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									       41st annual NHRA SuperNationals, June 10-13, Englishtown
                                                                  Bob Tasca III — with wife Therase
                                                                  and children Bob IV, Austin, and
                                                                  Cameron — celebrated a huge
                                                                  victory that was earned using a
                                                                  Ford Boss 500 engine in front of
                                                                  family and friends.

                                                                      Matt Hagan has
                                                                    started the four-
                                                                   race swing better
                                                                      than any other
                                                                    Funny Car driver
                                                                     with a win and a
                                                                   semifinal finish on                                   Jeff Arend had one of his more consistent performances from beginning to end in the
                                                                      his scorecard.                                     DHL entry and ran a career-best 4.075 to qualify No. 3.

                                                                   NOTEBOOK                                 my head screwed on straight. The clutch
                                                                                                            program is different than what I worked
                                                                                                                                                           After watching a tire-smoke-plagued first
                                                                                                                                                           round of Top Fuel, Hight and John
                                                                                                            with in the past, and I was going down the     Force, in the respective third and fourth
                                                                   The hit-or-miss efforts of the Del       wrong road with the setup before he shed       pairs, led the way by opting out of the
                                                                   Worsham-driven Al-Anabi Funny Car        a lot of light on it.”                         preferred left lane and choosing the right,
                                                                   appear to be in the rearview mirror.                                                    a choice that every team behind them
                                                                   Worsham got down the track on both       No. 1 qualifier Robert Hight                   except Ron Capps’ followed. “The rubber
                                                                   Saturday qualifiers and in all four      implemented Countdown strategy by              was thinner in the right lane, and the
                                                                   eliminations rounds. Alan Johnson, who   setting aside all of his clutch components     rubber in the left was thicker than it
                                                                   had been more hands on with the          to use during the playoffs. “Jimmy Prock       needed to be,” said John Force Racing
                                                                   dragster than the Funny Car in recent    realized that we wouldn’t have enough of       track specialist Lanny Miglizzi. “The
                                                                   history, stepped in to help crew chief   the same clutch parts to last through the      asphalt is better in the left, so the teams
                                                                   Dickie Venables get a handle on the      end of the year if we kept running them,”      had to decide which they were more
                                                                   Johnson-manufactured clutch. “Alan’s     said Hight. “He knows the characteristics      willing to deal with.”
                                                                   been instrumental in getting this car    of what we were using so well. There is
                                                                   turned around,” said Venables. “He’s     also a possibility that we can run into        Cruz Pedregon had his best qualifying
                                                                   always been there when I need him, but   something that works better between now        effort of the season with his new Danny
                                                                   he really stepped in and helped me get   and then that we can decide to use.”           DeGennaro-led Snap-on Tools team. He
                                                          Jim Head returned from                                              Since equipping the Valvoline/MTS
                                                          his Topeka incident with a                                          hot rod with a new DSR chassis two
                                                          car that was rebuilt by                                             races ago, Jack Beckman has
                                                          the trusty hands of                                                 reached the semifinals at both
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