; 2010 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series Television Schedule, exclusively on ESPN2 - PDF 1
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2010 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series Television Schedule, exclusively on ESPN2 - PDF 1


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        Top Gun Raceway
           Fallon, Nev.                                            — Doug Gordon

Top Alcohol       W: Mike Austin (BAD) — 5.688, 250.55
Dragster          R/U: Shawn Cowie (BAD) — broke
                  Low e.t. — 5.540 (Cowie)
                  Top speed — 257.63 (Chris Demke)                                                        Billet Aluminum Roller Rockers
Top Alcohol       W: Doug Gordon (’07 Monte Carlo) — 5.900, 244.56                                             The ”Purple” Rocker
Funny Car         R/U: John Lombardo Jr. (’10 Monte Carlo) — 6.232, 212.93                     Unique full body design offers less flex and will withstand 800+ lbs. of spring
                  Low e.t. — 5.845 (Gordon)                                                    pressure at over .800” lift. 100% CNC machined. Designed for more re-
                  Top speed — 245.94 (Gordon)
                                                                                               tainer and spring clearance than most other manufacturers. They feature
Comp              W: Randy Jones (A/SMA ’05 Cavalier) — 8.303, 163.83                          needle bearing fulcrums and roller tips, centerless ground trunnions, cen-
                  R/U: Pat Byron (C/D) — 7.383, 183.64                                         terless ground pins and rollers and include thick walled adjusting nuts. Un-
                                                                                               conditionally replacement warrenty to the original purchaser (with proof of
Super Stock       W: Ryan McClanahan (SS/BM ’08 Cobalt) — 11.227, 83.24
                                                                                               purchase) for life! Made in the USA.
                  R/U: Wes King (SS/CS ’67 Nova) — foul
Stock             W: Mark Lelchook (D/SA ’69 Barracuda) — 11.626, 101.63
                  R/U: Leo Glasbrenner (E/SA ’68 Firebird) — 11.541, 118.03
Super Comp        W: Larry Kinard (dragster) — 9.300, 166.21
                  R/U: Aaron Kinard (dragster) — foul
Super Gas         W: Val Torres Jr. (’02 Firebird) — 10.321, 149.17
                  R/U: Travis Balough (’63 Corvette) — 10.281, 144.67
Super Street      W: Bill Gee (’66 Chevy II) — 11.267, 125.05
                  R/U: Ryan Giacone (’88 Thunderbird) — 11.260, 139.03                                100% m SA!
                                                                                                       in the U
Top Dragster      W: Mera Silva (dragster) — 7.040, 192.52
                  R/U: Art Hoover (dragster) — 7.722, 171.82                                                     Pro-Max™ Stud Girdles
Top Sportsman W: Joe Roubicek (’68 Camaro) — 7.366, 182.65                                     Improves performance and reduces breakage. The fact is with stud
                  R/U: Gary Forkner (’06 GTO) — 7.589, 183.15                                  mounted rockers the rocker studs move. The more the spring pressure and
                                                                                               valve lift the more the studs flex and bend. The more the flex the less ac-
                   COMPLETE RESULTS NEXT WEEK                                                  tual valve lift you will get. These spring loaded multi-bar girdles reduce this
                                                                                               movement, controlling the flex by tying all the rocker studs together. Each
                                                                                               set is complete with bars for both heads and 16 adjusting girdle nuts.

   2010 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series                                                                                          2-Sided Professional
    Television Schedule, exclusively on ESPN2                                                                                           14” Degree Wheels
                                                                                                                                          Not stamped, but CNC machined
                                                                                                                                            billet aluminum for accuracy.
                                                                                                                                             Precisely etched on both sides
                                                  Bristol, June 18-20                                                                        with 1º increments. Features
                                        Qualifying, 7-9 p.m., June 19                                                                        easy to read intake valve opens,
                                        NHRA Race Day, 3:30-4 p.m., June 20                                                                  intake valve closes, exhaust
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