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When I get in the motorhome or in a car, though, the road becomes a kind of mini-vacation, and the best part about the Seattle to Sonoma run is that most of it is through some of the most beautiful country in the world, with those rocky shorelines and the big Redwood forests. With us having so much success at the last three races, it's been great to share that with the team, my wife, my daughter, and my son, Kevin, who has really become a solid crewmember for us.

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									               ON THE RUN with Tim Wilkerson

Wilkerson and crew are                                                                                                               much younger guy, but we try to keep it
                                                                                                                                     going any time we win a race: She takes
looking for more with a                                                                                                             a run at me and jumps into my arms. Let
don’t-let-up attitude                                                                                                             me tell you, that’ll make a dad pretty happy,
                                                                                                                                 to have his little girl there for a big win.

   t's always a pretty neat deal when they                                                                                           It’s hard on the crew guys to run that
   ask you to do one of these On The Run                                                                                         many races in that short amount of time
                                                                                                                                 because they not only have to put the car
   columns, but I’ll admit that at the                            My dad, Roy, always

                                                                                                                      together and service it between runs but also have
beginning of the season, when they send out                                                                           to do maintenance on all the parts that come off the
                                                                  taught me that if you                               car, and they have to load everything up and get it
the requests and the dates, you get a little
nervous wondering if there will be anything
                                                          want something bad enough,                                  to the next race, where they set it all up again. I let
                                                                                                                      them sleep for an hour on Wednesdays. Just

good to write about. Well, this one couldn’t              you just go out and work                                    kidding; I give them two hours.
have come at a better time.                               for it.                                                         They do work hard, though, and over the course of
    Not only have we all been on the run for what                                                                     such a long streak of racing, it sure makes things
seems like months — with that four-in-a-row series        the hours in the day and the minutes in the hours, if       better when you’re running well. Believe me, the
of races followed by the Western Swing to give us         you know what I mean.                                       grind can get pretty bad if you’re frustrated on the
seven races in eight weeks — but things have also             For the Western Swing, Krista, Rachel, and I            track, so even though there’s more work to do when
really come along for us with the Levi, Ray &             flew out to Seattle and                                                you’re winning rounds, that adrenaline
Shoup Shelby Mustang with a final round in                then took one of our                                                   keeps you going, and sometimes you can
Bristol followed by back-to-back wins in Norwalk          Ford Flex vehicles on                                                  feel more tired after losing in the first round
and Seattle. Who knows, maybe by the time you’re          the road down to                                                       than you do after thrashing for four straight,
reading this there will be even more to talk about,       Sonoma, and it’s trips                                                 especially if you have the trophy in the end.
or maybe I’ll feel lucky that things were going as        like that where I actually                                             I’m always proud of my guys, but I’ve never
well as they were when it was time to put this            feel like I’m not                                     
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