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					              ON THE RUN with Courtney Force

Force is soaking up knowledge
both on and off the track

   put a lot of effort into my latest semester
   at Cal State Fullerton. I took a full load of
   classes, and I still tried to go to as many
races as I could. I finished my finals the week                                                                    I’ll do whatever it takes to learn how these cars
before the O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA                                                                                work and to get comfortable in one before we
Summer Nationals at Heartland Park                                                                                 start the motor. I am going to take all of the
Topeka, and it was a little hard to                    like having 60 older brothers. It’s fun to be out           advice I can get from my dad and my sister
                                                       here with them as well as with my real family.              because I really look up to them both as drivers.
concentrate on exams because I knew I                      The crew guys make racing a fun experience,             They have been so helpful.
would be racing the weekend after that.                and they don’t make it stressful. They are very                 This summer, I want to learn as much as
    Right after I was done with my last final, I       understanding of our school schedules. It is hard           possible about the Funny Car and see where that
went to the airport, got on a plane, and went          to have a driver who is not consistently in that            can take me. I want to race Professionally, and I
straight to Topeka. I had been out of the seat of      seat all of the time. They know that Brittany and I         don’t know whether it will be in a Funny Car or a
my BrandSource Ford Racing A/Fuel Dragster for         are doing our best. Brittany has graduated and is           Top Fuel dragster. A lot will depend on a sponsor
almost a month — my last race was Las Vegas —          in the teaching credential program, and I am                and what their needs are. I just know I want to
and it was pretty awesome for Brittany and me to       trying to finish my classes each semester so I can          race. I still have a lot of questions, but the biggest
get to the semifinals in Topeka. We made               hit the road and concentrate fully on my car.               thing is learning the little things.
consistent runs and went rounds on race day. It is

tough being out of the seat for a while and then             My dad definitely knows
trying to get back into the groove.
    The Topeka race kick-started my summer break.            how to work a crowd
Thankfully, I won’t have a full load of classes next
fall, and I’ll be graduating after that semester in    and so do Ashley and Robert.
December. It is nice to know that we can go to a lot   That is a tough part of

more races this summer and have more seat time
and more experience. Hopefully, I’ll get better and    the job to get used to.
we can keep these race cars consistent.                                                                                I needed to do an internship to graduate, and I
    Being in college has helped make me more               In April, I started taking Ashley’s “Funny Car          worked in the marketing department of my dad’s
independent. You realize you can’t rely on your        101” training. She typed up this whole program to           company. Working for Dad isn’t always easy, but
parents for everything. You have to find your own      give me as much information as possible about               it’s a lot of fun. My goal with the internship was to
answers and learn from your experiences and            what it is like to drive a fuel Funny Car, 
Description: The crew guys make racing a fun experience, and they don't make it stressful. Brittany has graduated and is in the teaching credential program, and I am trying to finish my classes each semester so I can hit the road and concentrate fully on my car.
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