP. The
SEAL teams and Seabee units.              Corps personnel. It provides $46          lab fabricates dental prostheses
Today, the Norfolk center joined          million worth of dental care annually     such as crowns, bridges, dentures
Navy dental centers in Bremerton,         (based on American Dental                 and implants for all Navy dentistry
Wash., and Pensacola, Fla., as the        Association comparisons) in the           from the Mississippi River east to
last of the 12 dental centers to be       fields of general dentistry,              Europe.
disestablished. All other centers         periodontics, prostodontics, oral              The integration of Navy Dental
have been disestablished as part the      and maxillofacial surgery, oral           Center Mid-Atlantic into NMCP is
Secretary of the Navy’s initiative to     medicine, operative dentistry,            expected to be a seamless
streamline and combine resources.         comprehensive dentistry, public           transition, and there will be no
     Speakers included Vice Adm.          health dentistry and orthodontics.        changes to service members’
Donald C. Arthur, Surgeon General         Navy Dental Center Mid-Atlantic           access to dental care.

                                                                                            From left, Vice Adm.
                                                                                            Donald C. Arthur, Sur-
                                                                                            geon General of the
                                                                                            Navy; Rear. Adm. Tho-
                                                                                            mas K. Burkhard, Com-
                                                                                            mander, Naval Medical
                                                                                            Center Portsmouth; and
                                                                                            Capt. Deidra B. Flanary,
                                                                                            Commanding Officer,
                                                                                            Navy Dental Center Mid-
                                                                                            Atlantic, share cake-
                                                                                            cutting duties following
                                                                                            the disestablishment

                                        Photo by Deborah Kallgren, Public Affairs Officer

February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                                 3
    POMI keeps troop rotation smooth
    By JO1 Sarah Langdon
                                                                                                “... you can expect this high
         Since the early beginnings of the   and family care plans. POMI also
                                                                                       OPTEMPO and request for medical
    war on terror, Naval Medical Center      ensures servicemembers take care          personnel to continue into the
    Portsmouth has deployed medical          of legal issues, such as wills or         foreseeable future. We are the only
    and support personnel in support of      powers of attorney, assist them with      option for health services for our
    U.S. and Allied operations in the        their pay and make all travel             brethren in harms way. We must make
    Middle East. Currently, more than                                                  the paradigm shift and be prepared
                                                                                       to answer the bell regardless of
    100 Sailors under the NMCP                    “We have to look at all facets       peacetime mission, billet or platform
    umbrella are deployed.                   one would utilize to get ready to         assigned. As the POMIs, we must
         Plans, Operations and Medical       deploy, then liaise and coordinate        repeatedly sound that war drum,
    Intelligence is responsible for the      with all entities,” Kelly explained.      rally support and routinely remind
    logistics involved in preparing,                                                   our leadership/staff that any and all
                                                  The hospital corpsmen on
                                                                                       of us may have to deploy on a
    planning and getting these               platforms are assigned to fleet           moment’s notice ...”
    servicemembers to the field and          hospitals, Marine divisions and                    Lt. Mortec Williams,
    back again.                              casualty and receiving treatment ship     Health Service Office, Norfolk
         “We are basically responsible       (CRTS) platforms. Non-medical
    for ensuring active duty medical         Sailors, such as yeoman, journalists,
    commands here are worldwide              information technologists or supply
    deployable in support of the war on      personnel are assigned, along with
    terrorism,” said HMC Tyrone Kelly,       medical personnel, to Deployable
    assistant division officer for POMI.     with Medical platforms known as
    “We manage 27 UIMs (unit                 DEPMEDs.
    identification markers) assigned to           To better track and facilitate the
    NMCP alone and we coordinate all         platform mission, POMI is broken
    BUMED taskers in support of the          up into eight sections, each headed
    war on terror. We send people to         by an enlisted Sailor. HM3 Jonathan
    Gitmo, Bahrain, Djibouti …               Manning performs class
    essentially all over the globe.”         coordination and mission readiness
         The NMCP POMI staff is              for all NMCP officers. HN Terry
    responsible for the Mid-Atlantic and                                               POMI maintains smooth troop
                                             Williams, manages all staff assigned
                                                                                       rotations by employing eight
    Southeast regions including all          to the USNS Comfort and CRTS
                                                                                       platform managers to handle all
    branch medical clinics. When the         ships such as the USS Bataan (LHD         aspects of readiness, training,
    request comes in for medical and         5) and USS Kearsarge (LHD 3).             deployments and returns. Each
    support personnel, POMI is                                                         platform manager is responsible
                                                          Continued on Page 7
    responsible for finding the right                                                  for a different platform or differ-
    people to fill the billets.                                                        ent aspect of platform manage-
         To keep servicemembers                                                        ment. Platform managers
    deployable at a moment’s                                                           ensure their personnel have the
    notice, the staff at POMI must                                                     right training, that their adminis-
    keep track and keep their                                                          trative needs for deployment are
    platforms up to date on all                                                        taken care of and make sure all
                                                                                       medical screenings and immu-
    manner of requirements.
                                                                                       nizations are up to date. Ap-
    These include up-to-date
                                                                                       proximately 3,900 personnel
    immunizations and medical                                                          hold platform billets under
    exams, dental exams, training                                                      NMCP.

4                                                                           The Courier -
     Sewells Point Triangle welcomes
    new OIC, NMCP new comptroller
Photo by Jon Strausbaugh                                                         Cmdr. Karen DiRenzo, NC,
                                                                                 assumed responsibility of
                                                                                 Branch Medical Clinics, Norfolk
                                                                                 (Sewells Point) Yorktown and
                                                                                 Norfolk Naval Shipyard in a
                                                                                 change of charge ceremony
                                                                                 held Jan. 12 at Naval Station
                                                                                 Norfolk. Her predecessor,
                                                                                 Cmdr. Diane Hoover, MSC,
                                                                                 heads to Naval Medical Center
                                                                                 Portsmouth as Comptroller.
                                                                                 Featured speakers included
                                                                                 Rear Adm. Thomas K.
                                                                                 Burkhard, commander, NMCP,
                                                                                 and Cmdr. Christopher Culp,
                                                                                 director of Fleet and Family
                                                                                 Medicine at NMCP.

Civilians add consistency to NMCP Security
Continued from Page 1
every two years or so. This gives      defense, domestic abuse, fire arms        another graduate and former MP.
our security force consistency. The    and first aid training.” Herring is one   “We heard good things and have
members of the civilian security       of NMCP’s new patrolman and has           had nothing but positive feedback .
force come from all walks of life.     worked in security for 18 years, five     The command has been very
We started out with 40 applicants      of which were as an Army military         welcoming to us and helped to
and graduated 12. They have been       policeman (MP). “We received a            make the transition smooth. This is
trained on weapons, search and         combination of military and civilian      really going to be a team effort.”
seizure, all forms of pepper spray.”   law enforcement training. We’re                “This is most definitely a
      According to Patolman            glad to be here.”                         success,” Goldsmith said.
Michael Herring, “We spent 13               “We’ve really been looking           “They get the jobs they need and
weeks of intensive training            forward to working at the hospital,”      we are getting the help we
encompassing anti-terrorism            said Patrolman James Palkowski,           need.”

