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       Kevin Gerrior
Teach your children well

        Neil Young of
        Crosby Stills and Nash

  Most of us end up with no more
     than five or six people who
    remember us. Teachers have
thousands of people who remember
   them for the rest of their lives.

          Andy Rooney
The quality of a person’s life
is in direct proportion
to their commitment to
excellence, regardless of their
chosen field or endeavor

                         Vince Lombardi
When trouble arises and things look bad,
there’s always one individual who perceives a
solution and is willing to take command. Very
often that individual is crazy

                            Dave Barry
Never doubt that a small group
        of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change
          the world.
  Indeed, it is the only thing
        that ever has

          Margaret Mead
You get the best effort from
others not by lighting a fire
   beneath them, but by
   building a fire within.

               Bob Nelson
 The mark of a well educated
  person is not necessarily in
knowing all the answers, but in
 knowing where to find them"

        Douglas Everett
 It’s what you learn
after you know it all
      that counts

           Harry S. Truman
Education is learning
what you didn’t know
 you didn’t know

            Daniel Boorstin

The future ain’t what it used to be.

It's tough to make predictions, especially about the

You can learn a lot by observing.
   Si Hoc Legere Scis
Nimium Eruditionis Habes

  Translation: If you can read
  this, you’re overeducated
There is no more noble occupation
in the world than to help someone

                   Alan Loy McGinnis
 Good steel must pass
through the hottest fire.

         Bobby Bowden
  Question on a philosophy exam:
   What’s the greater danger to
      ignorance or apathy ?

A student’s response: “I don’t know
and I don’t care.”
The aging process could
be slowed down if it had
     to work its way
   through Congress.
                    ...the eye of an

            8 times as many visual cells per centimeter

       at 600 feet can see object the size of a dime moving through 6 inch grass

            can see 3 inch fish jumping in a lake 5 miles away

Visionary people
see beyond the hum drum of everyday activities
into future possibilities

                                                                                   Charles Swindoll
  Opportunity is missed by
  most people because it is
dressed in overalls and looks
         like work.

              Thomas Alva Edison
My interest is in the
future, because I'm going
to spend the rest of my
life there.

               Charles Kettering
Think outside the basket

               office building
               in Ohio
You don't reform schools with just
vision and ideas and concepts. You
   have to give people the
strategies, methods and tools to make the
   change happen."

                             Alan Bain
The best way to predict
the future is to invent it

                       Alan Kay
     Education must provide the
opportunities for self-fulfillment; it can
at best provide a rich and challenging
   environment for the individual to
        explore, in his own way

            Noam Chomsky
I am still learning

    Michaelangelo’s favorite saying
  Education should
convert the mind into
  a living fountain
 and not a reservoir.
            John M. Mason
The significant problems we
face cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking we
were at when we created

                      Albert Einstein

        It saves time and wastes it,
        makes lives more simple and more complicated,
        brings us together and pushes us apart,
        love it and hate it,
        it’s everywhere, all the time
        and here to stay.
                                        Andrew Leonard
 Everyone who remembers
    his own educational
    remembers teachers,
not methods and techniques.
                Sidney Hook
Things You'll Never Hear a Teacher Say

  "Ithink the discipline around
  here is just a little too strict !"
Things You'll Never Hear a Teacher Say

     "I don’t think that athletics are
 getting enough money in this school."
 You Might Be in Education If . . .

You believe the faculty lounge room
    should be equipped with a
         Valium salt lick.
You Might Be in Education If . . .

You believe chocolate is a food group.
You Might Be in Education If . . .

  You have no time for a life
    from August to June.
 You Might Be in Education If . . .

When out in public you feel the urge
to talk to strange children and correct
             their behavior.
 You Might Be in Education If . . .

You believe that unspeakable evil
 will befall you if anyone says,
 "Boy, the kids sure are mellow
 You Might Be in Education If . . .

You believe in aerial spraying
         of Prozac.
Things You'll Never Hear a
     Teacher Say:

   “The truth is, I went into
teaching for the money.”
       Things You'll Never Hear
           a Teacher Say:

"Thank goodness for these evaluations.
      They keep me focused."
Things You'll Never Hear a Teacher Say

     "Gosh, the bathroom smells
        so fresh and clean!"
Three great languages:
to have English, Spanish
and Computer

      James Naisbitt
 Better than a thousand
days of diligent study is
  one day with a great

            Japanese Proverb
When hard work
meets opportunity,
it produces success.
 When integrating technology,
we need to go as fast as we can,
    but as slow as we must

                   Kevin Gerrior
  Students will think you’re
brilliant if you appear to have
known all your life what you
  just learned this morning.

