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									   Adecco unveils outlook on industrial staffing; forecasts space getting organised and increased
   industrial labor mobility across state

                           Pune, February 15, 2008: Adecco India, the Indian arm of the world’s largest HR

Outlook highlights         Services company and e20.4-billion human resource services major Adecco SA,
  Western region           today exclusively shared with the Pune media, its outlook for industrial staffing (aka
 among the largest
markets for industrial     Blue collar temping) in India with focus on the western region. The company through
      staffing             its recent acquisition of Ajinkya, India’s leading industrial staffing company, has

 Industrial staffing       emerged as the front runner in this fast growing space which is till now largely
market in India to get     unorganised. Pune-based Ajinkya is a niche staffing company focused on blue
                           collar temping with over 150 reputed clients and more than 4500 outsourced
 Increased industrial      manpower on its payrolls.
labor mobility across
                           According to Sudhakar Balakrishnan, CEO, Adecco India, “White collar temping
Industrial staffing will
have entry barriers in     has been the focus hitherto in India and is today a mature segment with most
 the form of domain        organised players present. In contrast, industrial staffing has largely been largely
                           unorganised. So much so that we estimate that for every one person who goes
Scale, size and brand      through a organised player in this space there are 25 others placed by the small
  equity to become
important in industrial    local players and contractors. The entry of large and organised players like
   staffing as well        Adecco will not only expand the market but will result in certain positive benefits like

   Sees industrial         increased mobility across states, salary standardisation etc. among others. Against
  staffing revenues        the backdrop of the tremendous growth of Indian manufacturing and allied industries
growing exponentially
        in India           over the past few years, this space is expected to witness exponential growth which
                           we would like to ride on. In that sense our acquisition of Ajinkya is well timed.”
  Entry of organised
  players to lead to
salary standardisation      In his comments, C R Kale, Founding Director, Ajinkya, said, “Data available

Ajinkya acquisition to      with us shows that the western region comprising Maharashtra and Gujarat
   allow Adecco a           accounts for over 25% of the industrial staffing need in India due to its long history
strong foothold in this
 fast growing space         of industrialization and focus on manufacturing. We see this region continue to be
                            the leader in demand for industrial staffing. An interesting trend we have observed
                            recently has been the increased labor mobility in this space from Maharashtra to
 Outlook highlights        other states. We see this cross state mobility spurting exponentially in the coming
                           years and as an organised player with national presence and reach we will be
  Western region
 among the largest         able to catalyze this in a structured manner unlike the existing scenario where it is
markets for industrial     not. With companies getting larger and their operations more diverse, their staffing
                           requirements will get more complex which will pave the way for large, structured
 Industrial staffing       players who have multiple domain expertise in this space more and more.”
market in India to get
                           Added Sudhakar Balakrishnan,” India has a definite demographic advantage
 Increased industrial
labor mobility across      wherein it has a younger, educated workforce compared to other markets where
       states              the workforce is aging. This has primarily been looked at from the white

Industrial staffing will   collar/IT/BPO perspective and it is time that we realised the same is true of
have entry barriers in     industrial staffing as well and actively encourage and promote cross-national
 the form of domain
     knowledge             mobility in this area.”

Scale, size and brand
                           About Ajinkya
  equity to become
important in industrial    Ajinkya is an ISO certified niche blue collar staffing company having over 150 reputed
   staffing as well        clients and more than 4500 outsourced manpower on its payroll. The company is strong in

   Sees industrial         the western region of India and counts as its clients companies like Reliance, Cummins
  staffing revenues        India, Siemens, Thermax, Tetra Pak, RPG Group, Anand Group, Praj Industries, and
growing exponentially      INOX among others. The company has been on a consistent growth path under the
        in India
                           leadership of C R Kale.
  Entry of organised
  players to lead to
                           About Adecco India
salary standardisation
                           Bangalore-based Adecco India is a leading end-to-end HR solutions company with a
Ajinkya acquisition to     focus on Executive Search, Recruitment, Learning and Temporary Staffing services to
   allow Adecco a
                           client organizations. With 38 offices across India, more than 1000 clients and 700 FTEs on
strong foothold in this
 fast growing space        its rolls, Adecco is the fastest growing HR Company in India.

                           About Adecco SA
                           Adecco Group is the world market leader in Human Resource services with sales of EUR
                           20.4 billion in 2006. The Adecco network connects over 7,00,000 associates with clients
                           each day through its network of 37,000 employees (FTE's) and 7,000 offices in over 70
                           countries and territories around the world. Headquartered in Switzerland, and managed by
                           a multinational team with expertise in markets spanning the globe, Adecco delivers an
                           unparalleled range of flexible staffing solutions and career services to clients and
                           Adecco Media Contact:

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