                Congratulations and Welcome Aboard!
 Officer James Palkowski                                                           Officer Cornell Knight
 Officer Bradford Taylor                                                         Officer Stephanie Martinez
  Officer Donald Brown                                                            Officer James McClain
  Officer Joseph Goode                                                           Officer Kenneth Williams
 Officer Michael Herring                                                          Officer Bridgette Wilson
  Officer William Jones                                                           Officer Monty Young, Jr.

February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                            5
    REVIMS hits 400,000 volunteer hours
    By JO1 Sarah Langdon
         The Retired Volunteers in hand the prescription to the patient,” are very punctual and very
    Medical Service hit the 400,000 Holcombe said.                                dedicated.”
    hour mark of volunteer service at            According to Holcombe,                According to Ralph Darrah,
    Naval Medical Center Portsmouth         before NMCP had the pneumatic REVIM director, the volunteers
    in January. The organization, tube system, all medications were can give as much as they’d like.
    known as REVIMS and made up hand carried to the wards. When                        “Most of them have one day
    of Fleet Reserve Association            REVIMS first went to work at the a week – four hours, which is
    volunteers, has been in business medical center, 10 of its volunteers their designated time to come in,”
    since November 1988.                    performed this service. These days, Darrah, a former lieutenant
         The organization currently has only breakables and liquid items, commander in the Navy, said. “I
    73 volunteers, 10 of whom are part such as I.V. bags, are hand carried. think we have a fairly efficient
    of the original 60 “plankowners” of NMCP currently has 10 volunteers system. We contributed 1,332
    the program. The volunteers delivering these items to the wards. hours in December alone, but
    primarily assist in pharmacy areas,                                           usually get 1,600 to 1,700 hours
    but also volunteer in the                                                               a month.”
    ER, Patient Relations,                                                                         Holcombe said
    various clinics, Social                                                                 the REVIMS donated
    Work and information                                                                    hours equal a Full Time
    centers.Volunteers also                                                                 Equivalent (FTE) of
    work at the pharmacy at                                                                 approximately 2,000
    the Scott Center Annex to                                                               hours every year.
    Norfolk Naval Shipyard                                                                         “The program is
    and at Sewells Point                                                                    pretty stable and we
    Branch Medical Clinic.                                                                  seem to have the right
         “We started to work                                                                amount of volunteers in
    here to help out in non-                                                                the right places,”
                                                             Photo by SN Brandon Burns
    patient care areas,” said                                                               Holcombe said.
    W. Ralph Holcombe, Amos Daniels, a retired chief warrant officer,                              For Amos Daniels,
    REVIMS president.                works at the pharmacy assisting customers              a former craft operator
    “Back then, the Air Force with getting the right ticket and pharmacy                    and Boatswain’s Mate
    had a comprehensive information. Daniels spent 23 years in the                          chief warrant officer in the
    volunteer program in             Coast Guard, working as a boatswain’s mate             Coast Guard, the best
    place because they didn’t        and craft operator. He’s been volunteering at          part about volunteering at
    want anyone to wait more         NMCP for 7 years.                                      NMCP is spending time
    than 10 minutes at their                                                                with the staff and
    pharmacies. The CO (commanding               The REVIMS program works patients.
    officer) here at the time thought that  very well for the medical center and       Daniels, who retired after 23
    was a great idea, approached the the volunteers, Holcombe said.               years, works at the pharmacy
    FRA (Fleet Reserve Association),             “We have widows and disbursing customer service
    and asked for help.                     widowers who need to get out of numbers.
         “The reasoning behind it is that the house,” he said. “It really is a         “I like being able to assist and
    it doesn’t take a pharmacy tech to      boon for them. Many have lost interact with people,” Daniels, a
    take the initial prescription from the spouses and it’s a reason for some said. “I like making their day a
    patient, and it doesn’t take one to to get up and face the day. They little brighter.”
6                                                                        The Courier -
POMI manages 3,900-person roster
Continued from Page 4
All Sailors assigned to Marine Corps       assistance as necessary.                      The network of deployable
platforms fall under HM2(FMF)                    “This is a vast responsibility for      personnel encompasses 3,900 active
Michael Windholz.                          such junior people, but they do a             duty officers and Sailors.
      “We have more than 200               great job,” said Weifert.                           “This is a high dynamic area and
corpsmen on this platform up and                 “The big challenge is figuring out      at any time we are dealing with 10
down the East Coast,” Windholz             how to best utilize our human                 issues,” said Lt. Lisa Labermeyer,
said. “It’s a challenging job because      capital,” Kelly said. “We may get a           POMI division officer. “The staff is
there’s no set learning process and        request for 41 Sailors to report to           constantly multi-tasking for our
there’s always room for                    Camp Lejeune for training prior to            current and future deployments.
improvement. At the same time,             deployment. I’ll send out the                       “Deployment is stressful, and
that’s also the reward.”                   request and get a list of maybe 80            sometimes changes are last minute,
      HN Lonetta Odom runs the             names back. We first have to weed             so our staff catch it. But they never
fleet hospital platforms, including        out those who are unsuitable because          lose their cool,” she said. “They will
Expeditionary Medical Facility             of limited duty status, PRD                   go out of their way to make sure
Portsmouth, which recently returned        (projected rotation date) issues,             things get done. They’re awesome.
from deployment.                           NECs (Navy enlisted classification)           They work extra hard and 90
      “We have about 845 Sailors           and if there is male or female billet         percent of the time, they are the brunt
assigned to fleet hospital platforms,      requirement in some cases. We want            of people’s frustrations. But, they
and the biggest challenge is maintaining   to get the right Sailor in the right billet   always stay professional.”
operational readiness, keeping forms       at the right time.”                                 Although EMF Portsmouth
up to date and servicemembers ready              POMI is also responsible for            recently fulfilled its year-long
to go,” Odoms said. “When we’re            keeping their Sailors trained to do           obligation at the military hospital
given a tasking we only have so much       their platform jobs. Sailors are sent         in Kuwait and returned home,
time to complete it. It’s a lot of work,   to periodic training and schools to           NMCP platforms will continue to
but we’re overjoyed when they return       keep them and their skills ready for          rotate in and out of Middle East
and it’s time to pick them back up.”       the field. These schools include              and other regions as necessary.
      General Medical Education            FAMFIRE for infantry units, which                   “We (Navy medicine) are the
(GME) interns and all other medical        familiarizes Sailors with field               only source of health care for the
officers, including medical service        requirements such as land                     Marine Corps,” Labermeyer
corps officers, are required to get        navigation, field sanitation and how          said. “Our Navy mission is to
specific training for their platforms.     to fire the 9mm and M-16, and                 support the joint forces and
HM3 Tammy Sisco ensures each               MAPEX, or Medical Augmentee                   provide medical care for our guys
officer receives the required training     Platform Exercise.                            over there, while maintaining our
in areas such as cold weather                    Fleet Hospital Operations and           peacekeeping mission back here.
medicine, mountain medicine and            Training Center, or FOTC,                           “The uniform has to support
field medicine.                            exposes medical and support                   the operation mission,” she said.
      “It puts them in a similar setting   personnel on fleet hospital                   “It’s a juggle between POMI
to what they may experience in the         platforms to life in the field for a          asking for uniforms and what the
field so they can better relate when       tent hospital. During the training,           chain of command needs to
they get there,” she said.                 participants learn to set up their            function back here. But our guys
      HM2 Paige Weifert, new to the        own ICUs, ORs and berthing                    here work hard to get the job
command, is POMI’s new leading             areas. They practice bunker drills,           done. We couldn’t do it without
petty officer and oversees the             communication skills and                      our staff. They make it all
platform managers, offering                experience the gas chamber.                   happen.”