                   Morrie Reece
 We are all
in this alone.
       Lily Tomlin
Learning cannot
  be inherited

         Yiddish Proverb
    Due to budget
 constraints, the light
   at the end of the
tunnel has been turned
          Posted in a faculty lounge
 Some people never
   learn anything
    because they
understood everything
      too soon.

             Alexander Pope
 The most aggravating thing
about the younger generation
     is that I no longer
         belong to it.

           Albert Einstein
Some people make the
most wait for the future
    to make them.

 I've never learned
while I was talking.

    Larry King
     Those who can, do.

Those who can do more, teach !
If a man speaks in
     the forest,
  and there is no
   woman there
 to hear him, is he
    still wrong ?
Information is not knowledge,
knowledge is not wisdom, and
wisdom is not foresight. Each
grows out of the other and we
       need them all.

  Arthur C. Clarke
No one ever
became wise
 by chance.

  The mind’s cross-
indexing puts the best
  librarian to shame.

            Sharon Begley
Whether you think you
can or think you can’t,
     you’re right.

              Henry Ford
He knows enough
   who knows
  how to learn.

         Henry Adams
We cannot always build the
future for our youth, but we can
build our youth for the future.

                Franklin D. Roosevelt
“Imagination is more
   important than

     Albert Einstein
     To be granted some kind
              of talent
and to be able to use it to the fullest
 this to me is a kind of joy that is
         almost unequaled.

                   Lawrence Welk
I think there is a world market
for about five computers

   attributed to Thomas Watson,
chairman of the board of IBM, 1943
 I’m never going to be a movie
star. But then, in all probability,
  Liz Taylor is never going to
            first grade

       First Grade teacher, Mary J. Wilson
Education consists mainly
    in what we have

             Mark Twain
 When we have to learn
to do, we learn by doing

We teach who we are

           John Gardner
   You can tell a Freshman,
     by the way they look.
   You can tell a Sophomore,
      by the kind of book.
     You can tell a Junior,
   by their clothes and such.

     You can tell a Senior
,…but you can’t tell them much !
As long as you live,
keep learning how to

It is no profit to have learned
well if you neglect to do well

                 Publilius Syrus
Although there are countless
alumni of the school of hard
  knocks, there has not yet
been a move to accredit that

               Sonya Rudikoff
Students learn what they
 need to learn, not what
someone else thinks they
     need to learn.  .

             Morrie Reece
A diamond is a chunk of
  coal that made good
     under pressure

 A school should not
 be a preparation for
life. A school should
        be life.

            Elbert Hubbard
“Successful people are always looking for
  opportunities to help others.”

                           Michael Dell
“…passion should be the fire that drives your
 life’s work.”

                           Michael Dell
Adversity causes some
men to break, others to
   break records.

          William A. Ward
   The aim of a college
education is to teach you to
know a good man when you
         see one.

                William James
  Education is everything:
the caulifower is nothing but
   cabbage with a college

                      Mark Twain
"We'll burn that
bridge when we
  come to it."
Property laws of a 2 year old toddler

           If I like it, it's mine.

       If it's in my hand, it's mine.

      If it looks like mine, it's mine.

         If I saw it first, it's mine.

         If it's broken, it's yours.
  “I have a microwave
 fireplace. You can lay
down in front of the fire
    all night in eight

                Steven Wright
Great minds have purposes;
    others have wishes

             Washington Irving
Education is life, not books

                African proverb
Punishment that does
 not correct, hardens

       Fanny Jackson Coopin
 When a child feels he
does not deserve praise,
he may misbehave to set
  the teacher straight.

                Haim Ginott
Education is teaching
children to behave as
  they prefer not to

Teach the young people
how to think, not what to

             Sidney Sugerman
There is nothing so
fatal to character as
half-finished tasks.

         David Lloyd George
 The main value of
homework lies in the
experience it gives a
child to work on his

              Haim Ginott
    The quality of a
 university is measured
  more by the kind of
student it turns out than
  the kind it takes in.

