In Defence of Online Auction by snap60


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									                           In Defence of Online Auction

We are all for skepticism. That’s kind of obvious, given that we run an industry
that challenges the old norm of online auctions. Pyrrho, the ancient Greek poster-
boy of skepticism, once refused to help his own mentor out of a pit, saying he had
no reason to believe that he would be better of outside it rather than in it. Before
you can start bawling awkwardly at this, it will become clear to you that there
need not always be merit in questioning obvious facts. Surely there is a thing or
two to be said about believing in what the majority believes to be true.

And that leads us to exploring the wisdom of online auctioning. People have
raised doubts, in the mainstream as well as non-mainstream channels of media,
about not only the acumen of those indulging in it, but also the authenticity of
sites such as ours. Well, to the former, we simply direct you to Friedrich
Nietzsche (no less!) who made it easy for us by saying: “those who were seen
dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

As for the latter, to be fair, these doubts are valid and merit respectable
arguments, which we intend to start giving shortly (not wise to lay all your cards
at once, is it?).

Therefore suffice to revel in the judgment of the majority for now but worry not
dear, we will give you enough reason to come back to us.

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