February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                                        7
    Facts about alcohol withdrawal
    Submitted by HM1 Eduardo Ortiz, DAPA Counselor

            ymptoms of alcohol               increase, taking another drink simply    up to weeks at a time.
            withdrawal can range from        becomes less painful than not taking              Also within this time frame
            mild to life threatening.        one – or so it seems at the time.        after quitting, convulsions or
    When heavy or frequent drinkers                   For those who have              seizures can occur, which is the
    suddenly decide to quit cold turkey      committed themselves to not              point at which alcohol withdrawal
    they will experience some physical       drinking again, or forced by             can become dangerous if not
    withdrawal symptoms- which can           circumstances to not have access to      medically treated. The symptoms
    range from the mildly annoying to        alcohol, the struggle to fight the       may progress to delirium tremens
    severe and even life threatening.        withdrawal symptoms can become           (DTs) after three to five days
             The severity of these           a dangerous battle, one that can         without alcohol. The symptoms of
    withdrawal symptoms is usually           actually become life threatening.        DTs include profound confusion,
    dependent upon how chemically                       THE SHAKES                    disorientation, hallucinations,
    dependent the chronic drinker has                 For some who are less           hyperactivity and extreme
    become. Those who drink heavily          chemically dependent, withdrawal         cardiovascular disturbances. Once
    on a daily basis have developed a        symptoms might be as mild as             DTs begin, there is no known
    high level of dependency, but            merely getting the shakes, or the        medical treatment to stop them.
    even those who drink heavily,            sweats – or perhaps nausea,              Grand mal seizures, heart attacks
    but not daily, can also be               headaches, anxiety, a rapid heart        and strokes can occur during the
    chemically dependent on                  beat, and increased blood pressure.      DTs, all of which can be fatal.
    alcohol.                                          Although these symptoms            GETTING TREATMENT
             When someone who has            are uncomfortable and irritating, they            The good news for those
    become alcohol dependent                 are not necessarily dangerous. But       who are extremely alcohol
    decides to stop drinking, they will      they are often accompanied by the        dependent and who wish to quit
    experience some level of physical        craving for more alcohol, making         drinking is that all of these symptoms
    discomfort. For this reason, it is       the decision to continue to abstain      can be alleviated and even
    extremely difficult for them to          much more difficult to make.             eliminated with proper medical
    merely stop drinking on their own                 Even the morning after          treatment.
    without assistance and support.          hangover of someone who                           Typically, for those who are
             NEVER AGAIN                     occasionally drinks to excess, is        mildly dependent, doses of vitamins
    The scenario has been played over        actually a mild form of alcohol          (Thiamine) and a proper diet will
    and over many times. After a             withdrawal from the excesses of the      prevent most of the mild withdrawal
    particularly damaging or                 night before, as the alcohol content     symptoms from occurring. For the
    embarrassing binge, the hung-over        of their blood begins to drop. The       severely dependent, medication
    person will make an oath to himself      symptoms can appear within a few         can be administered, but only by a
    and others to drink never again and      hours after not drinking.                physician. One approach is to
    quite often is sincere about quitting.                 THE DTs                    substitute Valium for alcohol and
             But with onset of                        However, within six to 48       gradually reduce the dosage until
    withdrawal symptoms, also comes          hours after not drinking,                the patient is drug free.
    the craving for more alcohol. The        hallucinations may develop. These                 If you are a heavy drinker
    body is telling the drinker that it      usually are visual hallucinations but    and want to quit, consult a trained
    needs alcohol. As the physical           they can also involve sounds and         medical professional, and be honest
    symptoms of withdrawal begin to          smells. They can last for a few hours              Continued on next page
8                                                                           The Courier -
        Get Heart Healthy For National
                Heart Month
Submitted by Maggie Malson, Preventive Health and Wellness
         February is National        heart to enlarge and weaken over   HDL Cholesterol Level:
Heart Health Month.          The     time.                              Among men age 20 and older,
leading cause of death for men       Current tobacco product user:      those whose HDL cholesterol is
and women is heart disease, and      Tobacco constricts the blood       less than 40mg/dl tend to have a
according to the Centers for         vessels and increases the risk for higher risk of coronary heart
Disease Control, cardiovascular                                         disease. HDL has been called
disease caused the deaths of                                            good cholesterol because
433,825 males and 493,623                                               research has shown that those
females in 2002.                                                        with high levels of HDL have a
         Risk factors for heart                                         lower risk of coronary artery
disease include:                                                        disease. Regular moderate to
Family history of early heart                                           vigorous physical activity have
disease: If you are born into a                                         linked to increased HDL levels.
family where close family                                               Obesity:
members have had heart disease,                                         According to the National Heart,
you are at a greater risk of                                            Lung and Blood Institute, “People
developing heart disease than                                           who have excess body fat are
someone who does not have that                                          more likely to develop heart
history.                                                                disease and stroke even if they
Age: The older you are, the                                             have no other risk factors.
greater your risk of developing      blocked arteries. Tobacco user’s Obesity is unhealthy because
heart disease.                       risk of heart attack is more than excess body weight increases the
Male: age 45 or older                twice that of non-tobacco product strain on the heart. It is directly
Female: age 55 or older or           users. Among men age 18 and linked with coronary heart disease
premature menopause                  older, 26.3 million men (25.2 because it influences blood
High blood pressure: 140/90          percent are tobacco product pressure, blood cholesterol and
or higher. High blood pressure is    users, according to the CDC. triglyceride levels and makes
a major modifiable risk factor for   This is a modifiable risk factor.  diabetes more likely to develop.”
cardiovascular disease. The          Diabetes mellitus:                 Lack of regular physical
higher your blood pressure, the      Of the estimated 13.9 million activity:
greater your risk of developing      Americans with physician- Physical inactivity is a risk factor
heart disease or stroke. High        diagnosed diabetes, about 6.8 for heart disease. Regular activity
blood pressure increases the         million are male and 7 million are reduces the workload of the
heart’s workload, causing the        female.                                       Continued on Page 12

