Afghanistan Engineers District by dxu18403


1a. Project name and location: ANA Garrison Farah (Phase I &II), Afghanistan
1b. Contract no.: W917PM-08-C-0027 and W917PM-08-C-0057
2. Nature of Firm’s Responsibility:                   3. Prime/Subcontractor:
   Design/Build                                          FCEC UIProjects JV
4. Project Owner’s name: USACE                        5. Project Owner’s complete address: Qala House,
   Afghanistan Engineers District                        Kabul Afghanistan
6. Date construction work began:                      7. Date work was completed:
   May 2008                                              Project is Ongoing, Phase I is 72% Complete,
                                                         Forecast: July 2009 (for Phase I and II)
8. Initial contract price:                            9. Final invoiced amount (or amount invoiced to date)
   USD $ 73,122,337.85                                   $ 40,000,000.00
10. Description of Contract work :

$73,122,337.85 million project is for the design and construction of a new garrison facility for the Afghanistan
National Army (ANA) Brigade in Farah, Afghanistan. The project includes buildings, roads, utilities, facilities of a
Helipad, fire station, sport field and other infrastructures for 4000 personnel to include: barracks, shower/latrine and
storage facilities, DFAC, ETTC facilities; power plants and electrical distribution system, communication system,
sanitary sewer collection system and waste water treatment, water source and distribution system; and road
network inside of the compound and the 7 km access road to the compound from the city of Farah.

As soon as NTP was issued on March 6th, FCEC UIProjects JV was able within days to get approval on the master
plan. The 35% was split in three phases to enable us to start mobilization and force protection ahead of time.
Within 2 month from NTP, FCEC UIProjects JV was able to start construction work on all foundations.

Meanwhile, we took major risks by ordered most of the building long lead items, before even 65% was approved.
We ordered all of the 3-D panel system and all the pipes. The critical items needed to start our construction was
either secured from our Kabul stock or air freighted. This enabled us to start our own site construction ahead of
schedule. Meanwhile, we submitted our 65% ahead of schedule to overcome the 3 weeks delay in getting AED
comments on the 35%.

We were able to start construction even though our material conveys were delayed by weeks with regular attacks.
Over 10 of our staff died and 11 trailers completely burnt. We endured and worked with local Shura (tribal leaders)
supplemented with major security convoy operation to bring badly needed material to the site. We even leased
planes to make sure our staff and critical material can reach our site, when roads were cut off by Taliban.

AED was very impressed with the progress we achieved on site, in spite of the major security challenges we had to
overcome to bring staff, equipment and material to site. In an email, USACE Project Manager Charlie Qian said:
…”It's been great to work with you. You have done great job in Farah and I hope this project will become better in
months to come and to be the model project for AED and the best of all times. “….

For phase II, as soon as the NTP was issued on June 27th, FCEC UIProjects JV was able within days to get
approval on to start security trench around of boundary wall. Master Plan is submitted and we are working on 35%
design. Within 3 weeks from NTP, FCEC UIProjects JV was able to start excavation of big trench around of project
to secure the project personnel and project from any possible Anti Government militant attack.
11. Current status of the project:                 12. English Speaking point of contact of Project Owner:
Project is Ongoing.                      , 0797503626

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