              Robert Kibbee
  If you promise not to
 believe everything your
  child says happens at
 school, I promise not to
believe everything he says
     happens at home
• Anonymous English Schoolmaster
 There must be such a thing
  as a child with average
ability, but you can’t find a
parent who will admit that it
          his child.
                 Thomas Baily
Start a program for gifted
children, and every parent
  demands that his child
        be enrolled.

              Thomas Bailey
A child miseducated
   is a child lost.

          John F. Kennedy
I see the mind of the 5-year-
  old as a volcano with two
   destructiveness and
            Sylvia Ashton-Warner
 If we think about our own
lives, we’ll remember how
   much more we learned
      from those who
       encouraged us.

                 Joe Nameth
 As you teach,
emphasize what
 interests you.

     William Glasser, M.D.
    The only reason I
 always try to meet and
 know the parents better
is because it helps me to
  forgive their children.
         Teacher, Louis Johannot
 Teaching is not a lost
art, but the regard for it
    is a lost tradition.

              Jacques Barzun
 Personally I'm always
ready to learn, although
  I do not always like
     being taught.

               Winston Churchill
  One good teacher in a
 lifetime may sometimes
change a delinquent into a
       solid citizen.

            Phillip Whilie
   “We have only one
person to blame, and that
      each other.”

              Lilly Tomlin
 Even if you are on the
right track, you will get
 run over if you just sit

               Will Rogers
 “I think our guys have a handle on the fact that
while the national championship is a goal, what
work you do today determines whether you have
 a chance at that or not. And so I think they're a
 pretty focused group on living for the moment,
                 getting better.”

                              Jim Tressel
 “"The illiterate of the 21st
century will not be those who
       cannot read and
 write, but those who cannot
 learn, unlearn and relearn."
“Half our life is spent trying
to find something to do with
the time we have rushed
through life trying to save.”

                    Will Rogers
“Talent is what you possess.
 Genius is what possesses

 - M. Cowley
   “Idealists foolish enough to
throw caution to the winds, have
advanced mankind and enriched
            the world.”

                  John F. Kennedy
  There is nothing so
stupid as an educated
man, if you get off the
   thing that he was
      educated in.
         — Will Rogers

 Will Rogers
  Nothing in education is so
astonishing as the amount of
 ignorance it accumulates in
   the form of inert facts.

           Henry Adams
The educated differ from the
uneducated as much as the living
from the dead.

You can lead a boy to
    college, but
    you cannot
  make him think.

       Elbert Hubbard
 To educate a man in
mind and not in morals
is to educate a menace
       to society.

  Theodore Roosevelt
   Education is a
progressive discovery
  of our ignorance.

        Will Durant
   He that is good for
making excuses is seldom
 good for anything else.

       Benjamin Franklin
   Genius without
education is like silver
     in the mine.

 Benjamin Franklin
   Nothing argues louder against
 the importance of heredity than the
moment when your child brings home
      all Ds on their report card.

                          Morrie Reece
  In moments of great achievement or
  triumph, have you ever wished your
first grade teacher could see you now ?

                            Morrie Reece
Seen on a bumper sticker..

   If you can read this,
      thank a teacher !
  One of the strongest
characteristics of genius
is the power of lighting
       its own fire.

   John Watson Foster
 Teachers are members of the most
responsible, the least advertised, the
   worst paid and the most richly
  rewarded profession in the world

                         Ian Hay
 History repeats itself, and
that's one of the things that's
     wrong with history.

       Clarence Darrow
There is nobody so irritating as
somebody with less intelligence
 and more sense than we have.

          Don Herold
Perplexity is the
 beginning of

     Kahlil Gibran
 Knowledge is the small
part of ignorance that we
  arrange and classify.

    Ambrose Bierce
 To be proud of learning
is the greatest ignorance.

         Jeremy Taylor
The secret of education
  lies in respecting
      the pupil.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
 We should live and learn;
   but by the time we've
learned, it's too late to live.

           Carolyn Wells
  Men learn
while they teach.

 I've known countless
    people who were
 reservoirs of learning
yet never had a thought.

        Wilson Mizner
To teach is to touch
   lives forever
  One machine can do the
work of fifty ordinary men.
No machine can do the work
 of one extraordinary man.

          Elbert Hubbard
Good teaching is one -fourth
  preparation and three -
      fourths theatre.

       Gail Godwin
When a teacher calls a boy
by his entire name it means

       Mark Twain
Keep your technology plans
 cast in jello…...soft jello.