 Quitting drinking is hard to do; get help
 Continued from previous page
 about your usual alcohol intake. having to fight the physical anyone. Help is available; take
 The psychological withdrawal is symptoms. You don’t have to do it advantage of it.
 enough to deal with without also on your own to prove anything to

February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                  9
           February Is Black History Month!
     As part of this year’s celebration, NMCP’s Command Heritage
     Committee invited Don Roberts, anchor for WAVY-TV 10, to NMCP
     for a prayer breakfast and book signing. The theme this year is the
     Niagara Movement. In July 1905, 29 African-American men from 14
     states came together in Buffalo, N.Y., to discuss issues important to
     advancing the rights of African-Americans. The outcome was the
     Niagara Movement, a list of eight principles including freedom of
     speech and criticism, manhood suffrage and abolition of all class
     distinctions based simply on race and color.

                Black History Month Trivia:
                Notable African Americans
                   in American History
     What African American Am I?
     1. I am a female. I write poems. I was a    elected to the Senate as a Democrat from    the New York Drama Critic’s Circle
     slave. I was kidnapped. When my first       Illinois, becoming the first African-       Award, and “Joe Turner’s Come and
     husband died, I married another man and     American woman to sit on the U.S.           Gone”, set in 1911 and focusing on
     had man and had three children. I died at   Senate and only the second African          black migration to the North, was
     the age of 31. Who was I?                   American since Reconstruction to be a       voted the best new play in 1988 by the
                                                 Senator. Who am I?                          New York Drama Critic’s Circle. I am
     2. Born Dec.11, 1967, Baltimore, Md., I                                                 also the founder of the Black Horizons
     launched my own line of clothing “Big       6. I invented air conditioning for cars.    Theater Company. Who am I?
     Beautiful and Loving It”. I won 2           I invented a box office device that
     NAACP Image Awards as Outstanding           distributed tickets automatically. I also   11. I was born May 19, 1925. I wear
     Actress in a Comedy Series (2001-2002)      invented the portable X-Ray machine.        glasses. I fought for Black Americans.
     for my work on “The Parkers”. Who am        Who am I?                                   I went to jail. I was a leader of the nation
     I?                                                                                      of Islam. I died at the age of 39. Who
                                                 7. I made 300 useful things out of          am I?
     3. I served as the first African American   peanuts. Who am I?
     mayor of New York City, from 1990 to                                                    12. I discovered the modern processes
     1993. I have continued to be critical of    8. I was a school teacher. I saw            for preserving blood for transfusions.
     problems within the criminal justice        education as the key to improving the       After graduation from McGill in 1932,
     system, including abusive police and        lives of African Americans. I worked        I did a 3-year residency at Montreal
     institutionalized racism in the courts. I   hard to open up educational                 General Hospital before joining the
     have established a legacy of working        opportunities for African Americans.        faculty of Howard University where I
     to empower poor people and minorities.      Who am I?                                   was eventually appointed head of
     Who am I?                                                                               surgery. Who am I?
                                                 9. I am a poet, novelist and teacher. In
     4. I became one of the country’s best-      1939 I finished my first novel, “Goose      13. I am one of the original writers of
     known figures during Operation Desert       Island”. I am most famous for my novel      the Harlem Renaissance. My first book
     Storm. I was a presidential assistant for   “Jubilee”. I also had a long career as a    of poetry, “The Weary Blues”, was
     national security in the Reagan             college level teacher. I have continued     published in 1926. Also in 1926, I
     administration (1987 to 1989). In 1989,     to write and have undertaken rigorous       published a critical essay, “The Negro
     I became the first African American to      speaking tours. Who am I?                   Artist and the Racial Mountain”, which
     serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of                                                became a defining piece for the Harlem
     Staff. Who am I?                            10. I hold the distinction of having        Renaissance movement. In 1942, I
                                                 twice won the Pulitzer Prize for plays      began a column in a Chicago
     5. I received a law degree from the         depicting the African-American              newspaper that introduced my
     University of Chicago and worked in         experience: “Fences” and “The Piano         character, “Simple,” and eventually
     the U.S. Attorney’s Office, where I won     Lesson”. My first play, “Ma Rainey’s
     the Special Achievement Award. I was        Black Bottom”, set in the 1920s, was                   Continued on Next Page
10                                                                               The Courier -
                                                                                         Photos courtesy of Google
Who Am I?                           Continued from Previous Page
published five volumes of my “Simple        on network television. My comedy       and influential filmmakers in the
Stories.” I fell in and out of favor with   records earned me eight Grammy         past decade. My debut film earned
the public, but the best of my work         awards. In 1986 I the best-selling     me the Prix de Jeunesse Award at
promises to survive. Who am I?              book, “Fatherhood”. Who am I?          the Cannes Film festival and set me
                                                                                   at the forefront of the Black Wave
14. I wrote “Imitation of Life”, about      16. My name was changed by a           in American Cinema. My
a black woman passing as white.             Quaker family to Van Wagener. I        commercial work began in 1988 with
Claudette Colbert starred in the 1934       was a missionary among slaves in       my collaboration with basketball
film version of the story. I am best-       New York. I used my talent of          great Michael Jordan on seven
known for my work that was                  speaker for the slavery movement.      commercials. I have also authored
published in 1937: “Their Eyes Were         I died at age 86. Who am I?            books on the making of my films.
Watching God”, a novel which was                                                   Who am I?
controversial at the time because it        17. I am hailed as one of the great
didn’t fit easily into stereotypes of       voices of contemporary literature      19. I was the first African American
black stories. I was also one of the        and as a remarkable Renaissance        woman millionaire in America. I am
Harlem Renaissance women writers.           woman. I have captivated my            also known for my hair
Who am I?                                   audiences lyrically with vigor, fire   straightening treatment but I also
                                            and perception. I have a unique        worked to end lynching and gain
15. I am one of the world’s most            ability to shatter the opaque prisms   women’s rights. Who am I?
beloved actors, writers, and most of        of race and class between reader
all fathers. As a comedian, actor, and      and subject throughout my books        20. I am from Mani. I am an
producer, I played a major role in the      of poetry and my autobiographies.      American patriot. I was a slave. I
development of a more positive              I have authored 12 best-selling        fought for my freedom. Who am I?
portrayal of blacks on television. My       books including “I Know Why the
first acting assignment, in the             Caged Bird Sings”. Who am I?
espionage series “I Spy” (1965-68),
made me the first black actor to            18. I have established myself as
perform in a starring dramatic role         one of Hollywood’s most important            Answers found on page 15
February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                               11
     Knowing signs key to minimizing heart damage
     Continued from Page 9
     heart. Moderate physical exercise    911 and get to a hospital right       Commissary until Feb. 28 from 9
     for 60-90 minutes on most days       away.                                 a.m. to 2 p.m.
     of the week is recommended by        Stroke Warning Signs:                         Take advantage of all of
     ACE (American Council on             – Sudden numbness or                  the fun activities being offered
     Exercise).                           weakness of the face, arm or          by MWR during the month of
              Metabolic syndrome is a     leg, especially on one side of        February. There is a group
     cluster of cardiovascular disease    the body.                             aerobic challenge, with a prize
     risk factors which include high      – Sudden confusion, trouble           for whomever completes the
     blood pressure, elevated             speaking or understanding.            most minutes of aerobics, a sit-
     triglycerides, and low levels of     – Sudden trouble seeing in one        up contest, healthy heart swim,
     high-density lipoprotein (HDL),      or both eyes.                         and Hip Hop instructions with a
     impaired fasting glucose and         – Sudden trouble walking,             Hip Hop contest the last week.
     excess abdominal fat. A              dizziness, loss of balance or                 If you are interested in
     diagnosis of metabolic syndrome      coordination.                         general military training on
     is made if you have three out of     – Sudden, severe headache             prevention of heart disease,
     five of these risk factors. Having   with no known cause.                  handouts, or a PowerPoint
     metabolic syndrome increases         Not all of these warning signs        presentation on heart health for
     the risk of cardiovascular           occur in every stroke. If some        your workplace, please call
     disease.                             start to occur, do not wait. Get      Maggie Malson at 953-9248.
     Signs of a Heart Attack              help immediately. Stroke is a         T h e We l l n e s s D e p a r t m e n t
     include:                             medical emergency, call 911.          wishes you a healthy National
     – Chest discomfort in the center              The NMCP Wellness            Heart Health month.
     of the chest that lasts more than    Department encourages you to                     Healthy Heart
     a few minutes. It can feel like      make lifestyle choices that will
     uncomfortable           pressure,    decrease your risk of heart
     squeezing, fullness or pain.         disease. We offer classes on
     – Discomfort in other areas of       nutrition, tobacco cessation,
     the upper body. Symptoms can         hypertension and physical fitness.
     include pain or discomfort in one             Help yourself lower your
     or both arms, the back, neck,        risks of heart disease by
     jaw or stomach.                      becoming more physically active.
     – Shortness of breath. This          The       NMCP         Wellness
     feeling often accompanies chest      Department is sponsoring a Fun
     discomfort. It can occur before      Heart Health Walk in front of the              Courtesy of Google
     chest discomfort.                    gym on Friday, Feb. 25 at 11a.m.
     – Other signs. These may             If the weather does not permit
                                                                                          Diseased Heart
     include cold sweat, nausea or        outside walking, the walk will
     lightheadedness.                     take place inside the gym.
              If you or someone you       Pedometers, books on walking
     are with has chest discomfort,       and water bottles will be given to
     especially with one or more of       participants while supplies last.
     the other sign, do not wait longer            The Wellness Department is
     than a few minutes (no more than     scheduling Hypertension Screenings
                                          at Scott’s Center Annex                        Courtesy of Google
     5) before calling for help. Call

