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                                 V O L U M E   3 ,   I S S U E   1                            F A L L   2 0 0 8

     WEBSITE FOR:             Counselor’s Corner
•     SPRING
      WORKSHOP                        The Student Support Services   out for announcements regarding
      SCHEDULE                Staff is excited to offer you some     what workshops will be offered and
                              new and improved services to best      for how long.
                              serve your needs as a Victor Valley    Tutoring
                              College Student. Here are some
•     COLLEGE                                                        The SSS tutors are in high demand
                              important highlights of the SSS
      VISIT                                                          and have been working hard to help
                              program for this year:
      SCHEDULE                                                       you succeed in Math and English.
                              New Responsibility Agreement           We have hired more tutors! Please
      APPLICATION             The SSS Participant Responsibility     see the schedule inside the
                              Agreement was recently revised. All    newsletter for availability and new
                              new students admitted from             subjects to be tutored. Also, please
                              September 2008 on are signing the      come prepared to study and do
                              new agreement. A letter was sent       homework, but not to “cram” or
                              out to all continuing SSS Students     cover several chapters in one sitting.
                              outlining the main changes to the      If you are unable to make your
                              agreement, and all continuing SSS      appointment, you must call to cancel.
                              students need to come in and sign      Student      Support       Services
                              the contract with Lisa as soon as      Website
                                                                     Bookmark our website and check it
                              Orientations           &   Workshops   often! There is an events calendar
                              Online                                 where you can find upcoming events
                              We are aware that you wear many        and important dates. We will also
                              hats in addition to being a student,   be adding important forms, new
                              and that it is can sometimes be        photos, and valuable links.
                              difficult to attend some of our
                              functions. We will now be offering
                              several of our workshops and the       index.shtml
                              new student orientation online
                              through Blackboard. Keep an eye
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                                                      Fall 2008 Tutor Schedule
                                    Tutor                  Monday             Tuesday     Wednesday                 Thursday          Friday

                                  Adams                 9:00-2:00                  OFF    9:00-2:00                    OFF           9:00-2:00
                             (English through 104)

                                  Espinoza                                  9:00-12:00                              9:00-12:00
                                                       11:00-2:00                         11:00-2:00                                   OFF
                             (English through 104 &                         1:00-5:00                               1:00-5:00

                             Chris Mancha                                  11:00-12:00                            11:00-12:00
                              (Math through 105 &      12:00-3:00                         10:00-3:00                                   OFF
                                   Biology)                                 1:00-4:00                              1:00-4:00

                                  Reichle                                                 9:30-12:00                9:00-12:00
                                                        1:00-4:30                  OFF                                               9:00-12:00
                              (Math through 105,                                          1:00-4:30                 1:00-4:00
                             Chemistry & Biology)

                              Cheré Smith
                              (Math through 104,            OFF              9:00-2:00       OFF                    9:00-2:00          OFF
                               History, English)

                             Jamal Yaghini                                  9:30-12:00
                                                        9:00-1:00                            OFF                       OFF             OFF
                              (Math through 226)                            1:30-4:30

                                  4 Year University Interest Survey
           We will be planning spring semester visits to the 4 year universities and want your input! We want to know where you want to go!

Please take a moment to check your top three choices in each category. Please do not check a college “just because,” but rather because you have a
                                                          genuine interest in the campus.
     UC Campuses:                    CSU Campuses:                  CSU Campuses:           Private                      Comments:
     Southern California             Southern California            Northern California     Colleges/Universities

    UC Riverside                    San Diego State                 Fresno State           Loma Linda University

    UC Irvine                       CSU San Marcos                  CSU Monterey Bay       Cal Lutheran University

    UCLA                            CSU Fullerton                   San Jose State         La Sierra University

    UC San Diego                    CSU Long Beach                  CSU Stanislaus         Loyola Marymount

    UC Santa Barbara                CSU Dominguez Hills             CSU East Bay           Occidental College

        UC Campuses:                Cal State Los Angeles           San Francisco State    University of Redlands
       Northern California
                                     CSU Channel Islands            Cal Maritime           USC
    UC Merced
                                     CSU San Bernardino             CSU Sacramento         Pepperdine University

    UC Santa Cruz                    Cal Poly Pomona                Sonoma State           Biola University
    UC San Francisco                 CSU Northridge                 CSU Chico              Cal Baptist University

    UC Berkeley                      CSU Bakersfield                Humboldt State          Mt. Saint Mary’s College
    UC Davis                         Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
                                                                                                  Please List:

      Please return this form to the SSS Office by                                         _
                     January 15th!
VOLUME           3,   ISSUE     1
Save Money on Your Books!                                 Fall ‘08                           Availa
                                                                  id                                ble
Buy and sell used textbooks by title, author or
ISBN number.
                                                         Grant A                              NOW!
                                                                 Download your                 Applications Due
Rent textbooks and save 60-80%! You can                    application from the SSS
also sell your textbooks, or buy used                       website, or stop by the            in the SSS Office
textbooks.                                                  office and pick one up!           NO LATER THAN
Chegg       Textbook            Rentals                                                                                     4:30 p.m. on
                                                                                              Friday January 9, 2008
At one destination, find print textbooks,
eBooks, single eChapters, and study tools. If you
only need 6 out of the 10 chapters, ONLY BUY                   Many CSU Campuses are
THE 6 YOU NEED!                                     Still Accepting Applications for Fall 2009!
                                                     Check here to see if your campus is still open for admissions:

  • Ronald Reagan
  • UC Santa
  • Santa Barbara
    Land & Sea
  • CSU Channel
  • Hearst Castle
  • Universal City
    Student Support Services
    Victor Valley Community College
    18422 Bear Valley Road
    Victorville, California 92395-5850


          Here’s Your Chance to go to a

                                                                                              Saturday December 13, 2008
                                                                                        Depart 3:00 p.m., Return 1:00 a.m.
           ONLY Accepting names on the Waitlist!
                 You must come into the office and fill out a field trip form with Lisa. Space is limited!

NEW: Drop-In Counseling @ SSS
The semester is winding down, and many SSS participants still
need to make their counselor contact for Fall semester! For                               Student Support Services
the last two weeks of Fall semester, Drop-In Counseling will                              Drop-In Counseling Hours
be available for quick (no more than 10 minutes)                                            December 1-12, 2008.
appointments to satisfy your counselor contact. If successful,
we may make this a permanent SSS Service.                                                  Tuesdays 3:00-5:00 p.m.
                                                                                          Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 a.m.
You should bring updated Ed Plans from other programs                                     Thursdays 9:30-11:30 a.m.
(EOPS, DSPS, etc.) to update your SSS file, but your Ed Plan
CANNOT be updated during a drop-in counseling session.                             Please check in with Lisa at the front desk
These sessions are perfect for quick questions and updates!                        during the times listed above. If someone
                                                                                  has arrived before you, there may be a slight
 YOU MUST HAVE A COUNSELOR CONTACT TO BE                                                              wait.