       Morrie Reece
The first half of our lives is
  ruined by our parents
   and the second half
      by our children.

         Clarence Darrow
 Oh, what a tangled
   web we weave
when first we practice
    to conceive.

     Don Herold
 To cease smoking is the
 easiest thing I ever did, I
ought to know because I've
 done it a thousand times.

       Mark Twain
 A teacher who is attempting
to teach without inspiring the
pupil with a desire to learn is
   hammering on cold iron

        Horace Mann
It usually takes more than
 three weeks to prepare a
 good impromptu speech.

       Mark Twain
   I was teaching my four year old
daughter how to unbuckle her seat belt.
    asked, "Do I click the square?"

            I said, "Yes."

  She asked, "Single click or double
Education is a wonderful thing.
If you couldn’t sign your name
    you’d have to pay cash.

       Rita May Brown
"The old believe everything;
  the middle-aged suspect
the young know everything."

        Oscar Wilde
  Theories and goals of
 education don’t matter a
whit if you don’t consider
your students to be human
   Lou Ann Walker
You have two choices:
  you can see it my
 way…or you can be

 A Mother’s advise to her Son.
 “If you can’t say anything
 nice about someone, come
       sit beside me”

Seen on a pillow in Hollywood gossip
columnist Hedda Hopper’s home.
  You cannot teach a man
anything; you can only help
 him find it within himself.

"You can lead a horse to
  water, but you can't
   make him drink...

 -----unless you salt the
While hunting one day I was attacked
 by a rattlesnake, a rabid wolf and a
Having only two bullets left in my gun,
        I did the logical thing:

       I shot the lawyer twice.

             Mark Twain
  A feature built into
    all technology.
   It activates itself
shortly after you open
        the box.
Teachers open the door, but
you must enter by yourself

     -Chinese Proverb
 To be good is noble, but to
teach others how to be good
is nobler—and less trouble.

        Mark Twain
A teacher affects eternity; he
  can never tell where his
      influence stops.

     Henry Brooks Adams
Who dares to teach must
 never cease to learn.

    John Cotton Dana
Don't look back in anger,
   or forward in fear,
but around in awareness.

     James Thurber
Tact: the ability to describe
     others as they see

     Abraham Lincoln
Minds are like parachutes:
   they only function
      when open.

     Thomas Dewar
A good teacher is someone
 who says something you
  won’t understand…..
   until ten years later.

     — Julius Lester
  The pupil who is
never required to do
 what he cannot do,
    never does
  what he can do.

  John Stuart Mill
  What is education but a
 process by which a person
begins to learn how to learn.

       Peter Ustinov
If a person's education
      is finished,
   they are finished.

     E.A. Filene
  There is a great difference
     between knowing and
understanding: you can know a
 lot about something and not
      really understand it.

      Charles F. Kettering
Vision: the art of seeing
    things invisible.

    Jonathan Swift
That which seems the height of
absurdity in one generation often
becomes the height of wisdom
in the next.

        John Stuart Mil
  The object of teaching a
child is to enable him to get
  along without a teacher

                Elbert Hubbard
   When I was a boy of 14, my father was so
  ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old
   man around. But when I got to be 21, I was
astonished at how much the old man had learned
                 in seven years

                         Mark Twain
"I am not young enough
  to know everything.”

       Oscar Wilde
"Human history becomes
 more and more a race
  between education
   and catastrophe.”

       H.G. Wells
  "I know God will not give
me anything I can't handle. I
just wish that He didn't trust
       me so much."

         Mother Teresa
In teaching it is the method
 and not the content that is
the message….the drawing
  out, not the pumping in.

    Ashley Montague
  "Faith moves mountains,
but you have to keep pushing
   while you are praying.”

         Mason Cooley
“Why not” is a slogan for
  an interesting life."

       Mason Cooley
 "If you are planning for one
  year, grow rice. If you are
 planning for 20 years, grow
trees. If you are planning for
    centuries, grow men."

        Chinese proverb
"Change is certain,
 progress is not.”

      E.H. Carr
 Teachers are expected to reach
    unattainable goals with
inadequate tools. The miracle is
 that at times they accomplish
      this impossible task.

                  Haim G. Ginott
An expert is one who
 knows more and
    more about
   less and less

   Nicholas Murray
"We can pay our debt to the
past by putting the future in
     debt to ourselves.”