12                                                                   The Courier -
Active duty staff at NMCP required
to register for TRICARE Online
     Many active duty members         family member who is enrolled in
do not realize they are TRICARE       Prime. Registration is easy:
Prime. To stay current in the         –               Go               to
system, service members must
update their DEERS information        – Read the Online Privacy and
as well as re-enroll in TRICARE       Security Policy and click “I
Prime each time they report to a      AGREE”
new duty station.                     – Click “Site Registration”
     A recent TRICARE Prime           – Click “Patient Registration Only    – Select a “Visit Reason” from the
enhancement for Naval Medical         (Beneficiary)”                        dropdown menu and click “View
Center Portsmouth enrollees is the    – Read the disclaimer and click “I    Available Appointments”
addition of TRICARE Online            AGREE”                                (Your       PCM’s        available
(TOL), a secure, Internet-based       – Follow the directions on the        appointments will be displayed
program that provides a wealth of     screen to complete your                                 –
                                                                            – Select the appointment you want
information and services for          registration                          or follow directions for other
Military Health System                – The sponsor’s Social Security       options.)
beneficiaries, providers and health   Number (SSN) is needed to                  Benefits and services of using
care managers. NMCP is one of         register. All family members must     TOL include: online primary care
six TOL Appointing Centers of         register separately with their own    and self-referral specialty
Excellence nationwide where this      SSN and will have a separate User     appointments; extensive, reliable
program is in the forefront of        ID and Password.                      health information; health
development and implementation.       – Once registered, scheduling         information and games for children;
     To help ensure the success of    appointments is fast and easy:        consumer drug catalog and drug
this program, and to increase the     –               Go               to   interaction checker; personal
future value and accessibility of                 health journal; disease tracking and
TOL to all TRICARE Prime              Read the Online Privacy and           management tools; and TRICARE
beneficiaries, it is essential that   Security Policy and click “I          benefits links.
every active duty member              AGREE”                                     TRICARE Online is available
assigned to NMCP register in          – “Log On” by entering your           24/7. For additional assistance,
TOL. NMCP also encourages             Username and Password                 contact Technical Support at
service members to register each      – Click “Appointments”                800-600-9332.

                          Walk for Your Health! Rain or Shine!
    Come join Wellness and Command Fitness with a Heart Health Fun Walk Feb.
    25 at 11 a.m. Susan Lowry, command fitness leader will give a talk about safe
     walking and how to measure how many calories you burn when you walk.
     Afterwards, join the mile and a half walk around the compound. Prizes for
    those who participate. This event is Rain or Shine! If the weather is bad, the
              walk will be in the gym. Call 953-9248 for more information.

