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Daily Forecast by kimbrozic


									           Daily Forecast
Mrs. Spotts and Mrs. Dembowski

                 7:50 Tardy Bell
              7:55 Announcements
           8:00-8:30 Morning Meeting
* Morning Meeting, Morning Message, Calendar, Wiggle Time

          8:30-9:00 Reading Workshop
         * Shared Reading, Small Literacy Groups

     9:00-10:00 Choice Learning Centers
     10:00-10:30 Writing Workshop (M-Th)
              Reading Workshop (F)
          10:30-10:45 Shared Literacy
           10:50-11:40 Related Arts
                        Monday: P.E.
                       Tuesday: P.E.
               Wednesday: Music/ Spanish
                Thursday: Spanish/ Music
             Friday: Library (8:30-8:55)/ Art

           11:40-12:10 Math Workshop
                 12:12-12:37 Lunch
                 12:40-1:10 Recess
              1:15-1:45 Explorations
               Science and Social Studies

              1:45-2:15 Quiet Time
          2:15-2:30 Review and Reflect
                 2:40 Dismissal

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