         John Buchan
"There is no limit to the
 good a person can do
   if they don't care
 who gets the credit.”

    Judson B. Branch
   ”If we teach today as we
taught yesterday, we rob our
   students of tomorrow."

            John Dewey
Consider the postage stamp:
its usefulness consists in the
     to stick to one thing
       till it gets there.

                  Josh Billings
To heir is human.

     Dolores E. McGuire
History punishes those who
        come late.”
The chief danger in life
is that you may take too
many precautions.

— Alfred Adler
A man likes his wife to be just clever
enough to appreciate his cleverness,
and just stupid enough to admire it.

— Israel Zangwill
If you want to kill any idea
in the world today, get a
committee working on it.

    Charles F. Kettering
To get something done a committee
should consist of three people, two of
whom are absent

— Anonymous
 "Do you pray for the Senators, Dr.
Hale?" someone asked the chaplain.
"No, I look at the Senators and pray
           the country."

  Chaplain Edward Everett Hale
Few things are harder to put
up with than the annoyance
           of a
      good example.

              Mark Twain
Experience is a hard teacher
 because she gives the test
   the lesson afterwards.

    Vernon Saunders Law
Let us be thankful for the
fools; but for them the rest
of us could not succeed.

Mark TwainMark Twain
“ I touch the future.
      I teach.”

    Christa McAuliffe
The mediocre teacher tells. The good
teacher explains. The superior
teacher demonstrates. The great
teacher inspires.

William A Ward.
The aim of education is the
knowledge not of facts
but of values.

      William Ralph Inge
I am a part of all
 that I have met.
  Alfred, Lord Tennyson
I believe in luck: how
else can you explain the
success of those
 you dislike?

       Jean Cocteau
You're getting old when
you don't care where
your spouse goes, just as
long as you don't have to
go along.
 You know you're getting
on in years when the girls
at the office start confiding
in you.
By the time a man is
wise enough to watch
his step, he’s too old
  to go anywhere.
 Middle age is having a
       choice of two
     temptations and
 choosing the one that
will get you home earlier
The cardiologist's diet:
 if it tastes good, spit it
Last Will and Testament:
  Being of sound mind,
  I spent all my money
 You know you're into
 middle age when you
      realize that
caution is the only thing
  you care to exercise
Of course I'm against
  sin. I'm against
 that I'm too old to
Bill Parcel’s World
Brand Your World

Blame Nobody
Expect Nothing
Do Something

NY Post (9/98)
Teach your
children well

        Neil Young of
          Crosby Stills and Nash
You better start swimming or

you will sink like a stone

                             Bob Dylan
A blue whale is the largest mammal on earth.
An adult blue whale is the length of over three Greyhound buses,
weighs more than a fully loaded 747 and has a heart the size of a Volkswagon Beetle.
It is so large that it takes at least three minutes for it to make a turn of 180 degrees.
Many people draw a strong parallel between blue whales
and our schools, businesses and even communities.
It just seems to take forever to change direction. But a school of sardines consisting of a greater
mass than a blue whale can turn almost instantly. How do they do it?
 Is it ESP? CB radio? The Internet?
If you take a careful look at a school of sardines, you'll see that the fish appear to
be swimming in the same direction.
In reality, there will be always be a small group of sardines swimming against the flow
causing friction with the rest of the school.
 But when this dedicated group of ‘committed sardines’ reaches a critical mass of
only 15 to 20 percent, they induce the rest of the
school to suddenly turn and follow their leadership! Isn't that what
happened with our attitudes
towards drinking and driving, and to our feelings about smoking?
They were changes of direction induced by a small group of people
who were truly committed to change,
to go against the flow, to cause discomfort, and to challenge the normal direction.

That's why we're committed sardines.

Don’t look back,
someone may be
gaining on you

Saitchel Paige
               A Quality Program

Neil Armstrong, first to walk on moon ,
was asked was he nervous sitting
on the launch pad.

Of course, I was sitting on 9999 parts,
each of which was made by the lowest bidder.
Things that are good
ain’t cheap

And things that are cheap
ain’t good.
“It used to be that the big ate the small.

Now the fast eat the slow.”
Geoff Yang, IVP/Redpoint Ventures
“Where does the Internet rank
in priority?
It’s No. 1, 2, 3,
 and 4.”
          Jack Welch
American Top 40

Keep your feet on the ground
But keep reaching for the sky

                   Casey Kasem
Ours is a world of nuclear giants
and ethical infants.
If we continue to develop our
technology without
wisdom or prudence
our servant may prove to
be our executioner.