February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                        13
                             Pastoral Care Services
                             Love and the Lockhorns
     By CDR John W. Maurice, CHC, USN
          It’s the month for Valentine’s     stands at the end of the couch            our relationship. But, it is important
     Day, and many lovers often              Loretta says, “I’m just trying to see     for the relationship to be safe so that
     commemorate this celebration of         things from your point of view,           we are free to talk without being
     love by sharing gifts, planning         Leroy.” She was a tad unkind in           rejected or rebuffed.
     romantic getaways, going to their       pointing out his shortcomings too!              Second, learn to listen more and
     favorite restaurant, and showering           I suspect that Leroy and             speak less. To enjoy the privileges
     affection upon one another. On          Loretta may be very much like you         of transparency, we must learn to
     Valentine’s Day there is candlelight,   and your spouse. You find that no         control the power of the tongue. If
     soft music and sweet nothings           matter how much you love each             we listen, really listen, we will seek
     whispered as couples bask in their      other; there are still times when you     to understand what our loved one is
     love.                                   lock horns about something.               saying and how they feel.
          It would be nice if couples                                                        Since we have two ears and
     would invest that kind of love and                                                one mouth maybe the lesson is to
     attention on one another the other                                                listen twice as much as we talk!
     364 days of the year!                                                             Words can hurt or heal – choose
          Unfortunately, many of our                                                   them carefully.
     other days have us looking like the                                                     The third principle is to speak
     Lockhorns. I am hopelessly                                                        the truth in love. For confrontation
     addicted to the cartoon series “The     Finances, child-rearing, sexual           to benefit a relationship, truth must
     Lockhorns”. The one thing that          intimacy, the position of the toilet      be shared with love. Love must
     Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn do well      seat and a myriad of other issues         accompany the truth we speak, or
     is “lock horns!” Leroy, according       can become sources of conflict.           there will be division, not unity.
     to Loretta, is a lazy, unsupportive,         The Lockhorns portray a                    The fourth principle is this –
     cheapskate, uncommunicative and         reality to all of us – that conflict is   you must learn to forgive your
     unromantic husband. Loretta,            inevitable. So, do we lock horns,         mate. My guess is that neither you
     according to Leroy, is a nag who        or do we resolve conflict in a            nor your mate is a perfect person.
     talks incessantly, is a poor cook and   creative and productive manner?           I also surmise that both of you
     a hopelessly romantic woman who         The key difference in happy and           have said and done some things that
     spends every waking moment at the       unhappy marital relationships is the      were unkind and unloving.
     mall shopping and spending all of his   ability to resolve conflicts. Since             To       move         forward,
     money.                                  conflicts are unavoidable, it is pretty   forgiveness must given and
          One cartoon depicts Loretta        important that we learn how to            received. Forgiving our mate sets
     putting on her makeup in the            resolve them successfully and with        us free to experience love and
     morning. Leroy walks up behind her      love. Here is how to avoid having         oneness.
     and says, “Why don’t you just take      a Lockhorn marriage:                            From doctors and corpsmen
     a quick stroll through Jiffy Lube.”          First, create an environment of      to nurses, contractors and support
     Not a tactful way to speak to your      love, acceptance, commitment and          personnel, each of us in the hospital
     middle-aged wife who strives to         forgiveness, which allows for             are reminded to continue to invest
     look attractive.                        transparency           and       open     in our marriage! Attend a PREP
          Another cartoon shows Loretta      communication needed to resolve           workshop at NMCP (to register,
     lying on the couch holding a martini.   conflicts. When we are afraid to          call 953-5550), attend a Marriage
     As Leroy walks into the room and        be honest and open, we sabotage                    Continued on Next Page
14                                                                          The Courier -
 Focus on Marriage                                  NMCP Web Site Deemed
- Listen, Truth, Love                                  ‘Outstanding’
Continued from Previous Page                       TRICARE Management Activity has awarded the NMCP
Enrichment Retreat, go home early,       Web site with its second Web
tell your spouse how important they      Gold Star Award in as many
are! Do something to enhance your        years. The award honors
relationship – and reap the benefits     outstanding Military Treatment
of a growing, positive relationship.     Facility Web sites for providing
Let’s learn from the Lockhorns so that   all the essential information that
we won’t mirror their mistakes.          TRICARE beneficiaries expect
                                         to see when they visit a hospital
  How did you do?                        or clinic Web site.
                                                   The NMCP Web site
  Black History Month                    has been listed as a Gold Star
     Trivia Answers                      site on TMA’s Web site,
 From page 11
                               , and the
                                         hospital will receive a
 1. Phyllis Wheatley                     commemorative certificate, as well as the Gold Star logo to display on
 2. Monique Imes-                        its Web site.
 Jackson (also known as
 Mo’Nique)                               Appointment Center Awards Presented
 3. David Norman Dinkins                 Photo by Ed Coryell
 4. Colin Powell                         Rear Adm. Thomas K. Burkhard, Commander, Naval Medical
 5. Carole Moseley-Braun                 Center Portsmouth, presents a Certificate of Recognition to Col.
 6. Frederick McKinley                   Betty Wiley, Commander, Kenner Army Health Clinic, Ft. Lee.
 Jones                                   The award recognizes the cooperation Kenner extended to the
 7. George Washington                    TRICARE Hampton Roads Appointment Center in making
 Carver                                  medical appointments easier and more efficient for TRICARE
 8. Mary McLeod Bethune                  beneficiaries. Additionally, Ft. Lee’s Wilkerson Pediatric Clinic
 9. Margaret Walker                      was recognized with the Primary Clinic award and TPC Virginia
                                         Beach Optometry Clinic was recognized with the Specialty Clinic
 10. August Wilson
                                         award. The appointment center is located in Building 3 at NMCP.
 11. Malcolm X
 12. Charles Drew
 13. James Langston
 14. Zora Neale Hurston
 15. Bill Cosby
 16. Sojourner Truth
 17. Maya Angelou
 18. Spike Lee
 19. Madam C. J. Walker)
 20. Joseph Cinque

February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                       15
        Congratulations Nurses of the Year
       Junior Nurse of the Year, 2004
             Ens. Walter Davis
         Inpatient Oncology Unit
      Pictured from left to right: Rear Adm. Tho-
      mas K. Burkhard, commander, NMCP; Ens.
      Walter Davis, Junior Nurse of the Year, 2004;
      Capt. Ronald G. Forbus, director, Nursing

                                                                      Nurse of the Year, 2004
                                                                        Lt. Justine Gilbert
                                                                     Post Anesthesia Care Unit
                                                                 Pictured from left to right: Rear Adm. Tho-
                                                                 mas K. Burkhard, commander, NMCP; Lt.
                                                                 Justine Gilbert, Nurse of the Year, 2004;
                                                                 Capt. Ronald G. Forbus, director, Nursing
                                                                               Photos by JO1 Sarah Langdon

                         Spring PFA is right around the corner!
                                   Are you ready?
              The Spring 2005 Physical Fitness Assessment is just over a month away. A few PFA reminders:
     Weigh-ins are completed 2 to 10 days prior to taking the PRT. Weigh-ins will be held in the chief of the day
     bunkroom (Bldg 2, first deck, behind admissions) beginning March 30 with the last day April 27 from 7:30
     to 10:30 a.m. daily. Attention Swimmers: Let us know when you weigh-in of your intent to swim. Your PRT
     will be held April 1 through April 29 between 1 to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Runners – the PRT
     running portion will be held at the brown pavillion (near the gym) April 1 through April 29.
              Assemble at the brown pavillion 15 minutes prior to the hour of testing to sign in and stretch. The
     PRT will commence on the hour starting at 7 a.m. through (and including) noon, 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Testing
     will be on a first come, first served basis. For safety, only 26 members will be tested each hour. Personnel
     who checked aboard NMCP on or after Jan. 19, 2005, are exempt from PRT. However, they are NOT
     exempt from weighing in. Please inform new check-ins that official weigh-ins are not conducted at PHA
     clinic. If you have not been training, the time to start is now. If you need assistance, please call Command
     Fitness at 953-5099.

