Canine Acupuncture Doc says dogs, horses can benefit

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                                                                                                                           April 2005

            Canine Acupuncture? Doc says dogs, horses can benefit
                                                              by Carolyn Braff

    It is no secret that New Yorkers are          I’m so happy to see the animals either drug      Dog Show and has been treating the
passionate about their pets. But Dr.              free or pain free, or to give them a better      pomeranian of Nole Marin, on of the
Babette Gladstein, V.M.D., has turned her         quality of life. It’s just the most rewarding    judges on “America’s Next Top Model”,
passion into a career.                            thing I’ve ever done in my life.                 for more than a year. But she spends
    A licensed veterinarian specializing in                                                        most of her time working with racehorses,
physical therapy for animals, Gladstein                                                            where her alternative treatment are on the
uses alternative acupuncture, ultrasound,                                                         cutting edge.
massage and chiropractic techniques to                                                               “It’s not a field that anyone’s familiar
treat her patients. She says these practices                                                      with to any great degree,” the East Sider
are safe, ethical and effective.                                                                  said. There’s no real regimented protocols
    “I’m so excited and exuberant about                                                           available. I don’t have a cookbook, like
doing this work,” said Gladstein, “I’ve seen                                                      other veterinarians have cookbooks, of
such great results. I’m so happy to see                                                           potential cures for disease. We’re
the animals either drug free or pain free,                                                        extrapolating from the human physical
or to give them a better quality of life. It’s                                                    therapy marketplace.”
just the most rewarding thing I’ve ever                                                              Gladstein goes to one of the New York
done in my life.”                                                                                 Racing Association’s 3 tracks everyday,
    Gladstein appreciates what it means to                                                        where she often finds herself a woman in
have a rewarding job since she began her                                                          a man’s world. “I have to have a level of
professional life working in a profoundly            Gladstein followed her pet passion to        regularity to my existence that would not
unfulfilling field. A native New Yorker,          the School of Veterinary Medicine at the        be expected of a man,” she said. “In other
Gladstein worked as a Wall Street broker          University of Pennsylvania and completed        words, I have to excel, I have to be there
for five years after she graduated from           her post-doctoral work in veterinary            on time, I can never be late. There’s a
Hunter College.                                   acupuncture at Colorado State University.       tremendous amount of pressure.”
    “Making money just for making money              Although her practice is open to all            That pressure does not seem to have
as the only reward, there’s not a lot of          animals, Gladstein says the nature of the       affected her work in the least, as she has
satisfaction in it,” she said. “I felt I wasn’t   treatment is particularly compatible with       treated Ghostzapper, the top racehorse in
using my talent and my skill. I was very          dogs and horses, her areas of                   the world, in addition to several current
good with animals, I was very much                specialization. The acupuncture treatment,      Kentucky Derby prospects.
interested in science, and I pursued what         most commonly used for musculoskeletal             “It’s wonderfully rewarding,” Gladstein
I desired to do in life.”                         problems, releases endorphins into the          said. “There’s nothing else you can do in
    Gladstein insisted that the jump from         bloodstream, and horses and dogs are able       veterinary medicine with no drugs that you
brokering to animal care is not as drastic        to easily “assimilate that feeling of           can have this great an impact on the animal
a change as it may seem. She cultivated           endorphins into their overall personality,”     - and it’s natural and it’s helpful.”
a love of animals from an early age and           Gladstein said. “A cat is not amenable to          More information about these
was always interested in scientific               having that feeling.”                           alternative treatments is available on
endeavors.                                           Ultrasound therapy uses acoustic             Gladstein’s                       Website,
    “I had dogs when I grew up, I owned           energy to treat joint conditions and  
horses a various times throughout my life         massage therapies correct misalignments            Gladstein is licensed in New York, New
and I actually had show cats at one point,        in the animals and allow horses, in             Jersey and Connecticut and makes house
Cornish hair show cats,” she said. “I was         particular, to feel an increased range of       calls within Manhattan. Pricing starts at
very much interested in the medical               motion. These alternative treatments can        about $200 for dogs. For an appointment,
aspects of taking care of the animals an          speed a patient’s recovery time by one-         call 212-828-5663.
bettering the breed. I even bred fish as a        half to two-thirds, the veterinarian said.
child. I was always interested in animals.”          Gladstein served as the veterinarian on WWW.ANIMALACUPUNTURE.NET
                                                  call at the 2005 Westminster Kennel Club     877-279-2591 • 212-828-5663