                    General Omar Bradley

The question is whether we want to go
 forward to tomorrow, or we are gonna go
 past to the back.

I made good judgments in the past and
 made good judgments in the future

The future will be better tomorrow
It is said but many people will
pay more to be entertained
then educated.

                           Johnny Carson
The classroom-not the trench-
is the frontier of freedom
 now and forever more,

                                Lyndon B Johnson
If a dog won’t do what you teach him to do,
 then teach him to do what he can do

                          Bobby Bowden
I don’t believe in playing
without a scoreboard.

                         Bobby Bowden
God does not sponsor flunkies,
if you are one of his he wants you to succeed.

                                            Bobby Bowden
It is better to fail in a cause
that will ultimately succeed
than to succeed in a cause
 that will ultimately fail.

                         Bobby Bowden
Christ was tough minded
but tender hearted.
The greatest mistake
 is to continue practicing
a mistake.

                Bobby Bowden
Why worry,
when you can pray.

             Bobby Bowden
Team rights supercede individual rights

          Bobby Bowden
My quotes are heavily peppered
with my religious convictions
which I offer no apology.

                     Bobby Bowden
Bobby Bowden

Responsibility without authority
will result in failure.

Bobby Bowden
Carry a grudge

     Life’s Little
     Destruction Book
  Whatever it is,
be against it

       Life’s Little
       Destruction Book
Keep the car behind you
from making the light

         Life’s Little
         Destruction Book
Assign blame

 Life’s Little
 Destruction Book
a truly blank look

    Life’s Little
    Destruction Book
Raise your voice
so people
that cannot speak English
will understand you

       Life’s Little
       Destruction Book
I’m a loser.
Always been a loser,
always will be a loser.
Thus, I’m gonna
be the best darn
loser there is.

    Life’s Little
    Destruction Book
Being right is
not always popular
But being popular
is not always right.
I’ve never valued my worth in terms of
how big my kingdom is.
I've valued it based on the impact
that I'm having.

Janice Webb
VP of personal networks
The freedom to be yourself is
the freedom to be your best
Things You'll Never Hear a Teacher Say

  "Ithink the discipline around
  here is just a little too strict !"
The more you do,
the more you are

        Bryan R. Mundy
       Do not let
  what you cannot do,
interfere with what you
         can do
   For better or for worse
you must play your own little
   in the orchestra of life.

               Dale Carnegie
T ogether
E everyone
A chieves
M ore
   Just do it right.
Live an honorable life.
      Lou Holtz
  Future Shock is what is happening today to people
     and groups who are overwhelmed by change.
Change effects our products, communities, organizations
      -even our patterns of friendship and love.
           Love it, hate it-we can't ignore it.

                     Alvin Toffler
Your self image should not
come from the job you do,
 but how you do your job
   Martin Luther King
 Change comes from either
     passion or pressure.
Better to lead the change then
     be pressured into it.
   If someone says you
   cannot do something
 that is an opinion, it only
       becomes a fact
when you tell yourself that
         you cannot
Lou Holtz's Ten Step To Success

     the power of attitude
        tackle adversity
    have a sense of purpose
    make sacrifice your ally
          adapt or die
      chase your dreams
    nurture your self image
           foster trust
     commit to excellence
       handle with care
Winning is never accidental.
All successful coaches and
 players have a game plan.

         Lou Holtz
When two partners
   always agree,
one is not necessary.
              Seven P's:
Proper prior planning and preparation
    prevents poor performance.

           Army Colonel (ret.)
             Rick Rescorla
The function of school is
    not to help kids
   do well in school.
 The function of school
     is to help kids
     do well in life."
    "Reasonable people adapt
     themselves to the world.
 Unreasonable people attempt to
adapt the world to themselves. All
 progress, therefore, depends on
      unreasonable people."
     George Bernard Shaw
  “The significant problems we face
cannot be solved at the same level of
thinking we were at when we created

 “Reserve the right
to know more today
  than yesterday.”

 Konrad Adenaur
Responsibility without
authority will result in
         Bobby Bowden
Ice hockey officials creed:
 Fair, Firm and Friendly.
  The classroom-not the
is the frontier of freedom
 now and forever more,

         Lyndon B Johnson
 People don't change that much
         Don't waste time
trying to put in what was left out
Try to draw out what was left in
       That is hard enough
It is not to ask why,
  it is to do or die.