16                                                                    The Courier -
 QD staff restore historic Zellars bell

The Zellars bell, mounted on display outside the ceremonial entrance to Bldg. 3, has recently re-
ceived a shining makeover. ABHAN Brandon S. Young and HM3 Brian Baskins, both members of
the NMCP Quarterdeck staff, thought the bell looked neglected. It took them two weeks of scrubbing
and polishing to get the bell back into shape. The bell was on board the USS Zellars (DD 777), a
naval destroyer first launched in 1944. The bell was apparently awarded to the command in 1961,
however, the rest of its history is unknown.                          Photos by JO1 Sarah Langdon

                     Fit Moms = Healthy Babies!
      Attention new moms-to-be and women who are post-partum ...
                     NMCP has a program for you!
        In this day and age the amount of information and the do’s and don’ts for expecting and post-
partum moms can be overwhelming. Many women have questions about how to help their baby grow
healthy and happy in the womb, while taking care of herself at the same time.
        How can I stay in shape throughout my pregnancy? What does eating for two mean? How
much should I exercise? Will it hurt the baby? How can I safely get back into shape after the baby is
        NMCP has a new program to help expectant mothers and new moms get the facts to get, stay
and keep in shape. No one wants to gain excessive weight or put herself at risk for gestational diabe-
tes. A healthy nutrition and exercise plan throughout pregnancy can help! MWR Fitness, Women’s
Health and Wellness; Preventive Health and Wellness; and the NMCP Nutrition Department have teamed
up to provide bi-weekly exercise programs focusing on women and geared toward each trimester and
the post-partum period.
Tuesday: AQUA Class -- Hop in the pool with Dee Hunt and get energized through an aqua workout to
improve strength and flexibility for your whole body. Special attention is paid to areas doing the most
work during labor.
Thursday: Land-based class in the gym -- More strength and flexibility training with resistor (exercise)
balls. Focus on improving core strength and plenty of squats!
        Each class is tailored to the specific trimester or post-partum period. Post-workout lectures
and guest speakers provide information and offer a chance to ask questions on many topics and
facets of health during pregnancy. A release form is required. Please see OBGYN for more infor-
mation and to get your release form signed.
February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                17
     Military W-2s Make it Easier to Determine Tax Credit Eligibility
          ARLINGTON, Va. (NNS)              EITC and CTC qualifications are       mypay.aspx) to check W-2
     — The 2004 W-2 forms for military      based on gross income, which          availability.
     members will now report pay            includes pay earned while in a              For more information on the
     earned while serving in a Combat       CZTE area. The addition of this       Earned Income Tax Credit, Child
     Zone Tax Exclusion (CZTE) area.        information on 2004 W-2s will aid     Tax Credit, or other tax issues,
     This information will provide          in determining whether a member       contact a unit tax advisor or finance
     members the opportunity to             meets the IRS requirements for        office. Information is also available
     determine their eligibility for the    EITC and CTC, and which method        in the Armed Forces Tax Guide
     Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)        of computing taxes is most            2004 at
     and Child Tax Credit (CTC).            advantageous to each member’s         p3.pdf and the Internal Revenue
          The CZTE pay information will     individual situation.                 Service Web site at
     be listed separately in Block 14 of         The 2004 W-2s have been          For more news from around the
     the member’s W-2 form and will         available since mid-January. Log      fleet, visit
     not be included with taxable wage      onto myPay (
     information (Block 1).
                                            TAX ASSISTANCE CENTER:

             The Norfolk Tax Assistance Center (TAC) is the Navy’s largest tax assistance center offering tax
     preparation and electronic filing servicess free of charge for active duty, retirees and reservists and reservists
     currently serving on active duty for a period 29 consecutive days or more. Qualifying family members may also
     have their taxes prepared. The TAC is located at Naval Station, Norfolk, at the corner of Maryland and
     Gilbert Streets on the first floor of Building B-30. The office will be open for walk-ins from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,
     Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Appointments are available for those with more
     complex tax returns.
             Customers are encouraged to call 444-9081 or 444-9082 before coming in to ensure that they know
     what documents are required by the tax preparers. A list of commonly required forms/documents can be found
     at Anyone who has served in a area that is considered a combat zone for tax exclusion
     purposes during 2004 must ensure their W-2 correctly reflects their taxable income prior to having their tax
     returns prepared. Errors on your W-2 FORMS can be corrected through your supporting PSD or Disbursing
     Office. For more information, please call TAC AT 444-9081 OR 444-9082 or VISIT

     U.S. Navy Baseball Comes to Hampton Roads
     By LTJG Emily M. Dover, USNR
          The U.S. Navy Baseball            Roads. All active duty and             in the Virginia Aces AAU indoor
     Program, now in its 16th season,       reserve personnel with                 facility every Monday night from 7
     is the fastest growing, largest, and   professional, semi-professional,       to 9 p.m. The indoor facility is
     most successful reorganized            collegiate or extensive baseball       located at 236 Clearfield Ave., in
     military baseball program in the       experience are encouraged to try       Virginia Beach.
                         w o r l d .        out.                                         All who plan to attend the spring
                         Originally              Navy baseball is currently        tryouts are encouraged to come out
                         based in San       holding winter workouts for those      and get prepared.
                         Diego, it is       who want to get ahead of the game.           For more information, contact
                         now available      Spring tryouts will be held in mid-    HM2(SW) Leon Griffith, 314-7225
                         Hampton            March. Winter workouts are held        or

18                                                                      The Courier -
NMCP receives Elizabeth River Project Award
Submitted by Bob Wall
        The Elizabeth River                    Wall also made one of
Project awarded Naval Medical          several power point presentations
Center Portsmouth the River Star       during the recognition luncheon.
Program award at a luncheon held       He showed and discussed some
Jan. 20, at the Renaissance            of NMCP’s accomplishments that
Portsmouth Hotel.                      included: a new reusable ‘sharps’
        Bob Wall, NMCP                 container program that
Environmental             Manager,     significantly reduces solid waste,
accepted the award for our             a well managed paper and
command.                               cardboard recycling program, and
         Of all the many business      the elimination of virtually all
and facilities in this program, only   mercury from the base.
about a dozen have achieved the                Also noted was the recent
Model Level. This puts NMCP in         installation of pervious pavers      A picture of the award with
a group with others such as Naval      around the point, expansion of the   ‘Princess Elizabeth’, a symbolic
Station Norfolk, Ford Motor            Adopt-A-Spot program, and            spokesperson, is shown here.
Assembly Plant, NORSHIPCO,             shoreline habitat improvements       NMCP received the award from
and U.S. Coast Guard –ISC              such as enhancing the buffer and     the Elizabeth River Project for
Portsmouth.                            eradicating invasive reeds.          advancing to the top echelon,
                                                                            Model Level, in their River Star

