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									  Coordinating ARRA and
EDFacts – An Update for PESC

            Ross Santy
         Director, EDFacts
  U. S. Department of Education

        October 20, 2009
                  EDFacts Purpose

• Primary goal: Consolidate collection and
  storage of information on K-12 education
  –   Benefit: Reduced burden on states
  –   Benefit: Improved data governance at ED
  –   Benefit: Access to cross-program data
  –   Challenge: Change in process for SEA reporting
  –   Challenge: Cultural change @ ED
   Mandatory EDFacts Reporting: SY 2008-09

• ED will monitor timeliness against usage dates
  (included in submission plans).
• Quarterly messages to Chiefs concerning EDFacts
  deadlines, expectations, and status of state
• Partner Support resources will be focused on state
• EDFacts data will be used to maximum extent to
  answer Consolidated State Performance Report
Federal K-12 Program Reporting in 2009

                      ARRA- 1512

                                   SFSF Phase II App.

                                                        Race to the Top App.
  (Title I, Title
  GFSA, etc)
Stacking Up the New ARRA Grants

A Comprehensive Approach

                     Investing in Innovation
                          $650 Million
 Status:    The notice for public comment will be published this fall, applications will be
            available early next year.

            Title I School Improvement Grants
                        $3.5 Billion
Status:     The public comment phase for the School Improvement Grants
            closed on September 25th and those applications will be available
            this winter and due 30 days later .

                     Teacher Incentive Fund
                          $200 Million
Status:    The notice of proposed priorities will be published for comments this
           fall. The notice inviting applications will be published this winter and
           applications will be due 60 days after the notice publishes.

           Teacher Quality Partnership Program
                      $100 Million
Status:     Notice Inviting Application has been published and applications are due
            October 6, 2009
State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Phase Two
               $11.5 Billion
Status:   The public comment phase for the State Fiscal Stabilization
          Fund Phase Two closed on August 28th – applications will be
          published this fall and due approximately 30 days later.

                    Race to the Top
                     $4.35 Billion
Status:   The public comment phase for Race to the Top closed on August
          28th and ED received over 1100 comments. The Final Notice and
          application package are expected to be published late this fall and
          applications will be due 2 months later.

    Action Steps to Ensure Strategic Planning and Implementation of all ARRA Grants
               Governor’s Office & SEA Engage LEAs in Development of Overall State Education Reform Plan
            Governor’s Office & SEA gather input from LEAs on their strengths and weakness in terms of the four reform priorities. Then together
             with LEAs, business leaders, parents, teachers, and community partners, SEA maps out overall plans that incorporate these reform
                             priorities into a state-level framework for its ARRA applications and implementation of ARRA funds.

 October                                                               November                                                     Dec . – Feb.
  LEAs Implement Title                              LEA planning and applying to SEA for Education Technology (Ed Tech) grants
    I and IDEA ARRA
          plans                Partnerships submit           SEA applies for SFSF     SEA applies to ED for      SEA/Gov work on        SEA works on SIG &
                               TQP applications to            Phase Two grant              SLDS grant             RTT application         i3 applications
                                 ED (due 10/6)                 (due early Nov)          (due Nov. 19th)          (due mid-winter)        (due mid-winter)

Action Steps:                                                  Action Steps:                                       Action Steps:
                                                                                                                   Governors, SEAs and LEAs meet to
 State and local Title I and IDEA directors review             State and local Title I and IDEA directors,       review RTT and SIG applications
ED Use of Funds Guidance for both programs and                 LEA data managers, and state SLDS project           together to outline an approach that
identify possible ways to complement each others’              directors meet to identify opportunities to use     builds on other ARRA funding.
spending plans around one or more of the ARRA                  district data models at state level.
reform areas.                                                                                                       SLDS project directors, Ed Tech
                                                                TQP applicants brief local Title I and IDEA       applicants, and state and local Title I
                                                               directors on submissions – identify links to        and IDEA directors are briefed on RTT
 SEA briefs state and local Title I and IDEA
                                                               other ARRA grants.                                  SIG and i3 applications – discuss
directors on status of other ARRA funding sources
and status of upcoming applications.                                                                               connections and opportunities.
                                                                Governor’s office and SEA briefs all LEAs
                                                               on its SFSF Phase Two application which is the       Governors and SEAs meet with
 SEA and state Title I and IDEA directors work                baseline for other ARRA grants.                     counterparts from other states to
with local Title I and IDEA directors to identify specific
                                                                                                                   exchange reform ideas, best practices,
ways to contribute to the applications for new ARRA             ED Tech applicants (LEAs) meet with local
                                                                                                                   and opportunities to form consortia.
grants (i.e. supply data, ARRA spending plans and              Title I and IDEA directors, and other education
recommendations). This effort will improve the                 officials, to identify possible uses of Ed Tech      Governors and SEAs review Title I &
quality of ARRA applications for new grants and                funding to complement overall district reform       IDEA use of ARRA funds and
maximize the opportunities for cohesive and                    planning.                                           applications for TQP, SFSF Phase Two,
sustainable reform efforts.                                                                                        SLDS, Ed Tech, and SIG to build upon
                                                                                                                   for RTT and i3 applications.     10
                                              Who Applies

