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									Tummy Tuck – The Initial Consultation

There are several steps involved in carefully selecting the plastic surgeon for your Los Angeles
tummy tuck. The Los Angeles area, like many areas in California, has no shortage of plastic
surgeons. Determining the best surgeon for you takes careful research and a willingness to ask
questions, check up on references, get referrals from friends or family, and verify information.
To that end, it is important to understand that the selection process does not end at the
consultation. In fact, the consultation is merely a way to summarize your selection process. What
you learn at the initial consultation with potential surgeons should either confirm or eliminate a
particular surgeon.

When preparing for the consultation for your Beverly Hills tummy tuck (or wherever else you
plan to have consultations with plastic surgeons) think of every question you have for your
potential surgeon. Write them down and then go look online for inspiration for further questions
you have perhaps overlooked. Friends and family are another good source for questions you
should ask your surgeon. Take the time to research the various techniques for tummy tucks and
talk to the surgeon about each option. He or she should be able to provide you with practical
advice and suggestions regarding each incision placement and other factors.

A tummy tuck Los Angeles consultation will usually include before and after photos of other
tummy tuck surgeries. While the practice is not wide-spread and is generally understood to be
unprofessional and misleading, some surgeons provide photos that are not of their own patients.
They use stock photos to illustrate the types of results a tummy tuck can produce. Even photos of
their own patients are only going to be pictures from their best work. Keep this in mind before
allowing the photos you see sway your decision too much.

When you arrive for your consultation, have your list of questions as well as your complete
medical history ready. The surgeon who ultimately performs your tummy tuck Beverly Hills will
need to know about prior surgeries, as well as any and all medications you are currently taking.
That includes both prescription and over the counter, as well as herbal supplements. These can
interact with the anesthesia and cause safety concerns during surgery. Pay attention to his or her
answers to your questions, as well as their recommendations about your past medical history.
These will provide you with more information about their level of skill and care for patients than
any photo gallery.

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