CAR WASH Request Form by xyh75214


									                                       CAR WASH
                                        Request Form

If you are requesting to hold a car wash using the Municipal Town Office Building parking lot
and using the water source from the Parks and Recreation Department, please fill out this request

NAME OF GROUP:                    _______________________________________________

CONTACT NAME & NO:                _______________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS:                  _______________________________________________

DATE(S) REQUESTED:                _______________________________________________

TIME OF CAR WASH:                 _______________________to_______________________

If your car wash is approved you must be aware of the following guidelines:

                          1.   There must be adult supervision.
                          2.   Your group must supply your own:
                                     a. hoses, nozzles, buckets and “Y” connector
                                     b. sponges and any cleaning materials used
                          3.   You must keep area clean.

The Parks and Recreation Department will supply a key to the water faucet that can be picked up
at the Monson Police Station. Key must be returned to the Police Station after the car wash.

                                       For office use only:

DATE OF CAR WASH:          ___________________

____________________________________                    ____________________
Parks & Recreation Department approval                         Date

Board of Selectmen approval:                   ____________________
___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

____________________________________                    ____________________
Police Department approval:                                    Date

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