       Military creed
 A person writes because
 they have a great desire
to share what they believe
          is true.
It is better to fail in a-cause
that will ultimately succeed
 than to succeed in a cause
   that will ultimately fail.
No every coach can win
consistently with talent,
   no coach can win
       without it

         John Wooden
"...but for a great leader,
when his aims are accomplished
and his purposes fulfilled,
the people will say, "We have
done this

          --Lao Tzu (570-490 BC)
What you make a child love
         and desire
is more important than what
    you make him learn.

       Jim Trelease
 There’s nothing more difficult to take
  in hand, more perilous to conduct,
than to take a lead in the introduction
of a new order of things - because the
 innovation has for enemies all those
   who have done well under the old
conditions and lukewarm defenders in
those who may do well under the new.
"Studentsare natives to cyberspace,
where the rest of us are immigrants.

        Douglas Ruskoff, Playing the Future, 1996
Nothing could be more absurd
than an experiment
in which computers
are placed in a classroom
where nothing else is changed.

              Seymour Papert
Vision is the art
of seeing the invisible.

                           Jonathan Swift
There is no reason for an individual
to have a computer in their home

Ken Olsen,
President of Digital Equipment Corporation
   Convention of the World Future Society,
Successful learning activities
require more than just technology.

  ISTE, (June 1998)
National Educational Standards for Students.
In schools where students
are learning with laptops,
we are seeing the
   types of educational change
called for by today's national standards
   and reform efforts."

Saul Rockman (1998) "Powerful Tools for
We are witnessing a revolution as significant
as any other in all of history.
It is not simply about the networking
of technology but about
    the networking of
 knowledge, ingenuity, and

Don Tapscott
  (1996) The Digital Economy
The most promising thing technology
offers educators is the power to
    place the individual
in control of his own education,
to follow his own interests
and purposes for a lifetime
of learning and competency.

  Sherese Graves, Converge, March 2000.
Enlighten the people generally,
and tyranny and oppressions of body
   and mind will vanish
like evil spirits at the dawn of day.

                  Thomas Jefferson
The key to effective schooling today
is to teach our kids how to learn.
That way, they can continue
to reinvent their base knowledge
    throughout life.

Don Tapscott, Converge, March 2000
We cannot expect teachers
to teach what they do not know, nor to use yesterday's
training to prepare today's students for
tomorrow's future.
    By improving staff development, by creating schools
optimized for learning, we will be helping all teachers
to excel at helping all students reach the
 high levels of achievement they need to succeed.

   Dennis Sparks and Stephanie Hirsch,
 A National Plan for Improving
   Professional Development,
(December 1999) National Staff Development
The reason why worry kills more
people than work is that more
people worry than work.
"One of the greatest pains to human
  nature is the pain of a new idea."

       Walter Bagehot,
       English editor and
       economist (1826-1877).
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in
every opportunity; an optimist
sees the opportunity in every

                 Winston Churchill
"Reasonable people adapt
themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt
to adapt the world to
themselves. All progress,
therefore, depends on
unreasonable people."
George Bernard Shaw
“There is one thing worse than not being able
to see, being able to see and having no

Helen Keller
 Great spirits have always encountered
 violent opposition from mediocre minds

                                Albert Einstein
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world. Indeed,
it is the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead
 When dealing with technology, go as fast
 as you can but as slow as you must

                                Kevin Gerrior
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world. Indeed,
it is the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead
    Playing goal in the NHL
is like working in an office and
       you make a mistake
        typing a sentence
        and 18000 people
     immediately yell at you
             Glenn Hall
    The Last Book You Will Ever Read
Frank Ogden Quotes:
  "America has run the world for at least the past 50 years, and when
  you're at the top that long, you forget what it's like in the valley. There
  are 5+ billion people out there now who are willing to study harder,
  work harder for less money and be more industrious than we are. And
  we're linked to them by technology. With telecommunications, you can
  have your bookkeeping done in Madra, India, for less than it costs
  here. Today technology can replace whole new industries, so you have
  to stay flexible. To survive today, you have to be able to walk on
  quicksand and dance with electrons."
  These are quotes that I have
collected or sent to me as I travel
    across the US and Canada

        Got a quote…Send it to me
              Kevin Gerrior

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