                                        State                              District
                          Statewide Longitudinal Data
             State                 Systems
                                    $250 million

                                                                          95% of ARRA Grants
Who Spends

                                                                            95% Explicitly
                         Teacher                                            Explicitly Require
                        Incentive                                        Requires SEA – LEA
                                                                         SEA – LEA Coordination
                           Fund                                             Coordination
              Both      $200 million               Race to
                                                   the Top
                                                   $4.35 billion

                           School                                                    Investing in
             District    $3.5 billion
                                              Phase Two
                                                                                      $650 million

                         Ed Tech
                                                   $11.5 billion   $100 million
                        $650 million
              K-12 Reform Priorities
       American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

                                K - 12

                     Standards &        Effective
                     Assessments      Teachers and
State Fiscal
                                                                Race to the
                                                                Top & Other
                  Turning Around                                New Grants
$48.6 billion        Struggling      Data Systems
                                                                ~$9.7 billion

                Title I, IDEA & Other Existing Formula Grants
                                  ~$26 billion
                        ARRA Strategic Planning Goals
•Create Lasting Reforms

•Break Down Silos between SEAs and LEAs

•Break Down Silos between Title I & IDEA directors , budget managers and other program directors

•Establish models of Community Engagement & Transparency

•Improve Capacity for Grant Management in SEAs and LEAs

Core Actions:
Develop overarching vision for school reform at the state and local levels

Convene state and local education officials and leaders throughout the grant planning, applying and
implementation process to share information and collaborate on each ARRA grant

Examine Use of Funds Guidance from ED for each grant

 Exchange best practices and create common reform models

Make use of the reports, studies, analysis, and ED materials and education associations

Collaborate with ED’s Comprehensive Centers, Equity Centers, Technical Assistance Network Centers, and Regional
Education Laboratories and National Research and Development Centers                                      13
            Identify Reform Needs & Funding Sources

                          State Level Planning

State Fiscal                                                    Race to the
Stabilization                                                   Top & Other
                          District Level Planning               New Grants
   Fund II
$11.5 billion                                                   ~$9.7 billion

                       Persistently Low-Performing Schools

                            Classroom Reforms

                Title I, IDEA & Other Existing Formula Grants
                                  ~$26 billion
K-12 –
Higher ED
           National Education Data Model (NEDM)

A comprehensive, local education, conceptual data
model that provides a common structure with
which schools can:
      •    Evaluate and improve software tools
      •    Enhance the movement of student information from
           one Local Educational Agency (LEA) to another and to
           the State Education Agency (SEA)
      •    Inform instruction and enhance data quality

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               SEA                     SEA
                                               Initial NEDM Framework

               LEA                     IEU           Finance

             Facilities                LEA           LEA Staff

                                                                 Food Service

       Accountability              School                   Transportation
Instructional Programs/              Course/
      Curriculum                                                      Staff

                          Safety &
                          Discipline              Student

                            Health              Attendance                   Assessment

          NEDM: the Next Phase – Federal Reports and Higher

•   This phase has included the addition of federal report
    information (EDFacts, CCD, etc), linkages to Handbook
    information and transcript information between pK-12
    and Higher Education.
•   Official rollout fall 2009
•   Working site:

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                       Concluding Remarks

• Efforts to better align data initiatives underway at
      –    EDFacts
      –    SLDS
      –    Common Data Standards
      –    National Education Data Model
• SFSF metrics seek to leverage and accelerate work of
  longitudinal data systems
      – Connections between teacher and student records
      – Alignment of K-12 and higher education data

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