NMCP Hosts AAA Child Safety Event
         The Safety Department at      Below: Julie Stevens, traffic safety coordinator for AAA, talks with
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth        a passersby about child traffic safety. According to AAA represen-
hosted a child traffic safety event    tatives, many people are unaware that size and weight consider-
Feb. 15, in support of the National    ations are important when purchasing a car seat, or, that in 90 to
Child Passenger Safety Program         100 percent of cases, car seats are installed incorrectly in the
which focuses on educating and         vehicle.
spreading awareness of automobile                                                Photo by SN Brandon Burns
safety for children.
         The Safety Department
worked closely with AAA to edu-
cate the public on the importance
of keeping children in car or
booster seats until they reach the
appropriate age, weight or height.
         This is part of an ongoing
the Safety Department’s ongoing
Traffic Safety Campaign which sup-
ports the Naval Safety Center in
their effort to reduce mishaps by 50

February 2005 - The Courier                                                                                    19
                                     Bravo Zulu!!!
Navy Achievement Medals          Navy Commendation Medals                 RP3 Michael R. Johnston
HMC(AW/SW) Ronald A. Hickman            HM1 Mark D. Dominado                HN Denise W. Ellis
    Ltjg Tracy M. Budny-Price      MAC(SW) Gregory L. Richardson            HN Lindsay N. Jones
   HM2(FMF) Adam N. Goulas         HM1(SW/FMF) Monica L. Florence          HN Lequincy D. Brown
    HM3 Oscar LopezBarrera                Lt Sharese M. White               HM3 Sharon G. Rona
         HM1 Joy R. Baron                 Lt Andrew J. Sellers             HM3 April V. Godwin
    HM1 Amanda C. Williams                  Lt Travis M. Polk              HM3 David L. Young
   SK1(SW) Rodelio A. Roldan            Ltjg Michael K. Lisnerski       HM3 Sueheigh K. Seepersaud
     HM2 George V. Webber                 Lt Sabra S. Rawlings              CIV Donna Arnold
      HM2 Kendra M. Green               Lcdr Christine M. Ward             CIV Cherylann Kraft
     Lt Suzanne F. Maldarelli           Cdr Richard L. Blumling            HN Jon M. Alexander
   HM2(SW) Chizoro C. Taylor              Lt Anne M. Kennedy               HN Candeese O. Bost
        HM3 Brian A. Britt           HMCS(SW/AW) Tiburcio G.               JO1 Daniel A. Bristol
 HM3(AW/SW) Ronald A. Hickman                Estampador, Jr.                HN Dain L. Carmen
       SH3 Erica J. Newman          MACS(SW)Thomas L. Goldsmith             HN Gabriel B. Caro
     HM2 Stephanie Lockhart                Lcdr Brian S. King               HN Erin E. Christian
     HM3 Jennifer L. Whitten        HMC(SW/AW) James T. Bailey            HM2(SW) David L. Clark
        HM3 Buffy J. Smith              HM2 Benjamin Debblay              HN Christopher P. Covert
        HM2 Rejoy A. Sison         HMC(AW/AW/FMF) Patricia L.               HN Abigail F. Flores
        HM2 Leigh S. Kane                      Dickerson                     HN Julie A. Gray
       Lt Timothy M. Wilks               CDR Clyde J. Hockett             HN Lazara Y. Hernandez
     HM2 Melissa L. McAbee              Lcdr Barbara J. Kincaide            HN Adam M. Laney
   SK2(SW) Darnell L. Barnes              CAPT Mary A. Kline             HM2(SW) Daniel McNally
      HM3 David K. Jackson              HM2 Jason P. Komenkul             HM3 Sunshine M. Padilla
     SK2(SW) Liva C. Moore         SKC(SW/AW) Patrick C. Maclan           HM2 Japonica L. Perkins
        HM3 Moses Ajoku                LCDR Richard E. Makarski            HM3 Angela M. Pratt
       Lt James L. Anderson              Lt Alvin D. McCuiston            HN Clay C. Quisenberry
      HM3 Catherine Y. Bell           IT1(ESWS) Scott A. McLean           HM2 Christiane B. Quito
       Lcdr Kenneth A. Bell             HM2 John L. McMurray             HN Alexandra V. Rodriquez
      HM2 Carrie L. Carter                Cdr Jeffery S. Nordin             Lt Patrice M. Rollins
    HM2(FMF) James L. Dixon              Cdr Milan N. Pastuovic             HN Ryan R. Sanders
      ENS Lance K. Downing         HMC(SW/AW) Richardson Perez             HM3 Robert J. Sandlin
       HN Alexis R. Dziabo           Lcdr Robert D. Poerschmann             HN Cherie L. Seals
      HN Michael E. Edwards      HMC((AW/FMF/PJ) Douglas R. Pollock     HM3 Jennifer L. Schellenberg
     HM1 Emelike U. Emelike              Cdr Shirley L. Russell             HN Adam C. Strotz
    DT3 Johnathan A. Garnes               Lcdr Joanne M. Tuin              HN Kristina M. Sturkey
      DT3 Beatriz Gonzales               Lcdr Judith M. Walker              HN Davina Thomas
    IT1(SW) Robert S. Gourley     HMC(SW/AW)Thomas A. Williams              HN Frankie Valdez
         Lt Karen M. Gray                                                 ET3 Steven C. Vaneman
     Lt Marsha A. Heineman         Letter of Commendation                   HN Yee Leng Xiong
      SH3 Dewayne Hunter                YN3 Darcy L. Kelly
         SK2 Joseph Kelly               HM3 Myer S. Daniel             Letters of Appreciation
   HM2 Shannon D. Matthews             HN Victor L. Goodwin                HN Justin Lambert
 HMC(SW) Richard G. McClelland         HN Kevin A. Holzinger                HN Dinh D. Ngo
     ET1(AW) Farhad Notghi             CS3 William E. Lewis              HM3 Manuel Olivares
       HN Joshua A. Olexa               HN Joseph M. Lopez                 Lcdr Brian S. King
       SK2 Nilda M. Peeples         HN Aaron J. McCauley-Aburto         HM2 Stephanie M. Lockhart
   DT3 Carlisle C. Pennycook         SH3(SW) Jeanifer O’Neal              HM3 Joel R. Senger
     HM3 Andrew L. Pierson              SH3 Jamal A. Parker
      HM2 Tonya S. Stringer            HM3 Billyjoe Sweeney           Meritorious Service Medal
    HM2 Derielle R. Thurman             HN David W. Jenkins                Capt Robin I. Davidson
HM2(SW/AW) Anthony W. Veverka            HM3 April L. Bell
                                       HN Cedrick D. Forrest
                                      HM3 Ronaldo D. Lorenzo

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