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									Hitting & Bunting for a Home Run

Playing the best game also means taking the best swings at the ball. If
you want to make sure that you hit the ball exactly like you envision
every time, then you can begin by understanding some basic techniques
about how to use the bat properly. By putting techniques into full
swing, you will have the ability to hit a home run every time.

When you go up to swing, you will want to make sure that your preparation
is in place and exactly how you want it to give you the best abilities to
hit the ball. You will want to move up to the batting area and stand
with one foot in front of the plate, and the other slightly back. This
will give you leverage when you are moving in to swing the ball. You can
also stand with your feet hip width apart in order to make it more
comfortable. You will also want to slightly bend your knees in order to
help with the leverage that you need to hit the ball.

From here, you will want to align the bat with your hands in order to
give you the control that you need. One hand should be directly above
the other towards the end of the bat. Your knuckles will need to be
aligned in order to hit the ball more directly. When you are holding the
bat, you should make sure that you don't hold it too tightly, or too
loose, as this will make you loose control of what you are hitting. When
you are holding the bat, it should be easy for you to roll both of your
wrists in preparation to hit the ball.

After you have adjusted everything in order to hit the ball, you can work
on the different techniques for hitting and controlling the ball. The
first step to this is the stride. When you stride, your front foot
should go forward about six inches and your hands will move away from the
foot. You can also stride by stepping up or down in the same place,
which will allow you to pivot exactly like you want to.

The next step is for the batter to swing. At a basic level, there are
about four different ways to swing the bat. These will vary according to
the height that you use to hit the ball. The bat will end up either at
knee level, waist level, a move up or a move down. Over time, you will
be able to prepare which type of swing you use according to how the ball
is being pitched. No matter what type of swing you are using, you want
to make sure that your arms are strong and sturdy and that you bat all
the way through, meaning the bat goes all the way around, even after you
have hit the ball. Of course, if you are bunting the ball, you won't
have to swing the bat all the way around, but will instead pivot in order
to keep the ball in the area that you want it.

By understanding how to prepare and maneuver yourself, you will have the
ability to hit a home run every time. You can begin to learn to hit and
bunt balls by practicing various swings and making sure that you are
positioned exactly like you want. This will give you the ability to
position for every swing.

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