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TOD to AVI Converter, convert JVC Everio TOD to AVI


TOD to AVI Converter supposes to convert JVC Everio GZ-HD TOD to AVI format for playing on Windows Media Player and edit with Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier Pro.

More Info
									TOD to AVI Converter, convert JVC Everio TOD to AVI

TOD is the high definition files of tapeless video format used by JVC camcorder only.
This informal video format cannot be directly played on consumer video equipment or
edit with regular video editing software, therefore, it is essential to convert this
uncommon video format to a more popular format.

AVI is a multimedia contain format which can be played with mainstream media
playing programs such as “Windows Media Player, “RealPlayer” and “VLC Player”.
In addition, many common editing software like Windows Movie Maker or Adobe
Premiere Pro allow the import of AVI format.

TOD to AVI Converter is the distinctive and simple to use software to convert JVC
Everio TOD to AVI. It enable users to convert JVC Everio GZ-HD3, GZ-HD5,
HZ-HD6, GZ-HD7, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD 40 output TOD format to the popular AVI
format to import/edit with Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro or play/view
on Windows Media Player, VLC player, RealPlayer.

How to convert JVC Everio TOD to AVI?

1.Install and run TOD to AVI Converter for a free trial testing.

2.Load JVC Everio TOD files.
Connect your JVC Everio camcorder to the computer through a USB and import the
video files to the program from your camcorder.

 3.Specify output format and output path.
Select AVI as the output format from the profile drop down menu, maker sure to
choose an appropriate codec amoung "Xvid", "Divx" or "Raw Video" to be adaptable
with your media codec.

4.Split/cut JVC Everio TOD files.
Open the "Clip" window. Just click "+" as many times as you like to Split/cut the JVC
Everio TOD files to multiple small clips/segments.

5.Convert JVC Everio GZ-HD to AVI.
Start to carry out the conversion of TOD to AVI after all the parameters are set up.

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