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									               NRMCA Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification
                        Sponsored by the WRMCA
                            September 24, 2009
                      Wingra Redi-Mix ● Madison, WI

                                     2009 Registration Fee
               **Deadline for Registration to the Certification is September 18, 2009

  WRMCA Member, Consulting Engineers, Contractors,
  Architects, Government Personnel, etc.
         □   September 24, 2009                                        $325
  Non - Member Ready Mixed Producer
         □   September 24, 2009                                        $425

Company: ___________________________________________________________________              ____

Phone: _______________         ___Fax: ____      __________Email: _________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ________________ Zip:__________________

Attendee: _______________________________________________________________________

Attendee: _______________________________________________________________________

Total # of Registrations: _______

Method of Payment:

□ Visa         □ Mastercard         □ Check

Credit Card Number:__________________________________              __ Expiration Date: _____ __

Name on Credit Card: _______________________________________              CVV Code:

TOTAL PAID: ____________
                                         Please mail or fax your registration
□ Please check here if you require           form including payment to:
special accommodations to participate.                WRMCA
Attach a written description of your
needs with your registration.
                                              16 N. Carroll St., Ste. 925
                                                 Madison, WI 53703
                                                 Fax: (608)250-6306

                      CONCRETE - How ideas GET
The Program                                                       How To Register
This training course offers instruction in the fundamentals of    Complete the enclosed registration form. Payment must be
pervious concrete construction procedures. Emphasis is            received in order to be registered. No phone or email regis-
placed upon practical information and skills which will help      trations accepted. If paying by check, make check payable
contractors and industry personnel understand the differ-         to WRMCA. Mail the form and payment to:
ences of pervious and standard concrete mixes. The
WRMCA is the only NRMCA approved sponsoring group for             WRMCA
Pervious Concrete Certification in Wisconsin.                     16 N Carroll Street, Suite 925
                                                                  Madison, WI 53703
This course involves a morning classroom session and in-
struction in what a concrete craftsman needs to know regard-      Or you can fax your registration form with your credit card
ing pervious concrete, mixtures and production, tools and         number to 608-250-6306.
equipment, design principles, construction, and maintenance
and troubleshooting. A written exam will be given after the       Website - go to for Pervious Concrete
lecture. The afternoon involves demonstrations and practice       Contractor Certification information.
on proper pervious concrete placement and finish-
ing procedures. A practical field examination will be given     Program Times
which requires each participant to carry out the proper place-  Registration begins at 7:00 am
ment and finishing procedures.                                  Lunch at 12:30 pm
                                                                Lecture begins at 7:30 am
Who Should Attend                                               Field Test begins at 1:45 pm
This course is open to anyone interested in pervious concrete Written exam at 10:30 am
including technicians employed by concrete suppliers, con-
tractors, engineers, architects, testing lab personnel, govern- Cost
ment agency personnel, and other individuals employed in        Registration - $325 (WRMCA Members, Consulting Engi-
the construction industry. NOTE - Please wear long work                       neers, Contractors, Architects, Government
pants, a long sleeve work shirt and work boots. Required                      Personnel)
safety equipment you need to bring include a hard hat,
protective eyewear and chemical resistant safety gloves -                   - $425 (Ready Mixed Producer Non Members)
the field demonstration is hands on.
                                                                Class size is limited so register today!
                                                                Registration deadline is April 23, 2009. No refunds will be
Wingra Redi-Mix. Please see map and directions below.
                                                                issued after April 29, 2009.
 Wingra Redi-Mix
 2975 Kapec Road                                                 Directions to Wingra Redi-Mix
 Madison, WI 53719                                               Wingra Redi-Mix is located at 2975 Kapec Road in Madi-

                                                                 From the East Start out going west on I-94. Take left onto
                                                                 exit #4a/Janesville onto I-90E. Take exit #142A/Madison
                                                                 onto US-12W. Take exit #258/Dodgeville. Turn left onto
                                                                 US-18W. Turn right onto Mckee Road (CR-PD) W. Turn
                                                                 right onto Kapec Road.

                                                                 From the North Start out going south on I-39. Take the
                                                                 Madison/Wis Dells exit onto I-90E toward I-39 S. Take exit
                                                                 #142A/Madison onto US-12W. Take exit #258/Dodgeville.
                                                                 Turn left onto US-18W. Turn right onto Mckee Road (CR-
                                                                 PD) W. Turn right onto Kapec Road.

                                                                 About WRMCA
                                                                 The Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association is a
                                                                 state trade association of ready mixed concrete producers
                                                                 and associate members. The WRMCA provides legislative,
                                                                 educational and promotional services to its members and
                                                                 the industry.

                                                                 If you would like more information or are interested in
                                                                 becoming a member, please call the WRMCA office at 608-
                                                                 250-6304 or email,
NRMCA Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification Sponsored by the WRMCA Program Summary:
With increasing interest in pervious concrete, the NRMCA has developed a certification program for contractors quali-
fied to place pervious concrete. The goal of this certification program is to ensure that knowledgeable contractors are
selected to place the product and thereby minimize the chance for failure. The NRMCA Pervious Concrete Contractor
Certification sponsored by the WRMCA is modeled after ACI ‘s Flatwork Finisher Certification.

Two levels are possible:
1) Pervious Concrete Technician, which requires passing a written exam. A Pervious Concrete Technician is a person
who is knowledgeable about proper procedures to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect pervious con-
crete pavements, but who lacks sufficient work experience to qualify as a concrete craftsman.
2) Pervious Concrete Craftsman, which requires passing the same exam plus some level of work experience and/or
passing a performance exam component. A prerequisite is the ACI Flatwork Finisher certification which ensures that the
craftsman knows the basic level of care needed for flatwork construction.
Pervious Concrete Craftsman is more knowledgeable because he/she not only meets the Technician requirements but
also has earned ACI Flatwork Finisher Certification and, through documented work experience, can demonstrated the
ability to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect pervious concrete pavements.

Course Content:
• What a concrete craftsman needs to know about pervious concrete

•   Pervious concrete mixtures and production

•   Tools and Equipment

•   General design principles of pervious pavements

•   Pervious concrete construction

•   Maintenance and troubleshooting

Pervious Concrete Craftsman
       Prerequisite – Current Certification as ACI Flatwork Finisher Certification

Successful completion of written Pervious Concrete Contractor exam – 70% passing score
Documentation of 3,000 hours of work experience in all aspects of placing pervious concrete pavement
Documentation of 1,500 hours and successfully complete the NRMCA performance examination

Documentation of work experience must be reported on form PCC8 Craftsman Work Experience Affidavit
(form available on WRMCA website).

Pervious Concrete Technician
Successful completion of written Pervious Concrete Contractor exam – 70% passing score.

Exam Information
The two-hour written examination is "closed book," consisting of approximately 50 multiple-choice questions. The
passing grade for the written examination is 70%

During the performance examination, each examinee must demonstrate procedures for placing, consolidation, finish-
ing, edging, jointing and beginning curing a pervious concrete slab. The examiner will observe and evaluate the tech-
niques used and record passing or failing grades on the various individual procedures. A passing grade is defined as
"no significant variation from proper procedure and no more than two variations from proper technique in the use of the

The work experience must include placing, consolidation, finishing, edging, jointing and curing of pervious concrete.
Verification of the amount and range of work experience by the applicant's employer(s) is required and should be sub-
mitted on PCC8 Craftsman Work Experience Affidavit Form.

Recertification is required every five years and requires successful completion of a written examination.
If a previous craftsman certification has been expired by more than six months, recertification will require completion of
both the performance/work experience affidavit and the written exam.

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